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Just wondering: how did people conclude that Victor thought Yuuri was a fan in episode 1 anyway? Before I bothered with the internet, it never even crossed my mind! I always thought he was going for a photo with a fellow competitor (I mean, look at how he handled young Chris) and was thrown off guard when Yuuri just left without a word. He probably didn't even see it as doing Yuuri a favour but was genuinely like, "let's have an Instagram-worthy photo together yo".

Pile Of Soot-san, POS if I may, I agree with the confusion. I came across a post on Tumblr (originating from twitter) detailing all that you’ve said: that Viktor knew Yuuri to be his fan during the Sochi GPF. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to find that page/link once more! But I’m pretty sure it was legit.

I’ve actually been of a strong POV that Viktor knew who Yuuri was back then. It was in his face here…

I just couldn’t leave that at simple confusion, or even surprise or mild rejection. I mean isn’t this more likely considered Viktor’s confused/soft surprise face?

And more comically, these?

But! While I was convinced that Viktor knew of Yuuri as a competitor, I did not consider that he knew Yuuri was a fan at all either!

I also paused like you did POS, and thought ‘but how does that make any sense? How could he know Yuuri was a fan?’ Viktor may be very aware that skaters respect him, and although Yurio accuses him in Barcelona of arrogantly assuming that all skaters look up to him, I don’t think Viktor would jump to that conclusion of every skater. Especially one (Yuuri) that never approached him like Young!Chris did for example

But the more you think about it, the more sense it actually makes.

When I see skaters do jumps, I can’t quite tell if it was a triple or a quad, it goes so fast in my opinion. But that’s because I’m not “immersed” in skating the way skaters are. They live and breathe it. Skaters can look at each others’ routines and see things that we mere mortals can’t. I think that someone like Viktor would look at Yuuri’s routine, and be able to tell that Yuuri is a fan of his.

Think of the musical industry. It’s almost obvious some artists are inspired by others by the fact that they incorporate their style into their songs, backtracks for some, or even names. I recently learned that a rapper called Frank Ocean made up his name and chose Frank because he was inspired by Frank Sinatra. That’s a bit of more obvious but the point stands.

Yuuri’s skating, it must have some element to it, some style or movement that comes from Viktor. He’s been skating Viktor’s routines since a young age,

it only makes sense that something from it has seeped into his own manner of skating. We may not notice it, but I bet Viktor, the originator, does. Not just Yuuri but I think he’d see this in any of his true fans.

Which actually makes me wonder….

Perhaps this smug look implies that Viktor can tell from Yurio’s skating that he’s his fan too!

Actually…during the Onsen on Ice…

I don’t think even Tsundere Yurio can hide that from Viktor XD Not when an element of it is apparent in his skating routines, just like Yuuri! 

So, basically, that’s how I reckon Viktor came to the conclusion that Yuuri was a Nikiforov Fanboy in ep 1. I believe then that he knew Yuuri’s FS went badly. Let’s say he didn’t get a chance to actually see the skate, which is likely as he would be preparing for his own. He’d have seen the final scores! I think Viktor offered Yuuri, his fan and fellow competitor, the chance to take a photo with him as a cheer-up. This is the same guy who threw flowers to his fan Chris, and said he looked forward to seeing him at Worlds as encouragement to a fellow skater. 

What a gem!

I’ve been in a really bad art funk and the only thing that motivates me is is Miraculous Ladybug, so I did a fun little exercise paint.


Chapter 2 - Angry, Silent Pain (Nevra)

It took me by surprise. I was not expecting Erika to slap me. She left me there, shocked and speechless, in the middle of the hall and she kept walking. A few seconds had passed, I could feel my blood boil and rush to my head. I turned around to confront her arrogance but she had already entered her room. Suddenly, Nevra appears with a guilty look on his face. That is when I started to understand what had just happened.

‘‘ Did she drink the potion? Does she know its effects? ’’

He nodded.

‘‘ … You did what was necessary. You helped protect this city. There is nothing wrong with that.

- It still doesn’t feel quite right if I may say so, he said as a heavy silent took place.

- As discussed, you don’t need to fill a report on this mission. It is better for people like Ykhar and Kero to never find out about what just happened.’’

He nodded as he drifted his eyes to his left.

‘‘ Good job for today. I won’t give you a mission for a while so rest yourself. ’’

I wished him a good night and left for my chamber.

The next few days, everything was like it always was. There were people returning from missions or they were about to go out on one. There was Ykhar coming to talk to me about the latest reports that have been completed. Jamon came to keep me updated about the guards and the circulation at our main door. Leiftan left to investigate about the human group although he should be back soon. I had sent Ezreal and Valkyon to deal with some diplomatic issues we had with neighboring villages. From that slap she gave, I haven’t seen her for even a split of seconds wandering the halls. She still must be affected by what had happened with the potion. One afternoon, I was talking with Ezreal and Valkyon to learn about the results of their missions while Ykhar was there to take notes for the report when someone came in the Crystal room screaming and pointing at me.

‘‘ Miiko! Are you going to explain to me why Erika hasn’t been out of her room for three days?! What did you do to her you mischievous fox, shouted Chrome.

- Excuse me?! What right do you have of insulting me?

- Wow! Totally avoiding the first part of what I just said. Typical, really. Are you really going to play dumb with me? ’’

I said nothing. I had no idea on how to handle this situation. I didn’t want to lose control nor let him put doubts in Ykhar’s opinion about me. And I did not expect Chrome to be not only the first one aware of what had happened but barging in like he did.

‘‘ Come on Miiko, why don’t you tell us what you did? Perhaps, even the leaders of the guards are aware as well. Should I ask them since they’re standing by your side, not even being surprised by what I’m saying. Ykhar, you look like you don’t know what’s going on. ’’

No one spoke. Everyone stood there in silence. As for Ykhar, she looked almost terrified to see Chrome the way he is right now. You could read her confusion on her face so easily

‘‘ Oh, I see. You didn’t trust her to know about this. You probably thought she would be against whatever you did to Erika. Should I call more people to ask if they are aware of your secret plan?

- That’s enough Chrome. Leave this room, I said trying to keep myself calm.

- Oh, I don’t know. Is it enough? Or do I have to persist until you tell me what the hell you did to Erika? He stopped talking for 10 seconds before continuing. You know, I just noticed one of the leaders is not here. I wonder why Nevra is not here and why he hadn’t been sent on any kind of mission lately. ’’

At this exact moment, Karenn walked in. She must have heard most of the conversation. She looked at me the way Ykhar looked at Chrome.

‘‘ What is it that I just heard, Karenn asked. Is it true Miiko? Did you do something to Erika?

- I’m sure she did. There’s no way Erika would be crying and shaking when I saw her in her room on the ground. This girl has been starving in her room for three whole days, holding a goddamn arc in her hands, prepared to shoot someone. And no one here gives a shit because no one except the leaders are aware of what’s going on, said Chrome.

- Now that’s not true. She’s one of us. We take care of her an-

- Bullshit! You’re the one that put her in a prison cell the second she arrived. You didn’t even bother asking her questions as to how she arrived in that room.

- What would you have done in my place?! If you were the leader of all guards and responsible of the crystal, wouldn’t you have panicked, seeing an intruder, a human?! Silence. I had no choice…

- What did you do, asked Ykhar. I didn’t bother replying.

- Answer her, demanded Karenn. What did you do Miiko?

- What was necessary to protect this HQ, to protect our people.

- By hurting one of us?! Are you serious, shouted Chrome. ’’

My blood started boiling more than ever. How could that girl turn the whole HQ against me? I was about to scream at them all to leave me alone before I could burn this place down with the rage I was trying to contain when I heard the alarm go off.

‘‘ What now goddamn it?! Jamon, could you go see what is happening? ’’

He nodded and left the room as Leiftan came in. He asked what happened and why were there so many people in the crystal room. I haven’t told him anything about the potion. We might be very close but he seems to care a little too much for Erika. He wouldn’t have liked the solution but we would have ran out of time until we found another solution to suit her. I decided to stay quiet about the subject.

‘‘ I don’t know. I sent Jamon to investigate the issue. ’’

Karenn started talking.

‘‘ Leiftan, I have a question for you. I know you were on a mission for a while but Miika might have told you something about Erika, right?

- Not at all. Is there something I should know?

- Stop it Karenn, I said as calmly as possible.

- So you don’t know about what happened to Erika? She seems to be starving for 3 days and, apparently, it’s Miiko’s fault. ’’

I stared Karenn down. I, then, looked at Leiftan. He seemed disappointed. The only person I didn’t want to let down. Great.

‘‘ No, I wasn’t aware of anything. It seems, Miiko lost her faith in me… ’’

I haven’t heard Chrome in a while even though he was the first one to start this problem. I looked over at him. He was lost in his thoughts. Suddenly, his eyes became larger as he screamed:

‘‘ NO! Erika, damn it! ’’

He left the room with full speed. My rage came back as I realized the issue at hand. Did she leave the HQ?! That dumb girl! She won’t last a day alone! I followed Chrome to Erika’s room. He knocked. No answer, no sound. He opened the door to find it empty. No clothes, no familiar, no weapon. Chrome turned around and looked at me with frustration.

‘‘ This is all your fault. ’’

He ran outside. I guess he went to try to catch up to Erika. As for myself, I returned to the Crystal room.

‘‘ She left didn’t she, asked Leiftan.

- The potion was very effective…

- Ezreal, it was the wrong solution even if it was effective, pointed out Valkyon. ’’

Kero came in running full with panic.

‘‘ Miiko! The alarm! What- He stopped talking for a moment, trying to analyse the situation I was in. What’s going on?

- Erika ran away and, from what I understood, there is a potion involved. Kero’s eyes began to darken. The thing is, Miiko doesn’t want to talk about it. And the leaders of the guards don’t want to speak about it either. It seems that no one else is aware of it, not even Leiftan, said Karenn.

- She came in the library 3 days ago. She was asking about the Lethe water. If I’m not mistaken, Miiko ordered the boys to help her prepare a potion to make her existence on Earth disappear. I’m guessing it’s linked to the group of humans that were about to attack the HQ, Kero informed us as he looked at me, disappointed the way Leiftan was earlier on. Sadly for Erika, there is no possible way for her to change what happened to her…

- I can’t believe you Miiko… How could you? She’s just a child. She had a future as bright as daylight in front of her and she was supposed to go back home eventually. And you erased everything. You erased her entire life without her consent. Shame on you.

- Ykhar, I… ’’

Everybody left. So did I…


I kept running and running. I’d say I even lost track of time. I was so tired from running and I had the feeling my mouth was full of blood. I decided to take a break for a few minutes by sitting on the grass. The moment I sat down, I heard a branch break in front of me. I jumped. Should I go back to running? I prepared my arc and got an arrow out of my quiver. The bush behind me started shaking. I immediately turned around, almost letting my arrow go.

I hope you like it, im not used to the Rick and morty art style but i tried

*this was not stolen. For anyone who thinks it might have been, I talked to the artist about it, we are ok now*

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