So Saturday ended up being an incredible day and I’m writing this so I can remember it forever. Ever since I knew The 1975 were in LA, I have been hoping that I run into them and get a chance to thank Matty for how much their music has changed my life and helped me through the crazy dramatic year I have had. I’ve always loved reading other fans experiences meeting them so thought I would share my experience. My roommate Ashley and I were out in Venice and then went to Santa Monica to shop for an outfit for her work retreat next weekend. We had just parked and were walking to Barnes & Noble where I needed to use the restroom and Ashley decided to wait outside. I walked in and was asking the security at the front where to go and then heard her shout my name Brana! And I knew that meant something was up. She knew how much I’ve been dying to meet them and hoping it would happen in the most organic way possible and I’m so happy it did. I came out of the store and started following her and walked two steps quickly to catch up and saw him walking our way and he saw us and I mentally told myself to calm the fuck down but omg this is actually happening?! Is this real right now? And just said “Hi” and Ashley goes “she’s like your biggest fan!” And I said “no like everyone says that but I do really love you guys so much and saw you 5 times last year and I’m so excited for your tour in December. I’m going to 4 of your shows. And matty was so shocked it was so cute he goes "four?!” And I say “yea I fucking love you guys” Then Ashley asked for a pic of me and him and he asked me my name when he put his arm around me to take the pic and I took my glasses off that I was wearing and he jokes “oh you’re taking the glasses off?” And then Ashley asked if she could have a pic too and he said of course so I took the photo and didn’t realize my hand was shaking like crazy the whole time. And they both looked at me and he was like “are you okay?” Haha and I said no sorry I’m shaking! And he’s like “no I get it! It’s the same for me whenever I’ve met someone….” And then we asked him how he’s liking LA and he said they love it here and they are here till September and then I told him my friend Carina is gonna die that she’s not here with me and he’s like oh is she coming to the shows and I said yea were coming to the shows together! And then I said to him what I’ve been hoping to say for months which is that “I just want to say thank you so much, like I know you get this all the time but I’ve had the craziest year and you’ve helped me so much so thank you” and he said “of course I mean that’s the whole point of this right?” And I was like yea thank you so much and then I asked him for a hug and he gave me the nicest hug and then we said bye matty have such a nice time in LA and he was like thank you I’ll see you at the shows. He was so genuine and sweet and really was in the moment and had zero ego or any attitude whatsoever. He was just walking around like a normal guy and he just seemed like such a genuinely wonderful and kind person. I was so nervous and shaking and he was just so kind. He’s so skinny of course but looked so healthy and great. It was the best experience I could’ve ever asked for meeting him. This is exactly how I’ve always wanted it to happen one on one and I’m so happy it happened like this while they are here.