aka, looking at the world through the eyes of a shipper

Who goes live all the time?: Dan and Phil

Who has gone on 2 world wide tours: dap and pap

Made two amazing books?: Philip and Daniel

Gives 78% of the world (possible) relationships to theorizes: Doop and Poop

Makes some high quality fu-freakin memes: Dan and phil

Are the key characters in 90% of fanfictions: DnP

Has one of, if not the worlds largest fanbase of protective internet dwellers: Mr.Lester and Mr. Howell

Is generation 1 of YouTube and doesn’t give a shit about drama: Daniel Howell and phil freakin Lester

Who easily talks about the human body so causally it sometimes freaks people out: danussy and phiussy

Has changed the name of a fandom to phandom: Daniel and Philip

Dan and Phil have not only changed the life view of a lot of people but the mind set of them.

Dan and Phil care shit tons about their phans and will protect us as we will them.