Choosing a Photographer - Tip 1 - Digital Negatives

@WedFestivals a lot of brides were asking me what to look for in choosing a wedding photographer. I want to provide some great tips for them.

Tip 1: Some to most Photographers will offer a Disk with Digital Negatives. What to ask….

Q. What is the resolution and crop size of the images?

A. Most price conscious brides will want to print some on their own so the quality is important. The images should be no less than 300 dpi, minimum crop size 8x10. Some Photographers will make the crop size 4x6 with a 300 dpi resolution. If your goal is only get 4x6 prints, you should be fine, and the occasional 8x10 if done right will be fine. Giving the bride the option upfront saves a lot of confusion and time on the cropping

Q. What is the copyright policy on the files?

A. Some photographers want you to buy the prints from them, as it is a source of their income (as well, a true pro will only used certified labs to achieve the best possible prints, so its not a bad idea to print with them). If your desire is to print your own, make sure its clear upfront what the policy is when printing your own images. Keep in mind, super stores and pharmacy stores don’t always have the same stringent quality process in place to output consistent prints as certified labs.

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Lori & Wayne | A Country Wedding | 8.31.13 | FamZing Photography & Video

Lori & Wayne had an amazing Country Wedding, with yellow Sunflowers, country trimmings, and shotgun shell boutonnieres for all of the groomsmen. The ceremony was located near Laurens, SC at Lori’s uncles house (who also was the officiant).

Even though a Summer Thunderstorm came up, we made the best of it and got some incredible wedding photography.

The reception was held at the Shriners Club near Lake Greenwood, which gave us some pretty awesome sunset shots!

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