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anonymous asked:

Pls pls pls explain panics history in terms that sound like fan fiction a 12 year old wrote, it'll be beautiful

okay this is SO not in detail and i missed SOSOSOSOSOOOO MANY parts and it doesnt even sound 12 it sounds like fuckkin NINE YRS OLD but here goes


*~~~RYAN POV~~~*

hello im ryan ross im 18 and i liv in las vega im in college i hav a schlorship in creativ write but i dnt wana b in collage i wnat to travel th world w/ my band paainc at th disco *sigh* i wuz in band practise today w my bandmats spencer adn bretn and trevior 

2day i realiszed trevir sux so i want 2 get a new guitarer so i did and his name iz breadbin urine and like he’s SO HOT like i cud not evieeenn. im lyk sooooo in luv with him i made him lead singer so i ken stair at him when wer playinfg showzzz

i sent pepe wrontz (he’s th BAEssist of fell out boy and omgzz he’s lyk sooo hot but not as hot as breadbin) our songz and he actually massaged me and sed he lyked dem i wUz like O M G PEpeT WrONTZ!!! he sed he waz gonna cum hiere 2 listen to us play and if he lykk us enoff he myt sign as and make us famousz i was like OMGZZz!!! CRAYZE RIGYT?????

so pepe wONRTZ wnet 2 watched us plyay and hE LIKED US AND SED HES GNonA SIGN US AND HE BOUGHT US DEL TACO OMG!!! i dropd out ov collage and we finishd our 1st alboom a fevre u cant swet out i wrote ol de lyrix!! theyre abt my alkoholic dad he didnt lyk i dropd out of colage 2 mek mousic….

we tourd a lot we wer mekup on stage im soooo good at makup sometyms i do breadbin’z makeup and i get 2 breathe hiz air its soooo hot sometimes breadbin kissez me on stage i think he lovs me??? we kickd brent out of th band becos hes a SHIT BASSIST!! even breadbin is bettur breadbins so talentiiiidd <33 we replacd him w the academy is old gitur tech jon!! 

we wentz (haha geddit?) to a cabin 4 our nxt album pretty odd we got hi a lot alot and wrot sum cool sonzgz it was a betls sounding ablum and most of d lyrix i wrot wer abt breadbin <33 we tourd and i didnt lyk d critix sed we suk :( i jos wanted 2 make folk ablum abt breadbin :( 

breadbin sed he wont a mor pop albmu and i sed NO!! i lykd fok moosic we had flowerz on stage and i get 2 wear cute scarvf!! but breadbin and i fought and me and jon endid up leavin band…i was so sad i dint want 2 leave breadbin and spence but me and jon wnted 2 make folk ablum!!!!!


ryna and john left de band but mi and spenxor still mak moosic fuk dem!!!!! we mad album call’d vices nda vitroos and 1 of our songz made it to SMURF MOVIE LIKE OMG CNA UYO BELIV I LOVE SMURVES!!!!! SEE I DON NID RYNA AND JOHN!!!!! but i steel wrot sum songz on d albmlu abt ryna……i miss ryna……so….much……

we got new BAEssist his names DALLON so dat now i kiss OTHER MAN ON STAGE NOT RYNA!! cant kiss spenxor bec hes on the drooms….i got a gf too her name iz sarah shes saoooooo prittey!!!! like sooooooo prettye PRETTIER THAN RYNA!!! SO PRITTYE DAT I MARRYD HER!!! TAKE DAT RYNA!!!!

we wrot new album its colld 2 weird 2 live 2 rer 2 dye!! but spenxor had to stpo tournen bec he had 2 take care of himself he has an addiktion :( :( :( :( so it just me and dallon and tourin drummer…

a lot of intebriew still ask mi abt ryna and john and it mak me sad answer questions abt dem i miss dems…………spenxor left d band offishculy already and it mkea me sososoosooo sad…why do all my friends leaf me……..i wrot hallelujah song abt RYNA SO GAY!!!!!!!!!!!

(2 b continue………)