Here we have the wonderful Beyonce, idiolised by millions across the globe and this fall can only have boosted the numbers. Despite taking a bit of a topple down a staircase and completing a rather impressive forward roll she jumped up, carried on and managed to look as fabulous as always. Is it obvious I’m jealous?

Kathy Griffin. I can only assume that there might have been alchohol involved in this one - and yes, sadly there’s a chance I may be speaking from experience. Tequila does increase the difficulty of exiting a taxi gracefully. Feeling your pain Kathy-G!

edit: I have been informed that this was staged for publicity in the UK. Ah well, she’s a celebrity, she’s falling, it stays. And apparently she doesn’t drink. Yeah….me neither…..

Things are getting political again! (sort of) This is the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard seen here having some ‘high heels vs. soft, grassy lawn’ issues on a visit to India. Even though some people might have been down hearted by this, she managed to work the incident into an interview as a point about the problems women face everyday that men don’t have to worry about. Girl Power, eh?


A photograph wouldn’t do justice to Olly Murs here, its important everyone gets to see those hips in action. I reckon its acceptable to have a laugh at this one as, in his own words, he’s alright, its ok! So long as no one gets hurt its all a bit of fun, no?

We’ve all been there. Let’s have some sympathy for these falling celebs, at least when we fall the liklehood of it being caught on camera is slightly lower. Still, it’s oddly comforting to know millions of pounds, designer clothes and a phone book full of A-listers doesn’t necessarily put you above the laws of gravity.

So here is Emma Watson, at some premier or other, still managing to look annoyingly graceful even as she takes a tumble.