birthday boy

title: birthday boy

genre: smut / au - he’s not famous

characters: bobby, you, hanbin

plot: you and bobby practically hate each other but hanbin forces you to go to his birthday party and since it’s his birthday, you decide to be nice.

extras: this idea sort of just came to me. truth be told, this is my first real smut. Like i've written things like this but never this long or detailed so bare with me. if you’d like to request, you can click here 

Are you kidding me, Hanbin?” You asked frustratedly as your best friend desperately begged you to go to Bobby’s birthday party. You and Bobby hated each other. You don’t know why but all of the teasing made you want to strangle him sometimes. But nonetheless, you had to admit that he was hot. No one could deny that.

“Please, I beg you! Come to the party, Y/N,” Hanbin pleaded once again. He got on his knees in front of you with imploring eyes. You sighed and rubbed your temples.

“Fine. Only if it means you stop annoying me,” You said giving in.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I won’t have to be alone!”

“Yeah right, I know very well that you’re going to be hanging out with Junhoe and Jinhwan.” You scoffed.

“Whatever, just go get ready. Oh and don’t take too long please. The party starts in an hour.” Hanbin checked his phone. You rolled your eyes and walked to your bedroom to get ready. You quickly picked out some casual clothes - distressed jeans, a cropped top, and converse. After apply light makeup, you walked out of your room ready to go.

“Finally, let’s go.”

When you and Hanbin arrived at Bobby’s party, you started getting anxious. It’s a big house and you knew that Hanbin would be hanging out with other people. You knew just about no one. Inside the large house, the music bounced off the walls. Would it kill you to turn the volume down a bit?

As you suspected, Hanbin was no where in sight after just 15 minutes of being inside. You shook your head and walked over to the drinks. As you poured yourself a drink, you felt a pair of eyes on you. 

“Y/N, always lovely to see you here.” Bobby snorted.

“Happy birthday,” You said as politely as possible.

“Whoa, is Ms. Sassy actually being nice to me?” He asked sarcastically. With a simple roll of the eyes, you drank the liquor in the red cup.

“Yes, I am. Since I’m not a complete bitch and I actually have a soul, I’ve decided that arguing with you will get me no where. So for tonight, I won’t reply back to your teasing,” You said and took another sip of the intoxicating liquid.

“Alright. Well if you’re not going to make things fun then dance with me, Ms. Uptight.” Bobby smirked over at you. A spark of competitiveness flared inside of you. You dropped your cup on the table and grabbed Bobby’s hand. As you two weaved through the crowd, you took a minute to analyze what was about to happen. But you didn’t care. Whether it was the alcohol that was controlling you or your ambitious attitude, you didn’t now. And frankly, you didn’t care. You just had to prove that you weren’t uptight. I can have fun.

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should've known

genre: angst / fluff au - he’s not famous

characters: hanbin, you, lee hi

plot: he’s your best friend and dating lee hi but you catch her cheating on him. you tell him and he doesn’t believe you.

extras: i had a lot of fun writing this. thanks for the request anon. feel free to request here.

You purposely sat at the back of the cafeteria to avoid Hanbin. For the past five months, it’s always about him and Lee Hi. She was a pretty girl, you had to admit. She was so nice and kind. You understood why Hanbin had chose her. Yet you couldn’t help but feel your heartbreak every time he holds her hand or kisses her cheek. You couldn’t help but want that to be you.

You continued to eat your lunch quietly, barely looking up. Your plan to avoid Hanbin had been ruined and you heard the screeches of chairs being pulled. You slowly looked up and saw Lee Hi and Hanbin… as usual.

“Hey,” You said smiling politely at them. Lee Hi flashed an eye smile while Hanbin nodded at you. Your gaze shifted to your food again, avoiding eye contact at all costs. You tried focusing on eating your food but it was pretty damn hard with Lee Hi giggling at Hanbin’s cheesy jokes. You lost your appetite and thanked god that lunch was finally over. You rushed to your next class without saying goodbye to them. Hopefully, you could make it through the day with no PDA.

It was the end of the day and you were about to walk home when you see Lee Hi standing outside with some guy.

It’s none of your business, just walk away.

You thought to yourself. However, your body controlled you and forced you to walk to the doorway. You gasped as you saw Lee Hi kiss your classmate.

How could she do this to Hanbin?

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