usually i have my okcupid account set to ‘only women’ but a couple days ago i decided to look for men too and i…….

nothing against those men in particular but wow i switched it back to only women within like 1 minute. i’m… yeah. girls. i think it’s pretty safe to say i like girls

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was there ever a larry consenses on why louis has been forced to claim freddie?


1) Simon Cowell made him do all of this to punish the boys for leaving the Syco label. It’s just what happens when people leave labels, they’re forced to fake babies. It’s not a big deal and not about the closet, it’s just a business decision. See also: the fake babies Liam/Zayn have had to do since also ditching Sony/Syco.

2) Louis agreed to it originally because he wanted to become more famous and thought Cowell was contractually binding him into faking a baby because it would generate good PR. Louis is deeply concerned he needs to be as important/famous as Harry when they come out of the closet and faking a pregnancy was a great way to generate those headlines our favorite attention whore craves with every fiber of his fame whoring being. It’s just who he is. He couldn’t wait to exploit the concept of motherhood and pregnancies like that. He couldn’t wait to emotionally abuse and gaslight his young impressionable fans by making them think he was going to become a father. He needs to be as famous as Harry when they leave the closet together and that’s what is important. He doesn’t give a fuck if that gives his favorite Larries anxiety, he loves the fame more.

3) Cowell tricked him! He played on Louis’s egotistical fame whoring desires and made him think this baby would be good PR for him and it wouldn’t! He wanted to hurt his future gay branding by portraying him as someone so heterosexual he got a girl pregnant! Even though none of this has been bad PR! Even though none of this is hurting him! This is still some obsessive vindictive campaign Cowell is on because Cowell is also a secretly closeted gay man and secretly closeted people are monsters who just lash out at other closeted gay men like this, it’s just what is done. So Louis thought this would only be a fake pregnancy, but Cowell forced Louis into having a baby be born and have his family welcome him and make this go on for 7 months.

4) At some point Louis had to contractually agree to go along and fake an actual baby and not a pregnancy, and get his family and friends to all sign contracts over it as they would all be forced into talking or sharing photos about this baby. It’s now believed Louis is faking this baby in order to get back at Cowell! Cowell was using it against him and now Louis is retaliating by continuing to pretend to be a dad and somehow this is hurting Cowell! Somehow this makes Cowell angry and upset! Somehow! Somehow a scheme he’s still actively forcing Louis into doing every single day of his public life is only hurting Cowell! Maybe when he exposes this whole thing has been faked for over 7 months it will mean that Cowell will go down more than if he’d just faked a baby for a week or a month or 3 months! Maybe Louis thinks the longer this goes on, the worst it’ll be for Cowell! We don’t really know!

Louis won’t also go down of course because everyone will be too distracted by how cute he and Harry are together, aww!

  • actual convo between kids on my bus today
  • kid one:(to the whole bus) please no one talk to me, i'm famous.
  • kid two:you're not famous?? i'll talk to you if i want.
  • kid one:i have 47 subscribers on youtube. that's a lot of people. i'm famous.
  • kid two:a girl i'm subscribed to has like 6 million. that's a lot. she's famous, you're not.
  • kid one, suddenly very angry:don't be ridiculous! there aren't even 6 million people in the world!! you're such a liar!!

8/19/16. So, I’m at the laundromat looking through People magazine (I forgot to bring a book) and there are a lot of stories about rich and famous people with kids divorcing after being married for only a few years. A thought crossed my mind that in some cases may be true: when you’re in the position to have everything and anything you could possibly want all of the time, maybe it’s more difficult or for some people impossible to be truly happy with anything.

So I was digging through old files and found the presentation I made for my  Art History course. We had to make a music video with famous artwork. I thought you all might enjoy.

Song: “Superhero” By Tim McMorris

Art in order of appearance:

Willaim Van Allen “Chrysler Building”
Christo and Jean-Claude “Surrounded Islands”
Pablo Picasso “Guernica”
Ye Yushan “Rent Collection Courtyard”
Fredric Church “Twilight in the Wilderness”
Theodore Gericault “Raft of Medusa”
Giacomo Balla “Dymanism of a Dog on a Leash”
Van Gough “Starry Night”
Francois Rude “Departure of Volunteers”
Meera Mukerjee “Ashoka at Kalinga”
Jaques-Louis David “Death of Marat”
Donatello “Saint George”
Jackson Pollock “Number 1″
Donatello “Gattamelata”
Caravaggio “Entombment”
Maya Yin Lin “Vietnam Memorial”
Artemisia Gentileschi “Judith Slaying Holofernes”
Otto Dix “Der Krieg”
Lysippos “Weary Heracles”
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux “Ugolino and His Sons”
Honore Daumier “Nadar Raising Photography to the Height of Art”
Katsushika Hokusai “The Great Wave”
Kazimir Malevich “Suprematist Composition: Airplane Flying”
“Nike of Samothrice”
Sulayman “Ewer in the Form of a Bird”
Claude Monet “Saint-Lazre Train Station”
Karl Bodmar “Hidatsa Warrior Pehriska-Rupha (Two Ravens)”
“Archer From Djenne”
Bernini “David”
Andrea Mantegna “Foreshortened Christ”
“Gero Crucifix”
Leonardo DaVinci “Last Supper” 
Eadweard Muybridge “Horse Galloping”
Akati Akpele Kendo “Warrior Figure”
Brunelleschi “Sacrifice of Isaac”
Michelangelo “David”
Pergino “Christ Delivering Keys of the Kingdom to St. Peter”
Verrocchio “David”
Willie Bester “Homage to Steve Biko”
Donatello “Saint George and the Dragon”

I think I’ll go to the Paris Game Week 2016. Never went to a gaming exhibition before, but this year I really want to!

Famous Thoughts

Don’t let your family diagnose you with a mental disorder, just because they don’t want to understand or want to understand.

Drugs aren’t good even they’re prescribed to you.

College isn’t for everyone, find a passion and a way to make money with that passion.

Sometimes your family won’t believe in your dreams.

If you don’t vibe with the people you’re around, try and leave.

If they care make sure its about you and not them.

If you’re sad because you can’t express yourself; find a passion!

I love everyone I meet, no matter their story.

I feel misunderstood and judged all the time, but that’s just because I have greatness stirring inside.

@careycanwrite helps me live on and think differently!

Take your own advice from time to time.

Don’t escape with alcohol and drugs. Even though they made me.

Sometimes its not what you want, but what you need at the time.

And tumblr has saved my life!!!! 🔥👊😱😢😊

Closed Starter - Stardom.

The last thing he had ever expected was to be this famous. It was almost a overnight transition but finally hard work & determination had paid off. He was a famous rapper, the thought to Darren was so breath taking, and astounding. He had people doing jobs for him he never did before, and everybody was interested in his twitter unlike before when he was underground. They were all popping off about wanting to hear new music, and looking out the window of the jet he finally felt truly successful. His bank account had went from hundreds, to thousands, to hundreds of thousands with his first album ‘Soul Lost’.

He gripped his bags, and the messages about being careful when exiting, with guided instructions from the stewardess began to play. It was strange being in first class, instead of coach. He stepped down the stairs slowly taking in his surroundings. Arizona was beautiful, it was his first time being here. The sun gleamed, and beat on his back.

There were cameras flashing as he stared at his phone ignoring it. Checking his twitter feed as he slowly stepped to the airport. In the window was a card board cut out, it was quite possibly the most beautiful fitness trainer he had ever seen. Biting down on his lower lip.

Suddenly an idea sprang into his mind, and he began to type rapidly on his phone.

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Blurb where reader starts to feel unsure about ash asking her to move in. At first he seemed all excited about it but lately she can't seem to tell what he's feeling so she tries to distance herself from him but he's not having it ;) (non famous ash)

You had thought about it a lot. You and Ash were pretty serious. I mean you’ve been together for three years now. It was getting to that point where you’d either move forward in your relationship or it wasn’t going to last. Its almost like he had read your mind. Two days ago, he asked you to move in with him. He had his own apartment since his roommate, Calum, left to go play soccer overseas and you had hoped he would put two and two together and realize that he now could have you live with him. It was day two of packing up your things and Ashton seemed a bit off. He wasn’t dancing around to the music like he was yesterday and he wasn’t talking to you. “Ashton, what’s the matter?” You inquire as you place a few glasses in bubble wrap. “Nothing, I’m fine.” He said nonchalantly and you knew that wasn’t true. Whenever Ashton lies, he sighs after every sentence. Its a weird flaw you found in him after about two months of dating. “Ashton, I know you’re lying. Tell me what’s the matter.” You insisted. He ignored you. “Fine, if you’re going to act like a child, I just won’t talk to you.” You stated and then made your way to the bedroom and slammed the door. You were very frustrated and angrily started packing your belongings in that room. After about 30 minutes and two and a half boxes, you heard a knock on the door. Ashton let himself in after a few seconds and stood in the doorway, your back facing him.

“Look Jamie, I’m sorry I was such an ass. I am really stressed at work and packing wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do after a long day working in the sun.” He sighed, this time out of sadness.

You continued to ignore him, now throwing things into the boxes. He didn’t say another word before he walked up behind you and put his arms on your hips, his chest flush to your back.

“C’mon babe. I’m really sorry.” He whispered into the side of your head before planting a soft kiss behind your ear. You were about to break, you knew it, but you had to try to stand your ground because that is just your nature.

“Its not an excuse Ashton. You think I want to come home from the store just to pack up all my shit? No, but I do it because you asked me to move in with you and i just so happen to love you so you need to suck it up like i have.” You ranted before turning around to face him. His hazel eyes looked back and forth between yours and your lips. Before you knew it, he was kissing you and, like always, it made your heart flutter.

He pulled away and held your face in his hands, a small smile creeping onto his lips. “You know, you’re kinda hot when you’re yelling at me.” He smirked and you pushed on his chest.

“You’re going to think I am smokin’ if you don’t clean up your clothes and dishes!” you tease.

you’re welcome bitch

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Random statement but I didn't know maci was good friends with Ashley Dill who's a really successful hooters girl and is actually kind of famous herself. I just thought that was weird, small world.

I’ve never heard of Ashley Dill!

Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats

read it on AO3 at http://ift.tt/2aCvsmg

by transriot

Ever since he was younger, Lance Sanchez wanted to be on stage. The idea of being in the limelight and being famous was something he thought was so achievable he could taste it. Throughout his life he chases his passion, enrolling in one of the best theater art schools. It’s his freshman year, and already he has a role in the schools musical that year. He would be happy for this. If it wasn’t for his archrival, Keith Kogane.

The musical au that no one thought we needed. I’ll try to update frequently (maybe every Tuesday if I’m dedicated enough).

Rating will go up.

Words: 1187, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on AO3 at http://ift.tt/2aCvsmg

My first ever comic cover commission. I couldn’t believe it, i really thought only famous comic artist get one. But someone saw me worthy!!!! And the best part the actual comic is drawn by my hero and the god of savage art the one and only @joemadx !!!! Ahhh i literally was screaming with joy!! Enjoy

#joemad (at Chicago, Illinois)

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The question whether quantum mechanics is complete and the nature of the transition between quantum mechanics and classical mechanics have intrigued physicists for decades. There have been many experimental breakthroughs in creating larger and larger quantum superposition and entangled states since Erwin Schrodinger proposed his famous thought experiment of putting a cat in a superposition of both alive and dead states in 1935. Remarkably, recent developments in quantum optomechanics and electromechanics may lead to the realization of quantum superposition of living microbes soon. Recent evidences also suggest that quantum coherence may play an important role in several biological processes. In this review, we first give a brief introduction to basic concepts in quantum mechanics and the Schrodinger's cat thought experiment. We then review developments in creating quantum superposition and entangled states and the realization of quantum teleportation. Non-trivial quantum effects in photosynthetic light harvesting and avian magnetoreception are also discussed. At last, we review recent proposals to realize quantum superposition, entanglement and state teleportation of microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria.