my favorite thing about cryptids is that you can’t disprove anything anyone says about them. I can say mothman is gay and sucks the flatwoods monsters dick all day long and no one can disprove it. I can say I have sex with a little grey alien every single night at exactly 2:03 a.m. and none of you could say otherwise. bigfoot is a butch lesbian! nessie likes to eat pennies in her free time when she isn’t caring for her nephew Cthulhu!!! the sky is my limit and the government can’t do shit


Based off this video because I cannot stop laughing

It had started out as a simple enough dare, Dean and Cas would each get a total of 3 tries per person to try and “kill” the other by telling the other that “the floor is lava.” They would then have five seconds before they had to find a way to get off the ground and scream that the floor was lava to any unsuspecting passerby if there were anyway. There was no prize, not really. Dean just really wanted to beat Cas at something, and Cas didn’t mind if he got bragging rights.

Cas had been first, during a walk in the park between their two college classes on campus. “The floor is lava,” he’d casually said. Dean had not understood until he did, and at which point he only had 3 seconds left and nothing that he could use to get off the ground. Nothing, except, for a trashcan just up the trail. He’d made it with one second to spare.

“The floor is lava!” Dean screamed triumphantly, balancing precariously on the poor trashcan below him. He had managed to get into a crouch before the inevitable happened––when Dean went to get down back onto the ground and rejoin Cas he slipped and wound up wedging his butt straight into the trashcan. Castiel wouldn’t let him forget it for a week.

The next turn had been Dean’s, choosing to wait until Cas and he were on a grocery run to enact his plan.

“Hey, Cas,” he called the other’s attention while they were in the toilet paper aisle. 


“The floor is lava.” 

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The second single, “Famous Thoughts” off of survive or…EVOLV (S.OR.E.). Releasing 5/30/17!!

Leave reality for one second. Now, imagine you just became famous and had a million dollars…do you think someone would cheat on you? Would you be affected by heartbreak? Would you ever even allow yourself to feel that type of pain and anger? Unlikely.

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Henry Ford, famous antisemitic fascist, thought up the idea of the weekend all on his own and was nice enough to share it with his workers

Why Namjoon isnt accepted in the krap scene (and why thats a good thing)

  unpopular opinion and confession 

*****im not saying all krappers are like this btw chill ur dick

***also butthurt ppl dont come at me saying YEAH YOONGI TOO bc i shall make a post about him too i didnt forget about yall, always coming into namjoon rap posts and making it about yoongi

****My intention of this post is not to diss your faves or rappers in general. This isn’t a post that has the intention of throwing shade I am simply expressing my respect for an artist. 

I never really respected a lot of k-rappers. I do like some songs because they have a good beat but respect is something that an artist should earn. I respect rappers and groups like epik high, verbal jint, and tiger jk for influencing the krap scene for the good.

I wont touch on american rap but the krap scene is so generalized. Like hey have fake gold chains and a bunch of girls while I rap about shit that doesnt make people feel better about themselves with lyrics that i didnt even write. Many generalize culture, rap about degrading others, and you know all that shit. But let me tell you: RAP stands for RHYTHM AND POETRY.


Listen anyone can have their different perspective on poetry and maybe to someone “squad shit it g ma” is the most well thought out poetic verse that they have heard. 

But rapping all started when people were in pain, when people were in dark time period in life and spilling out their feelings through rhyme made them feel better and got them out of trouble. I`m not saying you need a depressing life story to be a rapper (you dont need a chicken to recognize an egg) but rapping is way more than some beats and a snapback, its a coping mechanism, maybe not always for the artist but definitely the audience.

I sound so old when I`m saying this but rapping isnt just talking fast, its a lengthy process of finding strong and meaningful word play, to beats and rhythms which compliment eachother which is then it put together in one song almost like a prayer.

and don`t come at me with the WELL I LIKE HOW IT SOUNDS, because these days i swear to god ANYONE CAN BE A RAPPER, and thats how it shouldnt be. 

They get others to write songs for them, songs usually have no smart wordplay or meaning and just talk in slightly faster pace. (i definitely find rap flow and speed a plus point in rapping). 

Rappers who arents even all that shit get praised and recieve so much attention and go on judging others just bc their not AS famous.

(random thought i really dislike smtm) Rapping isnt a childsplay. Common korean rap communities like smtm etc are extremely trashy to me.

 In 2015 during bangtan`s vacation Namjoon released his first mixtape (legendary) which proved his ability to write lyrics in both english and korean, write lyrics about depression happiness life hope etc, he made a damn song DISSING rappers who only have flow and lyrics that don`t make sense AND SPAT BARS SO FAST IM LIKE BOI BREATH, he teamed up with a western artist and recieVED EXTREME APPRECIATION IN THE AMERICAN RAP SCENE. 

If you don`t know he started rapping at 13 because he was going through a really low point in his life. He then started writing HIS OWN lyrics about his feelings and educated himself in hip hop and rap culture (he listened to a lot of nas and tupac what a man). He then joined an underground rap team which he gained skills like free-styling and flow (BOY CAN RAP SO FAST BRUH). But definitely his raps are extremely smart. He uses so much worldplay their almost like a riddle you need to figure out. Not only that he can rhyme and compose and has the qualities of a true rapper who IS PASSIONATE ABOUT MUSIC HE LET DOWN  HIS FAMILY TO BE A RAPPER DESPITE HAVING SO MUCH GRADES


Like when someone would think of k-rapper they would think Zico, Gd maybe, Jay Park, Dok2 (and if you are fans of common krappers thats okay) but I honestly feel as if rappers like them are so common. To me they don`t show anything exceptional. Its like comparing Eminem with Lil yatchy (you can like either and thats okay) but Eminem did his own thing with no influence from the stereotypical culture. In shows like SMTM or unpretty rapstar you definitely see the rap community come together and Im like boi why isnt joon there he can own yall asses.

Namjoon however is on a whole different level. He does in own thing without the influence of popular culture (which refers to his message in his song DO YOU). He raps about things that are special TO HIMSELF and doesnt care about others opinions. He never thinks about what others might think of his song or what he should do to catch the attention of the audience. He does what he likes to do and goes with HIS gut.

Namjoon is a special snowflake and I dont want him to be thrown in the *oh look another korean rapper lets put him in smtm and not let them grow as an artist* pile bc I feel as if thatll take away his authenticity.

I`m kinda happy that Namjoon doesnt associate himself with common rappers because he is way better than that. He strives to collab with artists of his choice, his taste, and doesnt go for popular or common people. 

Like you know what I`m trying to say. Imagine an exceptional student who isnt really popular among the folks. and all the students who get like c`s or b`s are extremely praised and popular.

Don`t get me wrong despite getting SO MANY opportunities like 4 features in official songs from other groups (one being korean hip hop legends MFBTY), being in the 4 things show , performing at multiple festivals individually,etc. I really don`t feel as if he reached the legendary rap title yet. He definitely was close to being “part” of the community as in 2014-2015 his rap career was highly active but is on the low now as a individual. 

  I appreciate Bangtan as a group and all the contributions of all 7 members  but since BTS is a group who produces their own music, one member can`t just go off making MVs while their writers do the job for their (cough cough, bts dont got writers they got mean namjoon) I know he is busy writing for bangtan, producing beats, and a whole lot of shit for the group and he is happy with doing that but that also takes away time from doing his solo rap career AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT.

He doesnt care of not being able to produce music all the time to the likings of krappers. He cares about Bangtan. He knows his potential and doesnt need to highly promote in order to prove his worthiness. He can promote small mixtapes or covers for his armys and he is content with that. His intention isnt to get famous, as he always says: i do this for the  music not the fame.

He does his own thing and doesnt worry about the drama. He is too good for them. Someone who is beyond expectations doesn’t mingle with people who are popular. They dont worry about irrelevants. They just keep on focusing on themselves and how to grow.

I can`t wait to see him become so well known as a rapper (he already is so high up in his journey) that everyone who looked down on him now want to be him.

Namjoon is a person who expressed that their isnt a right wrong with hip hop just passion

So I wanna throw this out here cause I feel like a lot of people in the AA fandom often characterize Klavier as rather arrogant and stuck up. Idk why but I’ve seen him written as a jerk that behaves like he’s entitled to Apollo and only cares about his fame.

But that’s not true. Let me remind everyone that he’s one of the few prosecutors in this game that has never harassed the main character, who actually cared about finding the truth from the very beginning, and has confidence in his talents. Not ONCE did he ever harass Apollo. Reminder, Ema Skye didn’t like him cause she thought his “famous” persona was annoying. But that does NOT mean he is a bad person.

His character development is just different. I see him more as a “poppy in a field of thistles.” He’s a genuinely good person but all his life he’s been surrounded by corruption that he’s never known about. His brother (whom I assume he looked up to), his band, and even the law itself.

The reason why I feel like Apollo and Klavier have chemistry is because Apollo is the one that helped pulled him out of that corruption and resolved all of the emotional baggage he had. He essentially saved Klavier’s life. Klavier would feel eternally grateful for that.

And obviously Klavier would feel bad for ruining Wright’s career. In fact, I feel like Klavier would be scarred for the rest of his life for that. Because he truly cares about the people in his life. His development comes from having to let go of his past life (Kristoph and his band) and moving forward.

I believe Phoenix would feel like he deserved his disbarment cause it was a big mistake to knowingly present unknown “evidence.” Phoenix forgave Klavier immediately for the incident between them cause he was “simply doing his job.”

Then one day Phoenix overheard Klavier playing piano and jokingly said, “who would’ve thought that you were better than me at both of my jobs!” But rather than laugh, Klavier freezes up and starts crying over the amount of guilt he feels for what he did. And he tries to hide it too!! The amount of emotional trauma he feels must be immense and he doesn’t deserve to be characterized as a jerk.

At least that’s what I think. Let Klavier cry 2k17! He’s a good person!

anonymous asked:

Hello Kristen! I need your light about something that really disturbing me in A Dance with dragons. I began to read the books after season 7 to help me trough the hiatus so I maybe missed some things but it seems that Dany is really in love with Daario. In the tv show it's clear that he's more a "toy boy" but in the book she's ready to drop the crown for him, she wants their nights to last forever etc. What's your opinion on that? Thanks :-)

Hi anon! First and foremost, I want to apologize for taking so long to get to this ask. My life has been crazy busy lately and I’ve found it difficult to find time for myself or for my blog. Anyway, on to your ask!

I don’t really think that Dany is ever truly in love with Daario in either the show or the books, and I’ll do my best to explain why. 

In ADWD, Dany thinks about Daario several times while he is away from her on various missions, and she often worries after his safety. She also dreams of a future with him. So I can see why you might think that she really loves him. 

“In her dream they had been man and wife, simple folk who lived a simple life in a tall stone house with a red door. In her dream he had been kissing her all over–her mouth, her neck, her breasts.”

So while this shows that she does think about a future with Daario, to me this is more about the future she wants for herself than about Daario and his relation to her. Dany has fantasized about the house with the red door and the idea of a home and a simple life several times throughout the series. I think she dreamed of him in this instance simply because he is the man she is with at the time. But this idea of a simple, honest life does not actually fit with Daario’s character. And I think that deep down Dany knows that. In the dream they are doing the one thing that Daario was really willing and able to do in their relationship–give her physical pleasure.

But she also has doubts about the relationship.

Early in the novel, she wonders (and is worried) that Daario could betray her. 

”The Undying of Qarth had told her she would be thrice betrayed. Mirri Maz Duur had been the first. Ser Jorah the second. Would Reznak be the third? The Shavepate? Daario?”

Later, her famous thought, “Who would ever dare to love a dragon?” brings her mind to Daario, and she reflects that she’s “jealous” of his swords (both carved to look like women) because Daario’s only real loyalty is to himself, and his love of fighting. Also in this passage, she worries that he has betrayed her in his absence:

“What if Daario has betrayed me and gone over to my enemies?” Three treasons you will know.

So she has no real faith in Daario, his love for her, or their relationship, even in the early parts of ADWD. And she already suspects that the prophecy of her treasons could apply to him. To me, that doesn’t really show true love. There’s no trust. 

We see further evidence of this later, when Xaro is trying to seduce Dany. She thinks to herself:

I could close my eyes and pretend that he was Daario. A dream Daario would be safer than the real one. But she pushed that thought aside.”

Again, I don’t see this as loving. I see it as Dany’s desire for intimacy and her longing for someone to trust and be with romantically, but she can’t actually trust Daario, so he isn’t really someone she loves fully. 

Even when Daario returns to her, Dany is nervous like a young girl. She thinks:

I need to change, to make myself beautiful.”

This just doesn’t feel like love to me. She has to change herself to be desirable to him. Because to Daario, she is an idea, a conquest, something impressive. Not a woman that he loves. Dany gets nervous and flustered around him. It isn’t comfortable or natural.

On the night he returns to her, Dany watches him and has this thought:

His kisses would be hard and cruel, she told herself, and he would not care if I cried out or commanded him to stop.”

This is… troubling. I think that Daario is someone who Dany worries could actually assault her. I think that most of her attachment to him is physical. She wants the physical relationship with him and the feeling of being desired, but she doesn’t seem to think much of him as a person, which is really the basis of love. And she doesn’t trust him not to hurt her. 

Later, Daario gives the closest thing to a love confession when he says Dany should escape “Into [his] bed. Into [his] arms. Into [his] heart.” But even this would-be tender moment is instead sexually-charged but emotionally shallow. Dany describes it this way:

“The hilts of Daario’s arakh and stiletto were wrought in the shape of golden women, naked and wanton. He brushed his thumbs across them in a way that was remarkably obscene and smiled a wicked smile.

…He made her want to be his wanton. I should never see him alone. He is too dangerous to have near me.”

I feel like this one speaks for itself haha. Definitely not loving. 

In the interest of time, here are more examples of things Dany thinks about Daario that I think reinforce that she isn’t in love with him.

“He had been so long away, Dany had almost forgotten what he was. Sellswords were treacherous by nature, she reminded herself. Fickle, faithless, brutal. He will never be more than he is. He will never be the stuff of kings.”

Daenerys was appalled. He is a monster. A gallant monster, but a monster still.”

He has a sellsword’s conscience, she realized then. That is to say, none at all.

I would give up my crown if he asked it of me, Dany thought, but he has not asked it, and never would. Daario might whisper words of love when the two of them were as one, but she knew it was the dragon queen he loved. If I gave up my crown, he would not want me.”

I think that last one is most important. This one kind of supports what I’ve been trying to say about Dany all along–that she isn’t this power-hungry tyrant antis try to paint her as. She just wants to feel a part of something, and to feel love and belonging. She would set aside her title and crown to have that. But the reason she doesn’t set aside her crown with Daario is because she realizes what she has with Daario isn’t love. He wants the “dragon queen” and not the person Dany is inside. 

Show!Daario just reinforces this with his reaction to Dany breaking up with him. He isn’t devastated and sad to lose the love of his life. Instead, he asks Dany who could possibly follow her. In other words, how can he top sleeping with the Mother of Dragons? What impressive feat could he do next? At the end of the day, that’s all Daario cares about. And Dany knows it. So I don’t think she ever really loved or trusted him. 

All that being said, I don’t think it’s really all that important whether Dany loved him or not. I see this ongoing trend in the Jonerys fandom where people try to prove that Dany didn’t really love Drogo or that Jon didn’t really love Ygritte, as if that would somehow make Jonerys matter more or be more meaningful. But I disagree. I do think that Dany loved Drogo in her own way, even if that was unhealthy and love that came of necessity. I do think that Jon loved Ygritte, even if that relationship was unhealthy and problematic as well. I don’t think Jonerys need to be each other’s first love. What matters is that they are each other’s greatest love. 

When they come together, Jon and Dany both have someone who is their equal not only in status but in responsibility. They have both found someone who can actually appreciate them and understand what they’ve been through. And they’ve found someone who loves them for their personality and actions and not for their social status or name. And that’s why it’s so beautiful. They don’t need to be each other’s first, because they’re each other’s best :)

The Starks (Chapter 1)

The Starks Chapter 1

Relationships: Tony!Father x Reader!Adoptive daughter

             Peter Parker x Reader

A/N The time is currently set about 7 months prior to Captain America: Civil War. So starts before Peter got his power, since he said it has been about 6 months since he got his power in the Civil War. I’m not a huge fan of Marvel universe but I wanted to write MCU version of my original story ‘Noah Sterling’ because the main character has similar personality to Tony. Hope you enjoy this

Not much story in this chapter so I will upload the next soon.


[Name] Stark is not her real name. But that doesn’t matter. She was just a normal girl, suffering through school because of bullies, suffering at the orphanage because of the director, and suffering through the never-ending nightmare that seem to torture her endlessly. That’s when her supposedly savior came.

Tony Stark never intended to have a child. Never. Children were nuisance. And with him being a world-wide famous playboy, he thought having a child would just mean having mini version of himself running through the house, which was quiet annoying even from the thought of it.. But things changed that day when he saw tuff of white hair -more than usual- and decided that he at least needed a successor to the Stark Company. And that was why he searched through the whole orphanage of New York and finally found a ‘perfect’ figure –a teenager, he would never have someone younger than 13, with brilliant mind that he expected was enough to keep the Stark Industry from dying.

When [Name] arrived at the Avengers Tower for the first time she was 15 and the first thing that greeted her was the voice of an AI, F.R.I.D.A.Y.

“Welcome to the Avengers Tower, Miss [Name]. F.R.I.D.A.Y. at your service, ma’am.” The polite voice of the system made her smile.

“Come to the elevator and I will lead you to your room.” [Name] nodded to the invisible assistant? Butler? She doubted he would like those descriptions.

[Name] carried her bag to the elevator and it went up. She didn’t have much to bring, just some of her text books, a teddy bear, and journals. After all, her new parent did tell her there’s no need of bringing clothes or anything like that. So she didn’t.

She examined her reflection in the elevator door. Certainly not an image you would want from Stark. Messy hair, dull eyes, bags under them, and the cloths. Technically didn’t seem like cloths at all. They were just rags. But not wearing a makeup made her look slightly younger than her age. Still, her cloths bothered her to some point, being automatically compared to the place she was in. She sighed but she decided long ago not to mind that. No one cared anyway.

With a bright ‘ding’ sound the elevator door opened.

“Welcome to the 72nd floor, this is where the Avengers members stay, except for the boss.”

For a moment, she couldn’t believe her eyes and just stayed there.

“Is anything wrong ma’am?”

The voice made her come back to Earth and she got off the elevator. She had never seen such an amazing apartment flat, it was gorgeous.

Starting from the elevator, there was some kind of ‘catwalk’ with two steps on the either side of it. The walk crossed the floor to the other side, dividing it in half.

“Can I take a look around?” She asked.

“Of course, ma’am.”

[Name] took a look around. On the left side of the walk was the living room. She carefully stepped down, the ‘living room’, it had square mahogany coffee table in the middle, soft rug covered the floor and two couches with very dark shade of red was next to the table. Both facing the table, one faced the catwalk and the other faced the wall.

Speaking of the wall, the wall on the side of the building was made of glass. So she could see the beautiful view of Manhattan when it becomes night time. The other wall, the one that the couch was facing, had huge television hanging on it.

[Name] stared at it for a moment and then headed to the other side.

It was kitchen she was in now. All the cabinets, sink, fridge, etc. were all in beautiful shade of burgundy with silver edges. They were covering up half of the wall and right next to the window – taking up the other half of the wall- was counter, replacing the need for dining table. There were 3 stools on the either sides of the counter in rainbow color. She smiled and stroked the top, made of marble. Next to the stool was the dining table, it wasn’t huge but it was big enough for 10 people to eat at the same time.

But both the living room and the kitchen were empty. She wondered where were the other members went.

“The other members have went to train.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. said, as if she read [Name]’s mind.

“I see.” [Name] said.

She then headed back to the catwalk and went to where it led to. The walk soon became a hallway and the light turned on itself, there numerous amount of doors on either side of the wall. The door all had different colors, the member’s signature or favorite color.

“Your room is at the end of the hallway.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. instructed.

[Name] walked down the hall which seemed to be endless until she reached the door, literally signaling the end. She opened it and for a moment she didn’t move.

The room was a giant rectangle. But it was more like a small apartment or a fancy hotel room than a teenage girl’s room. There were two doors on the wall left to the place she was standing, and one on the right. The door on the right led to a small room and except for those doors, it was just a room.

She, deciding to check the doors later, stepped in to the room in order to take a closer look, a giant bed on the corner next to the room’s wall, a drawer next to the bed with night stand on it. And a mini fridge on the other corner.

She decided to take a look around and went into the small room that was taking up 1/5 of the whole room. She thought it would be a bathroom.

It was a walk-in closet. And it seemed bigger now that she was in there. It was organized very well and were filled with clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, etc. and had a big make up table as well. Now if she was a normal teenage girl she would be squealing in excitement but unfortunately she wasn’t. She didn’t care much for the clothes. Although she appreciated very much that someone, probably Tony Stark or Ms. Potts, was very concerning about her. She appreciated it very much.

“It was Ms. Potts’ idea to make a closet this big, although boss didn’t appreciate it very much.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. said to her boss’ defense.

“I got it.” [Name] answered. Staring at the collection of the cloths. There were only few that suited her taste, she kept a note to herself to check them out later.

She walked out of the room and headed to the room across her. A bathroom. Rather big for a bathroom though. It had ivory tiles on the floor, toilet and the sink close to the door, cabinet above the sink, shower stool on the left corner and a bath tub on the right. The tub was Jacuzzi. She stroked the wall, in the color of very pale yellow, and blinked. Trying to sink in that this was her own bathroom. That she didn’t need to share it with anyone else.

“Is there anything wrong ma’am?” F.R.I.D.A.Y. asked and [Name] shook her head. She thought it would take a long time to get used to such treatment.

She then headed to the next room. Hoping it was finally something she would appreciate. And she opened the door and gasped.

It was a library.

Her own personal library.

All 4 walls were covered gigantic bookshelves of very dark shaded wood. The shelves in the wall were filled with books of all sorts of genres, well categorized. In the middle of the room there was a desk of same shade of wood, on top of it were a humongous desktop computer, and few other objects. She walked up closely to see what they were. She was excited by the fact that she had to go through other small empty bookshelves to get to the desk.

There were white brand new smartphone, a tablet PC, and a Master card. She sat on the desk, squealing in excitement.

“I’ll report to Mr. Stark that you have arrived. He just came back.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. said and it became silent.

And now she was left alone, fully alone. Her face was filled with happiness as she looked around the room. She had asked for books when Tony asked her about what she wanted to have, and now she was surrounded by them.

“I have a good taste.”

That was what Tony said, satisfied with his choice of kid.

She then spotted a post-it on the screen of the desktop. She teared it off and read it out in a whisper.

“Hope you like it sweetheart.” She grinned, grateful that he was treating her like she was a princess or something.

She was about to pick a book but she heard a ‘ding’ from outside and with slight disappointment she walked out of the room.

She spotted Tony standing in front of the elevator, looking for his daughter.

He spotted her and she walked up to him.

“So, I guess F.R.I.D.A.Y. has already gave you a tour? Did you like it? Would you like for me to rearrange it?”

[Name] quickly shook her head, “No, no. Mr. Stark, it, it’s perfect, th-thank you.”

Tony raised his brow, “Well, we might need to work on this ‘Mr. Stark’ thing. I’m your father now. Remember?”

[Name] flinched a bit. Barely noticeable.

“Should I call you Father then?”

Tony just shrugged. He would have preferred ‘Tony’ or ‘dad’ but if that’s what she wanted then he would go along with it.

“Well, um Father? Thank you so much for everything.” [Name] said timidly. Tony smiled and awkwardly patted her shoulder.

“Well kiddo, it’s you and me from now on. So if you have any problem, just tell me. We are family now, got it sweetheart?”

[Name] gave a sweet smile and nodded.

Never did they know, never did they know.