If you end up with a boring miserable life because your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.
—  Frank Zappa

I thought it would be easier if i included different kinds of youtubers other than just beauty guru’s, i hope that is okay :)


*Once he finds out you are a beauty guru he makes sure that you are in charge of all his makeup for his music videos*


*You are a comedy youtuber and you show him one of your videos*

Y/N: “So did you think it was funny?”

*Rolls eyes are your silliness but secretly enjoys it*


*He thinks that your videos and cute and funny and can’t stop smiling*


*Watches one of your videos and becomes obsessed and decides to watch every single one, later you find him on the floor because he finds you so funny*


“You may be a beauty guru, but no one looks better in eyeliner than me”


*You tell him that you are a beauty guru and ask him to let you do the I do my boyfriends makeup tag*

D.O: “No way”


*You usually daily vlog around the house and  you caught Chen fall over in the kitchen and until later he doesn’t find out that you uploaded it onto your channel*

(Pretend you are BH)


“So what job do you have?”

Y/N: “I am a youtuber”

TAO: “Really, how many subscribers do you have?”

Y/N: “Just over three million”

“Looks like we are both famous”


*You show him that you are a dancer who uploads your own choreography to Youtube*

“Wow, you are so good, maybe I could be featured in one of your videos?”

*Starts dancing silly*


*You are both taking a walk together and you decide to vlog some of it catching Luhan in the camera and he gives a wave*


*You walk with him and brag to him about the large number of subscribers you have as a beauty guru on Youtube*


*You are vlogging backstage at their concert and happen to catch Xiumin eating on your camera*

*I do not own any of these Gif’s, credit to the owners*

Im afraid to be famous. I want to be, and as dumb as it sounds, i almost feel like i will be, but it scares me. Not me being famous, but im scared cause im afraid my fans will ship andy and i too hardcore and make things awkward then we’ll fade. Id die if that happened.

*edit* WAIT. that makes it sound like we’re dating. We’re not. We’re just best friends. Oh god. I’ve already started it ._.

I’m hoping that one day Dylan O’Brien will send out a crazy excited tweet about a new movie trailer but when you click the link it leads to a vid from his old Youtube channel. (Bonus if it’s a privated vid of him doing choreography to ‘Bye Bye Bye’ or something similar.)

It’s 2015, I don’t want to be Rickrolled anymore.

I want to be Dylrolled.

Okay but a meet-cute au in which Ax is a famous rock/pop star (or whatever genre) and Marco goes to his show (reluctantly or not) with Jake and Cassie or Rachel and Tobias and feels really third-wheel and wanders around for a bit and accidentally finds his way backstage.

He runs into Ax and doesn’t recognize him at first and they get into a conversation about how they have the same phone + case (the phone was a present from Jake to finally get Marco a smart phone) and maybe it’s a nerdy case so they bond a bit over cartoons or video games, and then Ax offers to sign something and that’s when Marco realizes he’s talking to a Famous Person

Something happens and Marco drops their phones and then has to run to get back to his seat or Ax has to run to do the show and they accidentally take each others’ phone and don’t realize until the next day

And then because Marcos a little shit an Ax is pretty cute he puts his number into Ax’s phone and they start talking :)

I think this is a confession?

I don’t really know if I’m in love with the idea I have of newfoundnicejewishboy or else, but I actually see myself in the long future spending my life with her and being married and being happy with her and forever in love with her in all the ways and by all the meanings and I really don’t know but I guess she’s actually the real one for me and it means so much for me also because I remember always a Chinese (I think?) proverb that says that when you meet your true love and significant other you are calm and don’t have the butterfly feeling in your stomach and this is how I am when I think of her and a future with her and-
I am really at peace knowing I know her and I am excited but at peace at the same time knowing that one day I’ll meet her (because one day I will) and no matter what will happen because she gives me peace of mind and that’s enough

To Raphael Bob-Waksberg

Dearest boringoldraphael:

On the off chance that this silly letter actually reaches your sight, I will keep this very short.

Firstly, Bojack Horseman is the most beautiful cartoon ever made. The closer of Season 2 brought me to tears. I looked up at the sky - as Bojack did - and I said “Okay.” I’ll do it every day. 

That baboon (or whatever) was so, so right - it does get easier. But you have to do it, every day

I can only speak for myself, but as someone who has struggled with depression for a long time I am so very grateful for Bojack Horseman. This message is so very positive. 

We all owe you thanks, whether we realize it or not. 

And finally, the reason for all this ass-kissing (however sincere, it’s still ass-kissing): I want to write the novelization of Bojack Horseman. 


Love, eternal

Matthew E Lyons

(aka seeinsatire)

Does anyone else spend ridiculous amounts of brain power trying to think of a tumblr post so clever, and deep, and funny, that literally everyone has to reblog it causing you to become tumblr famous overnight? Is that just me or do we all have the same secret plan?