How to Get More Tumblr Followers: Create Original Content

Every day this week, we’re looking at different ways you can get more followers for your Tumblr blog - check back tomorrow for more tips!

The single best way to get more followers on Tumblr is to create engaging, interesting, and enjoyable original content.

Just think about how many of the famous bloggers, leading photographers, and renowned designers there are on Tumblr who have become the site’s most followed people - 99% of them were able to grow large audiences because they post interesting original content.

Think about it another way also - if your blog shares the same gifs as every other blog, and doesn’t have any original content that sets you aside from everyone else, what incentive is there for people to follow you?

It’s ok to share some content that has been posted on Tumblr thousands of times, as long as you only do it occasionally, and as long as you provide your own unique spin - if you’re sharing that great GIF that’s on everyone’s blog, try to provide a unique perspective with your own comment or reaction: your followers will still appreciate seeing something they’ve seen many times before if it’s being considered in a different way.

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Celebrating the "Unknown Rebel”

26 years ago today, the whole world watched as a lone Chinese hero stood in front of an advancing column of tanks, refusing to stand down in the face of authoritarianism. 

On the 26th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square, we’re reflecting on the importance of individual liberty while reading old catoinstitute​ articles on the bone-chilling act of valiant defiance at Tiananmen Square.

“China has made substantial economic progress, but the ghosts of Tiananmen are restless and will continue to be so until the Goddess of Liberty is restored,” writes James A. Dorn in this  #ThrowbackThursday Cato@Liberty post from the 20th Anniversary.

"Because the Communist Party departed from orthodoxy and allowed a greater degree of economic freedom, 680 million Chinese fled poverty between 1980 and 2010 and the rate of extreme poverty fell from 84% to 10% during the same period. However…China is still ruled by a regime that represses freedoms of the individual,” wrote Gabriela Calderon de Burgos on Cato’s Spanish language blog, Libremente, in honor of the 25th anniversary last year.

Imagine a world in which the Chinese government (and all others!) had respected its peoples’ rights of assembly and free speech. It might have looked something like this…..

Robert Mapplethorpe, Man in Polyester Suit (1980).
Photo: Sotheby’s New York

Once the subject of a political firestorm, Robert Mapplethorpe’s Man in Polyester Suit, a 1980 photo of the artist’s lover Milton Moore wearing a three piece suit with his penis exposed, sold last night at Sotheby’s New York for an impressive $478,000. (The presale estimate was $250,000–350,000.)

The image was part of Mapplethorpe’s “X Portfolio” series, which North Carolina senator Jesse Helms attacked in 1989 for its graphic depictions of same-sex relationships and bondage. The Southern politician was offended that the racy photograph had originally received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.

“It’s this complex message about race and black men and black power and black sexuality that really got to Helms and some of the other opponents,” Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center director Dennis Barrie told the New York Times. He was acquitted on obscenity charges in 1990 for displaying the “X Portfolio” at the institution the year prior.

Man in Polyester Suit still has the power “make people very uncomfortable, even 25 years later,” Barrie added. [source]

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