Mary was a few drinks in and definitely feeling the effects of the alcohol, but not enough to be sloppy; she knew better than to get that drunk. She swayed her hips to the music as she danced with a few of her sisters, a disgusted look on her face when two unwarranted hands placed themselves on her hips. She shoved the guy off, but he was determined. She spun on him, eyes locking with an older boy that she hadn’t met before, but she fixed her with her famous death glare. “I’m a second degree black belt and, I swear to God, if you don’t keep your hands off of me you’ll find them ripped off and shoved up your rear.”

Marzia Migliora_From here to Eternit_2009
A large illuminated sign stands out against a wall, making a promise: from here to eternit. The writing mimics the typefaces used until 1986 by Eternit (a registered trademark for fibre-cement material) factories, which produced a mix of cement and asbestos patented in 1901 by Ludvig Hatsheck, an Austrian citizen. The project for this installation stems from the sarcastic and bitter combination of Eternit, a deadly industrial product, and the title of the film From here to eternity directed by Fred Zinnemann in 1953, evoking a romantic promise of eternal union: the famous till death do us part. Much in the same way as asbestos fibres inhaled by the workers of the Eternit factory and by the inhabitants of nearby towns, remain tenaciously inside their bodies, slowly leading them to their death.

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Listening to a podcast talking about The Crow, remembering Gerard's weird boner for The Crow during DD, and I wonder if his thing for it isnt art school goth kid but like morbid fascination w/ like, dying on the job like Brandon Lee? Idk.

i didn’t realize that gerard was big into the crow during DD….fascinating. art + death + artists/famous people dying is like a holy trifecta of gerard’s interests so i wouldn’t be surprised!

i want 6 symmetras to do their famous “wall of death” and for all of them to do their sitting emote so they watch their enemies burn to death

[belated] KILGUIN SUMMER FEST (FIRST DATE) PART 2: Hospital Jello and Hot Air Balloons

The sudden onslaught of a bright light temporarily blinding his eyes snapped Penguin out of his reverie.

It has already been a week since their rescue from the island, but they were still hospital bound until further notice. Under whose orders?

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