Portrait of Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay and her cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray, believed to be by Johann Zoffany.

Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay (1761-1804) was the mixed-race daughter of a British aristocrat. While she was, under colonial law, born into slavery, she was given a unique position. She was educated and given lavish bedroom furnishings. Her work included multiple responsibilities, the most important being that of her uncle’s correspondence, and companion to her cousin. After her fathers death, she became an heiress as she was included into his will. While many of these facts are considered common decency today, Lindsay’s life was rather shocking to many during her time.

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Ok basically I've been thinking about Harry a lot and like what if he were dating a famous black woman and like there was all this controversy over their interracial dating and the girl was really worried about it and stressing and worried it would break them up but then like Harry was all sweet and treating her like a queen and would tell stories of things she taught him about AA culture he never knew and he became more involved with social justice ok I'll shut up now

i live for this!!!! please don’t shut up!!! keep going!! fuel my caribbean-american soul!!!!!


It’s not easy living your life especially growing up in front of everyone. It’s an awkward time for anyone but imagine doing it in front of millions of people. I just have to remind myself of what’s important.

X being unintentionally racist

I’m going to call this person X. To save them the embarrassment and I really don’t want them to find out about this.

Now X was very awkward, she always wore Hawaiian shirts and cargo pants. She was bubbly in the worst possible way( way too excited about nothing). She also needed perfect silence to work. When people talked in class she shushed them. She was also too P.C. When people told jokes she found slightly offensive, shed try to guilt trip them. By the end of school she became full on SJW.

Despite being so PC she was also painfully naive. In seventh grade we had a school project where we had to dress up as and tell the story of famous historical figures of the 1800s. She chose to be Mary Elizabeth Bowser. (A famous black slave woman who spied on her masters during the civil war) Anyway when it comes time to present our historical figures, X shows up in blackface.

There were other cases of white kids playing black people, but all of them knew better than to wear blackface.

She wasn’t racist or anything, just really naive. When she went on stage the audience was visibly uncomfortable. This was made worse when she donned her accent,. (Think stereotypical dumb southern droll, the kind you see in song of the south) Everyone talked about how racist it was afterward, the school did nothing because she didn’t know any better. I heard for later classes that teachers had to explicitly tell them not to do blackface.

Anyway, the next day, when some boys in my Spanish class told X how racist what she did was, she was horrified. In our Spanish class split, there was only one black girl. So X went up to her and apologised profusely. Saying “im so sorry to have insulted you and your heritage.” The girl, who’s a friend of mine, was very uncomfortable. She just said, “whatever”, or “i dont care”, anything to get her to stop. The whole class was cringing at this point. X keeps on going, “no really I’m very very sorry to your people. I didn’t mean it.” My friend said she’s never been more uncomfortable in her life. X spent the rest of the class being really nice to her, trying her hardest to show how not racist she is.

TLDR: girl in my class went onstage in blackface, then apologised profusely to the first black girl she saw.

i don’t know what’s funnier, her going “you, you’re black! tell the rest of the black people i’m really sorry and i didn’t mean to do something bad” or that this is another excuse for me to reference accidental racist

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I kind of agree with the Beyoncé thing tho. I don't think it sends a good message to young black girls that one of the most famous black women in the world has had blonde Barbie hair her whole career.

Now y'all know Beyonce ain’t the only famous black woman. And I know y'all will say that she’s the most well known but y'all forget that to black girls specifically she’s not the only known black woman. There’s many of black girls and woman with different types of hair for black girls to look up to. For every little white girl that only knows Beyonce, there’s ten black girls that know Beyonce, Skai Jackson, Normani Kordei, Lupita Nyong'o etc.

Another thing is blond hair is not exclusive to white people. Black women can wear their hair any way they can. Instead of policing the way black women where their hair we can give black girls the freedom to make their own healthy choices when it comes to their hair.


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I'm disappointed that this blog is against Raven Symone. Her ability to say her true opinion makes her a carefree black girl regardless if everyone agrees or not. I don't even agree with her but I never bully people for their honest opinion and I respect her for not being the stereotypical famous black woman. People like her are rare. I guess you just can't be yourself and truly careless in society without receiving backlash from people. She deserves free speech like everyone else right?

Her “true opinions”?

The ones that are rooted in antiblackness and respectability politics that are typically used to invalidate the livelihoods of black people?

The same opinions that recently justified the violent assault of a black girl?

All of which contributes to making it difficult for black people, let alone black girls and women, to just be? To truly be “carefree”?

Nah, this blog can’t and won’t support her because her “true opinions” not only goes against what this blog believes in but they are extremely harmful and continues to justify the disenfranchisement of the black community.

One can respect an opinion like “I don’t like bananas because the texture throws me off” but they’re not obligated to respect one like “I’m not hiring you because I think your name defines the type of low class person I don’t want to subject myself to; even though that was out of your control.”

Like…? No. That’ awful. Why should anyone respect that?

To dress them as “carefree” when really they’re “careless” (and prejudicial trash) is your prerogative.

Feel free to disagree. It’s not a problem if you, or anyone else, feels the need to unfollow if you haven’t already.