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Otemachi 8134 by Krzysztof Baranowski
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Reflection of a golden sunset.


Kinkakuji Temple by Patrick Foto ;)
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Kinkakuji Temple (The Golden Pavilion) in Kyoto, Japan


Tokyo Cityscape 5601 da Krzysztof Baranowski
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4 shots panorama.

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5 top Sansa book moments?

MMMM ONLY 5  you are making this hard on me! ( I am kidding  i love it) 

5)  “I can answer,” Sansa said quickly, to quell her prince’s anger. She smiled at the green knight. “Your helmet bears golden antlers, my lord. The stag is the sigil of the royal House. King Robert has two brothers. By your extreme youth, you can only be Renly Baratheon, Lord of Storm’s End and councillor to the king, and so I name you.” (so smart my child!!!) 

4)  “His leg was broken,” Sansa replied eagerly. “It hurt ever so much, Maester Pycelle was giving him milk of the poppy, and they say that milk of the poppy fills your head with clouds. Otherwise he would never have said it.” (mmm her lying to save her father Ned…people always forget that part of AGOT!) 

3)  The silence went on and on, so long that she began to grow afraid once more, but she was afraid for him now, not for herself. She found his massive shoulder with her hand. “He was no true knight,” she whispered to him.

The Hound threw back his head and roared. Sansa stumbled back, away from him, but he caught her arm. “No,” he growled at her, “no, little bird, he was no true knight.”

2)  “He is,” Sansa said. “A fool. You’re so clever, to see it. He’s better fitted to be a fool than a knight, isn’t he? You ought to dress him in motley and make him clown for you. He doesn’t deserve the mercy of a quick death.

“The king studied her a moment. “Perhaps you’re not so stupid as Mother says.” He raised his voice.

 "Did you hear my lady, Dontos? From this day on, you’re my new fool. You can sleep with Moon Boy and dress in motley

.“Ser Dontos, sobered by his near brush with death, crawled to his knees. "Thank you, Your Grace. And you, my lady. Thank you.

1) A kind of madness took over her then, and she heard herself say, “Maybe my brother will give me your head.”….. “ The moment was gone. Sansa lowered her eyes. “Thank you,” she said when he was done. She was a good girl, and always remembered her courtesies.”


Seoul Cityscape 4761 by Krzysztof Baranowski
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with Namsan Tower.


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PT! From his younger years as an adventurer!

He doesn’t show up often around here, but mostly because he’s going around, doing old-people stuff. But I was recently interested in wanting to draw out what his young life was like as a pirate; Fighting monsters, collecting treasure, building a famous reputation, working as a peace negotiator, a spy, a detective, a vigilante, and even an undercover burlesque dancer at one point.

He’s had quite a life full of thrills, lessons learnt, love lived and lost, hilarious hijinks and competitive rivalry.

Small bonus doodles & adventures:

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1. You look at a map of a city you’ve never been to.
You see patterns and street names and they tell you nothing. The map remains dead, the city unknown.
2. You go to the city you’ve never been to.
It becomes a city you know.
3. You look at a map of a city you’ve been to, but have left behind. As you look at the map, you remember.
You are looking at nostalgia. You walk through street names and remember the taste of cake in the café whose name you forgot, but you remember its yellow walls and comfy chairs. A square is no longer four lines on a map, but an open space with people and statues and laughter and a fountain in the center. The monotonous, two-dimensional blue that indicates an ocean turns into postcard memories, so many shades of blue and green and the smell of salt and fish. The famous building with the famous name that everyone knows is now a personal experience, it is yours and yours alone in a way that will never make it anyone else’s. A billion feet have walked these (now familiar) paths and two of them were yours. You can trace the steps you have taken and you remember feelings and colours and strangers who offered you a smile. There is the hostel you slept in, there is the river you crossed so many times, there is the corner where you listened to the most amazing street musician. You fondly whisper street names that you had trouble pronouncing when you first spoke them, clumsily. You connect dots, and they turn to images in your head.
The map is alive, the city an old friend.
4. The map you look at is always the same; the perception is different. It is you who has changed.
—  p.s. // every time i look at a map I have a feeling that is hard to put into words

Big Screen 5366 by Krzysztof Baranowski
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in Seoul.


Tokyo tower by Patrick Foto ;)
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Tokyo city skyline at sunset, Tokyo Japan

How The Wicker Man (Almost) Disappeared

The 2006 Wicker Man remake is coming to Netflix, and I am groaning eternally. I BEGRUDGE NO ONE THEIR BEE MEMES, but it does kill me that there’s almost no content for the original 1973 film (at least around here).

I mean, there’s the fact that it’s one of the finest horror films ever made, but also, its production history is completely baffling. The universe practically conspired to make this movie disappear. 

First of all, it was made on an itty bitty little budget - 500,000 GBP (that’s about $650,000). And a big chunk of that went toward building the famous final sequence. Christopher Lee, the guy the film was written as a vehicle for, worked for free so that the project could keep going.

And y’all, this film was Christopher Lee’s baby. He went around on an actual road tour of the U.S., appearing on radio stations in small towns at the asscrack of dawn just to promote this film. He loved it.

Unfortunately for him, the higher ups…did not love it. Or rather, this one particular guy really hated it, and he just so happened to be at the top of the food chain. When TWM was written and shot from 1971 to 1972, it was under the production studio called British Lion. But by 1973, when the film was completed, British Lion had been bought out by a larger studio. And thus, Barry Spikings and Michael Deeley inherited the smaller studio’s work. 

Deeley hated The Wicker Man. Fucking. HATED. It. Straight up telling Christopher Lee it was one of the worst films he’d ever seen levels of hate. FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF - etc. He didn’t want to release it at all. The film’s previous producer basically snuck around his back by submitting the film to Cannes (just to show, not for any prizes), which is how it got picked up for foreign distribution. 

Now, the original edit of the film, the longest version, was 99 minutes. Already that supposedly has 15 minutes of material shaved off, mostly Christopher Lee scenes. The show’s composer recalls scoring a psychedelic dream sequence that was never in any released cut of the film at all. 

BUT WAIT, it gets better. 

When he found out that he couldn’t just bury the picture and have done, Deeley went to Roger Corman. Yes, Roger Corman, or “that guy who directed Vincent Price a whole bunch” (and also eventually made Sharktopus yes really). This is the guy you come to with the weird unsettling cult movie. And Corman did indeed have suggestions for what an American audience would like, which ended up with the film cut down to 87 minutes with a few scenes rearranged. At that length, it could be released in the UK as a “B-movie,” i.e. the second half of a double-billing. 

So, the film goes out, Lee does his work. Some people get to see the film, sort of (though the U.S. showing was quite limited, and it only made around $50,000). But then, in 1976, the director, Robin Hardy, decides he wants to try and restore the original cut. So he calls up the studio, only to find that that’s apparently impossible.

Because Deeley told his staff to get rid of the film negatives. The famous urban legend is that he had them thrown in a landfill, though others claim they were burned). The ONLY reason it wasn’t lost forever was because a single copy of that initial cut had been sent to Corman, and he’d held onto it - and was further willing to send a duplicated copy to Hardy.

One guy’s fervent dedication to being a spiteful dick almost lost us one of the greatest films in horror. 

And THAT is a way better story than bees. 

Yamuna River - Agra, India

Most of the city of Agra is built along the Yamuna River, which flows from the far north of the country, and through Delhi. The river has played an important role in the life of the cities most famous building, the Taj Mahal. Many of the materials used to build the monument came from the river, or were transported to the area by river. The Taj is located on a sharp bend in the river, down stream from Agra fort. The calmness of the river at this section allows the Taj Mahal to reflect off the water perfectly, like a mirror. 

The Taj Mahal was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, for his wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died in Childbirth. When construction of the Taj was completed, the body of Mumtaz was transported in a golden casket along the river, to its final resting place in the centre of the Mausoleum. Thirty-five years later, upon his own death, the Body of Shah Jahan made its journey down the river, to be laid to rest next to his wife, in the mausoleum that he built for her. 


Ginza 4411 por Krzysztof Baranowski
Por Flickr:
A busy street in Ginza - Tokyo’s famous luxury district.Light trails from passing cars.


Bangkok, Thailand

Dionysos and Ariadne

Have you ever noticed in many paintings when Dionysos comes to rescue or perhaps collect Ariadne on the island of Naxos she often looks just like this?

Now I don’t know about you, but this is not the romantic meeting that I wish to picture in my head.  Frankly she looks as if she could take or leave him, preferably leave him and ‘will you just get out of my face already.’  

This use to bug me a lot.  I wanted the Hollywood ideal of her falling into his arms in gratitude.  I wanted her to immediately see Dionysos as a beautiful, caring god who came to save her from, at very least, starving to death on the desolate island full of rocks.  The vast majority of artists especially those who painted before the 18th century do not see it that way.

Naturally I blamed the painters for not meeting my demands from 300 plus years ago.  I decided that despite everyone concerned being naked or nearly they were purposefully trying not to show any sexual intimacy or bent on painting Ariadne ungrateful and bitchy.   Perhaps they just wanted to make Dionysos all the more benevolent for putting up with her.  It all seemed screwy to me.  

That was all wrong.  It turned out, I was condemning before I fully considered all the facts. 

The story of Ariadne, at least in the incarnation pictured above, begins with her parents.  Her mother was Pasiphae, a daughter of Helios, who was the sun, and her father was Minos, the son of Zeus and Europa.  (Europa was seduced by Zeus while he was in a bull’s form.  An interesting detail considering how the life of her son Minos turned out)

This makes Ariadne both the granddaughter of the sun and the granddaughter of Zeus.  It also makes Dionysos (the son of Zeus) her Uncle. 

Now when Minos stepfather Asterios died, he decided he wanted to become king of Crete, but the people demanded a sign from the gods.  Minos pointed out he was the son of Zeus, but that was all too familiar to carry any real weight.  So Minos prayed to Poseidon, because they were on an island presumably, to send a “bull from the depths” of the sea.  If the sea god did so, Minos promised that he would sacrifice the bull to Poseidon.  

Poseidon granted Minos’ request and made a big spectacle of sending a great bull from the waves to the shore.  Upon seeing the magnificent animal, Minos decided to go back on his word and keep the bull, sacrificing another instead.  

Poseidon, nobody’s fool, got angry and punished Minos in two ways.  First he made the bull mad so that no one could approach him, and he also made Minos’ wife Pasiphae fall in love (lust) with the bull.  

It just so happened that the famous architect named Daaidalos was living then in Crete after being exiled from Athens.  Although he is more famous for building the Labyrinth and making wings for himself and his son Ikaros, Daidalos’ most remarkable accomplishment was what he now made for Pasiphae.  

For her, he made a wooden framework on wheels, with a cows skin stretched over it.  He constructed it in such a way that Pasiphae could get inside it, pedal it to the field where the mad bull was raving.  After that, she could position herself so when the bull mounted the artificial cow it would also have sex with Pasiphae inside.

Pasiphae became pregnant by the bull and gave birth to the Minotaur (or Asterion), who had a human body and a bull’s head.  Minos, who, of course, wanted to conceal the product of his wife’s adulterous bestiality, consulted oracles.  They told him to have Daidalos build an enormous maze, the Labyrinth, and to put the Minotaur in its center (from which no one could find the way out).

Eventually, the Minotaur’s father, the bull that had been sent by Poseidon, was captured by Herakles for his seventh labor and taken to Eurystheus.  In time, they released him, and he wandered around Greece and eventually came to Marathon near Athens.  At this time, King Aigeus of Athens was holding athletic games during the Panathenean festival, and Minos’s son Androgeos came to compete and won all the events.  Aigeus then sent Androgeos to fight the bull at Marathon, but the bull killed him.

So in other words, Androgeos, oldest brother of Ariadne, was murdered by the bull their mother Pasiphae had an affair with and whose was also the father of Asterion (the Minotaur), their half brother.  It’s a lot of ‘A’ names I know.

When Minos heard of the death of his son, Androgeous, he made all haste to sail to Athens for revenge.  Despite it being his fault for not sacrificing the deadly bull when he had the chance.  Once there, he invaded Athens, and the war dragged on for some time.  Minos prayed to his father Zeus and the great father god afflicted Athens with plague and famine because that’s what he does.

The Athenians then learned from an oracle that their only hope was to pay whatever tribute Minos would demand.  Mad with power, Minos ordered Athens to send to Crete, every year, seven young men and seven maidens to be eaten by the Minotaur.

Now let’s consider Ariadne’s point of view in all of this.  The vast majority of her life, up to this point, has been miserable.  All due to the actions of the gods, Poseidon, Zeus and the demigod that was her father, Minos.  She had to watch her mother degrade herself to become impregnated, had to watch her youngest sibling Asterion disgraced and isolated.  She was the only one who could handle being near him and so it was safe to assume she was a mother to him. She also knew the people of Athens were suffering terribly for no other reason then they made Minos’s shit list for the day and Zeus was down that year for mass destruction.    

She had to watch her baby brother, who she raised and loved, be forced to subsist on an annual feeding of human meat from innocent and pleading youths and maidens.  All of this because the gods lack not all for sheer creativity, maliciousness, and overreactions.

From there most know the story.  When she saw Theseus, one of the tributes for the Minotaur, she saw a strong young man, strong enough for her purposes, at least. She wished to get out of Crete and leave the city with a sound wound if at all possible.  So she found a way to gave Theseus a ball of thread and explained to him how to escape the Labyrinth.  Only Ariadne knew how to navigate it entirely, even Daidalos, the architect, claimed he would be unable to find the way out.

Theseus succeeded, killing the Minotaur and putting holes into Minos’s entire fleet of ships.  He saved everyone about to be sacrificed and sailed away with Ariadne in the night.  She was finally free!  Free from that horrid castle where she had to live, free of her father’s tyrannical rule.  She mourned for her Minotaur brother but she knew his entire existence was pain, and it was better this way.  

Then Theseus started romancing her, talking of the babies they would have together and a life for her in another castle that he would set up.  It would be a nice place, a safe place, full of servants to care for her and make her comfortable.  Ariadne looked at him and knew that he represented yet another prison for her, the prison of domesticity and that just wasn’t going to fly, no matter how sound his intent.

There are various accounts of what happened next.  I like to believe that, after Theseus’s grand proposal, she said not a word.  Instead she jumped overboard, straight into the sea with a splash.  Leaving Theseus (who was not the villain people like to make him out to be) standing there open mouthed.  He could have turned the boat around to get her, but he didn’t.  The girl was clearly mad, so why bother. She had a lovely sister that he eventually did marry. 

Ariadne swam to the shore of Naxos and sat herself on a rock, letting the sun (who was her grandfather!) dry her.  After a bit, she began to feel sorry for herself.  Then, surprise, Aphrodite herself walked out of the sea (with or without the seashells), as she does.  She consoled Ariadne with the promise that she would have an immortal lover, instead of the mortal one she had lost. 

After the sea goddess had left, Ariadne took the time to consider her proposed eternal lover.  An immortal lover, undoubtedly, meant a god.  Ariadne saw no joy in the prospect, only dread.  The gods had never done anything for her. They only gave her pain in so many ways.  

By the time Dionysos showed up, fresh from his conquering of India, no simple feat, Ariadne was literally out of fucks to give.  ( Naxos was Dionysos’s favorite island. It was the same one that he had told the Tyrrhenian pirates to carry him to, when they treacherously attempted to sell him into slavery.)  Ariadne might have known who he was by lineage, but she had no idea to his personality or anything else about him.  All she knew was that he was a god. She knew he wouldn’t be as easy to evade as Theseus was.  When she looked at him, she just saw another type of prison where she would be eternally trapped.

I would like to believe, that after he had got over the surprise of her icy shoulder, Dionysos understood.  Whereas the majority of the other gods, major and minor, would have gotten angry at their good graces being rebuffed or meant with scorn, he simply got down to her level and talked to her.  A feat he could accomplish with ease as he was half human himself.  

He might have talked to her about Beroe, the goddess of a city, whom he wooed until Poseidon came in there and decided he wanted the goddess for himself.  He might have talked about Ampelos, that fatal love affair.  No matter what he said we know that he said one thing, for we know what kind of god Dionysos is.  

He promised her that when she was with him, she would always be free.  There would be no castle where she would be forced to stay.  She would never be placed somewhere to be kept safe.  It wasn’t his intent to make her comfortable but to challenge her and help her grow.  He promised to take her to Olympus to be his bride.  Then he was honest and told her that he was a needy god.  In fact, he lived in his own labyrinth of emotions and sensations. For that reason, he needed her, Ariadne, the mistress of the labyrinth, to be part of him and part of his world.

Ariadne looked at him and saw her little brother Asterion (Minotaur) in his eyes, she saw the pain he carried from a lifetime of strife.  There was also love in him, overflowing amounts of it.  It’s not only for her, but for the world and all living things, big and small.  She realized this is no ordinary god.  Dionysos is nothing like any of the others she had experienced before.  

In that moment she fell in love and in that way she goes from the picture above to what we see pictured below.

Birthday Surprise (Taeyong x Reader)

Originally posted by nct127

“He was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago, where is he?” You mentally asked yourself, looking down at your phone to check if there were any missed calls or messages.  

Tapping your heel against the leg of the table, you let out a frustrated sigh. It was half past nine and you had decided to go out for dinner with Taeyong since it was your birthday. Of course, you were the one who had made the reservations and did everything even though it was your special day since he rarely took time out of his busy schedule to prepare something for you. 

Even if it was your birthday. You took a sip of your water and mentally prayed that he came soon before the restaurant closed and you were asked to leave.

Taking a deep breath in and flattening out your hair, you tried to think optimistically though the annoying part of your brain nagged you that he had forgotten. Although, he didn’t occasionally take time out for you, Taeyong still treated you very well and was an amazing person, even if he didn’t show his affection for you very often. 

Just then interrupting your thoughts, you heard the restaurant door open, making you get up with a huge smile on your face. But when you saw who it was, your smile instantly dropped. It wasn’t him. Instead it was his close friend, Johnny who had a small, warm smile on his face as he looked at you. You softly smiled at him back and waved as he came closer to you. 

He chuckled and said, “You don’t look too happy to see me _________.” 

You shook your head and smiled, “It’s nothing like that, I’ve just been waiting for Taeyong to come for a while now so I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t him, I mean, I guess I can’t lie there.” 

You both lightly laughed and he stuck his hands in his pockets as he replied, “Well that was one of the reasons why I came here to pick you up because our lovely T-yongie couldn’t come for tonight cause he’s been up at the studios finishing up with some recordings.” 

And just like the other times, he had bailed on you, you shouldn’t have been surprised. Why should you be, when you knew that this was going to happen?

 “It’s okay, just take a deep breath” you thought to yourself and you closed your eyes letting out a big breath then reopened them saying, 

“Okay, that’s alright I understand.” 

You let out a small, lifeless laugh looking out the big restaurant windows murmuring, “You guys do have an album coming soon, I shouldn’t be selfish.” 

Johnny looked at you with concern and lightly touched your elbow, “Are you okay ________?” 

You nodded with a fake smile even though the both you knew you weren’t. But it was whatever now. Besides, what difference would your feelings make anyways? 

Taeyong was probably as usual going to stay at the studio until 3-4am, letting time fly by as he helped the composers/lyricists tweak things. Then he would come home, go right up to your room and pass out instantly beside you while you were already asleep after becoming tired of waiting for him. The next morning, he would wake up around 8 and freshen up, accidentally waking you in the process and mutter, “Shit. I totally forgot. I’m so sorry ________ I had to-“

You’d wave him off as usual and say that it was fine and you knew that he was busy and that they could go out some time during the week. But of course, you never had the time, or well he never had the time. 

This had been going on for a while now, ever since NCT had debuted and Taeyong had been claimed as a rising talented rapper in the music industry. Though you were glad that the fame had never reached his head, you still wished that you could spend more time with him. Rather than just having a rushed ten minute breakfast with him some mornings and waking up in the middle of the night to find him holding you and softly snoring.   

“Okay, you obviously haven’t ate yet,” Johnny interrupted your thoughts, “So where do you wanna go?” 

You shook your head and smiled at him, “It’s alright i’m not that hungry, I’ll just eat something at home.” 

“No, missy, you have to eat and that’s that, i’m not taking anymore excuses.” He looked at you sternly like a father would while walking with you outside the restaurant. 

You lightly laughed at his expression and new nickname for you then replied, “Okay fine, I’ll just get a cheeseburger with a Mcflurry or something.” 

With that you both got in his car and drove off to McDonald’s. But instead of going towards the non yellow McDonald’s sign, Johnny took a different turn and was going in the opposite direction which confused you. He noticed your expression and said, “Oh, I forgot my wallet at the studio so I was just gonna pick that up first.” 

You thought nothing of it since you knew that Johnny and the rest of the older guys from the group always insisted on paying for everything since you were Taeyong’s first girl-friend and he would probably never “find another” like you. Also he was pretty forgetful because you remembered the first time you had met, he had to rush off immediately right after since he had forgotten to pick his family up from the airport. 

“Do you have an aux (aucks) wire?” You randomly asked.

 “A what?” 

“An aux wire, you know like for playing music from the phone.”

Johnny rolled his eyes and replied, “You mean an auxiliary cord.” 

“It’s the same thing John-hoe.”

He glared at your nickname that was a mashup of his first name in korean and english and pulled the cord out of the glovebox, handing it to you at the red light, letting you plug it into your phone. “What song do you wanna listen to?” You asked him. 

“Hmmmm…. How about some Rae Sremmurd?” He answered with a smile. You shook your head knowing what song he wanted to hear since it was Taeyong’s and basically most of the other NCT member’s favourite song as well.

Ass fat, yeah I know, you just got cash? Blow sum mo, blow sum mo” 

You laughed as Johnny yelled out the lyrics, singing in a higher pitch than Nicki and for once, you realized you actually felt good today. It felt nice to have a friend when you were feeling down. Someone who was a goof like Johnny and in a way, it made you miss your friends back home since they used to do stuff like this all the time. 

Soon enough you reached the famous SM building, with it’s tall frame and logo out on a concrete sign in front. Johnny parked right out front in the small parking lot. He turned off the car and took the key out of ignition, looking at up at you, making his soft, brown hair flop in front of his face. 

“I’ll be back in a quick second, okay? Just stay right there.” 

You almost snorted but just rolled your eyes instead at what he said because honestly, where could you go at 10pm in the far side of downtown? Nevertheless, you listened and pulled out your phone to check and respond to any late birthday texts/calls. Fifteen minutes passed by and Johnny still hadn’t come back. It shouldn’t have taken that long to grab his wallet unless he was really having trouble. 

All of a sudden, someone knocked on your window and you screamed, holding your fist up while looking out. Of course, it was none other than the town idiot, Donghyuk laughing at you outside. 

You opened your door and whisper-yelled, “YA! What the hell are you doing in the middle of the night!?!” 

He laughed even more, clutching his stomach, “Noona, y-you’re just too hilarious to scare” More laughter. “And I have something important to tell you.”

“What? You twit?!” You angrily responded still grumpy from being frightened. 

“Jyani hyung can’t find his wallet so he told me to come get you so wouldn’t have to wait outside by yourself.” 

You let out a sigh but got out of the car and said, “Lead the way then Dongsookie.” 

He scowled at you whining, “Noona, I told you not to call me that in public anymore!!” 

“Is there anyone around us right now?” 

“No but-“ 

“So it’s fine then.” You smirked at him and he glared at you, angrily walking up the steps. Nevertheless, you followed right behind him and walked into the dark building. Everyone had probably gone home or to dinner so again you didn’t think much. Donghyuk led you up the flight of stairs and you both walked down a creepy dimly lit hallway together. 

“Okay, be honest, am I in some horror movie or something? And is a zombie guy gonna pop out? I mean I wouldn’t mind if he was cute but still,l where are you leading me and is it to my death? If so, let me know so I can eat a Skors Mcflurry before I go.” 

He made a disgusted face, looking back at you. “Ew no, this isn’t the time to be thinking of your weird fantasies noona. And I don’t know what you’re on today but zombies don’t exist but these hallway lights just need to be changed, that’s it. Besides, if I really wanted to do that, I could have done it ages ago.”

You smiled, wanting to laugh at his sassy reaction but at the same time smack his head and walked in first when he opened the door. 

“Johnny? Young-hoe? Are you in here?” You asked in the pitch blackness. Where was the light switch in here anyways? All of a sudden, you heard the door click behind you and realized that Donghyuk had locked it. Oh god you were really gonna die and Donghyuk had lied, he was part of the zombie crew. The world was going to end on your birthday, before you could even get married and have kids. Making you wish you would’ve listened to Johnny properly and stayed in the car. 

“Donghyuk?! Johnny!? Why’d you lock me in here?!?  Did you lie to me!? You’re really gonna let me die here aren’t you?!?!” You start to tear up slightly as you banged on the wall to get someone to open the door since you were extremely afraid of the dark. 

“Happy birthday to you” a low, enticing voice sang from the darkness.

You stopped tearing up and instantly, your heartbeat quickened. You could tell who’s voice it was even from a hundred miles away. 

“Happy birthday to you” It sang again from behind you, making you turn around.

Then a spotlight shined in the middle of the dance-room and you saw him. Dressed casually yet cool as usual in a striped blue shirt with track-pants and his face covered with a bouquet of flowers, was none other than your boyfriend, Lee Taeyong. 

“Happy birthday dear ________. Happy birthday to you.” 

You smiled, this time, the tears in your eyes were from happiness instead of fear as he removed the flowers from his stunning face and smiled at you cheekily. 

He had remembered. 

The lights turned on now and you heard a loud “SURPRISE!” before you saw all of your friends and the NCT members surrounding you with smiles on their faces. 

Taeyong walked up to you quietly until he was a breath away, saying through all the noise, “I didn’t forget about the restaurant, that was just a set-up. And I know you love surprises. Also, since you were feeling home-sick, I invited some of your friends from _________. And we-”

You cut him off by throwing your hands around his neck and kissing him. Feeling his warm lips curve into a smile, you felt like you were on cloud-nine.

 Once you pulled back, he had a smile on his face as he murmured, “Damn. I should start surprising you more often just to get a reaction like that to happen again.” 

You laughed, smacking his arm and laid your fore-head on his whispering, “I love it all and I love you.” Taeyong smiled wider at this and kissed you softly then whispered on your lips, “I love you too.”


Tokyo Vertical 8411 by Krzysztof Baranowski
Via Flickr:
around Shiodome