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The John Green Playlist

Certain songs make you feel a type of way and so do John Green books. As I have said before, I love it when you read a book and there are songs that fit the ‘mood’ of the book. When I read John Green books, I listen to mostly indie, alternative music. Because I feel that that is the type of music that fits his books the most. I also feel like John’s characters would be the types of people to listen to indie/alternative music.

Here, I’ve compiled a playlist of 10 songs each for four of John Green’s novels. I’ll list down the title of the book along with the ‘theme’ of music that I think most suits the story/mood of the book.

(I know that TFIOS and Paper Towns have their own movie soundtracks, and both are really good soundtracks. But I enjoy making my own playlists)

1. The Fault in our Stars //Heartbreaking Love Story//
These are songs that give the listener a ‘heartbreaking love story’ feel. The kind of songs that ‘pluck on your heartstrings’
- Bloom by The Paper Kites
- One Day by Kodaline
- Firefly by Ed Sheeran
- Paint by The Paper Kites
- King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men
- Pretend We’re in a Movie by New Politics
- Stardust by New Politics
- Halcyon by The Paper Kites
- Vanilla Twilight by Owl City
- What You Wanted - One Republic

2. An Abundance of Katherines //Carpe Diem//
These are the songs that give you the desire to jump up and carry out the latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ which means ‘Seize the day’ or ‘make the most of each moment’
- Trojans by Atlas Genius
- Heroes by David Bowie
- Simple Song by The Shins
- Whatever by Oasis
- Smile by Mikky Ekko
- In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel
- The World is Watching by Two Door Cinema Club
- A Comet Appears by The Shins
- Something Good by alt-J
- Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy

3. Paper Towns //Roadtrip//
Basically, songs you’d listen to while on a roadtrip with your friends. These songs also give you that ‘In a car with the windows rolled down and the wind on my face’ kind of feel.
- Chocolate by The 1975
- Different Colors by Walk the Moon
- Beast of Burden by The Rolling Stones
- Take a Walk by Passion Pit
- Houdini by Foster the People
- It’s Time by Imagine Dragons
- Tear in my Heart by Twenty One Pilots
- The Kids Aren’t Alright by Fall Out Boy
- Another Night on Mars by The Maine
- Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queen) by New Politics

4. Looking For Alaska //Teen Angst//
Songs about raging demons, self-hatred, regret, bitterness, depression, things Alaska Young might listen to.
- Kitchen Sink by Twenty One Pilots
- The Mess by The Naked and Famous
- Youth by Daughter
- Me by The 1975
- Never Let Me Go by Florence and the Machine
- Carmen by Lana Del Ray
- Asleep by the Smiths
- Conversation 16 by The National
- Under the Gun by The Killers
- Walk Away by Dia Frampton

So that was another one of my ‘Book Playlists’ I hope you guys liked it. And I will be posting a hell of a lot more of these because I love making them. The two things I love combined, music and books.

- Tris xD


Almost Famous
Almost Famous is a film about a teenage boy named William (Played by Patrick Fugit) seeking out to become a journalist while he’s still in high school. William goes on tour with Stillwater, an up and coming rock and roll band. William is faced with all the rock and roll temptations. Written, directed and based on the early life of Cameron Crowe and his experiences as a teenage rock journalist.

Girl, Interrupted
This is the true story of Susanna Kaysen,  a smart young woman who wakes up after an overdose and gets sent to a mental institution for a short rest. Rebelling against the head nurse, she befriends all the loonies and turns her short stay into one of eighteen months, until she realises that to win her freedom, she must face the one thing that terrifies her the most - herself.

The Last Word
Evan Merck is a poet that makes a living out of writing suicide notes for the soon to be deceased, this business goes well for him until he finds himself falling for a client’s sister.

A movie based around a group of students at a Christian college. The main character, Mary, finds out that her boyfriend is gay, shortly after, she hits her head and see’s Jesus telling her that she needs to save him and so, she sleeps with her boyfriend to try and “degayify”  him but then she falls pregnant and has to try her hardest to keep  it from her mother who is dating the pastor of the church and the principal of her school. Starring Macaulay Culkin, Patrick Fugit, Jena Malone, Eva Amurri, Martin Donovan, Mandy Moore and Mary-Louise Donovan.

For thirteen-year-old Straight-A student, Tracy, everything is all studies, boring friends, no cell phone and hand-me-down clothes, until she is befriended by the most popular and beautiful girl in school, Evie, who draws her into a world of drugs, sex and crime.

Wristcutters:  A Love Story
Ziah is in all sorts of emotional pain after his girlfriend, Desiree leaves him. He decides that he has nothing to live for and takes his life. The next day, he wakes up in another world where the sun doesn’t shine and people aren’t allowed to smile and everyone has “offed themselves”.

Youth In Revolt
This is the story of Nick Twisp,  a teenager with a taste for the finer things in life, like the music of Frank Sinatra and the films of Federico Fellini. While on a family holiday, Nick falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful, free-spirited Sheeni Saunders But family, geography and jealous ex-lovers conspire to keep these two apart.

california is such a rich tapestry of unsettling moods. the california weirdness is the feeling of something being too new, of something quickly erected and quickly abandoned and quickly replaced. a pile of emergency dams against each fresh wave of the sad and disturbing flood of human grotesquerie. the barrier holds, but in that way where you can still see the zombie arms grasping through the gaps. it is the feeling of a satire of civilization, population 40 million.

the la version of the california vibe is famous: the glamorous, youthful, beach-and-palm-trees paradise that hides a cheap and desperate underbelly. the la vibe is wrinkles caulked with make-up, fading high-budget marketing for something no one saw, no one bought, black suvs gliding away from a distant sound of gunshots, the cookout smell of roasting corn, a sixteen year old vomiting on gleaming travertine.

if la promises an existential kind of salvation (a salvation from ignominy), the bay area promises something more spiritual. it promises peace and self-knowledge (and lest you think the tech boom has changed this, consider the utopian rhetoric of your average startup). the bay area underbelly is myopia and boringness. atomized middle-class mediocrity that hasn’t figured out that it’s uncool. that doesn’t see itself as two steps removed from the destitute insane. that doesn’t mind that things don’t quite work. if it does, it leaves.

california has two frontiers: the cult and the corporate. the corporate vibe is the office park in the middle of nowhere. it is purple skies and desert hills and antiseptic neon logos, and the suspicion that behind the walls of reflective windows, some sort of deformed creature is moaning from the side effects of a hundred experimental drugs. fringes enable a multitude of inventions and a multitude of ills.

the cultishness is in the water. it is the gruesomeness of triteness and self-interest and fear disguised as anything rarified. it is mistaking a sweaty jaundice for a healthy glow and a lunatic brutality for confidence. the cult is always weirdly kitsch. gauzy dresses and plaster palaces and earnest slogans and preschool murals.

of course noir loves la. of course buffy summers lives in sunnydale. if dawn of the dead had been set here, it would have been too on the nose.

Zodiac Signs Compatibility.

Aries Compatibility 

  • Aries-Aries: When two Aries meet together, you can expect fire works between them almost instantly. Aries exhibit typical characters of independence, domination, a fierce tendency to control others and deep sensitivity to issues and utmost concern for self. The overall compatibility of relationship between two Aries always depends on the extent with which they interact with each other and respect each other’s opinions. To create a successful and mutually harmonious compatibility, both of them need to leave out excessive emphasis on their characters of domination and learn to respect each others mind and opinions. Likewise, they should come together to learn the innards of their heart and mind; nurturing the bond of love and affection will help two Aries to forge a string relationship. “Forget and Forgive” should form the main key to a successful relationship.

  • Aries-Taurus: When an Aries and Taurus couple live together in a balanced and harmonious way, they can live a life full of stability and dedication. Taurus is always patient in life while An Aries could be too impulsive. On the other hand, a typical Taurus person is too dull and serious in life; an Aries counterpart can bring lot of excitement in the life of a conservative Taurus person. An Aries person wants to work today to achieve results today itself while a Taurus person could put of working on tasks for tomorrow. To achieve a semblance of balance in life, they may need to complement on each others strengths and weaknesses.

  • Aries-Gemini: Of all sun signs, Aries and Gemini gel together very well as they find many things in common with each other. Both of them like a lively life that is full of energy, vitality and excitement. Both of them also want to something new all the time. Both of them are energetic and agile and they do not like boredom coming in their way. As a result, they always like to life as an adventure and a keen sport! They can discard anything that is boring and insipid. They never touch anything is that is not challenging and thrilling. They also look forwards for better things in life and they tend to look for a better future. An Aries will love to provide enough freedom to his or her Gemini counterpart while the Gemini will always respect an Aries individuality and personality. This rare quality of “give and take” will help them lead a life of bliss and contentment.

  • Aries-Cancer: Speaking of family values, both Aries and Cancer people are devoted and dedicated. However, a Cancer person is more devoted than an Aries is. However, one of the negative natures of a typical Aries and Cancer relationship is the possibility of suffocation resulting because of overbearing attitude of a Cancer person in matters related to family affairs. An Aries person may have all the required characters for preserving family values, but he or she must have sufficient amount of freedom to live a life of satisfaction. On the other hand, a typical Cancer person will need affection, intimacy and dependence to lead a satisfactory family life. Hence, both Aries and Cancer people must ensure a sense of balance in their lives. On the extreme, an Aries may look very cold and impersonal at times while a Cancer person may look very sensitive and fragile if something goes horribly wrong.

  • Aries-Leo : In many respects, an Aries and a Leo have many things in common with each other. Both of them are adventurous, dominating, energetic, independent and freedom loving. They are also highly gregarious and moody in their life. In combination, they can be the most explosive pair on the earth. Everything will be smooth when both of them respect each others individual characters and attributes. However, the need for safety and a strong self image can trouble this pair in a remarkable way. A typical Lion always worries about his or her public image. On the other hand, an Aries person does not care too much about the society or people around him or her. In union, an Aries and a Leo can make a productive pair.

  • Aries-Virgo: If everything is right, Aries and Virgo people can form a fine pair. However, they must try hard to retain the sheen of the relationship in tact. In fact, both of them are opposite to each other. Their temperament and mood are entirely different. An Aries is too spontaneous while a Virgo is very calculative and careful. A Virgo is for the present and he or she likes to live for the future as well. Virgo people can save a lot of money while Aries are not too keen on saving for the future.

  • Aries-Libra: To make the relationship a big success, both parties must ensure strong emotional attraction and affinity. A Libra person is laid back and reserved while an Aries is always lively and energetic. If used properly, both Aries and Libras can gel very easily with a perfect match of lovable characters. Libras can teach a ram how to be careful in life and in what manner he or she can find results by using the power of patience. On the other hand, an Arian can teach the power of adventure and thrill so that a Libras can feel and experience a life full of joy and excitement. Little adjustments and modifications are necessary to ensure a fine balance in the companionship.

  • Aries-Scorpio: The union between an Aries and a Scorpio is an explosive one. It could be very passionate and energetic because both of them are active and dynamic. Both of them have very strong individuality and sense of purpose that could give a tremendous boost to the relationship. Both of them are very passionate as well. In marriage, they can live a life of two separate individuals yet maintain a perfect harmony and equilibrium with each other. However, they need two separate sets of emotions that could pose some problems to the stability of union. A Scorpio needs emotional closeness as well as bondage while an Aries could be very business like and devoid of any intense emotions.

  • Aries-Sagittarius: Even with some contrasts and conflicting parameters, the combination between an Aries and a Sagittarius is a stable one with a productive relationship. The compatibility parameters are also very good. The relationship between them is a mix of thrill, excitement, enthusiasm, passion, zeal and adventure. The love match is a perfect one with lot of bonhomie and playfulness. Both of them can compliment each other very well. The ensuing and mutual energy levels are also very high as both signs are famous for their youthfulness and vitality. Both of them provide a sense of stability to each other by balancing out negative forces.

  • Aries-Capricorn:The overall compatibility parameters between an Aries and a Capricorn are not that bad. Both of them are extremely gifted individuals with their intelligence and smartness. Both of them are highly motivated and goal oriented with their individual vision and goals propelling the relationship with a new found zeal. However, both of them have different styles and way of doing things that may hinder the relationship at times. It may also create some tensions in the relationship. Aries people are independent, creative and motivated while Capricorn persons prefer a well though plan of action while doing things or tasks. Capricorn people always prefer a consistent and stable outlook in life while Aries could be impulsive and hasty. Aries may never like norms, schedules or rules of the game.

  • Aries-Aquarius:Aries and Aquarius are two of the most suitable sun signs that may have a fair degree of compatibility because both of them share almost similar attributes of independence, thrill and a deep level of love for freedom. As both of them are extremely dynamic and progressive thinking, they can easily solve any type of problems with mutual discussion.

  • Aries-Pisces:A relationship between signs of Aries and Pisces may not be the suitable one because of a number of reasons. A Pisces is a sensitive sign because of the fickle and slippery like nature. The directness and lack of finesse of an Aries may not suit the calm and quite nature of a Pisces. The quickness and hasty nature of an Aries may not suit the slow nature of Pisces. In fact, an Aries is a symbol of aggression and fire while a Pisces is a watery sign that is serene and calm. If they learn how to manage their personal egos and differences, they can develop a very fine relationship. If everything goes as per plans, the calm and healing nature of Pisces can provide much needed softness and tenderness in the life of an Aries.

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Taurus Compatibility

  • Taurus-Aries: An Aries is always on the go and he or she always wants to do things in a hurry. On the other hand, a typical Taurus person is often very lazy and he or she will take his or her own time to comprehend a given situation, prepare an action plan and act on it to achieve desired results. An Aries would always like to take risks and in this process, he or she may fail at times. On the other hand, a Taurus person may be a cynic with an “I told you so” attitude. This is a conflicting situation may pose lot of problems in a love relationship. Love compatibility will always be in test when Aries and Taurus couples love together. However, both of them are too cautious to preserve their self identity.

  • Taurus-Taurus: The relationship between Taurus and Taurus person possess many enduring traits as they both are stable, conservative, believe in down to earth and long term associations. They both share very similar lifestyle and have similar views about adventure. When provoked by the unwanted forces both the Taurus partners can show the traits of possessiveness and jealousy. Both of them remain cautious about security and their relationship lacks dynamicity in taking up initiatives. At times they both can be extremely charming and cozy couple whom everyone likes to idolize. In a relationship both the partners look for sexual delights and gastronomy that helps in keeping the warmness of the relationship intact. However, both the partners share few common interests.

  • Taurus-Gemini: Taurus people believe in having steady pace in life that keeps them going. Despite this, taurians remain calm in nature with ice cold mind. On the other hand Geminians are restless and lose stability easily. The opposite traits of personality of both the partners may sometimes cause tension in their relationship. But their North Pole and South Pole attitude doesn’t make their relation tattered. Both the partners are a medium of learning for one another. Gemini people get to learn consistency from taurians and Taurus people learn how to compromise in life from Gemini that helps in keeping problems at bay in their relationship.

  • Taurus-Cancer:Taurus and Cancer are essentially very compatible sun signs in terms of love and relationships. This is because the needs of one are the defining characteristics of the other. Taureans are comfort seekers and need constant reassurances, which is something a Cancer-born can easily provide as they are inherently sensitive and nurturing. As both have a very defined sense of loyalty and strong principles, there is little likelihood of cheating and betrayal in a Taurus-Cancer relationship.

  • Taurus-Leo:The Taurus with Leo couple will have a long journey ahead of them, with various downswings, but an equal dispersion of highs as well. Given the fact that both Taureans and Leos are very loyal and devoted, their relationship is enduring and strong, though there are many instances of conflict and discord. One major cause for this is that both partners are born to signs that are characterized by the traits of determination and confidence – the negative manifestation of which results in stubbornness. Thus, differences of opinions often turn into arguments and a communication gap that may have long lasting effects.

  • Taurus-Virgo: The pairing of Taurus with Virgo is considered to be a somehow scrumptious match as both the partner in this relationship are money minded and they hardly find themselves in debt. In Taurus with Virgo relationship, especially the partner that has Virgo zodiac is blessed with hefty bank account for fulfilling each and every need of themselves and their partner as well. With their strong planets positioning and stars both the parts in this union enjoy success in everything they do and climb high on the ladder of their career that too speedily. Despite their up market status in the society this pairing remains down to their roots and is also very much organized in their lifestyle.

  • Taurus-Libra:Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by the planet Venus that lets the pairing of Taurus with Libra share materialistic love and sensual indulgence. Despite the fact that both the zodiacs have clashing personality traits they tend to strongly attract each other physically. For Taureans, Librans are nothing more than a breezy dream that have great sense of appreciation for Taureans style of conversation, dressing sense and social grace. Libras get deeply intrigued by the aura and stability of the Taureans that inspires them to dream about the settled domestic life of Taurus with Libra. Taurus with Libra becomes the connoisseurs of refined pleasures that make them share things together

  • Taurus-Scorpio:When a Taurus and Scorpio get together, their relationship is based on a friendship that blossomed due to feelings of mutual respect. Though there are certain aspects of their personalities that are not complimentary, a Taurus with Scorpio couple can expect to have a strong liaison that lasts a lifetime. Often people from these differing sun sign automatically gravitate towards one another as they deeply admire the qualities of the other, thus leading to an attraction that metamorphoses into something deeper. However, the extreme stubbornness and rigidity that is typical to Taurus and Scorpios may threaten to destroy a successful relationship.

  • Taurus-Sagittarius: The main binding force that may hold the Taurus and Sagittarius alliance together is their exceptional sexual chemistry. Their attraction is instantaneous and often leads to sexual encounters that form the basis of their relationship. The uninhibited approach of the Sagittarian will satiate the Taurus desire to the extent possible. However, beyond the bedroom, the compatibility will depend upon how hard the partners work to make their relationship a success. While the Taurus born craves for stability and familiarity in their surroundings, the Sagittarius wants to explore and venture outside the walls of the home. The complacence of the former irks their naturally restless mind and often leads to conflicts.

  • Taurus-Capricorn:Taurus and Capricorn are well matched with each other. Their thinking is same in religious and theoretical matters. Both are very practical. Taurus represents Bull whereas Capricorn represents Goat. Goat is calm and ambitious which appeals the Bull. Bull’s determination power is very strong which in turn attracts the Goat. Taurus and Capricorn understand each other very efficiently. They are loyal to each other for whole life. They feel secure in the company of each other. Taurus will not feel anxious in the assembling companionship of Capricorn and same thing hold them together till last. Capricorn is always there for Taurus and this helps Taurus to achieve his set goals easily and attentively. The calm and cool nature of Capricorn helps their relationship to become stronger. On the other hand, the steady and powerful nature of Taurus keeps the family bonding strong.

  • Taurus-Aquarius:Taurus with Aquarius does not make a perfect couple. Both have a leading personality. Being a Bull, Taurus has very obstinate kind of nature. They are not at all flexible. Taurus is not ready to accept any kind of change. On the other hand, Aquarius represents water. Water has the quality of taking shape of the thing in which it stays. Same goes with Aquarius. They are very flexible kind of people. Thus both Taurus and Aquarius are very opposite in nature. Due to this, they have to face problems in their life. Taurus is family oriented while Aquarius is not. There is always an argument between Taurus and Aquarius on one and the other thing. Their personalities are totally different. Due to incompatibility, Taurus and Aquarius are not able to be in a relationship for a longer period of time and hence, separation will be there. Taurus has a reserve nature whereas Aquarius is outgoing and express their feelings easily.

  • Taurus-Pisces:Opposites attract, the statement mirrors itself in the relationship between a Taurus and a Pisces, and they bring out the best in each other specially in satisfying the physical needs. The warmth and tenderness in a Piscean softens the Taurus’ inability to adapt effectively to changes in life. And Taurus level headedness and serene approach to life helps Pisces to concentrate on their talents and feel nurtured and protected under the bull’s shelter.

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Gemini Compatibility

  • Gemini-Aries: Both these signs have many characters in common with each other. In spite of these commonalities, they may face some occasional problems. A typical Gemini may take some time to bare his or her mind which may make an Arian irritating and restless. Gemini and Aries in union is an exciting pair to watch and they also make a lovely pair. Just watch both of them together and you will see plenty of intellectual skills and meaningful arguments. They can help each other in a fruitful way. In union, they can live their life to the fullest of their abilities. An Arian’s show of enthusiasm can enliven Gemini’s life in a remarkable way.

  • Gemini-Taurus:Their relationship is a perfect example of opposites attracts, as they offer each other things in which the other one lacks. Taurus are generally silent while the Geminis are a complete chatter box so one can imagine who does all the talking in their relationship. There is possibility of distraction from Taurus side due to Gemini’s superficial nature, however in some cases Taurus people get attracted to the natives of Gemini due to their multi-dimensional personality. Geminis are easy to smother as they easily get intrigued by the promises. The major trait of their relationship is their personal velocity because Taurus symbolizes slow and Gemini represents fast. They have to accept each other as they are and should never try to change their partner because that may lead to the downfall of their relationship.

  • Gemini-Gemini:The Gemini and Gemini compatibility is ideal in many aspects including a general gift of knowledge and understanding as well as a strong intellectual prowess owing to the similarity in their likes and dislikes. Gemini and Gemini couples are truly impudent, intrepid and enterprising, taking keen interest in meeting significant challenges presented by life. However, their alliance and attachment is extremely unstable due to certain generalised characteristics and are frequently attracted by mere good looks and exterior representation.

  • Gemini-Cancer:Cancer and Gemini don’t have too many things in common and these dissimilarities make these sun signs complement each other. Cancer is always ready to care for the Gemini especially when the former comes back from a hectic day. Gemini basically brings breeziness as well as chitchat in the Cancers life. Cancer is emotional, on the other hand Gemini is keeps everything on the surface level. Where a Cancer believes more or less in actions, the Gemini believes in simply words. The wit and humour of Gemini appeal to the Cancers. And this makes them an idea couple. In a relationship, Cancers is the one to feel insecure.

  • Gemini-Leo:Gemini and Leo is a good combination in terms of Astrology as they both live life to the fullest. Both the signs are adventurous and like having fun, which makes them compatible. They might strike a conversation and talk about it for hours as they like each other’s company a lot. Gemini has wide-ranging interests which may not go well with Leo. Leo may be egoistic and Gemini is bitter sometimes which can lead to a volcanic eruption. Gemini is straightforward which may hurt Leo’s ego.

  • Gemini-Virgo:Gemini and Virgo individuals are not typically the best match for there is difference in the manner in which they act and react to their surroundings. While both partners interact well at an intellectual level, as they have much interest in learning about new things, there is variation in what holds their interests. While a Gemini is a fun – spirited person who will want to know a little bit about everything, a Virgo wants to be a little more than the proverbial jack – of – all – trades and know a fair amount about everything. Thus, on a first date, the two may appear to hit it off together, but further interactions change thing things.

  • Gemini-Libra:Life is beautiful when these two fun loving and adventurous souls are together in each other’s company. They share a lot of common interest, from the love for outdoors, to the inclination towards leisure in life. You name it and they will be up for it in no time, as thrill and risk taking behaviour defines this couple for sure!! The best part about the relation between the two is trust and commitment. There is a fairy tale with a happy ending with long lasting bonding of love and passion.

  • Gemini-Scorpio: The relationship between Gemini and Scorpio is like air amalgamating with water. Both of them are completely opposite to each other and it means in every aspect. This match is very complicated as Scorpio is very sensitive and emotional who craves for a long term commitment whereas Gemini cannot get attached to the opposite gender as relationships are shallow for them. Gemini and Scorpio compatibility is like North Pole meeting South Pole because they both have completely different notions about each other. Gemini may find Scorpio to be too clingy, intense and highly demanding whereas Scorpio strongly feels that Gemini is immature and irresponsible. People say that opposites attract, but this combination can be the opposite.

  • Gemini-Sagittarius:Gemini and Sagittarius make an exceptionally very well get along couple as they both share changeable and light-hearted traits of personality. Both of them have very similar traits of personality like quick wittedness, bright spirits and their ability to absorb the different shades of life. While Gemini is a knowledge bank of ideas, its counterpart Sagittarius is a truth seeker that too through real life experiences. As a couple Gemini with Sagittarius move at fast pace while enjoying the complicated adventures of life and letting it go the way it is going. Sagittarius partner might show more vigorous approach than Gemini one in physical intimacy, but they both have to power to maintain flexible attitude in the bedroom. Their relationship seems to be made in heaven and promising as for them every day is different which keeps their courtship fresh and lively.

  • Gemini-Capricorn:Gemini and Capricorn combination can be a volcanic eruption. Gemini tends to be very talkative whereas Capricorn may reveal a little at the first place. Gemini feels that Capricorn is way too serious whereas Capricorn wants cheerful Gemini to talk about future goals. They have dissimilar mind-sets which may lead to awkward situations. Their wavelengths do not match with each other and if they are thinking of being together, they should have second thoughts about it. Gemini being full of life can bring Capricorn out of their shells and make them experience the real world. Capricorn acts like a priest or a saint full of wisdom and they may try to change Gemini too

  • Gemini-Aquarius:Both of them have a great intellect and are likely to stick together like sugary candies. Their conversations are meaningful and together, they can explore new dimensions of life. Both Gemini and Aquarius love change and choices in life, and they will never need anybody else if they have each other. This combination loves spontaneity as they believe that spontaneity is the spice of life. Gemini with Aquarius shares a healthy and friendly relationship and together, they can be quite a praiseworthy team! They both are fun with each other and match up to each other’s aptitude.

  • Gemini-Pisces:The Gemini and Pisces compatibility is dependent upon the extent of their resilience in trying to make the relationship work. Both partners are usually willing to adjust and compromise to accommodate the needs and aspirations of the other. However, there is little overlapping ground in their personality traits that sometimes hampers their ability to deal with issues. While the Gemini is the pragmatic thinker, Pisces individuals think from the heart. They are sensitive and caring, and are often put off by their partner’s rather clinical approach to everything. With the Gemini – born being a free spirited and rather oblivious to other’s feeling, the sensitive Pisceans tend to get upset with their thoughtless ways.

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Cancer Compatibility

  • Cancer-Aries:Aries are often very unstable and fickle minded which may not very well with Cancer people. In life Cancer people are very fragile and sensitive. Loose talks and insensitive dialogues may break the heart and soul of a Cancer person. Cancer person has the ability to fill an Aries life with lot of love and affection. A Cancer is an epitome of tolerance and sensitivity while an Aries is a down to earth type of person. Cancer has an apparent weakness when an Aries does not respond to love and affection; in fact, a Cancer person can be very jealous of someone who tries to steal his or her counterpart.

  • Cancer-Taurus:Taurus and Cancers are both very shy and cautious when it comes to romantic involvement and thus do not rush into any such commitment. Thus, they will go on numerous dates before ascertaining their affection and feelings for the other. However, given their cognitive and behavioral compatibility, Taurus-Cancer dates usually tend to lead to something more meaningful. Once both are confident of their emotional attachment to the other, there is no stopping the couple. They become intensely involved, their commitment to each other attaining proportions that are best described as ‘together forever’, which may definitely invite some envy and resentment from others

  • Cancer-Gemini: Cancer can feel neglected by Gemini as the later is more interested in others, besides having cool take on the emotional matters. Hence, the Cancers can take up to manipulation so that they get requisite reassurance from the Gemini. Gemini can feel occupied with the Cancers emotional reassurance and deficit of directness. They can even take up to evasiveness in order to find requisite space as well as distance. Both should not polarize amid their mind and feelings. As both are lively and curious needing stimulation, it is important to be loyal, warm and affectionate.

  • Cancer-Cancer: It is prophesised that a Cancer and Cancer match would affect a highly warm, stable, consistent, caring and compassionate relationship. Conversely, the alliance is also highly prone to frequent changes in mood. It is believed that emotional excesses not only overpower but also cloud practical thinking and decision making. So a Cancer and Cancer association might either be sufficiently although overbearingly affectionate, kind and warm, or awfully cynical, harsh and acerbic, with vice-like grip.

  • Cancer-Leo:Cancer, the water sign has a very exciting relationship with Leo, the fire sign. Their relationship is filled with fun and excitement. Both of them are acutely romantic and look for enduring relationships. A Leo and Cancer come one after the other in the zodiac wheel and hence have a lot of common qualities and attributes. Both of them like to shower their love on each other, and believe in giving little symbols of love to one another now and then. Cancer is extremely patient, while a Leo is not hence the former takes up the responsibility of keeping the relationship cordial and comfortable. A Leo on the other hand loves public display of affection. Unlike Cancer, it is extremely outgoing and adventurous.

  • Cancer-Virgo: A Cancer and Virgo make one of the most well matched couples. Both of them are extremely caring and reserved. They are the most polite signs in the zodiac wheel with extreme reverence for each other. Their courtship is simple and old-fashioned. They like to spend time with each other in a quiet and peaceful environment. A Virgo is extremely practical and to takes up the charge of the Cancer’s life and organize it perfectly. The perfectionist in a Virgo makes its relationship with a Cancer tussle free and easygoing. Cancer’s need for security and reassurance is fulfilled by the attentive and patient Virgo.

  • Cancer-Libra:The major factor that work wonders for the Cancer and Libra bond is a desire for peaceful home life. The obsession of Libra eases the uncertainties of Cancers. This affectionate pair has a set focus to live up to each other’s expectations and fulfil needs of one another. They both try to steer clear of conflicts and this can result in repressed anger, which can be destructive. Libra can be outgoing but Cancer loves to stay at home or in a company of their close friends. However, both Libra and Cancer simply don’t mind in compromising with each other in a bid to make their relationship better. This increases the likelihood of a happier and satisfied life together

  • Cancer-Scorpio:The combination of Scorpio and Cancer is considered to be one of the most well matched pairs. Both are water signs and hence make an excellent duo. Both of them are extremely emotional and passionate people. They take relationships very seriously and involve themselves with immense intensity and love. This is said to be a very lucky pair, as a Scorpio and Cancer couple are very understanding and giving. They are very romantic and live life with a lot of love. Scorpios are passionate lovers and Cancers are serious with their love. Hence they have a very intense and rich love life. They are extremely committed to each other and are interested in long term relationships. Cancers are known for their intuitive and possessive qualities. Their loyalty towards their partners works extremely well with Scorpios who are equally faithful, sincere and possessive.

  • Cancer-Sagittarius:Sagittarius are straightforward as well as intellectual, whereas Cancers are compassionate. As Sagittarius are blunt, their such attitude can hurt Crabs as they don’t understand the Crabs emotional feeling. Though they can always provide Cancer with pleasure as well as ease because of their good humour and friendly nature. One thing they just don’t understand is Cancers mood swings. Where Sagittarius has an interest in wandering, Cancers love staying back at their place.

  • Cancer-Capricorn:For Cancer and Capricorn couple dating is not just a game of fun but it’s a serious business. They both might share their reserves, but they have the power to create something really unique. The ambitious approach of Capricorn attracts Cancer and their focus on career appeals Capricorn who long for stability in life. The homely feel of Cancers gives Capricorn chance to warn up and nurture their ways of life. The traditional values of this Cancer and Capricorn union look for enduring love in their relationship which they willingly convert into courtship. Both want to settle for solid things and love to remain rooted to their family values and lineage

  • Cancer-Aquarius:The Cancer and Aquarius relationship is not particularly likely to be successful. Both partners have very distinct divergences in their basic personality and character traits, which leads to frequent disputes and discords. With both struggling to even understand, if not meet the other’s expectations, the future of such a liaison depend upon how much the two are willing to work upon it. While the Cancer is sensitive, emotional and a family person, the Aquarian is generally detached, though friendly with most. The latter’s apparent lack of concern for other’s feelings is particularly hurtful to the Cancer and only adds to their insecurity.

  • Cancer-Pisces:A Cancer and Pisces romantic relationship is based on an instant connection and feelings of genuine love. This cosmic match is most compatible as both partners are sensitive and emotionally perceptive. They are able to accept the other as they are, even while not understanding them completely. The somewhat naïve, idealistic Pisces is always haggard to the nurturing Cancer, who represents the promise of support and security. The Cancer-born on the other hand receives much confidence and self-assurance from the faith that their partner places in them. Thus, this couple will be extremely comfortable in their relationship, as both are getting what they desire most from their partner – acceptance and emotional support.

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Leo Compatibility

  • Leo-Aries:In match, both Leos and Arians are the best! They can easily steal jealousy glances from people around them. They always like to share or steal the limelight in public. They always try to invent new ideas and find out new vistas. They will also get complimentary messages and sweet glances from people around them. However, they can be too emotional in their disposition which may spoil the party at times. Their union will have lot of excitements and thrilling moments from time to time.

  • Leo-Taurus: When a Taurus and Leo come together, their physical and sexual compatibility is phenomenal and may be the path to ending fights. Also, a Leo-born has a taste for the arts and cultural activities which is complimented by the Taurean quest for constant intellectual stimulation. With both partners cherishing the material comforts of life, their outlook with respect to lifestyle and daily living is fairly similar. However, while a Taurus associates monetary gains with the opportunity of investment, a Leo will be something of a spendthrift having little concern for saving.

  • Leo-Gemini:Gemini and Commitment have no connection. Gemini cannot be in a relationship as they like being free whereas Leo is capable of having a long lasting relationship and they stick to everything they are close to. Leo wants stability and Gemini wants to be a free bird which is a big clash. Leo is good at heart and does not take things to heart. They forgive easily which is an advantage for Gemini. Gemini is too direct which can hurt Leo but as they forgive easily, it will not be a big issue. Both of them can teach great lessons of life such as Gemini can teach Leo’s how to relax and have fun whereas Gemini can teach how to be generous and friendly. They both give each other a lot of freedom which Gemini’s always craves for. This combination can be a strong one if both the signs work on their relationship. Gemini can be so spontaneous that they might surprise Leo every moment of their lives. But the drawback here is that they are absent minded and can never take love seriously. But considering Gemini and Leo have the same likings: spending lavishly, socializing, making friends and purchasing posh things. You can never hate a Gemini as they may goof up sometimes but then they have several other traits which can melt a Leo’s heart.

  • Leo-Cancer:Leo is responsible for keeping up the excitement in the relationship. Holidays and special occasions are the peak time of their relationship. Both are extremely romantic and innovative, hence they put in their level best to surprise the other with special arrangements to show their love and keep the romantic spark alive. The love life of a Leo and Cancer is full of physical and emotional intimacy. They like to cuddle and snuggle with each other all the time. Their relationship is filled with passionate kisses and love-making. Both these signs are sincere in their life, and it is reflected in their relationship as well. They love to spend time with each other. Leos like to show off their intimacy with flamboyance, whereas Cancers are more reclusive and shy, and like to share private moments in seclusion. They love giving gifts to each other, which symbolizes their love and also shows their extreme affection for each other. The gifts could be simple little mementos to extravagant options. They are one pair that are full of surprises and they are always eager to sweep each other off their feet.

  • Leo-Leo:The attraction between the two is imperative. Their love for adventure, socializing and enthusiasm for life makes them the ‘Perfect Match’ for each other. But trouble lies ahead, when the two realise that the areas of conflict is due to this sameness. Somebody has to compromise here and gave up on their ego. For a Leo man, he gets turned off by too much of drama and flaunting attitude, where as a Leo woman despises ill mannerism and jealousy. To woo a Leo, just be tender, loving and devoted. Their fine taste in clothing, styling and personal appearance makes them the best looking couple in the group.

  • Leo-Virgo:Leo and Virgo is a combination which god made for some WWE championship. Though they are not as bad as Great Khali wrestling with Great Kane, they can still have a happily ever after story. Virgo has a shy nature and it’s hard for them to express their feelings. Whereas Leo can get their knees weak by Virgo’s charm. The only negative aspect of this relationship is that Leo is all air about them. They consider all the people around them to be inferior which snatches away all the good points from them. Leo loves showing off whereas Virgo does not appreciate the idea of being in the spotlight.

  • Leo-Libra:Leos are also conscious in looking for an attractive and good looking partner whereas Libras eliminate these things to some extent. Librans can be flirtatious at times this also points towards their nature of being supportive all the time with expressive Leo. They make a fun – loving and friendly couple. The bond of friendship maintains the spark in the relationship forever. As one is ruled by sun and the other by Venus sexual attraction plays a pivotal role in the relationship as love making helps them strengthen the bond of trust and honesty. They make an unforgettable couple in social gatherings and complement each other well when it comes to party life. Libra needs a perfect blend of emotions, romance and understanding in a relationship whereas Leo goes for the passion, possessiveness, affection

  • Leo-Scorpio:The stiffness of both the signs worsens the matter every time they are together. It’s very difficult to make the pair relaxed and at ease, because all the time they are just trying to prove themselves to the other. The area of commonality lies in the fact that the pair shares a mutual understanding of the innate need to dominate. The sparks may burn initially due to the desire of the Leo to be tamed and the Scorpio’s attraction to the strong willed and high headed Leo. However, things might not stay bright for long. Over possessiveness and the envy factor will lead to trouble in this communion. The feeling of treachery will make both of them suffer.

  • Leo-Sagittarius:Romance is in the air when Leo and Sagittarius are together. Leo and Sagittarius share a warm and loving relationship. Though Leo’s possessiveness may irritate Sagittarius as they love freedom, Sagittarius cannot tolerate it if it is being taken away by someone. Leo and Sagittarius are good together as both of them enjoy adventure, freedom and socializing.

  • Leo-Capricorn:The Leo and Capricorn couple is definitely not a match made in heaven. There is a little too much divergence in the personality traits of both partners which may lead to various arguments and disputes. The Leo has a very open, sociable and warm disposition which does not compliment the Capricorn tendency to be detached and maintain an emotional distance from all, including loved ones. While both Leos and the Capricorn-born are very fond of the finer things in life, their approach and outlook in terms of handling money matters is very different The Leo-born will want to splurge and spend all funds in acquiring luxuries that are not particularly needed. This is irksome to the sensible and mature Capricorn who likes to save money possibly for the proverbial rainy day.

  • Leo-Aquarius:The Leo with Aquarius relationship usually goes a long way, with their romantic liaison often being an object of envy for others. When these individuals belonging to different zodiac signs first meet, there is an instant attraction that is impossible to deny. This is based on mutual respect both partners have for the qualities in the other. This attraction grows into something more as Leo and Aquarius spend more time together – they realize they have similar interests and like mingling with lively and glamorous crowds. What draws them closer is that both are inclined to being sociable, outgoing and always in the limelight. In this respect, they understand each other’s behavioral tendencies, leading to an instant connection.

  • Leo-Pisces:The Leo with Pisces couple is a strange liaison whose success is hard to determine, but shaped along the course of their interaction. There are many dissimilarities in the personality of both the partners, but this may surprisingly, work to the advantage of the couple. The possible reason for why the Leo-born and Piscean are drawn to each other is that they find many comforting qualities in the other. The Pisces finds the charisma and confidence of the Leo very reassuring while the latter is satisfied in having found a compassionate and loyal companion.

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Virgo Compatibility

  • Virgo-Aries:Virgo could be too choosy and selective while an Aries can be the exact opposite; this contrasting nature can pose some problems in the relationship. Aries people may not like too much criticism while Virgo people always like to set right situations on the spot. An Aries may never like rules and regulations imposed on him or her. Hence, he or she may not like someone telling what to do or what not to do. This could lead to repeated arguments and occasional quarrels. A stable Aries and Virgo relationship should ensure a fair degree of compatibility in areas of divergence.

  • Virgo-Taurus:Taurus people want attention from their Virgo partner all the time and they love their constant dotting and pampering. No doubt, Virgo natives are the best partners in this regard as they spend most of their time in making their partner feel comfortable and happy. However, this loving and caring attitude of Virgo also has its flip side, they might be the symbol of sophistication and refinement but don’t let them fool around with your emotions. Below their innocence lies harmful venom that can shatter even the strongest Taurean from the core and leave them in immense shock.

  • Virgo-Gemini: When in a relationship, Gemini and Virgo are sexually compatibly and their physical attraction to each other never dies. However, while they are agreeable in the bedroom, problems occur outside. The Gemini will not pay much attention to detail which fuels the Virgo assumption that the partner’s knowledge is lacking and superficial. On the other hand, the silent critique from the Virgo is easily apparent to the observant Gemini who does not appreciate such hasty evaluation.

  • Virgo-Cancer: In the relationship of a Cancer and Virgo, the latter is responsible for planning all the dates, events and occasions, whereas the former specializes in making the dates and events special and full of love and affection. Virgos take a lot of interest in the life of their partners, which leaves the Cancer with a lot of attention and it definitely enjoys every bit of it. Once a channel of trust and faith is built between the two, their relationship becomes absolutely smooth sailing and comfortable. Cancers are very caring and giving, they always take care of the needs, demands and expectations of their partners and this pleases the Virgo very much. The Cancer loves being the center of all attention and the Virgo is more than willing to give the same. Both these signs are extremely well organized and love to plan a lot before beginning anything. They spend a lot of time in measuring each situation and analyze it, in order to resolve any conflicts sensibly. Both these signs are absolutely devoted and sensitive to each other’s feelings. They share a very intimate and passionate love. Both of them detest showing off and like to spend time together away from the public eyes.

  • Virgo-Leo:Leo is highly demanding which Virgo may not be able to deliver all the time. Leo expects that their wishes are other’s command and it is mandate to fulfil their wishes. Though Virgo can be unpredictable sometimes as they tend to make simple and easy things complicated – Astrologically speaking, it is not a good match.

  • Virgo-Virgo:A Virgo couple looks great together, they are proper in their manners, have a sense of style and love for perfection. They share an amazing physical intimacy, which might burn a few hearts. Virgos by nature are very timid and diffident, which makes them shy away from the limelight, and the pair prefers their solitary companionship instead of the glitz and glamour of the world. Being an earth sign the Virgo couple tends to be rational, practical and sensible. The Virgo couple complement each other’s personality as they are the only ones who will understand a Virgo’s need for details and fastidiousness.

  • Virgo-Libra:The match between a Virgo and Libra is very delicate due to their different dispositions and outlook towards life. A Libran loves to entertain people, mingle with strangers and is adventuresome in nature, whereas a Virgo is intense, calculated and prefers to go solo most of the times. The contrast between the two leads to a total mismatch. The Virgo thinks that Librans are tentative, changeable and flattering. The latter views the former as opinionated, domineering and dreary. Though the dissimilarities are many, still the lovers can sail through it by giving their relationship a conscious push towards harmony.

  • Virgo-Scorpio:Virgo and Scorpio are the two opposite signs of a zodiac chart that forms excellent chemistry when joined together in a romantic relationship. The intense karmic bond of their relationship is due to their extraordinary positioning in the zodiac chart. The Virgo and Scorpio couple shares very strong ties with the deep sense of loyalty towards each other. They both find solace in each other’s company only and refrain themselves from joining social gatherings. Virgo and Scorpio work together excellently on the path of acquisitions, as Virgo craves for order and Scorpio has hunger for power.

  • Virgo-Sagittarius: A Virgo and a Sagittarius have very different attitudes towards life. Their take on life is exactly opposite; the Virgo takes everything seriously with exact detail, while the Sagittarius takes things as they come, along the stride. Virgos are very specific about everything whereas the Sagittarius has a broader and generic perspective of things. Both are excellent planners, when they form a pair their plans are perfect and there is no scope of any mistake as such.

  • Virgo-Capricorn:Astrologically, Virgo and Capricorn is a tuneful pair. Capricorn is ambitious which goes well with Virgo’s energy and need to change the world for good. Both are disciplined, assiduous, hardworking and have a purpose in life which they need to fulfil otherwise they will not find peace anywhere. This combination can go a long way together as they have the same aspirations! Both of them need approval and respect from each other. Sexual compatibility is a straight from the heart 10 on 10 as they are creative and mutually give in all their efforts. But, then most of the times, Capricorn takes the lead.

  • Virgo-Aquarius:Virgo and Aquarius are highly intellectual and rational which is the only similar thing between them. Aquarius thinks that Virgo is cold as Virgo takes time to get close because they are cautious of getting emotionally involved. Aquarius is headed towards changing the world and making everything perfect around them. Virgo craves for personal accomplishment and monetary security. Aquarius is highly outward-bound, a quixotic and creative whereas Virgo is shy, reserved and practical. This combination may not even succeed as friends. Aquarius usually lives in a dreamy world where life is a Twilight movie. Virgo being a practical person will never appreciate it.

  • Virgo-Pisces:The Virgo with Pisces couple can hope for a long and enduring relationship, however, though not impossibly tough, it will require a great degree of effort from both partners. If their relationship works out, it will typify the adage of ‘opposites attract’ for there are few similarities between the two. The Pisces mystical aura may be intriguing to the Virgo-born who experiences instant attraction on first meeting their partner. The Pisces, on the other hand is drawn to the natural confidence and charisma of the latter. Also, since both have an affinity towards quiet pleasures rather than boisterous outings, they find themselves at ease in each other’s company. Both gravitate towards the home as a place where they can find peace, comfort and a willing listener.

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Libra Compatibility

  • Libra-Aries: A typical Libra is too careful when taking decisions of importance while an Aries is too impulsive and hasty. An Aries will simply love to act on things and achieve results and later think about the consequences. Libra people would love to look at the both sides of the arguments and seek opinions from other people before working on any tasks. In fact, both Aries and Libras are exactly opposite to each other in this angle. The ram is too individualistic and he or she may never care about other people’s opinions. He or she could be too indifferent to other people’s opinions. When an Aries and a Libra overcome this basic anomaly, they can form the best companionship. In equal respect, an Aries must know and learn how to return the love and affection showered by a Libran.

  • Libra-Taurus:The inflexibility of thoughts of Taurus native is bound to clash with the indecisive personality of their Libra partner. Although, avoiding conflicts is not difficult for the people involved in Taurus with Libra relationship. A bit of adjustments from both the partners can give a blooming turn to their relationship. The power of diplomacy possessed by Libra has the ability to manipulate the thoughts of otherwise headstrong Taurean, all it needs is a little bit of logic and lots of persuasion. Both the partners in Taurus with Libra relationship are highly romantic and love to indulge themselves in the luxuries of life.

  • Libra-Gemini: A Libra feels protected in the company of the Gemini, and in turn Gemini provides a balance of emotions to their better half. Together they create magic. The passion and enthusiasm never fades away. The cupid resides permanently with this air element sign.

  • Libra-Cancer: These cardinal signs, Cancer and Libra have different take on things. Cancer is emotional when it comes to meeting new people and they are not as comfortable with airy Libra in such case. Where Libra is more of silent and observant in nature, the Cancer is more open and find such nature risky. Cancer are seen as muddled thinkers by Libra and literally tossed about emotions. At one point where Cancer with Libra might not seem as a perfect match, there is a completely different take where Libra looks for partnership as well as Cancer sets a goal to create a safe home environment.

  • Libra-Leo:Libra which stands for cardinal air and Leo, a symbol of fire make a great couple together. The compatibility is magical and laws of attraction work in their favour strongly. Venus rules the Libras whereas Leo are ruled by the sun which makes them more egoistic, dominating and decisive.Libras have a compromising subtle nature where they want to settle for the things and see the long term perspective of a situation. Leos are romantic, feel a strong attractions towards fun loving Libras.

  • Libra-Virgo:Virgos are attracted to the dreamy Libras, and are swayed by their charm and elegance. The desire to get rid of the safety belts in life make Virgos fall for this heartbreaker. They both enjoy each other’s company, cooking dinner, a light chat, holding hands in the moonlight, or a long drive. But, this harmony is there till the time they are alone, once they get company, Virgos tend to retrace in their shell. Libras appreciate the dependable and committed side of the Virgos. The encouragement and support shared between them is the thread that binds them together.

  • Libra-Libra:The Libra and Libra romance is something of a breeze through. Though not to suggest that such a match is flawless and unbreakable, there is certain degree of assured compatibility due to both belonging to the same zodiac, which is not common to many cosmic pairings. For the two individuals, their partners’ are a modified version of themselves, with similar strengths and flaws. This makes it easier for both to accept and understand the peculiarities of the other. Also, there is little room for ego clashes where both Librans look to have the upper hand in the relationship.

  • Libra-Scorpio:Libra and Scorpio are two zodiac signs that are have members that look for relationships as a means to composite satiation of all their desires. While the Libra is always ready to mingle, the Scorpio also craves to experience love. Thus, when the two first meet, there is an instant connection and chemistry between the two. There is flirting, innuendos and a lot of healthy fun before the relationship really begins. This is where the main issue of the Libra and Scorpio couple lies. Their approach to romance and commitment is completely different. While the Scorpio – born looks for deep soulful connections, the Libra treats romance as a light – hearted affair, particularly in the initial stages. This may be irksome to the Scorpion who may lose interest in their partner, thinking they are playing hard to get

  • Libra-Sagittarius:The Libra and Sagittarius couple has a definite potential in the way of going far and having a sustainable enduring relationship. Both partners have similar interests and there is an instant attraction that is hard to resist. With conversation flowing easily and a mutual understanding of each other’s needs, the relationship usually begins with much promise, though problems may soon come along. The foremost issue is the extremely free - spirited nature of the fun loving Sagittarian. While these are the precise qualities that may have attracted the Libran in the beginning, soon they lead the latter to be insecure and constantly worried.

  • Libra-Capricorn:The pairing of Libra and Capricorn showcases high intensity with the philosophy of lifetime togetherness, which helps them in overcoming their differences. In the beginning, Capricorn find it hard to resist themselves from the obvious charms of Libra. The cavernous depth of cool minded Capricorn lets BLibran keep on guessing about their feelings, which is taken a pleasure task by the fun loving Libras.

  • Libra-Aquarius:The Companionship of Libra and Aquarius sparks love and romance as they are like couple made for each other. Both of them love to meet people and make new contacts, which makes them party adorable. The strong mental rapport between these two signs of zodiac chart give momentum to their dating period. Libran love to initiate their creative ideas and as a true partner Aquarius responds wholeheartedly to their perspective. The clear eyed and balanced attitude of Libran warms the senses of Aquarius. The way Aquarius frame ideas with leaps of logic attract Libra. The base of the relationship between Libra and Aquarius is very strong as they both are mentally stimulated.

  • Libra-Pisces:The pairing of Libra and Pisces marks the union of two individuals who share common interest in beauty and art of living. Libra doesn’t find any problem and steering the stroke of conversation to which their Pisces partner is highly comfortable. The imaginative mind of Pisces sometimes makes Libran intriguing. The balance seeking courtship style of Libras makes Pisces feel comfortable. Both Libra and Pisces see in each other a devoted partner who would not try to take advantage of their qualities. Most of their dating period will go in trips to cultural events or romantic dinners at an elegant restaurant under dim lighting and music. Both of them will not take too much time in finding the romantic connect in their relation which will make them fall for each other head over heels.

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Scorpio Compatibility

  • Scorpio-Aries:Instant love at first sight is the thing that you can notice between an Aries and a Scorpio. However, the chemistry between two dynamic sun signs could be very difficult and challenging. Aries would love to control life while Scorpios love passion and independence; this conflicting character may cause some problems between two members. Another negative point in the relationship is the Scorpio’s jealousy nature at many things that an Aries does or carries out. In the end, if the two parties rectify their mistakes and balance out any deficiencies, they can lay a strong foundation whether in love or marriage.

  • Scorpio-Taurus:The sexual chemistry between a Taurus-born and Scorpio is almost palpable, with their lovemaking being aggressive and explosive. But there is also a tendency for their sex life to be rather erratic and unpredictable, though passion and emotion is guaranteed. While a Taurean looks to possess the Scorpio-born partner as an object of value and worth, the latter desires to posses their partner emotionally. However, the Scorpion desire to establish a deep soulful bond is somewhat hampered by their own inability to express their feelings and sentiments. They create walls and barriers to protect themselves which is naturally irksome to the sensitive Taurus partner.

  • Scorpio-Gemini: Gemini loves socializing whereas Scorpio likes being mysterious and tends to seek confidentiality. To give their story a perfect happily ever after would be challenging but both are amazingly charming and can attract the opposite sex effortlessly. Though, their laws of attraction might be different. Scorpio uses the wand of mystery, passion and intensity whereas Gemini does the trick with poise and confidence. The good thing about the Gemini with Scorpio match is that they entice each other like iron and magnets. Even though they are opposite, they find that highly irresistible.

  • Scorpio-Cancer:A Cancer and Scorpio couple is known to be the luckiest combinations because of their intense sensitivity and understanding. Cancer which is symbolized by a crab is a very quiet personality whereas a Scorpio, symbolized by a scorpion, has a dynamic personality. Cancers are often attracted to Scorpios due to this trait but it us this very dynamic and controlling attitude which might lead to tension between them. Cancers need to understand Scorpios attitude of control is only meant for their well being and on the other hand Scorpios need to be more considerate towards their partners and loosen their stronghold.

  • Scorpio-Leo:If you concentrate on the silver lining then this twosome makes an energetic couple due to their spur-of-the-moment attitude and high spirited behaviour. The Scorpio well understands the Leo’s need for approval and provides an honest answer to the partner’s queries. Leo’s playfulness entices the Scorpion and melts them down of their complicated ways. The sexual energy is intemperate between them as they share an innate passion for experimentation.

  • Scorpio-Virgo:Both the signs of such a union are the symbols of resources which can be inherited in the form of property. Their service oriented attitude makes them dependable. They both have strong passion for their friends circle and never hesitate in lending a helping hand to them. As both the signs share equal disparity it becomes easier for them to understand whether they can go strong in the long run in the beginning of their relationship. While Virgo people are ruled by the forces of Mercury, their counterpart Scorpio has strong influence of Mars and Pluto. The combination of Virgo and Scorpio can be really heated without the presence of Pluto in their orbit.

  • Scorpio-Libra:As such, the future of the Libra and Scorpio match is often very dependent on the placement of other planets in the individual horoscopes – the see-saw could tip either ways. However, there are some things that are certain. That the Scorpion tendency to be controlling, possessive and jealous, will be an irritant to the freedom loving Libra, is a given. The emotional aloofness of the latter will bother the Scorpio – born is also almost a certainty. But beyond this, the future of the Libra with Scorpio match is hard to establish. But with some time and effort from both sides, these two signs are most definitely capable of allowing for a strong, enduring relationship.

  • Scorpio-Scorpio:When it comes to pairing between the same signs, there are both benefits and falls of such a combination. They would definitely have some common characteristic, which will lead to excellent bonding; however some conflicts can occur as well. For a zodiac sign as vibrant and passionate as Scorpio, a Scorpio and Scorpio match can be very exciting. They would share their personalities and this would help them to communicate well. The benefit of two Scorpios pairing up is that they deal with the same thought process. They are likely to prefer the same kind of things. They can be rest assured that there would hardly be any conflicts in choices and life-style. They share a high compatibility ratio and can hold long-term relationships.

  • Scorpio-Sagittarius:The happy-go-lucky attitude of a Sagittarius is strong enough to take the Scorpio in its stride and build up the love for adventure for the latter. Scorpios are passionate about their life and it shows in their love-making. They share a lot of physical intimacy with their partners, and this is inadvertently welcome with the Sagittarius as it is as adventurous in its love as it is in life. These opposite qualities are often the prime reason for the intense attraction between these two zodiac signs.

  • Scorpio-Capricorn:Scorpio and Capricorn radiate intense energy and create envy among others. They are motivated to reach to the top, no matter the means and hardships. Both are idealistic by nature, and are not easily smitten. When together, they become the talk of the town with their drop-dead- looks and physical chemistry. This couple mixes well with each other as their fears and insecurities are the same, both are afraid of rejection and yearn for affection

  • Scorpio-Aquarius:Scorpio and Aquarius both are fixed signs Scorpio stands for fixed water and Aquarius for fixed air, this makes them naturally attracted to each. They have a ravishing chemistry and initially they find themselves bound by a non-compulsive compatibility but complex problems are hidden under the skin of the surface. Aquarius is friendly and take the relationship slowly as it comes and Scorpio are intense and passionate who are often interlude by the mysteries of Aquarius. Their relationships can be experimental yet interesting. Aquarius takes the calm to the intense attitudes and extreme mood swings of Scorpio, they mostly balance and calm the restless Scorpio which stability in the commotion.

  • Scorpio-Pisces:Scorpio and Pisces is like a sweet match made in heaven. Pisces like being in their shell and offer a soft landing when it comes to emotional issues to Scorpion, once they do they get deeply connected to their partners or anyone for that matter. Pisces are caring, sensitive, obstinate and very ambitious. Pisces and Scorpio is considered to be a perfect match made by the gods as Scorpio will undoubtedly support a Pisces whereas Pisces would shower back all the affection and love they have which Scorpions always crave for.

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Sagittarius Compatibility

  • Sagittarius-Aries:Aries and Sagittarius pair is sent directly from the heavens. Both of them will keep each other with good humor. Intelligent decisions, mutual agreements and consensus will help them grow the compatibility to new heights. Sagittarius people are very creative and artistic and these two characters can inspire an Aries with lot of energy. Just watch the conversation between an Arian and the Sagittarius person; in fact, both of them are lively and energetic while talking about new ideas and issues. Both of them are very charming and intuitive in the relationship

  • Sagittarius-Taurus:The Taurus with Sagittarius typifies the romance based on opposites attract. While there are some similar traits that are common to both the zodiac members, there are some severe divergences in their most defining traits. While the Taurus is a calm, balanced and sensible individual, the Sagittarian is most free spirited, energetic and restless. The most major sign of incompatibility is that while the Taurus-born is most likely to be possessive and jealous, the Sagittarius is freedom loving and enjoys his or her space. The protective and somewhat controlling nature of the Taurus can be a serious irritant for their partner.

  • Sagittarius-Gemini:In terms of zodiac wheel Gemini and Sagittarius are on the opposite sides and as an age old saying both the opposites attract each other a lot. Gemini with Sagittarius believes in giving space in a relationship to their partner and also not tries to become too clingy or pushy. Both the partners in this Gemini with Sagittarius combination doesn’t compress their relation into stale habits and doesn’t also demand emotional commitment. Both the partners in this association follows the style of holding each other loosely as they tend to become philosophical when one of the two partners feel like moving on from the relationship. They might separate many a times but the chances of their reunion remains very bright.

  • Sagittarius-Cancer:The clashes between Cancer and Sagittarius can be minimized if they both try to understand each other’s nature. Mutual understanding can work wonders for both the sides. This love match can work out, if both make real efforts in a similar direction. They can make a good match only if they accept each other’s faults as well as appreciate their qualities. Sagittarians should become little responsible towards their family and should dedicate more time towards the family matters. This will make Cancer happy. At the same time, Cancer should act little adventurous so that they can make their counterpart happy.

  • Sagittarius-Leo:Sex is great when these two signs are together as both of them love having fun and live life to the fullest. They can never get bored of each other as they enjoy each other. Leo and Sagittarius are very passionate and ardent which makes them a good team and their strong compatibility will make their relationship flourish. They are energetic and creative together which makes life fun for them. Talking of the negative aspect, Sagittarius does not take feelings and emotions seriously which may hurt Leo’s vulnerable side.

  • Sagittarius-Virgo:They like to deal with different aspect of life and experience it in full. Virgos like to take it slow and steady, whereas Sagittarius is impatient and likes to speed up things. Their biggest advantage is that both Virgo and Sagittarius are extremely adjusting and cooperating. They are very giving and can do anything to make the other comfortable and happy. Both these signs are filled with self-pride, confidence and dignity. This makes their pair very well bonded and close.

  • Sagittarius-Libra:For the Libra and Sagittarius couple, there are a fair number of issues to deal with. Firstly, the Sagittarius needs to accept the Libran demand for settlement and consistency. They need to communicate well with the Libran rather than looking for comfort from other sources in times of trouble. On the other hand, the Libra – born should not be anxious about their partner’s commitment to them to the extent of being completely paranoid. Also, both individuals will benefit from a relationship based on mutual gains from adjustment and learning – the Sagittarius can guide the Libran in matters of practical application, while the latter can help their partner with their emotional unavailability and inexpressiveness.

  • Sagittarius-Scorpio:A lot of people think that the opposite nature of these two zodiac signs, Scorpio, being a water sign and a Sagittarius being the fire sign helps in keeping up the attraction between them alive. It is true to some extent, but it comes at a high cost and is tough to maintain. Scorpio is the ultimate passionate creature and Sagittarius is the epitome of romance. This is definitely an excellent combination but it is not as easy as it sounds. This is because; the basic perspective of relationships is very different for both these signs.

  • Sagittarius-Sagittarius:The Sagittarius and Sagittarius couple enjoy each other’s company, and share a common passion for adventure as well as an imperative restiveness to travel and explore the world. Small mindedness, on the other hand, is an objectionable trait according to all Sagittarius and all such individuals are regarded as repugnant by them, even if it is their own partner. A Sagittarius couple also shares an inexplicable fervour, an elevated state of mind, and an evolutionary attitude towards life.

  • Sagittarius-Capricorn:For this unique couple, which is the perfect extrovert with introvert match, the future of their romantic liaison depends on how willing and open both partners are to change. The moody Capricorn is often comes across as a brooding wet blanket to their partner, and the Sagittarius farfetched visions and empty words may be a drain on the former’s patience. While there are areas of conflict, such relationships often progress into stages of mutual gain as both are able to grow as individuals due to association with the other. Thus, it is a fair conclusion that the Sagittarius with Capricorn relationship has the potential to be a long lasting and meaningful journey.

  • Sagittarius-Aquarius:For the Sagittarius and Aquarius couple it is very important that both partners keep introspecting and reviewing their actions, which is inherently against their nature, to ensure the relationship survives for the long haul. The main reason for problem in this liaison is that the free spirited attitude of both partners may lead to an affair that is very casual, without either individual realizing it. Thus, it is important that both keep on analyzing where they are headed as a couple and what the future is likely to be. Thereafter, these feelings need to be communicated to the partner so that a mutual understanding is established as how things should progress.

  • Sagittarius-Pisces:Sagittarius and Pisces pairing of two different zodiac signs is actually the romantic pairing of two very different, changeable and curious individuals. Both Sagittarius and Pisces meet each other sincerely with positive attitude towards love and open to each other for showing an altogether new world of romantic experiences. While Sagittarius flirt directly with their partner, the Pisces feels startled with the over the top romantic behaviour of their Sagittarian partner. The friendly behaviour and trustworthiness of a Sagittarian helps in bringing out the spontaneous attitude of Pisces so that they can part actively in the game of dating. The dating experience of this odd couple can actually be fun if both the partners make most out of their romantic evening no matter where they are heading for.

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  • Capricorn Compatibility

  • Capricorn-Aries:The most basic aspects of an Aries and Capricorn match will face some occasional turbulence in spite of many positive characters and traits. Both members are high headed and disinclined to compromise when there are serious differences and diversely mutual opinions. Aries have very strong self opinions which could upset a Capricorn person. Aries may never shift their stances nor do they change their mind once they decide on something. On the money front, a Capricorn may not like his counterpart spending lot of money without any reasons. It means that both of them will need to agree to disagree on conflicting issues.

  • Capricorn-Taurus:Taurus with Capricorn makes a happy couple. Taurus and Capricorn are earth signs, so they think and feel in the same manner. Both are there to support each other. Capricorn can easily develop a trust in Taurus and always feels comfortable in his company. Capricorn showers all his love on Taurus so that he forgets all his tensions and feels relaxed. Capricorn inspires Taurus because of his patience and ambitious nature. Taurus and Capricorn are perfect for each other. They share almost the same personality. In fact, their thinking about finances is almost the same. Capricorn knows how to make Taurus laugh in stressful situations. Taurus in return makes Capricorn feel very special and important in his life. During their life time, both have to face very minor differences which are negligible. Their life will be full of harmony as they are aware of needs of each other. Therefore, they make a quite compatible pair.

  • Capricorn-Gemini:Gemini and Capricorn are completely opposite to each other. Capricorn is a conservative whereas Gemini loves to be free. Capricorn loves to plan for the future whereas Gemini lives life to the fullest. Capricorn can be an amazing father figure; Capricorn can be a naïve child. Despite of all the differences, they can learn a lot from each other. Capricorn likes stability in life as they seek for a future – a bright future. They seek for a happy family and a successful marriage. If things go cold between them, they can be as harsh as Cinderella’s cruel mother. But they can have a wonderful relationship as there is a lot of potential in this combination.

  • Capricorn-Cancer:Both Cancer and Capricorn are opposite each other on the zodiac chart while acting as a cardinal signs. Once the couple with Cancer and Capricorn zodiac made lifelong commitment of togetherness to each other it is assumed that it becomes a royal couple that deserves throne for their unbreakable commitment. Both the partners in such a relationship shares a common purpose of building strong bond in the family. Cancer’s ability to understand the work pressure of Capricorn maintains balance in their relationship. On the other hand Capricorns ability to create tangible success signs keeps on inspiring Cancer. However, both fall in the dark moods at some point of their life but they overcome the situation with their mutual understanding and consent. Even if they break their relationship, Cancer and Capricorn will set an excellent example of significant relationship

  • Capricorn-Leo:Another reason why the Leo with Capricorn compatibility is far from legendary is because neither is able to appreciate the inherent desires of the other. The Leo craves continual flattery, while the Capricorn is hardly the smooth-talker in such matters. However, their relationship may have some redeeming qualities to the extent that both partners are loyal and have a sense of commitment when involved with the other. The Leo with Capricorn liaison, though not perfect can go far, if both partners are agreeable to work on their relationship.

  • Capricorn-Virgo:Relationships are not easy to handle yet we still manage to do so with all our love and faith. Virgo and Capricorn are perfect for each other in terms of aspirations and ambitions. Considering both are earth signs, this combination will work and work for good and long. A successful relationship’s key is understanding, which both of these signs have. They will be happy together and will share a deep understanding. Capricorn will not have a problem in being a faithful and caring lover, but Virgo tends to nag a lot which might confuse Capricorn.

  • Capricorn-Libra:Every relationship needs some level of understanding for reaching the harmonious level of compatibility. The odd couple of Libra and Capricorn can also attain that level of compatibility if they make certain comprises in their relationship. There are times when an otherwise shy Capricorn wishes to do talk shop a lot, but the Libra only understands their ambition. Libra usually judges the nature of Capricorn in a different way and opts for the paths of life that require least resistance. Capricorn might take Libras as a lazy bone but if they give a deep though they will understand how much their Libra counterpart has achieved in life.

  • Capricorn-Scorpio:Scorpions and Capricorns share the same bent of mind, the bond between them is more like a formal affair rather than an intimate one. The pair provides emotional and social support to each other in times of need which makes the bond between them unbreakable. The physical dynamics is a little confusing between the two here, Scorpions strong need to dominate is burned to ashes with Capricorn’s foxy tricks.

  • Capricorn-Sagittarius:For the Sagittarius and Capricorn couple, compromise and accommodation is the only path to harmony and happiness. Both partners need to recognize and accept the fundamental differences in their personality traits and hence try not to force change upon one another. This is not to suggest that neither partner should lose all hope for change in the other, but such transitions will require time and effort at both ends. The Sagittarian and Capricorn – born must establish a means to communicate their true feelings to the other so that each is aware of what the other needs and expects from them.

  • Capricorn-Capricorn:The pairing between Capricorn and Capricorn is the pairing of deep understanding or the constant locking of horn on disagreements or even both in some cases. Meeting of Capricorn and Capricorn is the union of two completely formidable souls with different wills and galore of defenses. As a trait to their personality Capricorn natives love to be controlled by their partner in love which might lead to some differences in the initial stage of their companionship. But after understanding the nature of each other, Capricorn and Capricorn make their way to each other’s heart easily. Both the partners in this relationship look for trust and ensue to return the same once they find their true Capricorn love

  • Capricorn-Aquarius:Aquarius follows Capricorn in the zodiac wheel so they share a very interesting relationship. They are best when they complement each other but worst when they come into conflict. While a Capricorn is practical and careful, an Aquarius is creative and moody. The sense of independence of an Aquarius will attract a Capricorn initially but at times might be too much for a Capricorn individual to handle and may end up dominating. Hence this kind of a relationship might need some amount of compromises at times.

  • Capricorn-Pisces:A Pisces and Capricorn relationship is very interesting. If both make equal efforts to utilize their differences then the relation turns out to be extremely warm and romantic. A Pisces is highly creative to bring an added spice in life by keeping small notes in the wallet, surprise gifts and candle light dinners to keep up the romance between them. The Capricorn is extrovert and silently enjoys without appreciating the efforts. This hurts the Piscean who loves to gain attention and cuddled. But the Capricorn is dutiful and makes the Pisces partner feel secure.

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Aquarius Compatibility:

  • Aquarius-Aries:However, the initial courtship between an Aries and Aquarius may not be very easy and flexible as both parties need some time understand other’s mind, body and soul. The result will be very good and favorable when they adjust to their lifestyles, liking and dislikes. In a normal relationship, there will not be any moment of tension as they know how to respond to moments of crisis. Aquarius will always like and worship an Aries way of life, his or her adventurous mind and unconventional way of life. Aquarius always love the magical aspects of relationship while an Aries will worship the practical side of it. Though, there are some basic differences, they may not affect the spirit of relationship in a significant manner.

  • Aquarius-Taurus:Taurus and Aquarius will very rarely be found in a long lasting relation. They have to support each other fully in order to run their relationship. Both have to trust and understand each other. Life is full of compromises. They have to follow this policy. Nothing is impossible in this world. If they give some time to their relationship, it will definitely work. After all, it’s a question of their life. Taurus is possessive and Aquarius does not like to be bound. This opposite nature is the reason of creating misunderstanding between Taurus and Aquarius. Taurus should try to change this attitude for their relationship to survive. Both Taurus and Aquarius are attracted to each other and fall in love. But this attraction vanishes in very less time as Taurus is Earth and Aquarius is water

  • Aquarius-Gemini:Aquarius as a person is likely to get tensed for small things in life and takes everything seriously. They may be quiet and reserved at times and may neglect you. Gemini needs to understand and have patience to deal with Aquarius’s emotions. Aquarius is highly stubborn and may force things on Gemini. Argument may seem never-ending. Before getting into a relationship with an Aquarius may seem tough to handle sometimes but with understanding and love, Gemini will sail through it. If Gemini and Aquarius focus on bigger issues in life, then they would be happier. Every relationship has ups and downs, but with love and care, this combination will be a perfect blend. Communication is a strong point here. If Gemini and Aquarius do have arguments, they will be able to sail through it because they have a strong communication between them. Though, Aquarius needs to leave their stubborn nature behind and compromise in certain situations. Gemini and Aquarius are a good combination and together, they can work out every situation in life. High tides may come and go, but Gemini and Aquarius will stick together always. They enjoy sex and friendship and can be great partners in crime too. A perfect combination!

  • Aquarius-Cancer:The Cancer and Aquarius couple has much to work upon. For the relationship to be a success, both partners need to accept that they are essentially diametrical opposed to one another in terms of their personality and behavioral tendencies. Having accepted this, they will have to ensure that they do not try to force change and learn to adjust to each other’s ways. Also, the Cancer and Aquarius must agree upon a certain degree of compromise that both will be able to make for their relationship to be a success, however, this brokered cooperation has to be balanced, with both sharing the burden of conciliation equally.

  • Aquarius-Leo:The Leo and Aquarius couple has few aspects of their relationship to concentrate on. Both the partners must put their ego aside and try to further their bond without minding who is directing the process. They need to let go of their desire to dominate while with one another to avoid violent clashes. Moreover, the Leo - born must allow the Aquarius to guide them when it is a matter of practical actions and prudential considerations. Meanwhile, the latter must refrain from the habit of zoning out and escaping into another world which is highly upsetting for the emotional Leo partner.

  • Aquarius-Virgo:Relationships work only if there is understanding, love, good communication and faith between two people. Astrologically, Virgo and Aquarius are born to be enemies. They can never be friends as one seems to be too practical and the other – just daydreams! Their compatibility may not be great and is surely not easy. If at all they want to be together is may be for a fling or a visit to the nearby dentist for treating cavity. Aquarius may not like Virgo’s super emotional nature whereas Virgo tends to think that Aquarius is not worth anything because all they do is daydream. Any relationship between them other than a one night stand is a punishment of life. If at all they are thinking of being together forever – happily ever after – which is next to impossible, they can work on their relationship gradually. Virgo should stop nagging about small things and focus on bigger things in life like LOVE rather than tidiness and cleanliness. Once Aquarius sees this change, things are going to be fine. Aquarius should get real and focus on their partner which is the Virgo. Life will be easy if they both take out time every day and spend long nights together – not fighting, but talking. Communicating helps in a relationship. Virgo and Aquarius need to communicate to work things out.

  • Aquarius-Libra:Both Libra and Aquarius are the inhabitants of the amazing world on creative ideas. In the life’s environment of mutual respect this partnership shares their fascinations as they give space to their love. Their relationship can be really very overwhelming for each other if they strike the right of compatibility in their relationship.

  • Aquarius-Scorpio:Scorpio’s biggest challenge is to accept Aquarius with its wide social network as the latter fancy being in group friendships and the former goes for a choosy circle. Aquarius is inventive, modest, far – sighted. Both have mind-set which is of fixed thinking so it helps to strengthen the bond also because of the clash of intense Scorpio with mysterious and subtle Aquarius the relationship may be one of its unusual kinds but it keeps the spark and freshness alive.as both are strong – willed the relationship itself climbs the boundaries of commitment If working professionally the couple can form a great creative team together and if misunderstand things cannot be sorted by anyone but them only. The casual attitude of an Aquarian may not feel the depth of intense feelings as Scorpios but they surely understand that which balances the compatibility quotient.

  • Aquarius-Sagittarius:The Sagittarius and Aquarius relationship is of a free flowing and open nature which is reflective of the personalities of both the partners. Both being extroverted, adventurous and warm hearted, there is an instant connection based on mutual understanding of each other’s needs. There is much to discuss and explore, and with both partners having a refined taste in terms of interests and recreational ideas, the Sagittarius and Aquarius couple will never run out of conversation or things to do. There are no ego clashes, jealousy or possessiveness here as both individuals have similar tendencies and a somewhat detached attitude towards such issues.

  • Aquarius-Capricorn:Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility tips are highly contrasting in nature. That is why the success of the relation requires lot of understanding and compromises too. In order to avoid the conflict they need to balance between chaos and order, freedom and control.

  • Aquarius-Aquarius:One Aquarius always tries to provide all the liberty and reassurance possible to the other Aquarius partner. Since the couple shares the same zodiac sign, each will gain pleasure from the other’s presence in the relationship. With a natural predisposition towards adventure, travel, and expeditions, they tend to talk about each other’s decisions in life. The Aquarius couple also diverts attention towards the creation of a more affable and welcoming environment in order to better appreciate each other’s requirements and desires, although a personal or highly affectionate acquaintance is most likely to fall weak and eventually give in. The Aquarius duo prove to be a well-matched and attuned couple only if each maintains a certain distance and gives the other their personal space.

  • Aquarius-Pisces:When Aquarius is upset, they detach from the whole world and hide in their shell. Whereas Pisces is an emotional and sensitive person, they would never leave their partners alone in this big bad world. They have one thing in common which might be an advantage for both of them. Aquarius and Pisces are unbiased and have positive outlook towards life. They do not judge people or things around them which makes them compatible. Astrologically, it is not a great match but with love and positivity, they can work on their relationship.

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Pisces Compatibility

  • Pisces-Aries:Instability and shifting moods: Both Aries and Pisces are known to possess instability and shifting characters. This dangerous combination of conflicting characters could be a great impediment to the relationship. The couple in question may need to control these damaging characters in order to retain the edge of relationship.

  • Pisces-Taurus:Starting a relationship is generally effortless; but it’s the maintaining part that becomes demanding. No relationship works without quality time. It’s important that the Taurus understand the urge to show empathy to a Pisces and in turn the Pisces should accept his/her partner as they are because Taurus hate to explain themselves. The bonding between the two might run into deep waters due to the over expectations of a Taurus, on the other hand the Pisces might have difficulty in taking decisions in life, which might irritate their better half. The key to success here will depend on the balance of intimacy and reality. Accept each other’s weak point and work towards improvement. Pisces don’t try to be good to everyone; you can’t please the whole world. Stop trying so hard and invest time in pleasing your partner, it will fetch you rewards. Dear Taurus, don’t be so cruel on yourself and your companion, take life as it comes, enjoy the spontaneity and spunk.

  • Pisces-Gemini:In the Gemini and Pisces relationship, the Piscean need for constant adoration may be a major irritant for the partner. The Gemini – born often feels smothered and tied down with the Piscean desire for their continual attention and vague – seeming expectations. While they prefer to go out and enjoy, the Pisces born will always want to have a good time in seclusion and isolation. This clash of interests can also lead to a rift between the couple. However, with a determined effort to establish a good rapport and understanding of each other, the Gemini with Pisces relationship can be a success.

  • Pisces-Cancer:For the Cancer and Pisces couple, there are just few aspects of the relationship that require attention. Both Cancerians and Pisceans are somewhat private individuals and though connect with their partner, still are unable to share everything. There is still part of their personality that is unknown to the other. The problem occurs when either wants to delve to deep into the other’s mind and soul and be part of just about every emotion. This leads to a feeling of resentment and further alienation, thus causing a rift between the two.

  • Pisces-Leo:For the success of the Leo with Pisces relationship, communication is key. Both the partners need to continually confide in the other about their feelings and emotions as both are creatures who desire a spiritual connection that goes past their physical interaction. Expressing feelings and being vocal may be something of a challenge for the Pisces, but is something they must work upon for the success of the relationship. Similarly, the Leo – born needs to ensure that their partner is aware of their expectations out of them, so that both can try to satisfy the other’s needs.

  • Pisces-Virgo:The Virgo and Pisces couple needs to work on several aspects of their relationship. They both need to recognize and accept the fundamental difference in their personality traits and refrain from trying to force change. Both partners, particularly the rather reserved Pisces, need to make their needs, expectations and general eccentricities clear to their partner in the very beginning as both have some issues with being expressive and vocal about feelings. They should bank upon their natural loyalty and persevering qualities to further their relationship.

  • Pisces-Libra:Although, the compatibility between Libra and Pisces is harmonious, with a bit of affection and understanding they can make it even more harmonious. As both the partners are sensitive in this relationship they both need to avoid unnecessary arguments and heated behavior in their relationship. The Pisces partner becomes tad too possessive at times which becomes highly intolerable by the Libra counterpart.

  • Pisces-Scorpio:Every relationship has a share of ups and downs. Probably, it becomes boring if things become too perfect. Fights and Arguments are good for a relationship as they tell you even if hard situations knock at your door, you can still handle it together with a smile and greet everything with positivity and love. Scorpio and Pisces – astrologically, they are perfect for each other. Sometimes their traits might be a little exaggerating for each other. Pisces is sensitive, once they are hurt, they will go back to their own shell and not talk for the rest of the day. They will forgive but they will never forget. Scorpios should watch what they say to a Pisces as Pisces never forget anything. A bad incident may completely shatter them, so one should be careful. Dating a Scorpio would be a lovely experience as they shower all their love on their partners but as they are prone to jealousy and possessiveness, Scorpio should try to calm down as they think that their partners might cheat on them. Never be exceedingly emotional with a Scorpio as they tend to drift apart. Otherwise, Pisces and Scorpio is like the Titanic Movie except the guy dying at the end of the movie. Pisces and Scorpio will always have a happy ending.

  • Pisces-Sagittarius:The love compatibility between the Sagittarius and Pisces couple can be rally alarming if they make sincere efforts to understand each other well and gel with each other’s distinctive personalities. The extra friendliness of Sagittarians at times makes their Pisces partner feel insecure. On the other hand, the Sagittarius partner starts losing interest in the relationship when they think that their Pisces partner is being bit too demanding emotionally.

  • Pisces-Capricorn:Capricorn and Pisces share a relationship that is contrasting and definitely proves the theory of ‘opposite poles attract each other’. So their relation is compatible and complementary to each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Pisces-Aquarius:Together, they will have good and exciting times but as time passes by, they will start losing interest as they cannot be with each other for long. Once they realize the negative aspects of each other, they will drift apart. Pisces is very demanding which may be irritating for Aquarius. Aquarius is lost in their world most of the times; they might not care whether their partner is around or not. Aquarius wants freedom and expects their partner to enjoy the spirit of freedom too. Not a great match, after all!

  • Pisces-Pisces:The meeting of Pisces and Pisces is the unity between the two infinite universes of the zodiac chart. Together, they both act as lovers, companions and mates. The unique imagination of Pisces and Pisces couple give them vast inner space to explore their abilities. While dating this unique Pisces and Pisces couple opt for the private secluded corner in a restaurant or a balcony seat in theatre for keeping themselves away from the crowded world. When both the partners remain at home they create a protected environment for themselves with lots of space and no place for rigidity in their work plan. The playful and sensible demeanor of Pisces and Pisces couples gives them ample memorable moments together.

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