famous women in history

Women that have made history (and their signs)

Aries: Billie Holiday (African American jazz musician)

Taurus: Sandra Day O’Connor (first woman appointed to the United States Supreme Court)

Gemini: Chien Shiung Wu (Chinese American nuclear physicist that contributed to the Manhattan Project and is often recognized as the First Lady of Physics)

Cancer: Frida Kahlo (Mexican painter known for her powerful self-portraits and artwork)

Leo: Amelia Earhart (first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo)

Virgo: Mother Teresa (20th Century symbol of humanitarianism known for her charity work and dedication to the Catholic Church)

Libra: Eleanor Roosevelt (changed the role of the First Lady as an activist, politician, and diplomat)

Scorpio: Elizabeth Cady Stanton (early leader of the women’s rights movement and writer of the Declaration of Sentiments)

Sagittarius: Emily Dickinson (revolutionized the world of poetry with her unique and unconventional writing style)

Capricorn: Zora Neale Hurston (African American novelist and anthropologist that gained notoriety during the Harlem Renaissance)

Aquarius: Corazon Aquino (first female president not only in the Philippines but in all of Asia as well)

Pisces: Kate Sheppard (appears on New Zealand’s 10 dollar note as a result of being the country’s most famous suffragette)

Portrait of Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay and her cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray, believed to be by Johann Zoffany.

Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay (1761-1804) was the mixed-race daughter of a British aristocrat. While she was, under colonial law, born into slavery, she was given a unique position. She was educated and given lavish bedroom furnishings. Her work included multiple responsibilities, the most important being that of her uncle’s correspondence, and companion to her cousin. After her fathers death, she became an heiress as she was included into his will. While many of these facts are considered common decency today, Lindsay’s life was rather shocking to many during her time.

Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomin series, was a lesbian.

Her life partner, Tuulikki Pietilä, was one of the most influential graphic artist of all time. Jansson is a celebrated author and artist, as well as a winner of the Hans Christian Andersen award for her contributions to children’s literature.

Don’t overlook the lesbian-ness of these two brilliant women in love, some of the most celebrated female artists of their time.

Engraving of Frances Harper from  William Still. The underground railroad.

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (September 24, 1825 – February 22, 1911) was an African-American abolitionist, suffragist, poet and author. She was also active in other types of social reform and was a member of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, which advocated the federal government taking a role in progressive reform. 

Toni Morrison by  Cathleen Antoine - Oil Paint and Mixed Media

Born on February 18, 1931, in Lorain, Ohio, Toni Morrison is a Nobel Prize- and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, editor and professor. 

If you want to fly, you have to give up the thing that weighs you down 

So give up the love you lost,

opportunities you missed,

give up the burden of that long time grudge,

that old fear that always breaks your spirit

and keeps you locked up in perpetual failure,

gather up air under your wings and get ready to take off,

if you strongly desire success, then you must fly,

so get up and conquer the sky. 

~Toni Morrison

Faith Ringgold  – Self Portrait –  Pastel

Faith Ringgold was born in New York City in 1930. While working as an art teacher in public schools, she began a series of paintings called American People, which portrayed the civil rights movement from a female perspective. In the 1970s, she created African-style masks, painted political posters and actively sought the racial integration of the New York art world. During the 1980s, she began a series of quilts that are among her best-known works, and she later embarked on a successful career as a children’s book author and illustrator.

Famous Autistic men:

Albert Einstein -helped created the atomic age, revolutionized math

Nikola Tesla - inventor / scientist

Thomas Edison - inventor / scientist

Sir Issac Newton - Scientist (physicist), revolutionized math

Fredrick Douglas - social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman.

Richard the lion heart -King/General

Saladin - King/General

Van Gogh -Artist

Famous Autistic women:

Temple Grandin -re imagined more humane and effective slaughter houses for almost all of north America

Madame Curie -discovered the use of x-ray imaging

Emily Dickinson -poet

Rosalind Franklin - Discovered DNA

Jane Goodall -Scientist

Mulan -General

Grace O'Malley - Chieftain of Ireland

Lozen - skilled warrior and prophet of the Chihenne Chiricahua Apache

Hypatia was a real person (here portrayed in a painting by Charles William Mitchell in 1885).  She was a world-famous mathematician and teacher of astronomy and the last librarian of the Library of Alexandria. So why did the painter depict her naked? Because she was stripped by a mob before they murdered her during violent Christian-Jewish clashes in Alexandria in 415 CE

‘Beloved Osho, sometimes I have a feeling that now I am ripe for the world, that now I can go and do those things, ‘What a woman has to do, a woman has to do.’ To go out into the big, wide world, make lots of money, impress everybody and go down in history. I have spent a lot of the last three years in the commune and loved it. But recently, now that I am the closest to you that I have ever been, all these fantasies of fame and fortune emerge. Why can I not just sit down, be at peace with the here and now, and soak up the love you shower upon me every day? Am I really so blind?’

Premdipa, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but the truth is, you are still blind.

There are many kinds of people who have come to me. Most of them are accidental; they had not come with a definite vision of what they were coming here for, and when they came here they got involved in meditations, they got involved with my presence, with my love. They stayed, but deep in their unconscious their old desires were still alive. So on the surface they were feeling very good, but the surface is very thin. Any small incident can open up the Pandora’s box, and all their desires they were thinking had gone are there, more forceful than ever before. That’s what is happening to you.

You say, ‘Sometimes I have a feeling that now I am ripe for the world.’ Please don’t deceive yourself. The day you are ripe for the world, I will tell you. You cannot have a certificate for yourself. You are not ripe for the world.
But this is how mind is cunning. The mind wants to go into the world not because you are ripe, but because all those repressed feelings want their fulfillment: ‘Now I can go and do things.’
And what are the things? ‘What a woman has to do, a woman has to do.’ And very strange things a woman has to do. ‘To go out into the big, wide world, make lots of money, impress everybody, and go down in history.’
The end is not very interesting—go down in history? Or go down the drain? Going down in history means going to your graveyard. History is only a chronicle of those who are dead. Strange idea you have…
‘What a woman has to do, a woman has to do.’ I have never thought about it. Whatever a woman has to do she can do here. Why go into the wide world?
‘Make lots of money.’ What will you do with the money? Create a charitable trust? You cannot eat the money, and you cannot live by money alone—and not just money to survive but lots of money. Have you ever thought about what you mean by ‘lots of money’? Is there a limit to it? Because ‘lots of money’ can mean anything. And how are you going to earn lots of money? Just by doing ‘what a woman has to do’?
Don’t be stupid. There are many stupid women outside and they are doing their job, earning lots of money, and getting ready to go down in history. A strange desire in you… You will go to the grave, only your name may be in history. But that too is a very difficult thing. How many women have gone into history? And how many women have lived on this planet?
And the women who have gone into history are not worth imitating. For example, Cleopatra. She went down in history because she was one of the most beautiful women, and she sold her body to any conqueror that came to conquer Egypt—Caesar or Anthony or anybody else. Her only defense force was, she would sell her body. She must have been the greatest prostitute of the world. Do you think she blossomed, came to her individuality? She was simply a football between the generals. One general would come and she was offering her body, and another general would come and she was ready to offer her body. Certainly she remained the empress of Egypt, with lots of money, and did everything that a woman has to do. But these kinds of ugly creatures are not to be imitated. Only her physical body was beautiful, but her spirit must have been mean, utterly mean.
In love, you can give everything—your body, your mind, your soul—and it is a great experience. But for money or for power, selling your body is the meanest kind of thing in the world.
And what will you gain by impressing everybody?
Here I can tell everybody, ‘Be impressed by this Premdipa,’ and they all will be impressed by you. Everybody will come to you and will say, ‘Premdipa, you are really great! Cleopatra was nothing.’ Outside in society, how are you going to impress? What genius have you to impress the world? Poetry, sculpture, painting, and all those fields are very competitive. Here things are very simple. You just stand up and tell people, ‘A great desire to impress you all has arisen in me. Please be kind enough and be impressed’—that’s all! And everybody will be impressed. And you don’t have to do anything that a woman has to do.

‘All these fantasies of fame and fortune are emerging. Why can I not just sit down, be at peace with the here and now, and soak up the love you shower upon me every day? Am I really so blind?’

Your blindness consists of your repressed desires. You have not cleaned your heart. You have come here and you have put a layer around yourself, but underneath the layer are all the scorpions and all the snakes and all the spiders and all the cockroaches. The first thing for every sannyasin is to clean all these things. And with a clean ground start growing roses; otherwise one day or other these scorpions and these snakes and these cockroaches are going to assert themselves, and they will destroy your whole beautiful garden of roses.
Still, nothing is lost—start cleaning.
A meditator is neither a man nor a woman, because meditation has nothing to do with your body; neither does it have anything to do with your mind. In meditation you are simply and purely consciousness. And consciousness is neither male nor female.
The moment you understand your consciousness, all desires for money, fame, power, impressing people and going down the drain into history, simply disappear.
You have not cleaned the weeds from the ground and started growing roses. Now those weeds are hiding your roses, those weeds have grown up. You were watering the roses but the weeds were exploiting all that watering, all that manure, all that care. And remember the weeds, wild weeds, are far stronger than beautiful roses. They will slowly cripple your roses, destroy your roses, and the whole garden will be full of dead roses and dancing wild weeds.
Every gardener understands it, that first the ground has to be cleaned, all roots have to be removed. All grass, weeds have to be removed from the very roots so they can’t come back again. Only then can delicate flowers be grown.
Meditation is the most delicate flower in existence. You started growing it without bothering about all the rats and cockroaches and scorpions. They remained there and now they are raising their heads in protest. They are all political beings—and very strong fellows.
Scientists say that there has never been any time in history… wherever man has been there have been cockroaches. Or vice versa—wherever there are cockroaches you can infer that nearby there must be human beings. Cockroaches are in such a deep love with human beings; there seems to be no way to get rid of them. I have heard that even on the rocket that went to the moon, the passengers who were going to the moon suddenly found cockroaches. And every care was taken, but somehow cockroaches made their way and went with the people to the moon.
Still, it is not too late. Start cleaning your ground. And you have every capacity, capability, and you have had experiences of beautiful silences of the heart. You have been joyous, in spite of this underlying conspiracy.
And this underlying conspiracy of your mind is now convincing you that you are ripe: ‘Now there is no need to be worried about the world, you can go into the world.’ For what? A person who is ripe in meditation cannot even think of having lots of money, going down in history, and ‘what a woman has to do, a woman has to do.’ This is a strange idea. From where did you get it? Seems to be your own contribution.

Premdipa… everybody has heard her name, now be impressed with her! You will enjoy, she will enjoy. There is no harm, just find her, bow down, and tell her, wherever you see her, ‘I am so much impressed. My God, why do people talk about Cleopatra when Premdipa is still here?’
Why go down in history? Just go around the ashram!

It was the late night news broadcast on CBS, at the height of the hostage problem in Iran. The newscaster announced, ‘And here is the latest flash. There is some good news and some bad news. First the good news: Racquel Welch has offered to give herself in exchange for the hostages and the Ayatollah Khomeini has accepted. Now the bad news: Teddy Kennedy is driving her to the airport.’
Avoid these Ayatollah Khomeinis and Teddy Kennedys.

All your desires can be fulfilled by my people.
Just ask her, ‘What a woman has to do, a woman has to do—what is that?’
Why not do it here? If you want to impress people, impress—my people are compassionate enough. Even if you are not beautiful they will say you are, just a unique quality of beauty.
And as far as history is concerned, you can start writing a history of the world in which you make yourself the greatest heroine who has ever lived. Why wait for other historians, whether they will write about you or not? And here we have many very articulate people who can write. They will start writing a history for you. It will be a great joy to have Premdipa, who is still alive, go down in history. We can make our own history books; there is no need for anybody else to do our job. Beautiful history books, raw-silk bound, with your great pictures in it. There is no need for many copies, just a few copies, circulated to sannyasins all over the world, sent to every center, every commune: ‘It is a must for every meditator to read this history.’
We can manage these things very easily. Outside in the world I am worried that you will be alone. And perhaps you may succeed, you may not succeed. Here success is absolutely certain and guaranteed.

—  Osho

anonymous asked:

I'm going to go on a trip to Paris next month. Do you know of anything to do there/have any suggestions?

I am not from Paris, but I went there several times so I guess I have some suggestion xD. Alright so;

  • Have a drink at Le dernier bar avant la fin du monde They have games you can play and it is great to hang out (it is a geeky bar).
  • Go to the Jardins du Luxembourg and admire the statues of the most famous women in France’s history! I promise you this is great!
  • Visit the Louvres but choose what you want to see because this museum is huge and it takes days to visit it all.
  • Do not hesitate to wander in the center of Paris and look at the architecture. I promise you will find interesting stuff.
  • Visit the Quai Branly (a great museum about first nations and foreign art). It is free if you are under 25.
  • If you can, go to the Shakespeare and co. It is a great library where you can read loads of good stuff.
  • Do not hesitate to enter old churches and Notre Dame. Old churches rules!
  • DON’T! I repeat, DON’T! buy coffee at Monmartre (it is expensive as fuck!) EVERYTHING is expensive here since Amélie!
  • When in need to eat, stop at a Boulangerie and buy a sandwich or a baguette. It is not that expensive and it will always be delicious (come on! It is a BAGUETTE!)
  • The Guimet museum is also amazing to visit (it is about Asian art)
  • If you want to climb the Eiffel tower, take the stairs.
  • Wander a bit by the Canal st Martin and at les Buttes Chaumont. Très Belle époque ;). It is all in the same arondissement and this place is beautiful with all its work with glass and metal.
  • Also; if you can, visit la sainte Chapelle. It is where the Capetiens are buried!
  • There are a lot of theatres near Notre Dame, if you want, you can go see a play.
  • If you want, to avoid the Mero, you can take the Velib (so pleasant when it is hot and sunny)
  • Oh and if you can, avoid les Champs Elysée: it is known to be the place where most of the pickpockets are and it is so touristic you won’t even see parisians here.

So here are my few suggestions, Baguettes parisiennes, en avez-vous d’autres?

Watermelon and Pink Flower

Sin Saimdang

16th century

Sin Saimdang is a rarity in Korean history. Although she lived in the 16th century, she was an artist and a poet. Above is one of her famous paintings. Sin Saimdang, who was also the mother of a famous Confucian scholar, is honored in Korea with her image on the 50000 Won note.

From the Kangnung City Museum.