famous with famous

Rogue: Hey! There’s someone under that bridge! *Waves to him* I wonder if it’s a troll.
Ranger [Rogue’s babysitter]: (Sarcastically) I don’t know, maybe you should go ask him.
Rogue: Good idea!
Ranger: Wait, no- FUCK. I didn’t mean- God damnit…
Fighter: Are you sure you’re the smart one of you two?
Ranger: He just ran under a bridge in search of a troll. I only underestimated his stupidity.
Fighter: Fair enough.

So, during a Shadowrun campaign, we get stuck having to deal with a bunch of mage gangers.  Worth noting, we’ve no mage in the crew.  Magic is very much a weak point.  Which is why the following occured:

Me: “Oh, oh oh oh. I have an idea, but I need a tanker truck with gasoline and an explosive means of setting it off.”

GM: “What’s your Edge?”

Me: “Two.”

GM: “Roll two dice.”

Me: “Two hits.”


GM: “Yes, actually, there is a tanker truck nearby.”

While we didn’t get the idea carried out in that session, it did lead to the following exchange as everyone packed up to leave:

GM: “I didn’t expect you to steal a tanker!”

Me: “I’m sorry, I just started channeling Old Man Henderson!”

Rogue: Say something mean to me.
Ranger: *Sigh* Just do whatever you’re going to do.
Rogue: No, say something mean! That way this will be easier!
Ranger: What if I tell you you’re wasting my fucking time with this stupid conversation?
Rogue: That’ll work. *Proceeds to reopen a bad wound from the prior night.*
Ranger: Why do you do these things?
Rogue: What, it needs to look realistic! *Coughs up blood* …That’s not blood.
Ranger: Just. Stop and hurry up so I can heal you and then smack you again.
Rogue: Fair enough!