famous water falls

DAY 3245

Jalsa, Mumbai                     Feb 15/16,  2017                  Wed/Thu 2:37 am

Birthday - EF - Fatima Mahomed ….
 Thu, February 16 .. and there is need to celebrate the birthday of Fatima, urff Fats .. wishing her lots of happiness and the joys that she exudes for all the group of Yahoo ..

I have heard from Ef Kunal Kapoor @thekkapoor that Ef SWETA PRASAD has met with an accident this evening .. we pray and wish all is well with her .. love 

There is an avalanche of events related to this date the 15th of February .. for on this date in the year of the Lord 1969 .. yes that is nineteen sixty nine .. I became an official entrant to the film industry, by signing my very first film, “Saat Hindustani” ..

the 7 : form the left - Utpal Dutt, Jalal Agha, Anwar Ali, Pushy, Madhu, Madhukar, and the spindly legs one ..

in the monsoon jungles of Goa ..

at the premiere of the film .. Mr Gujral was the I&B Minister, later to become PM for a short while, Abbas saheb and yours truly .. dressed somewhat in Persian attire .. was shooting for ‘Reshma Aur Shera’ in Jaisalmer with Sunil Dutt and Waheeda Rehman and had come down for this event .. the Persian jacket is a borrowed one from a friend who had either just come back from Iran, or was presented one from one who had just returned from there ..

DOODH Sagar is the famous water falls in Goa .. there was no proper way to get to the location .. a goods train passed by once in a day .. so the entire unit climbed onto it, and as it slowed down near the falls we jumped off it  …. shot the entire day and jumped back onto the goods train as it returned .. !! We were an adventurous lot ..

It is also the date for 3 other films :

Errr that Agneepath year should read 27 years and not 17 .. the one that art designed this poster, was probably stuck in a time frame at the first scene of the film at the police station .. hain !!!

‘Bandhe Haath’ was made by that prolific director OP Ralhan .. and Mumtaz the super star and No 1 leading lady of the time, agreed to work with me .. me a zero .. will never forget that gesture of hers .. she was a bundle of energy, vivacious, bubbling with laughter and happiness, and absolutely ‘bindaas’ .. totally un self conscious, full of friendly vibes and just unconcerned about her star status ..

The speech defect style of talk in Agneepath was conceived 5 mins before the first shot .. I had heard an alleged DON speak in this manner and I replicated that .. for the first week the audience forced the Producer to change my style of speech because they were not believing that it was my voice .. so I redubbed the entire film .. I still however like the original …

AAhhhh … so many tales connected with those films and their making .. would take a lifetime to narrate them ..


Amitabh Bachchan