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Nac Shakira 😍😍😍😍 It's amazing how she is literally the most successful and famous wag (Actually it feels unfair to call her a wag since she's probably more famous than Pique) and still she's so natural and chilled out. You look at her paparazzi shots and you couldn't find a more laid back celeb. I love her.

I loooove her ♥️


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Emma and her daughters were in Cardiff stadium? Or Santiago Bernabeu ? No we didnt see them, even Bale dissappered during celebrations . I dont know whats her problem about being wag or famous but she needs to be more calm about it, also nobody care her, fans just want to see happy family happy team pictures. We want to see how supporter his family is like sergio's family. It's his future husband's career and and he is the one of the best football player in the world. She needs to get used to it

I agree with everything you wrote. I also feel that Emma’s problem with being a wag is just too exaggerated. I understand that paparazzis and photos at every moment of their life can be irritating and exhausting, but she’s not the only one that is photographed and this is football. Nobody uses her photos in bad way, people are just curious about Gareth and is family, they want to see photos and there’s nothing wrong in it. She knew Gareth would become even more popular and famous player - so also a celebrity - and there will be more paparazzi. It is impossible to runaway from them and Emma knew it. I know she wants so keep privacy and protect her daughters, but for me her behaviour is taken too far. I think it will be better for her if she gets used to this, because it’s something inseparable from football nowadays. Greetings!


Maripier Morin interviewing Alex Galchenyuk, Brandon Prust & Brendan Gallagher (English)

Let me blog.

Palagi na lang kasing napag-uusapan yung FAMOUS-UNFAMOUS Blogger. Bakit ba kasi hindi matapos tapos ang issue na yan? Importante ba talaga na may title ang isang blogger? Anu naman kung famous sya?

Famous yan kasi…

- Matagal na yan sa tumblr. Normal lang siguro na maraming nakakakilala sa kanya kapag ilang taon na syang nag-ba-blog actively. Lalo na kapag friendly yung blogger at hindi snob.
- Magaling syang magblog. Marami naman kasi sa atin na talented talaga sa pagba-blog. Kaya kung famous man sya, baka kasi maraming nakakarelate sa mga posts nya? At baka laging may sense yung mga bina-blog nya kaya marami na lang yung nagla-like at nagrereblog ng mga posts nya.

Yan naman halos ang common reasons kung bakit may famous blogger.

Pero wala namang masama kung naging famous sya dahil..

Maganda o gwapo sya..
Magaling syang kumanta..
Makulit yung mga posts nya..
Reblogger sya…
Puro oneliners sya..

Ang mahalaga, wala syang ginagawang masama sa kapwa nya bloggers. Kaya kung may mga pagkakataon na naiinis ka sa mga famous, let them blog. Wag mong pakialaman kung ganun sya magblog o kung bakit ganun yung mga bina-blog nya. Tumblr is freedom right?

Unfamous yan kasi..

- Bago ka palang sa tumblr. Syempre don’t expect na makikilala ka agad ng lahat. It takes time.. it needs patience and determination. Kung gusto mong makilala, then start blogging with all your heart. Sa takdang panahon, marami ring makaka-appreciate ng mga posts mo. Don’t envy those famous daw na bloggers. Okay?
- Hindi pa ganun ka intense yung impact sa mga followers mo yung mga posts mo. Pero hindi ibig sabihin na wala kang kwentang blogger if you gain no notes or more than 5. And so kung ganun nga? As long you express yourself it doesnt matter. Time will come, dadami din yan.

Oo totoo na masarap sa feeling na may notes yung mga bina-blog mo. As long as nagiging inspired ka lalo na magblog dahil dun. Pero kung yung notes na natatanggap mo ang nagiging dahilan para maging mayabang ka, well it is another story. Gawin mong pampagana yung notes hindi para magmataas sa kapwa bloggers. Lalo mong galingan sa pagba-blog kapag maraming nakaka-appreciate ng sinusulat mo.

LET THE BLOGGERS BLOG. Wag mo syang pakialaman kung puro shitness halos nasa blog nya. Wag mong pakialaman kung nagiging twitter na yung blog nya kasi puro oneliners. Wag mong pakialaman kung nagiging mala-instagram na yung blog nya kasi puro photos na nya. Ngayon lang naman yan eh. Sooner or later magiiba din yung way ng pagba-blog nya. Be happy sa blog mo. Unique yan at walang katulad. Be proud na na-express mo yung sarili mo dahil sa blog mo. Walang makaka-agaw sayo niyan. Cheer up! Just blog and blog and blog.

Just spread love sa mga kapwa bloggers ko :) Happy blogging! Keep blogging.

Here’s another— a story about Avram Rabinovich, that most famous of Soviet Jewish wags:

Avram Rabinovich, an old man by now, walks into a small cafe near Red Square, sits down, and orders some blini, a glass of tea, and a copy of Pravda. 

“I’m sorry sir,” says the waiter, “I can get the tea and the blini, but the Soviet Union has fallen. Pravda isn’t published anymore.”

“Alright,” says Rabinovich, and that’s that.

The next day Rabinovich is back again, and with the same order. The waiter figures alright, he’s old, maybe he’s having memory problems. So once more he says:

“I’m sorry, sir, but the Soviet Union has fallen. Pravda isn’t published anymore.”

“Alright,” says Rabinovich again, and that’s that.

The day after that, Rabinovich is back again, with the same order. This time, the waiter snaps a bit.

“Look here, sir,” he says “you seem like an intelligent man. How come you come back here every day asking for a copy of Pravda, when you know very well you’re going to get the same answer: the Soviet Union has fallen, Pravda isn’t published anymore!”

“Oh, I know,” says Rabinovich, grinning widely. “But I just like to hear it.”