famous trees that are not ents


Underrated boyband HISTORY says you are their “Queen” in latest MV!


Still don’t get why they aren’t famous yet because this is sick!!!!

Also, Danny is a tech-druid vigilante who combines nature magic with his hacking and coding skills to become Poison Ivy’s sidekick. Eventually he becomes Scott’s personal arch-nemesis, Wolfsbane, although Scott isn’t sure if they’re doing it right because half their fights end with them making out and they flirt way more in class than mortal enemies are probably supposed to. 

It’s not his fault though, he likes Danny. Everyone likes Danny. Danny’s the only one who used to talk to him back before he got Popular, and he still treats him the same now that he’s a famous supermodel. Plus, he didn’t even try and hit Scott up for free Armani samples after he booked that campaign, and Scott knows perfectly well that Armani is Danny’s favorite.

And then the Team tangles with Wolfsbane when he’s trying to bust Poison Ivy out of Belle Reeve. Danny’s got the team of superheroes tangled in mystically enhanced vines and battling walking tree trunks that look suspiciously like Ents and Scott’s totally going to make fun of Danny for being a Lord of the Rings dork later. But for now he settles for getting between Danny and Superboy, because Connor’s doing that angry, scrunched face thing that indicates he’s probably going to stop pulling his punches soon and Scott’s pretty sure that Danny, for all his talents, does not have magic ‘withstand angry Kryptonian punching’ powers.

“C’mon Danny. Can’t we just talk about this? We don’t want to fight you.”

Danny freezes in the middle of a pretty intimidating chant, the runes his fingers etch in the air like glowing LED lights fading away when he fails to complete the appropriate gestures. “Wait. You know my name?”

Scott frowns. “Of course I know your name. Why wouldn’t I? You didn’t hit me that hard, dude.”

“How do you know my name?” Danny demands, glowering at him. He gives good glower. Scott’s considered giving Danny his agent’s number and suggesting he send him a headshot - he’s pretty sure he could be booking work in no time. He just was never sure if hooking your archnemesis up with a gig was appropriate, and he was a little too embarrassed to ask Vixen, in case like, it was a totally obvious No, like duh Scott.

“Umm, werewolf superhero, remember? Superkeen sense of smell? And you’ve been wearing like, the same brand of aftershave since eighth grade.” Scott taps the side of his nose. Still confused.

Danny squints. “Scott? Is that you?”

“Of course it’s me! Who else would it be?” Scott frowns. “Wait. Are you saying, this whole time, you had no idea who I was?”

Danny throws up his hands. His animated tree trunks have all fallen to the ground, and the rest of the Team has gotten out of the vines and are now just standing around looking confused. On the plus side, Superboy’s face has downgraded from Homicidal to merely Constipated. He only has like five expressions, but they work like Defcon Warning Levels, so the Team has refrained from encouraging him to branch out more.

“How would I have known who you were? I don’t have superkeen senses of smell,” Danny says, exasperated. Scott bristles a little. He doesn’t know where Danny gets off being all pissy at him, here. He was the one trying to break a supervillain out. Perspective!

“I don’t know! I figured you like, hacked my email or something,” Scott snaps back, testily. The Team’s eyes bounce back and forth between him and his archnemesis like watching a tennis match.

“I don’t go around hacking people’s personal emails,” Danny sniffs, crossing his arms. “That would be unethical.”

It’s Scott’s turn to throw up his hands. “You’re a supervillain, Danny!”

“Oh please. I’m an antihero at worst.”

Wally raises his hand. “I’m very confused. Is anyone else very confused?”

Artemis and Dick shush him.

“Wait. If you didn’t know who I was, then why are you my archnemesis?” Scott asks, now confused for entirely different reasons. Danny scrunches up his face beneath his mask.

“I don’t follow.”

“Well you just came out of nowhere one day and started targeting me when I was out fighting crime and you called yourself Wolfsbane and that’s why I figured you knew who I was,” Scott explains, waving his arms. “Why else would you do all that?”

Danny’s face remains scrunched.

“Because you were a superhero in the same area as me, you had wolf powers and I had an effective weapon against you, and you’re high profile enough that it was an easy way to make a name for myself. Plus Wolfsbane just sounds cool.”


Wally raises his hand again. “Technically, it was already the name of a comic book character who - “

“You can’t copyright a name!” Danny snaps, almost defensively. Wally drops his hand and shrinks back.

“Jeez. Touchy.”

“I’m high profile?” Scott asks, pleasantly surprised by the thought. “Wait, but that doesn’t explain all the times we made out instead of fighting and then when you flirted with me in class all those times.”

Danny shrugs and examines his fingernails. “You’re hot and I’m shallow.”

“Wait, you made out with your archnemesis? Are we allowed to do that?”

Everyone ignores Wally. Superboy’s face levels back up to Defcon 2. 

“I’m getting bored. Are we still fighting or not?”

“Well it feels a little anticlimactic now,” Danny sniffs. Artemis rolls her eyes.

“Oh my god, you are all so ridiculously gay. Look, it’d be weird to go back to kicking each other’s asses at this point and now we know we can always just throw Scott at your face and wait for you to make out if we need to end this anyway. How about we all go back to our base and talk about this instead of punching more?”

“I like punching,” Superboy sulks.

“Seriously? You’d let me into your base?”

Artemis shrugs. “Trust me, its not like you’d be the first supervillain we brought home.”



“Plus, we have snacks!” M’gann contributes brightly. Superboy nods.

“They are good snacks,” he says, grudgingly.

Danny wavers.

“I’ll even show you where we put a hole in the guys’ locker room to spy on them comparing upper body musculature. They do it like, once a week,” Artemis throws in. Scott, Dick, Wally and Connor all stare at her aghast. Only Kaldur seems unruffled.

“Wait, are you being serious right now?” Danny asks.

“Uh, yeah ‘Mis. Do you really do that?” Wally asks a half second later, worried. Zatanna, Raquel and M’Gann are all deliberately avoiding the boys’ combined stares.

Artemis ignores them all, keeps staring at Danny challengingly. “Come with us and find out or go back to fighting, get your ass kicked, break out of wherever the Justice League puts you and then go home and wonder.”

Danny cocks his head, considering her for awhile. “You’re good,” he says at last.

“I’m amazing,” Artemis agrees with zero inflection. 

Danny shrugs.

And that is how notorious cyber-druid antihero Wolfsbane joined the Team. He changed his name to Hemlock, because while a slight downgrade in cool factor, he said it was probably bad manners to have a name that implied you could kill your teammate. Scott wasn’t thrilled he felt it necessary to share that explanation with him, but then they made out some more and he got over it. They made out a lot more, in fact, before Danny ultimately started dating Kaldur and Scott started dating Kira, and thus began the awkward era of Double Dates Wherein Everyone Avoids Mentioning That There is Way Too Much Sexual History Seated At This Table and Ugh God Why Are We Superheroes Like This.

And if Poison Ivy seems to escape from lock-up every time Danny’s on monitor duty at the Watchtower in the years to follow, well, there’s no actual evidence he has anything to do with that and as long as Ivy seems less inclined to commit acts of wanton destruction and/or harm to humans these days for whatever reason, well. Apparently that’s an off the books arrangement Batman can live with, even if he does stare disapprovingly at Danny an awful lot.

Danny just smirks. He’s had years to build up an immunity thanks to years of exposure to Superboy. The Bat’s got nothing on a Kryptonian’s angry goth phase.