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It's so sad

I love youtube and people who genuinely love making content. So it sucks when people like Jake Paul and several others just make it about money and views. With their fake pranks, diss tracks, beef/drama, getting married for views and overall douchiness/immaturity. It’s ridiculous. They don’t care about anything else and it makes me so sad. The whole appeal of youtube was being able to watch and feel a closeness to who you were watching. Now it’s like a competition, who can out do each other or who can get more views. (Especially with the American youtubers) It’s disappointing. It really is.

wow. team 10 is performing it’s everyday bro at the teen choice awards. all I have to say is why? why are we giving these idiots more attention? I mean I get they’re relevant, but c'mon. you could give that spot to musicians or people who have actual talent. but instead yet again we have jake paul, an indecent role model and just all around jerk getting more views and attention

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parts; (two)

summary: in which you fall in love with a prince that has already fallen for someone else. 

word count: 1,465

warnings: swearing, mentions of sex (no smut tho u nasties)

author’s note: track the tag crowns ft calum for updates!!

Calum Hood was one of your suitors. At least, that’s what his mother had said. Calum was another story, he didn’t seem too happy about being kind of forced to suit you. Yes, he thought you were attractive, but he had his eyes on a completely different person, someone whom his parents greatly disapprove of, and that pissed him off more than anything. If there’s one thing Calum knew about himself, it’s that he didn’t express his feelings very well through oral sentences, he’d rather stay quiet and let his passive aggressiveness show on his beautifully defined face.

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