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Essays in Existentialism: Gryffindor

Previously on Slytherin

In second year, Hogwarts celebrated the ten year anniversary of the Battle. As the sun rose on that late spring day, the feeling of something solemn and ominous rested heavy in the air. Dignitaries from all across the world arrived, stately and somber, to dedicate the memorial. Survivors and fighters appeared, adults that looked oddly shaken upon their return, while many declined the invitation, instead electing to spend the day as far from the school as possible.

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Hello! I haven't read the books but out of love for SanSan have just bought them all and am reading book 1. But I just noticed on your blog reference to something I have never heard of 'Florian and Jonquil' and their link to SanSan. Can you explain what this is and how they are connected? Thank you

Ser Florian is the main character in a tale about falling in love with a maiden named Jonquil. Florian was a great fool and a great knight. According to legend, Florian was homely, wore armor made of motley, and was not of noble birth. He bore a famous sword. Florian first spied Jonquil bathing in a pool that is located in the town of Maidenpool. There are songs about Florian and Jonquil; “Six Maids in a Pool” is one of them. They are favorites of Sansa.

There is a famous song about Florian and Jonquil which Sansa knows. She offers to sing the song to Sandor Clegane but he declines in ACOK, Chapter 18, Sansa II.  

During the Battle of the Blackwater he demands the song, but Sansa sings him the Mother’s Hymn instead. Incidentally, Ownsariver has written lyrics to the song Sansa was to sing to Sandor about Florian and Jonquil in her fanfic here. Be sure to keep a box of Kleenex close.

@nobodysuspectsthebutterfly has an excellent meta about the parallels between Florian and Jonquil and Sansa and Sandor, which I have linked here. Happy reading!

Youtuber AU

Youtuber AU where Adrien runs a vlogging account and Marinette owns a fashion tutorials and whatnot blog.
Adrien has a huge following. He’s tremendously popular whereas Marinette is still sort of just starting out so she’s got a few thousand subscribers but it’s nothing to Adrien’s million fangirls diligently watching and liking every video he posts.
Marinette watches his videos too, of course, and starts to find out she has a pretty huge crush on the pretty boy, falling in love with his kindness instead of fame. But it takes everything out of her to just even comment on his videos, let alone try and contact him.
However both youtubers share a similar secret: both own secret gaming accounts! The two just use voice over videos, but are wildly popular, Marinette’s persona ‘Ladybug’ however being one of the most popular gaming channels on the net. Everyone asks for collabs with her. Even Adrien, who goes under the title of 'Chat Noir’ asks frequently to collab. Although both refuse to reveal themselves for privacy reasons, Adrien can’t help but fall in love with the gamer girl. She’s better than him for sure, but that doesn’t stop him from trying his best to compete with her.
The two also do group games with two other popular youtubers, 'Bubbler’ Nino and 'Lady Wifi’ Alya, respectively.
It’s great, really. But Adrien still wishes for more, wants to know the brave girl behind the screen.
One day in their skype chat, Ladybug announces that she’s headed out to a gaming convention in the same town that Adrien lives in. Ecstatic, he immediately buys a ticket and says he’s going as well.
It’s a little exciting to think that they might actually meet face to face for the first time in years since they first collaborated on a horror game.
While at the con, Marinette spies her famous youtuber crush, Adrien, and begins to slowly melt. Her best friend Alya convinces her eventually to go talk to him and although it’s a struggle, she manages to talk to him for a little.
“I’m actually here to see if I can find someone,” He admits, and Mari immediately begins to think it must be some other popular vlogger.
Eventually they go their separate ways and Marinette pulls up Adrien’s channel later to see he’s already posted a video on his experience at the convention.
While she’s watching, he explains why he was there, “Hey everyone, I just wanted to talk about my time at the convention and it was great, but I was really looking forward to meeting someone I haven’t actually seen face to face before. She’s wonderful and plays games like no other.”
This at first discourages Marinette. She didn’t know Adrien was so interested in gaming. Maybe if she had known they could have had more to talk about!
But then Adrien slips in another sentence that makes her heart skip a beat, “I know she must not be interested in vlogs or even this channel, so she probably won’t see this, but I sure wish I could have found my lady today.”
Through her small, fashion account she places three words in his comment section below the video, which he would soon find later,
“Found you, kitty.”

You’ve talked before about the need to balance the history, and in fact, you even prefer a bottom-up look at this history rather than peppering the story with big famous Founding Father-type characters. That said, can we look forward to meeting some more people from the history books in season 3?
Yes. I look forward to a certain famous spouse and also Washington’s aide to camp, Alexander Hamilton.

Does he sing?
[Laughs] He doesn’t sing, although we do see the commander dancing. Washington shows off his dance moves, which we found he was good at. Hamilton is a bright guy and he knows about the Culper ring. He comes in quite late in the season, though, so I wouldn’t look for him too early. We see him through the filter of our spy story and take our cues from the history on how he felt about John André. But I don’t think Benedict Arnold’s a fan of his.


When the Third Reich occupied her native France while her fashion career was in full bloom, Chanel simply buckled down and invited German intelligence officer Hans Gunther von Dincklage to lead the Nazi occupation of her pants.

It turned out Chanel and the Nazis had more than a keen fashion sense in common – namely, their disdain for Jews. For Chanel, the occupation was a golden opportunity to leverage Nazi laws banning Jews from owning businesses to wrestle her namesake back from the Wertheimer brothers, who’d purchased a majority stake in the company decades earlier.

It didn’t work – the Wertheimer family still owns the Chanel brand to this day. That didn’t dampen Coco’s enthusiasm for the Reich, however, and along with her beau The Dinck she traveled throughout Europe recruiting new agents to the Nazi cause. She even had her very own code name: “Westminster,” so named for her famous ex, the Duke of Westminster. Yeah, we’re guessing von Dincklage didn’t come up with it.

Chanel’s spying career came to an end in 1943, when she attempted on behalf of the one and only Heinrich Himmler to broker a peace deal with Winston Churchill – a last-ditch effort by the Nazis to avoid being trampled to a fine paste beneath the too-thin soles of the Red Army. Churchill refused to see her (he had quite enough shoes, thank you very much, and a Nazi rectum up which to firmly plant every last one of them), but he did see to it that Chanel and her Nazi lover fucked off scot-free to Switzerland. To reiterate: In punishment for their faithful service to the evilest of empires, Chanel and von Dincklage were forced to live in the happiest country on earth.

5 Celebrities Who Were Secretly Spies While They Were Famous

Spies - Part 2 (Luke Hemmings)

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Rating : R

Word count : 1,5K+

Story line : Luke wakes cuffed to a chair and the spy he had a bit of fun with a few weeks earlier appears again.

Part ONE

My eyes fluttered open and I started shifting as every muscle in my body hurt. I groaned as I realized that I couldn’t move and I tried to look behind me as I realized that my hands were cuffed behind my back.

I was seating on a chair; in the middle of a very clean room and I had absolutely no memories of how I ended up in this position. All I knew was that I had been invited to a fancy event and that I had taken a drink at the bar. That was it.

I heard the sound of high heels beating the hard floor and I opened my eyes as they got closer. A woman appeared in the corner of the room and started walking toward me; she was wearing a very tight navy dress and high heels and I couldn’t help but rack my eyes down her body as if her curves were calling me. She was bloody gorgeous and she looked familiar.

Then it hit me. She was the other spy. The one I had had in my bed a few weeks before; the one who surprised me by knowing my name and refusing to tell me hers. She was the girl I had had on my mind all this time.

“Hello, Luke” she confidently said as she approached me and I tried once more to pull on my restrains but they wouldn’t give in; I would have to do it the smart way.

“I knew I’d see you again” I replied as I started searching the back of the chair for something sharp.

“Yeah, right” she said as she rolled her eyes.

“What am I doing here?” I asked as she stopped a few feet away from mine and crossed her arms over her chest.

“There’s no need to search, Luke; I’m not a beginner, you can’t get out of these handcuffs” she sweetly said and I let my shoulders fall back as I stopped moving; “You’re here because I’m going to need you to do something for me”

“How did you know my name?” I asked and she gave me a small smile as she placed her hands on the back of the chair behind me and bent down toward me.

“You’re quite famous amongst the spies; it wasn’t really hard for me to get this kind of information” she stated and I frowned.

If there was one thing that was important in that profession, it was to make sure we always stayed anonymous. We always worked under pseudonyms.

“Oh! So you need my help because you know I’m better than you!” I exclaimed and she raised her eyebrows as she stood back up.

“Better than me?” she repeated and I nodded.

“As a spy, I mean” I said and I saw her press her tongue against the inside of her cheek; “and in bed, as well” I added with a sly smirk and the look in her eyes turned from surprise to amusement in a matter of seconds.

“Oh, you really think so?” she said as she started to walk around until she was standing behind me.

She placed her mouth by my ear and I felt her cool breath hit my neck as my penis started to wake in my pant.

“Do you really think so, Luke?” she repeated as she started to slide her hands down my covered chest.

“Yes” I managed to let out and her teeth immediately closed on my earlobe as she took one of my nipple in-between two of her long fingers and tugged on it.

“Wrong answer” she murmured as I felt myself hardening; I tried to free myself to regain some kind of control but it was no use at all.

She slowly slid her hands back up my body again before coming back in front of me; she had a devilish look on her face and something about the way she was standing really turned me on. I wasn’t used to being that vulnerable; and it wasn’t only the fact that I was restrained; she just made me really weak.

“Should I prove you wrong?” she asked as she reached behind her back and slid the zipper of her dress down.

I gulped as the material slid down her body and I fought not to choke on my own breath as what was under her dress suddenly became visible to my eyes. She was wearing a black bra, black panties and a black suspender belt; and I felt my erection stir in my pants as she took another step toward me and sat on the very end of my laps.

“Answer me, should I prove you wrong, Luke?” she reiterated and I wanted to reach around and wrap my arms around her to press her against my chest and get a bit of relief but I couldn’t.

“Yes” I let out and she smiled as she leaned down and captured my lips in hers. My eyes were closed and I didn’t see her move but I soon felt one of her hand press against my boner as she wrapped her hand around it and gave it a firm squeeze.

“Thought so” she answered as she crashed her lips on mine.

I tilted my head up to try and get a better taste and she allowed my tongue into her mouth as she kept caressing me and it suddenly downed on me that this wasn’t going to be easy. I wouldn’t be able to just pull away if I felt like I was getting too excited; I wouldn’t be able to touch her, to get her ready for me…

“Okay, uncuff me” I breathed into her mouth and I felt her giggle as she let out a small ‘no’ and tighten her grip on me.

“You’re afraid I’m going to make you come in your pants?” she asked as she trailed her lips down my jaw and neck; “hmm? Like a small teenage boy?” she said as she kept moving her hand up and down and I threw my head back as I closed my eyes tightly; “because that’s exactly what I’m going to do”

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A famous supermassive black hole ‘spied on’ with the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS

Cygnus A is an elliptical galaxy at around 600 million light years from the Earth, which has a supermassive black hole at its centre. It is one of the brightest sources of radio waves in the sky and featured in Contact, the famous science fiction novel by Carl Sagan which was made into a film. It has an active galactic nucleus which means that the black hole is “swallowing” material from its surroundings. When this occurs strong electromagnetic radiation is produced, as well as large jets of particles which are emitted from the galactic nucleus at a speed close to that of light, travelling beyond the edge of the galaxy and reaching three hundred thousand light years into the intergalactic medium.

This is the first time that polarimetric observations in the middle infrared region of the spectrum (1) have been made of the nucleus of an active galaxy. “The combination of the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS (GTC) and CanariCam offers unique capabilities for the observation of active galaxies using polarimetric techniques in the middle infrared” explains Enrique López Rodríguez, a researcher at the University of Texas in Austin (EE UU) and the first author of this study, published in the Astrophysical Journal. “There is no other comparable instrument of this kind, he stresses, and no such instruments are expected until the next decade, because the instruments which are being developed now cannot make polarimetric measurements”.

Polarimetry is the technique which studies the intensity and the orientation of electromagnetic waves. “If the observed radiation is polarized in a given sense and with a given dependence on wavelength we can obtain information about the physical mechanisms which produce the polarization. This technique helps us squeeze out the last drop of information from each photon picked up by the GTC” says López Rodríguez". “Polarimetry” he adds lets us eliminate from the observations all the light which is not affected by the magnetic field in the active nucleus, so that we can filter out everything which comes from other sources, such as the galaxy itself, or background stars. This gives us a much higher contrast when we observe the jets and the dust in the galaxy, while studying the influence of the magnetic field on both of them".

On the basis of these observations the astronomers have been able to detect that the plasma ejected from the active nucleus is spiraling around the magnetic field of the jet, which generates a type of radiation known as “synchrotron radiation”, produced by the rapid movement of electrons around magnetic fields. Although this phenomenon had been observed previously at other wavelengths, this is the first time it has been detected in the middle infrared, which has enabled us to confirm that the plasma in the jet of Cygnus A is highly confined by the effect of the magnetic field. These observations allow us to obtain information about the configuration of the magnetic field in the neighbourhood of the black hole (2), valuable information which cannot be directly observed.

A cosmic jigsaw
Astronomers classify Cygnus A as a radiogalaxy because it is one of the most powerful radio sources in the sky. It was observed for the first time in 1939 and it is named because it is the strongest radio source in the constellation of the Swan (latin name Cygnus). Nevertheless this galaxy emits radiation over the full range of the electromagnetic spectrum which makes it an ideal astronomical laboratory, and one of the favourite objects of astronomers, who have been making observations with diverse instruments and at different wavelengths, interpreting them to compose the pieces of a cosmic jigsaw which will let us understand better what is happening in that region of the universe.

Cygnus A has a very complex structure which includes a compact nucleus and opposed jets of matter emitted from the centre of the galaxy towards the edges, all shrouded in a mantle of dust with an irregular structure which is impenetrable to visible light. “It is a paradigm galaxy for studying the formation and evolution of jets, because the dust completely obscures the centre of the galaxy, so that we cannot detect well the light emitted by the jets” explains López Rodríguez.

This is why the research team has used CanariCam, and instrument designed to detect infrared radiation, which is not blocked by interstellar dust.

The Gran Telescopio CANARIAS is uniquely equipped to make these observations. Thanks to its large primary mirror, which favours high spatial resolution, and the CanariCam instrument, which can observe in the middle infrared wavelength range, we can study the infrared radiation emitted by the galaxy. This emission comes from matter which is not hot enough to emit visible light, but are warm enough (around 220K, which is -53ºC) to emit infrared radiation. In addition the polarimetric capability of CanariCam gives an additional dimension of information with which astronomers can analyze to interpret different physical mechanisms.

Until now very little has been known about the polarization of the infrared radiation emitted by the supermassive black holes which are at the centres of the majority of galaxies. Astronomers hope that these, and other similar observations can provide new data which will help them to understand the mechanisms which cause the activity of these cosmic monsters, and their influence on the galaxies which they inhabit.

[1] With the aim of explaining the dominant mechanism which polarizes the radiation from Cygnus A at infrared wavelengths this study presents polarimetric observations at high angular resolution (0.4 arcseconds) in the filters at 8.7mm and 11.6 mm, using the CanariCam instrument on the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS (GTC) of 10.4 metres diameter at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias on the island of La Palma (Spain).
[2] For Cygnus A, the 65% of polarization measured in the middle infrared is close to the theoretical máximum of 70% which indicates that there is a highly ordered magnetic field around the nucleus of Cygnus A.

TOP IMAGE….This is a view of the jets of the elliptical galaxy in Cygnus A. Credit X-ray image: NASA/CXC/SAO; visible light image: NASA/STScI; radio waves image: NSF/NRAO/AUI/VLA.

CENTRE IMAGE….Novel observations by an international group of researchers with the CanariCam instrument on the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS provide new information about magnetic fields around the active nucleus of the galaxy Cygnus A. This is the first time that polarimetric observations in the middle infrared region of the spectrum have been made of the nucleus of an active galaxy. Credit NRAO.

LOWER IMAGE….This is a view of the jets of the elliptical galaxy in Cygnus A. Credit NRAO/AUI.