famous seblaine

Fanfic - No Regrets (When it Comes to You) - 1/1

Title: No Regrets (When it Comes to You)

Prompt: Famous!Seblaine. Sebastian is a thirty-something famous actor who gets constant critique for dating Blaine ten years his junior.

Pairing: Seblaine

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3665

“Sebastian, I think you might want to read this babe.”

Sebastian turned his head in surprise to where his manager Kitty Wilde was holding out a glossy celebrity gossip magazine. He grimaced at the sight since he, being a world famous actor, had appeared on its pages many times before. Most of the stories about him were outright lies or exaggerated truths. He long ago learned never to be upset with what the tabloids were saying about him.

“I’m fine thanks,” Sebastian settling back to drink his coffee. “In the next few hours I will be doing nothing but answering inane questions from interviewers. Not interested in reading that.”

“I think you will be,” Kitty thrusted the magazine in his face.

With a aggrieved sigh Sebastian took the magazine and flipped to where Kitty had booked-mark.

HOLLYWOOD’S FAMOUS CRADLE ROBBERS, was the title Sebastian read at the top of the page.

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