famous romanians

“In The Kiss he (Brancusi) created a profound statement about human bonding, in which a man and a woman kiss not diagonally but frontally. Such a position is possible in reality only for anyone who lacks a nose, but Brancusi, no longer bound by the constrains of literal reality, found it easy to igonre the dictates of anatomy. The man and the woman (who is clearly denoted by the curve of her breasts and by her long hair) are linked at their mouths and stare deeply into each other’s eyes."  (source Eric Shanes’s book about Brancusi)


The Merry Cemetery in the village of Sapanta, Romania. Once a hidden treasure, nowadays one of the most famous cemeteries in Europe. And rightly so! It’s famous for the colored crosses and the humoristic poems the life of the deceased.

Sandra Izbașa (b. 1990) is a Romanian gymnast famous for her many international achievements. She is a double Olympic champion, for the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games, as well as a multiple European and World champion.

She has won a total of nine gold medals, five silver and five bronze in these international events. In addition to her individual victories, she helped the Romanian national team win the top prize on several occasions.


It’s fair to say that the Sibiu Christmas Market is the most famous in Romania. The fair was first organised in 2007 and since then it became better and better. Food, concerts: Sibiu has it all. If you love Christmas: go to the Piața Mare in Sibiu. Have fun and Merry Christmas everybody!

Alina Cojocaru dances in La Sylphide, National Opera in Bucharest. Photograph by Alice Pennefather.

Johan Kobborg, who is the fiancee of famous Romanian ballerina Cojocaru, said he is wiling to move to Romania in January 2014. Kobborg and Cojocaru worked together for the ballet La Sylphide”, which premiered in Bucharest on December 7. Cojocaru danced alongside Steven McRae, first dancer of the London Ballet.