famous ray's pizza

The is the original first Famous Ray’s Pizza on 6th ave & 11th in Manhattan shortly after closing for good as Famous Roio’s in 2014. 10 years ago today, I took a girl who had a boyfriend here. We walked it to see the only other customer in the restaurant loudly yelling jokes about the staff as they prepared his pizza. 

Once we got close and ordered our slices, we realized it was Marlon Wayans.

After he got his pizza, he shook the hands of the staff and left a big tip.

This was my first Valentine’s Day in New York City. 2/14/05.

SIDE NOTES: 1) There was no snow, only rain, 2) There was a ‘Son of the Mask’ poster in the window. 3) This was across the street from a record store called Fat Beats where I would hang out a lot at the time. I mentioned this and when she asked what I did there, the only way I could verbalize the hanging out in a record store experience was “You know… rapper stuff.” 4) Today this location is an unrecognizable Asian Fusion restaurant. I took this photo on Valentine’s Day last year when my movie plans happened to take me to a theater just down the street. Really glad I have a photograph of it. The moral is, take a photo of the places you love because then you’ll have them forever.