famous posts

People who steal art.


You stole this post to a Facebook page named “Naruto Canon Couples”. http://itachiuchiiha.tumblr.com/post/123037728280/true
You should stop stealing art and start working by yourself.

ALSO, this person is reposting whithout permission post of another blogs/artist in his/her Tumblr. You know what “reblog” means? Maybe you should look for the meaning of this word.

People like this person is pathetic; just wanna be “famous” re-posting art without permission.

If you are following this blog and you are a real Naruto Fan, just stop follow it because it’s very sad see how people steal art and has +1000 reblogs; when real artist have less than 100.


@itachiuchiiha your blog sucks, not because you have a lot of reblogs means that you are a good blog. YOU ARE AN ART THIEF.

So my most famous post is doing the rounds again. Usually it’s only five or so people when this happens but I just checked and it’s jumped up by about 12000 notes this time. And it’s still being reblogged.

At this point I’ve given up on damage control. I fucked up, I tried to apologise and some people were okay with that, others weren’t. There’s no way to reach out to everyone who saw it and no way to get them all to understand that yes I have learnt my lesson years ago. That’s the internet. 

But for what it’s worth, I am sorry. 

Thanks to everyone who sent kind words. 

anonymous asked:

are u the person who made that famous post about studying for so many hrs u cant remeber your name but u know how to kill someone with a toothbrush bc ur learning forensics? bc if u are where do u study bc that slogan is a++

Hahahaha thank you! That was me