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Mitleid mit den Tieren hängt mit der Güte des Charakters so genau zusammen, dass man zuversichtlich behaupten darf, wer gegen Tiere grausam ist, könne kein guter Mensch sein.
—  Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860), German philosopher in “The Basis of Morality” (’Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good person.’)

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I guess we're just surprised by the trend. It seems like a lot of really famous UT artists are female. You, WalkingMelonsAAA, Camila, Mileikalvana, AssortedJellies, C-Puff, Lilli-Villa, etc. Plus, by contrast, a lot of the most famous professional artists and animators people know about are male. (Dali, Van Gogh, Nakamura, etc.)

most animation students in my class are male

My List of (General) Art Tips

Heyoo tumblr, it’s me back at it again with the text posts. I’m afraid all my work is going toward school and internship applications at the moment, but someone recently asked me for some art tips, and I really just gushed my entire heart out. I spilled so much of what I learned over the years that I decided to share it here as well.

So get comfortable and grab a hot drink! Here’s, if not an explanation of how to art, a list of comforting things to keep you on track. Enjoy!

- Draw a lot from life. Draw people, get to know the forms and how light, mass, and color interact with each other. Observe a lot. Draw a lot! And don’t be afraid to look at other peoples’ studies and tutorials on how to draw things. Learning to abbreviate real life objects in just a few pencil strokes is a highly personal process. Developing a good way to do this while keeping to your own style can be hard! But seeing how other people have tackled the problem and seeing how you can do so in comparison is helpful! Just remember not to copy anyone’s style or work directly. See HOW people draw and how things look in real life, and figure out how YOU’LL make it work!

- Proko is a great youtube channel for learning to draw the figure and human forms. I’d suggest checking it out! Make sure you try gesture drawing to get your characters to have that “flow” or “bounce.”

- Try to draw realism before you draw cartoons. It’s sort of an established rule that you have to “know the rules before you break them.” It’s a simple fact that you have to know the proportions of the human body before you exaggerate them. (Or any body, for that matter. Hell, draw anything realistically first if you want to exaggerate it later.) It’ll lead to more realistic movement, positions, features, and believe it or not, no matter how abstracted a cartoon is, the best characters are designed by those who understand how the body works first. More knowledge is put into a “simple” cartoon than you’d think!

- Remember that art block is inevitable and that it doesn’t mean you’re getting worse, it actually means you’re getting better. There’s a great video by Sycra that I always recommend. In it, he explains how there are two types of art improvement: your vision and your actual skill. Have you ever been able to perceive how one work was better than another and a friend simply couldn’t understand? Or has a professional pointed out some flaw in a work that you can’t comprehend? Have you looked back at old drawings that you thought were good and thought “wow, how did I even like that?” That’s vision. That’s the ability to see mistakes and apply your experience in art. It gets better over time, and that’s why, even though you improve, your art seems to “get worse.” Improving vision is what eventually leads to you improving your skill, and is actually the best time to just keep drawing! I’ve seen that, personally, when I improve in my vision and get in a major art block, my skill rockets up soon after. Here’s the Sycra video for more explanation! I don’t do it justice here.


- Speaking of youtube, youtube tutorials are also AWESOME. Sycra. Proko. Harry Partridge. Jazza. Aaron Blaize. CubeBrush. Speedpaints are also amazing to watch as well, to see the process happen!

- Take good criticism graciously, and don’t worry about the bad. I say good criticism, since there is a type of bad criticism. Good criticism is the type that people give to help you improve. “I think your bodies are a little off proportion. They’d be better if you fixed this!” They’re helping you improve your work. They are aware of what you intend to do with your art (intention is important) and they’re helping you get there. Bad criticism is not helpful to you or what you’re trying to do in any way. For example, saying “I don’t like it.” without telling you why isn’t helpful, it just brings unneeded negativity. “I think you could improve the energy of the piece if you moved this to the left.” THAT’S criticism. Bad criticism is evident of an inexperienced critic. Good criticism is a blessing and is highly valued in the art community. It helps you improve faster than you would on your own! Learn where the line is and never cut someone down for sharing their opinion (Even if you think it’s a load of bull, being gracious is professional!).

- Also remember that getting criticism doesn’t mean you’re a “bad artist,” so don’t take it to heart! Even the best artists get it! People in museums get it! Famous animators, comic artists, cartoonists, you name it. But what makes you the best kind of artist is how you take the criticism and use it to your advantage, making yourself better than you were before. Every single criticism you get is something you now know. It’s an achievement unlocked, a new skill acquired. They’re not pointing you out as being “worse.” They’re willingly letting you become a mega-human, absorbing their KNOWLEDGE AND POWER that you may have not had before! Remember that you are, at every moment, a better artist than you’ve ever been. And all you have to do to improve is to listen to peers and keep drawing.

- Keep drawing. Just. Keep. Drawing. Draw everything. Observe everything. Draw. Repeat. I CAN’T EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH. The action of drawing makes you better at drawing. As I’ve said before, each drawing you make is in the past, and even if you hate it, the next one will be better.  To quote Chuck Jones: “Every artist has thousands of bad drawings in them and the only way to get rid of them is to draw them out.”

- Art is going to suck sometimes. And at other times, it’s really going to be freakin’ awesome. It’s a rollercoaster ride, but seeing yourself improve makes it all worth it in the end.

I hope these tips were helpful! They’re sorta general. People pay to go to art school for the many specifics, unfortunately. I may start a Patreon with tutorials later on though! If I make one you’ll probably be able to check back there for drawing tips on the specific stuff.

Now go forth and DRAW, my fellow artrepreneurs!! Best of luck to you!!

- Marley/Oliver

With all due disrespect to all y’all non-black people using or sharing content with the word nigga in it

If you aren’t Black (especially if you’re wh*te) and you post* memes or whatever with the word “Nigga” in it, you ain’t slick. It’s still antiBlack. AND HERE’S WHY.

TLDR/Abstract: No matter with or without “the hard R” wh*te people and non-Black people of color are always and forever actually saying “nigger” and can never ACTUALLY use the word Nigga.

The most important thing to know about “Nigga” and “nigger” (as well as their translations in most languages in industrialized nations) is where it fits in the world of profanity. Like all things Black it upsets and rearranges how we think about the genre. But less abstractly and to the point, when looked at as profanity we can reveal some interesting truths and facts about how they operate.

Nicest lil tidbit is that linguist theorize that profanity, curses, and swear words all come from “word magic”. Famous example is that early germanic people had taboos about saying wild animals “proper” names (because they might summon them); so to avoid summoning them by saying their name they’d use euphemisms. The branch of those languages that contributed to English used the word for “brown” to refer to bears. Same with curse words, they come into a language to express the will that a subject or object be cursed. These words are so specialized our brain doesn’t even process them as words, the language area of the brain doesn’t react to “cow” or “Europe” in the same area as it reacts to “f***”.

Out of this, applied to nigger we can say it is a sort of curse word. The curse being literally the damnation of being, of existing, as Black. Combined with the violences usually seen before, during, or after its said, it is also imbued with the curse of death. What’s more, the word is somehow stuck in time. nigger will always be a plantation word, a lynch mob and gratuitous meaningless violence word. It will always summon the noose and the razors edge a nigger has to walk to keep pre-dead in this world.

Nigga, is all that violence and curse defused but not diluted. Nigga is all that nigger is but spoken as a joke because both the speaker and the subject are, by the fact that they still live, in open defiance of the world that branded them niggers. It communicates an inborn camaraderie that we are hated and despised things. Hate and despised not by historic accident but because the historical projects of white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy and ablism to name a few, all rely on everyone’s ability to say “at least we’re not niggers”. And we can laugh and say nigga with a smile because we know how beautiful we are, and how terrifying we are to everyone around us.

And this is the truth of it, you CAN NOT use Nigga if you’ve never been in a niggerised being.

But say it if you want to, but being that your body is not and by design can not be niggerised, in the binary of power it puts the whip in your hand (white and non-Black Poc hand), the noose and the body in your front yard(white and non-Black Poc front yard even if you don’t have one). You would never be the nigger, you couldn’t handle a moment of it.

 05.02.17 | Hello!! I recently hit 200+ followers, and am officially on summer break, and have wanted to do something to celebrate! (I wanted to do something for 100 followers, but school got in the way T o T) So I have decided to do blog compliments and bujo doodle requests!

Being an art student, I want to offer up something I can do for you guys! And what better than doodles? Plus I want to check out more blogs!

For the rules and more details, please read below the cut!

This won’t happen if this post gets bellow 10 notes.

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Anonymous said:Imagine the Lost Boys proving to you they care. I’m sorry it’s not a specific guy but I couldn’t chose between my sweethearts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, anon, for sending in a request! I wouldn’t have been able to choose either, so no worries there. I’ll post your requested imagine up soon!

I hope that this will suit what you were looking for.

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

And the bottom gif is credited to: http://lostinsantacarla.tumblr.com/

Imagine: The Lost Boys proving that they care for you.

It was a peculiar thing to think about the most mysterious boys in Santa Carla proving that they cared for you. It caused many citizens upon the board walk to bat a few eyelashes and glue their eyes to you. They knew not to mess with you.

David, the charismatic leader of the group, would send one ghoulish glower at any offender and send them quaking in their boots. He was awfully protective of you, and whenever you would stray, - head towards danger -, he would show up and command you to come away with him.

Dwayne was practically your personal bodyguard, his muscular stature was almost impenetrable. And his hawk-like glare and brooding expression would cause sheer uncomfortable energy to surround and overwhelm whomever was bothering you. He was like your guarded wall.

Paul and Marko were a duet in proving that they cared for you, always offering you entertainment and a wonderful sense of humour. If you were upset, Paul would horse around, doing impressions of famous people or pretending to be animals or something immature and funny. Marko would flash you his Cheshire grin, which always made you happy; along with his shoulder to cry on.

Neither of these boys were comforting with words, but their presence made you feel safe, as they brought you care and a fun night for eternity.

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow for more.

A little Halloween themed domestic!5sos for @pretendtobepunkrock’s blurb night!

Domestic!Calum’s first October with his baby girl would be spent stressing over what to dress her up as for Halloween - the two of you would argue over the multitude of options for baby costumes which would include a variety of different animals, movie characters, and famous people. And when you only had one week before Halloween, Calum would be so frustrated that he’d suggest the weirdest things (“a creepy doll figurine! Or a gothic rocker! Or me!”), to which you would reply with an “absolutely not”. In the end, the two of you settled with a simple but adorable pumpkin costume that suited her wonderfully, and Calum had insisted that the two of you also dress up in frumpy pumpkin costumes to match. And though she wasn’t old enough to trick or treat yet, everyone who arrived at your house agreed that she was the cutest baby on the block.

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do you ever feel like you wanna re-animate w2h? Like add something you learned how to do later or maybe because you know you can do better now or something like that?

Well I did add a few things to the “HD version”, which exists solely because the one festival I got into told me the file I sent wasn’t HD… I was so fried I didn’t even notice… but when I opened the project file back up there were source files that were missing or moved around, so I had to spend some time fixing stuff up anyway and figured I might as well.

But as for like… actually going back and polishing it? FFFFFFuck no, hahaha. I’m bothered that it isn’t the level of quality I know I’m capable of, but that was a risk I took in order to focus on telling such a long, dialogue-heavy story. It was a trade off for actually completing it. I would much rather apply my skills to making something new; to continuing what I started. I mean it’s like…. it accomplished more than I ever hoped it would, so I’d rather run with that energy and move forward than toil with something in the past.

Maybe one day when I’m rolling in a pile of money from being a famous animator (my favorite oxymoron) I can pay people to go back and touch it up for me. Keep re-releasing it like a special edition Star Wars cut. Haha

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grats on 100! :3 you deserved it (and more!). could you please do GoM + teppei attempting to buy pads and tampons for their gfs who are stuck in bed with the cramps (and very grumpy) :D

Thank you so much~ I am sorry it took long, but here it is, I hope you will like it ^^

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Just A Movie

Summery: Cas gets jealous when he reads the readers mind during a movie and discovers the readers crush for a certain star spangled superhero.

Castiel x Reader

Warning: none really, jealous!Cas

Word count: 986

A/N: anonymous asked: Can you please make a imagine with cas, where he is dating the reader, and for some reason, he gets really jealous? :33

Castiel loved movies, he loved being able to understand Deans references and make references himself, that’s why movie night was a big part of your relationship. Every Friday at 7:00 PM Castiel would pop by and, whomever’s turn it had been that week would have a movie selected. You tended to favour the nerdy side of cinematic entertainment while Castiel favoured documentaries or varying animals and/or important famous people.

It was safe to say that you were much better at picking movies than your boyfriend, and it just so happened to be your turn to pick a movie, and tonight’s selection? None other than Captain America: The First Avenger starring a one handsome Mr. Steve Rodgers.

You thought Castiel might enjoy a action movie and, hopefully, lay off the documentaries and biographies.

“This does look interesting.” he mumbled as he starred at the movie case in hand, turning it over to examine the back.

“Its amazing, trust me.”

With a nod from the angel you set the disk in and pressed play, cuddling back up to Castiel.

You had made a comfortable haven of downy feather pillows and fluffy blankets on your bed with a big bowl of popcorn resting on the nightstand, not that Castiel would eat any of it.

You thought this would be a nice movie to watch, you loved it and had a feeling Castiel would love it as well, but sometimes you forget just how much of an angel Castiel is, and being an angel gives him certain… mind reading abilities.

The movie was playing and you couldn’t help but smile when a bumbling and tiny Steve Rodgers came onto screen.

You always thought that Castiel was kind of like Steve Rodgers, before and after.  

Castiel could be the most clumsiest person at times, but he’d always stand up for what was right. Even when he was up against his own brothers, when he was pushed around and belittled, he was always there for those who mattered to him. He wanted to understand movie references and the culture of humans. He wanted to do what was right, he wanted to protect those he loved. He was loyal and brave and you loved him immensely for it. 


You looked up at Castiel who was now watching you with curiosity.


“I asked why you are smiling.”

“What? I’m not.”

“Yes you are.”

“No I’m not.”

“You’re smiling right now.”

“Oh.” you laughed, snuggling deeper into Castiel and turned back to the movie.

Man oh man look at those muscles. you thought as Steve stumbled out of the machine, now ripped and looking better than ever.

You felt Cas shift under you uncomfortably.

I don’t know how Peggy doesn’t just jump his guns now.

Another shift from Cas.

“You okay Cas? Are you uncomfortable? I can move-”

“I’m fine.” he said rather grumpily, arms tightening around your waist.

Weird… Holy smokes can Steve get any hotter?

You heard Cas scoff under his breath and you turned to look at him.

“Something wrong?”

“I’m not liking this movie very much.”

“It’ll get better, promise!”

Besides, we haven’t even seen him in his uniform yet.

Cas groaned and you ignored it.

That’s how the movie went, Castiel would scoff or grumble under his breath, shake his head or roll his eyes, he even started to mutter things like

‘I can do that’

‘I’m much stronger than him’

‘I’m suppose to believe he saved the world?’

‘I’m much more attractive than him.’

You paused the movie at the last comment and turned around so you were facing him.

“Cas, what is this all about?” you demanded, arms crossed with an eyebrow perched in question.

Cas grumbled something, crossing his own arms and looking away from you.

“Cas, what is it? Of course you stronger than him and more attractive than him-”

“You don’t seem to think so.”

It was your turn to scoff as your eyebrows knit together in confusion.


“I was listening to you speak in your head-”

“You were what?! Cas!”

“I’m sorry but you have such a cute inner monologue when we watch movies-”

“Do you always read my mind when we watch movies?!” you yelled, a little more than upset.

“N-not always…” Cas stuttered before he realized his advantage

“You think he’s attractive.”

“W-wha-pfft… n-no I-”

“I don’t think he’s attractive, in fact, I think he looks funny wearing tights.”

Leave it to Cas for the lame insult.

“Yes Cas, I think he’s attractive, just like Sam and Dean are attractive, but do I love them? No.”

“But you think-”

“Just because they look good doesn’t mean I like them!” you laughed “Besides, you’re much more attractive.”

Castiel puffed out his chest a bit, a smirk growing on his face.

“Good, because you belong to me.” Cas said growling a little as he pushed you back onto the bed and hovered over you, arms on either side of your head.

“You wanna know why I like Captain America so much?”

“Why?” Castiel said, eyes darkening in the slightest.

“Because he reminds me of you.”

Cas tilted his head at your words, trying to find a connection.

“You’re both brave and strong, you both protect the people you love. Not to mention you really suck at understating references.”

Cas chuckled under his breath.

“Who do you want?” he questioned, lowering his lips towards yours.

“You.” you say as you wrap your arms around his neck.

“Say it.”

“I want you, Cas.”

Castiel’s smile widened as he pressed a kiss to your lips, his hand tangling in your hair.

“Say it again.”

Cas,” you giggled cupping his face “I only want you.”

“One more time?”

Pushing up slightly you smashed your lips into Cas’, tugging him down by his shirt collar causing Castiel to grab for your hips.

“I’m yours, Cas.”

“Mmmh,” he hummed happily, kissing the underneath of your jaw “Mine.”