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Almost Like Praying and those Trump tweets
Lin-Manuel Miranda on NPR's All Songs Considered
Almost Like Praying and those Trump tweets

Press play to listen to Lin speak on staying in his lane, his island, what we do in the face of horror, and those Trump tweets:

“Well, listen, there are people way more famous than me that yell at the president on twitter all day. First of all, the only reason this is news is because I’m not like that. I really take pains - I think it’s important to stay informed, I think it’s important to stay aware. At the same time I’m very aware that my twitter feed is a relief for people who are reading a lot of dire news everywhere else. I say good morning and good night every day. I post snippets of my son singing about trains. I post bad dad jokes. I post pictures of Ducktales.

It only made news because that’s usually what I’m like. At the same time, I’ve never seen a sitting president attack the victims of a natural disaster. I don’t know how a human gets there. And I used the only words I had left for it. Every other word failed me. That was not an impulsive tweet. That was just the only thing I could think to say in the face of a sitting president attacking the victims of a disaster and the elected officials on the frontlines trying to help their people.”

On the song:

“I hope it provides catharsis. It certainly provided catharsis for me to write it. I also hope the names of these towns will never be forgotten, and I hope that people have their catharsis - to quote the kids - they cry in the club and then they get back to work. ‘Cause we have a lot of work to do.”

Listen to the full 15 minute interview here.

I got a notification by Diplo 


I’ve compiled a collection of tweets of famous people/companies paying attention to me on Twitter and it’s all very exciting.