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Eminem on his romantic life
  • interviewer: What about your love life? Do you date?
  • Eminem: Not really. As far as going out, like dinner and a movie – I just can't. Going out in public is just too crazy. I mean, I'd like to be in a relationship again someday. Who doesn't? It's just hard to meet new people, in my position.
  • Interviewer: You mean being famous?
  • Eminem: No, I mean being gay [laughs]. Kidding.

anonymous asked:

I'm a bisexual girl, and I feel that I like girls more. I'm kind of afraid I'll never meet a girl who's also bisexual or lesbian & I'll never have a relationship with one. I'm always attracted to girls that are clearly straight. And if they're lgbt they're like famous. I'm not really wanting a relationship with a guy currently but if I met a guy I liked I'd be satisfied :// I just don't wanna be alone and never be with a girl

You’ve probably met more non-straight girls than you think - the problem isn’t necessarily meeting them, its knowing they’re not straight. Looking online or joining up with lgbtqia+ groups or going to lgbtqia+ events can also help you meet people.

also a lot of people who are “clearly straight” aren’t necessarily straight. I know it’s pretty easy to just assume everybody you’re interested in is straight and you won’t have a chance, but you can’t really tell somebody’s sexuality from their appearance in so many cases.

Sugarscape interview with Jack-
  • Sugarscape: My Patronus would be…
  • Jack Barakat: A turtle. I love how they just chill and always look happy, I like that about them. I like to pretend that they're never sad.
  • Sugarscape: If I'm at a buffet table, the first thing I reach for is…
  • Jack Barakat: Gotta go straight to the dessert area. Can't go wrong with chocolate cake, that's always a good thing to start a meal with. Then go savoury.
  • Sugarscape: My go to karaoke song is…
  • Jack Barakat: 'Living on a Prayer' [by Bon Jovi]. Because I shouldn't be singing it because it actually takes a good singer to sing it, so it's a challenge. It's a really hard song to sing, I wanna be challenged. I don't think anyone's ever made it sound good, I think it's hilarious.
  • Sugarscape: If I got my leg stuck down the toilet, the first person I'd call would be...
  • Jack Barakat: Shit! I'd probably call Alex and tell him that I'm gonna be missing the next tour. He wouldn't be helpful in the slightest. Rian would be a good person to ask for help.
  • Sugarscape: My phone background is…
  • Jack Barakat: A calming picture. It's this green tube that you use in the pool, sitting in arctic water. It's really cool looking. It's like summer and winter in one picture. It used to be Niall Horan from One Direction. He's my favourite one.
  • Sugarscape: If I adopted a famous person, it would be…
  • Jack Barakat: Possibly Niall, but on a bigger spectrum I think it would be cool to have Chris Pratt as my son, even though he's older than me. It seems like he'd be fun. He's a goofball.
  • Sugarscape: If I could only take 3 items to space with me they would me…
  • Jack Barakat: My iPad to watch cartoons, I'd like to figure out a way to eat cheeseburgers every day up there so maybe like cheeseburger ingredients and a grill, and a bottle of whisky. Maybe a million bottles of whisky.
  • Sugarscape: I first realised I was officially famous when…
  • Jack Barakat: We still don't consider ourselves famous, but maybe 'well known' in the rock world. I think it was when fans started waiting after the shows to meet us, that was really weird. When we first started out, the only people coming to shows were peers, people from our high school, they were waiting around after to meet us, they were waiting around after to party, hang, be our friends. So once we actually got fans waiting around for signatures. I remember feeling like 'this is so strange. Why do you want me to sign this? This is so weird.'
  • Sugarscape: On my birthday I'd like… to jump out of a giant cake.
  • Jack Barakat: Good question. Niall.. hahaha. He'd be like 'I'm not gonna get in the fucking cake but I'll come and hang out with you."