famous nurse

Will Solace Headcannons. #1

- Will’s hair, eyes, and freckles glow when he’s excited, in love, or embarrassed.

- He kicks serious butt in the capture the flag games.

- His healing powers are better on the battlefields, because he’s normally in the sunlight.

- Whenever he’s angry or upset, the lights in the room flicker. If he’s outside, the sun gets hotter.

- When he isn’t in camp, he works at a music store with a few other people, and Nico is a normal customer (normally just to see Will.)

- He learns to play the piano and loves to surprise Nico and Hazel with some ragtime songs. (Mostly Scott Joplin.)

- Will had a crush on Bianca for like five seconds before he saw Nico.

- Will only wants to be a doctor because his mother was a famous nurse in his city, and he doesn’t want to disappoint her.

- His real dream is to join the Marines as a medic.

A 25 foot sculpture portraying Alfred Eisenstaedt’s photograph of a sailor kissing a nurse stands in Times Square to celebrate and remember the end of World War II. Couples have gathered to reenact the famous kiss.  


May 14th 1881: Mary Seacole dies

On this day in 1881, the nurse Mary Seacole died in London aged 76. Originally from Jamaica, the young Mary was taught her nursing skills by her mother. When war broke out in the Crimea, she applied to give medical assistance to wounded servicemen but was refused, and so gave treatment independently. Her patients admired ‘Mother Seacole’ and helped raised money for her after the war when she was left destitute. Despite her exemplary national service and popularity in Britain, Seacole faced discrimination at home due to her race, and was unable to vote or hold public office. She has thus often been forgotten and placed in the shadow of famous Crimean War nurse Florence Nightingale, however, in 2004 Seacole was voted the greatest black Briton.

International Nurses Day

Okay guys, so here’s the plan!

Get your nursing/midwifery uniforms on, students, Assistants, and RNs because we’re about to take May 12th by storm (Florence’s Birthday)!

Snap a photo of you in uniform, studying or any other crazy moment from your time in nursing school or on the floor.

Keep this photo or all 3 in collage style and write a blurb about your original inspiration for becoming a nurse, your struggles, your accomplishments and your reasons now for wanting to be a nurse still.

I will be creating a new blog specifically for IND May 12th and setting up an email for everyone to send their photos and blurbs to to have published.

The blog and email address are in the process of being made but will be ready by this coming weekend.

Please specify if you would like to remain anonymous, or if you would like to have your blog tagged in your post !

It would be awesome if we can make this go viral! We are such a close knit group and we have proved time and time again that we support one another through our journey, and that of our patients xxx