famous kansans

((Every time I read about Carrie Nation I can't stop laughing.

Maybe it’s the hilarious overkill involved in using a hatchet to smash up saloons, calling herself a “bulldog running at the feet of Jesus, barking at what He doesn’t like,” greeting bartenders by saying “Good morning, destroyer of mens’ souls,” and screaming, “Men, I have come to save you from your drunkards’ fate!” Or maybe it’s the fact that she had her name “Carry A. Nation” registered as a trademark in the state of Kansas. Or the fact that she got banned for life from Kansas City, Missouri for literally crashing several parties. 

And maybe the fact that she kiiiinda reminds me of my mother. :P 

I was gonna do an actual post on her today, but then I remembered that no one really likes her. haha. But she was kind of a badass.

I feel like she and John Brown are the two Kansans that will forever haunt Missouri’s dreams.))

Nora Douglas Holt (1885 or 1890 – January 25, 1974) was an American singer, composer and music critic. Born as Lena Douglas in Kansas City, Kansas, she was the first African American to receive a masters degree in the United States. She composed over 200 works of music and was associated with the leading figures of the Harlem Renaissance and the co-founder of the National Association of Negro Musicians. She died in 1974 in Los Angeles. 


Carrie Nation- From the Ken Burns PBS documentary “Prohibition”