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For everyone wondering, this is just one of the 2009 interviews where Taylor clearly played victim and tried to use Kanye interrupting her speech for attention. Like, she made it sound like her murdered her cat and cooked it for the Queen of England and WANTED everyone to know how she REALLY felt.

Me as a famous singer/songwriter

Interviewer: Your new hit single is so deep and heartfelt. You can really feel the emotions that went into it. What was your inspiration?

Me thinking about my OTPs relationship, and gets choked up.

Me: Came from a really real place, it came from the heart.


“A small cute child like you shouldn’t have that much power in your hands…”

In an interview with famous FBI profiler Robert Ressler, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer admitted his murder spree was largely motivated by the need to control and overpower others; Dahmer viewed the slightest rejection as a rebellion against his percieved power, and punished his victims with torture and death.

When Ressler expressed doubt that Dahmer could commit murder purely to assert control, Dahmer replied that if a young, good looking man had freely submitted to him and did all he pleased, then that man would have left his apartment alive.

What about Stiles as a late night talk show host and Derek as an actor/activist.

The show always opens with a recap of the days news with a comedic spin on it, and Stiles has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t support the Republican nominee, Gerard Argent, because of his regressive stances on global warming and many social issues.

Derek has been an outspoken supporter of Melissa McCall, the doctor turned politician after she saw what the healthcare system was like on the inside. She is a 4 term Senator and the former Governor of California. She has made huge strides in environmental reform, universal healthcare, and lowering the cost of higher education. 

Derek is set to appear on Late Night with Stiles Stilinski to promote his newest film, a blockbuster superhero movie.  He’s been using the press tour to talk about real issues and the elections.

So Derek comes on the show and Stiles, who has spent the last 3 years of his life interviewing incredibly famous and talented people and before that he was on SNL, he’s seen his fare share of attractive actors and singers, but when Derek walks out his jaw nearly drops.

He had seen Derek before sure, but not this close, and pictures didn’t do him justice.  Honestly are his eyes magic? Does he pay someone to perfectly shape his stubble? Are the arms of his shirt going to rip because of his muscles?  But he’s a professional so he get’s himself together and starts the interview like he does most of them, with a handshake and a smile. 

He’s his usually goofy self, he flirts in most interviews because that’s just who he is but maybe he flirts a little more with Derek. And Derek seems to be flirting back.  This happened sometimes, but he wasn’t expecting it from Derek freaking Hale.  He’s one of the biggest movie stars of the decade and could probably have anyone he wanted. 

And Derek’s having a blast, usually these interviews feel forced but this ones just flowing and he won’t admit it, but he loves Stiles’ show. He’s watched since the start almost three years before and the show has just gotten better and better. He can’t tell if Stiles is just being extra friendly with him or if he’s flirting, but he’s hoping it’s flirting because he’s watching Stiles’ mouth and he wants to kiss it. 

They go to commercial  and Derek breaks down and admits he’s a fan of the show and that he really loves how Stiles talks about the issues and Stiles is bright red but he’s still his charming self when he tells Derek he really does love his movies and he’s a huge fan of his advocacy work.

The show ends and as soon as the cameras shut off Derek asks Stiles out because he’s just as amazing in person as he is on TV. Stiles has to make sure he’s not being punked before he says yes.

They end up having a great time and dating for years, Stiles even presents Derek with his first Academy Award three years later, and Derek proposes to Stiles on the after show that Stiles is hosting. 

It’s a great proposal, President McCall called them after to congratulate them and thank them for the campaigning they had already started for her reelection. She even went to the wedding.