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Most Spooky Cemetery: Highgate Cemetery, England

Winner of this years Most Spooky Cemetery Award is Highgate Cemetery in England.  Other than some of the amazing architecture seen in the cemetery, and being the final resting place for famous people such as Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, and Charles Dickens’s parents, this cemetery is known for its ghosts and strange occurrences.

Several incidents have been documented in the cemetery. One account is that of a man whose car broke down near the cemetery gates.  To his horror, peering out at him from the graveyards iron gates was the face of a ghoul with glowing red eyes.  

Another man was horrified when he saw a strange phantom with pointed ears, glowing eyes, and a large nose jump over the graveyard fence and land in front of him.  Many believe this sighting to be that of the infamous Spring-Heeled Jack.

Other than these two specific incidents, others have reported seeing the spirit of a nun floating over the graves.  A dark figure in a shroud has also been seen standing still and staring into space.  If it is approached, it will immediately disappear.  Once it vanishes it will reappear a short distance away, still staring at nothing.  The ghost of a crazy old woman with long gray hair can also be seen running among the gravestones.  Legend states that she is searching for her children, which she supposedly murdered.  

Finally, the most famous haunting in this cemetery is that of The Highgate Vampire.  Unlike classic vampires, The Highgate Vampire is described as a 7ft tall, shadowy man.  He has piercing eyes, a long black coat, and a top hat.  When seen he vanishes into thin air. Supposedly, one man was killed by this vampire in the cemetery, while several others were visited by him in their bedrooms at night.  

The Amityville Ghost Boy

Taken in 1976 by Gene Campbell during an investigation by Ed and Lorraine Warren, the Amityville Ghost Boy has been a subject of much controversy. The ghost in the photo is said to be the spirit of John Defeo, one of the family members murdered in the home just years before. The Lutz family lived in the home after the murders but fled the home after a series of terrifying paranormal events within a period of 4 weeks, leaving everything behind.

The Amityville Horror has become one of the world’s most famous hauntings, and has become the subject of multiple books, movies, documentaries and other media. The house recently just sold for $850,000 to brave new owners. What do you think of the photo? Genuine or staged? It is no doubt that the home is haunted, is it really that hard to believe that this photo could be genuine? The answer lies in the home, perhaps the new owners will have some insight into the activity within the house.

Because I Wanted To

Summary: Sam takes the Reader to a famous haunted spot to investigate.

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1100

Warnings: Smut; oral( female receiving); orgasm delay. It contains spoilers for The Amityville Horror.

A/N: This was written for @roxy-davenport
for her birthday writing challenge.

The house was notorious. Everyone in the community was afraid of it. Stories and rumors of what had happened there had been circulating for forty years. People talked about hearing voices, seeing ghosts, and visions of demons. An entire family had been murdered there by one of their own and another family had barely escaped the same fate leaving all their possessions behind. The house had remained boarded up for decades just as the last family had left it.

Sam had decided it was something you should check out. He had told you recently that he was a better hunter than he had ever been because he wasn’t scared of anything anymore. That didn’t sound like Sam. He never backed down from what needed to be done, but he did get scared. This one made you nervous. There had been movies made about this place, and Sam was approaching it without any concern almost like it was going to be fun.

While Sam ripped boards off the back door, you looked over your shoulder jumping at every rustle of winds through the trees. He picked the lock without much trouble. He opened the door and stepped in looking around. You were still standing outside. He turned and walked back to you. He put his arm around your waist and pulled you up against him. “Come on, Baby.” He kissed you hard putting his tongue into your mouth. When he let go of you he said, “You’re not scared of ghosts. What is it?”

“These aren’t just ghosts, Sam. This is Amityville. People were possessed here and killed people they loved. It was bad enough to make this place famous.”

He slid his hand down to cup your ass. “I’m here to protect you. Let’s go see what’s here.” It was like time had stood still in the house. The furnishings were from the seventies. Family pictures still sat framed on the tables where they were left. You picked one up and looked at it. There was a smiling couple and three kids. Problem was the smiling had stopped. You put the picture down and went to look for Sam.

He was standing by the staircase. He held his hand out to you. “Let’s go upstairs, Y/N.”

“Isn’t that where everybody died?”

“It’s where we’ll find out the most. Don’t be scared. I’m here.”

You took his hand and followed him up the stairs all the way to the top of the house. He opened the door to a bedroom. “They found the little girl dead in that closet.” You shivered. Sam took you in his arms. “Are you okay, Y/N.”

“I don’t like this,Sam.”

“How about I show you something you like better?” He started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Sam, what are you doing?”

“Showing you something you like better.” He pulled the shirt back off his shoulders revealing his perfectly muscled body. Your breath caught in your throat. He moved toward you putting his hands on the front of your jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped them sliding them down over your hips and off. He stroked you through your silky panties. “You like this better, don’t you?” His touch was making you wet.

He pushed the fabric aside. His fingers found your opening and thrust inside. Your put your arms around his neck and wrapped your legs around his waist. He moved his fingers in and out. The sweet feeling was already building. You tossed your head back. “That’s it. That’s my girl.” He put his thumb over your clit and started making circles. You felt your nipples tighten and your walls tightened around his fingers. “Uh, uh. Not yet, Y/N.”.

He walked you to the bed and put you down on it. His fingers continued to move. You squeezed your eyes shut tight. “Hold it, Y/N. Be a good girl and hold it.” You let out gasping breaths. He pulled off your panties and sank down on his knees placing his head between your legs. His hands were on your thighs, and he spread your legs wide. His tongue found your clit flicking fast. You grasped his hair in your hands. His licked down your folds then pushed his tongue inside you fucking you with it.

You were so close. He was varying the speed of his tongue driving you insane. He reached up with his hands under your shirt pushing your bra out of the way and started pinching and rubbing your nipples. You happened to look over at the closet where the little girl had died and snapped your head back quickly. His hands. His mouth. “Sam, SAY SOMETHING.”

“Don’t come until I tell you that you can.” Your hips were thrusting into his face now silently begging him. When your thighs started to shake, he stopped. He stood and took off his pants. He lay back down on top of you. “Do you want it, Y/N? Do you want me?” You nodded frantically. “Let me hear it. Tell me what you want.”

Your nails were clawing into his back. “I want you, Sam. Deep. Deep inside me. Please.” With one quick thrust, he was buried all the way inside you. “Yes. Move. Please move. Give me more.” Each thrust went all the way into you. You could feel his balls against you. His thrusts were brushing against your g-spot. “Please, Sam. I need to come. Please!”

Your breaths were coming fast and shallow. You opened your eyes, and there was a dark haired little girl covered in blood on the ceiling looking down at you. You closed your eyes again holding Sam tighter. He was still thrusting. When you looked again, she was gone. “Sam, Sam!”

“Soon, Baby. Are you ready? Are you ready to come all over me?”

“Yes, yes! Now. Please now!”

“Let go, Y/N. Give it to me. Give your orgasm to me.” You came screaming and crying. Sam spurted and spurted inside you. He kept coming. When he was spent, he pulled out. He got up and started putting his clothes on. He picked yours up and handed them to you. “Get dressed. Let’s go.”

You reached under your shirt and put your bra back into place then pulled your panties and jeans on. “Sam, this place is haunted. It’s haunted and dangerous. What about salting and burning, exorcising?

"I didn’t bring any of that stuff.”

“You didn’t bring it? Then why are we here?”

He smirked at you more than smiled. “Because, I wanted to fuck you in this house.”

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Featured in the 2013 movie The Conjuring, Annabelle is a possessed doll that was at the center of one of the most widely known cases investigated by demonologists Ed & Lorraine Warren.

Annabelle currently resides in a special case at the Warren’s Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut and is said to be extremely dangerous.


The True Story of the Enfield Poltergeist

The rasping male voice sent a chill through the room. Hauntingly, it delivered a message from beyond the grave, describing in graphic detail the moment of death.

‘Just before I died, I went blind, and then I had an ’aemorrhage and I fell asleep and I died in the chair in the corner downstairs.’

The eerie voice — which can still be heard on audio tapes today — is purportedly that of Bill Wilkins. The recording was made in Enfield, North London, in the Seventies, several years after his death.

Most horrifying of all, however, was that the voice was coming from the body of an 11-year-old girl, Janet Hodgson. She appeared to be possessed. It could have been a scene from the film The Exorcist — but it was real.

What was going on? This was the case of the Enfield Poltergeist, which held the nation spellbound 30 years ago, puzzling policemen, psychics, experts in the occult and hardened reporters alike.

It involved levitation, furniture being moved through the air, and flying objects swirling towards witnesses. There were cold breezes, physical assaults, graffiti, water appearing on the floor, and even claims of matches spontaneously bursting into flame.

A policewoman even signed an affidavit that she had seen a chair move. There were more than 30 witnesses to the strange incidents.

Most inexplicably, the young girl at the centre of the events seemingly acted as the mouthpiece for Bill Wilkins, a foul-mouthed, grumpy old man who had died in the house many years before. His son contacted investigators to confirm the details of his story.

The events unfolded for more than a year behind the door of an ordinary-looking semi-detached council house, on a suburban street filled with similar houses, and left those they touched permanently scarred.

Naturally, many questioned whether it was all a hoax — but no explanation other than the paranormal has ever been convincingly put forward.

Now, the episode is to be revisited in a film, planned for release at Halloween next year.

Just what happened in Enfield, then, all those years ago? Where are the Hodgsons now, and have they escaped their ghosts? Could they have made the whole episode up? And who lives at 284 Green Street now?

The story, as the Hodgson family told it, begins in 1977. Peggy Hodgson was unusual, at the time, in that she was a single mother to four children — Margaret, 12, Janet, 11, Johnny, ten, and Billy, seven — having split from their father.

It was the evening of August 30, 1977, and Mrs Hodgson was keen to get her children into bed. She heard Janet complaining from upstairs that her and her brothers’ beds were wobbling.

Mrs Hodgson told her daughter to stop mucking around. The following evening, however, there was an altogether more bizarre disturbance. Mrs Hodgson heard a crash from upstairs. Cross, she went to tell her children to settle down.

Entering their bedroom, with Janet’s Starsky & Hutch posters on the wall, Mrs Hodgson saw the chest of drawers move. She pushed it back, but found that it was being propelled towards the door by an invisible force. It seemed as if some supernatural presence was trying to trap the family in the room with the heavy oak chest.

Many years later, Janet would tell a Channel 4 documentary: ‘It started in a back bedroom, the chest of drawers moved, and you could hear shuffling. Mum said: “I want you to pack it in.”

‘We told her what was going on, and she came to see it for herself. She saw the chest of drawers moving. When she tried to push it back, she couldn’t.’

Janet’s sister Margaret explained how the activity increased.

‘There were strange little noises in the house, you couldn’t make out what was going on. None of us got slept.

‘We put on our dressing gowns and slippers and went next door.’

The family appealed for help from their neighbours, Vic and Peggy Nottingham. Vic, a burly builder, went to investigate.

He says: ‘I went in there and I couldn’t make out these noises — there was a knocking on the wall, in the bedroom, on the ceiling. I was beginning to get a bit frightened.’

Margaret adds: ‘He said: “I don’t know what to do.” I’d never seen a big man like that looking scared.’

The Hodgsons called the police, who proved to be similarly mystified. WPC  Carolyn Heeps saw a chair move.

She said at the time: ‘A large armchair moved, unassisted, 4 ft across the floor.’

She inspected the chair for hidden wires, but could find no explanation for what she had seen.

Eventually, the officers left, telling the family that the incidents were not a police matter, as they couldn’t find anyone breaking the law.

Next, the Hodgsons contacted the Press. Daily Mirror photographer Graham Morris, who visited the house, says: ‘It was chaos, things started flying around, people were screaming.’

Some of the events were captured on camera, and the images are disturbing. One shows Janet’s elfin form apparently being thrown across the room.

In others, her face is distorted in pain.

The BBC went to the house, but the crew found the metal components in their tape equipment had been twisted, and recordings erased.

Next, the family sought help from the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). It sent investigators Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair, a poltergeist expert who subsequently wrote a book, This House Is Haunted, about the affair.

The author Will Storr spoke to Grosse, who has since died, when researching his own book Will Storr vs The Supernatural, which also features the case. Grosse told him: ‘As soon as I got there, I realised that the case was real because the family was in a bad state. Everybody was in chaos.

‘When I first got there, nothing happened for a while. Then I experienced Lego pieces flying across the room, and marbles, and the extraordinary thing was, when you picked them up they were hot.

‘I was standing in the kitchen and a T-shirt leapt off the table and flew into the other side of the room while I was standing by it.’

The investigators found themselves caught in a maelstrom of apparently psychic activity, with every poltergeist trick thrown at them. Sofas levitated, furniture spun round and was flung across the room, and the family would be hurled out of their beds at night.

One day, Maurice and a visiting neighbour found one of the children shouting: ‘I can’t move! It’s holding my leg!’ They had to wrestle the child from what all involved insisted was the grip of invisible hands.

The ongoing knocking was one of the most chilling aspects of the case. It would run down the wall, fading in and out as it apparently played an unnerving game with the family — who became so scared that they slept in the same room, with the light on.

Most of the activity centred on 11-year-old Janet. She went into violent trances, which were awful to behold. On one occasion, the iron fireplace in her bedroom was wrenched from the wall by unseen forces.

Family members also claim to have seen her levitating — floating clean across the room.

She told Channel 4: ‘I felt used by a force that nobody understands. I really don’t like to think about it too much. I’m not sure the poltergeist was truly “evil”. It was almost as if it wanted to be part of our family.

‘It didn’t want to hurt us. It had died there and wanted to be at rest. The only way it could communicate was through me and my sister.’

Some cast doubt on the events, however. Two SPR experts caught the children bending spoons themselves, and questioned why no one was allowed in the same room as Janet when she was using her gruff voice, apparently that of Bill Wilkins.

Indeed, Janet admitted that they fabricated some of the occurrences.

She told ITV News in 1980: ‘Oh yeah, once or twice (we faked phenomena), just to see if Mr Grosse and Mr Playfair would catch us. They always did.’

Now aged 45, Janet lives in Essex with her husband, a retired milkman.

She told me: ‘I wasn’t very happy to hear about the film, I didn’t know anything about it. My dad has just died, and it really upset me to think of all this being raked over again.’

She describes the poltergeist activity as traumatic.

‘It was an extraordinary case. It’s one of the most recognised cases of paranormal activity in the world. But, for me, it was quite daunting. I think it really left its mark, the activities, the newspaper attention, the different people in and out of the house. It wasn’t a normal childhood.’

Asked how much of the phenomena at Green Street was faked, she says: ‘I’d say 2 per cent.’

She also admitted playing with an Ouija board with her sister, just before the activity flared up at the house.

She says she was unaware that she went into trances, until she was shown pictures.

‘I recall being very distressed by the photos when I was a child, I was very upset.

‘I knew when the voices were happening, of course, it felt like something was behind me all of the time. They did all sorts of tests, filling my mouth with water and so on, but the voices still came out.’

She says: ‘It was hard, I had a short spell in the Maudsley Psychiatric Hospital in London, where they stuck electrodes on my head, but the tests proved normal.

‘The levitation was scary, because you didn’t know where you were going to land. I remember a curtain being wound around my neck, I was screaming, I thought I was going to die.

‘My mum had to use all her strength to rip it away. The man who spoke through me, Bill, seemed angry, because we were in his house.’

The situation had a huge effect on the family.

Janet says: ‘I was bullied at school. They called me Ghost Girl and put crane flies down my back.

‘I’d dread going home. The front door would be open, there’d be people in and out, you didn’t know what to expect and I used to worry a lot about Mum. She had a nervous breakdown, in the end.

‘I’m not one for living in the past. I want to move on. But it does come to me now and again. I dream about it, and then it affects me. I think why did it happen to us?’

Her brother was called ‘freak boy from the Ghost House’ and people would spit at him in the street.

Janet herself was on the front page of the Daily Star with a headline: ‘Possessed by the Devil.’

She left home at 16, and married young.

‘I lost touch with everything, all the coverage of the case in paranormal books. My mum felt people walked over her at that time. She felt exploited.’

Shortly after the Press attention drifted away, Janet’s younger brother Johnny died of cancer, aged just 14. Janet’s mother then developed breast cancer, dying in 2003, and Janet suffered the loss of her own son, in his sleep, when he was 18.

She rejects any suggestion that the whole story was faked in pursuit of fame or money.

‘I didn’t want to bring it up again while my mum was alive, but now I want to tell my story. I don’t care whether people believe me or not, I went through this, and it was true.’

Asked whether she believes the house is still haunted, she says: ‘Years later, when Mum was alive, there was always a presence there — something watching over you.

'As long as people don’t meddle the way we did with Ouija boards, it is quite settled. It is a lot calmer than when I was a child. It is at rest, but will always be there.’

Janet reports that it was a priest’s visit to Green Street that resulted in the incidents ‘quietening down’ in autumn 1978, although the occurrences did not stop entirely, she says, with her mother continuing to hear noises in the house.

Janet says: ‘Even my brother, until the day he left that place after Mum died, would say: “There’s still something there.” You’d feel like you were being watched.’

Janet said she continues to believe in the poltergeist, saying: ‘It lived off me, off my energy. Call me mad if you like. Those events did happen. The poltergeist was with me and I feel that in a sense he always will be.’ Who lives at 284 Green Street now?

After Peggy Hodgson died, Clare Bennett and her four sons moved into the house.

Last week, she said: ‘I didn’t see anything, but I felt uncomfortable. There was definitely some kind of presence in the house, I always felt like someone was looking at me.’

Her sons would wake in the night, hearing people talking downstairs. Clare then found out about the house’s history. ‘Suddenly, it all made sense,’ she says. They moved out after just two months.

One of her sons, Shaka, 15, says: ‘The night before we moved out, I woke up and saw a man come into the room. I ran into Mum’s room and said: “We’ve got to move,” and we did the next day.’

The house is currently occupied by another family, who do not wish to be identified. The mother says simply: ‘I’ve got children, they don’t know about it. I don’t want to scare them.’

Though cynics may scoff, the story of the Enfield Poltergeist has clearly lost none of its frightening power.



“Arendal Castle,” Aster said as he and Jack wandered through the halls of the old castle. “Famous for being haunted by the ghost of the Ice Queen Elsa.”

“Ghost, did you say?” Jack asked. 

“Don’t get any ideas –”

“Wait, did you see that?” Jack snapped.

“Ha. I am not falling for that, mate.”

“No,” Jack insisted, following a retreating figure into the throne room. “I’m not kidding you – ”

Then the doors slammed behind him.

His breath suddenly came in cloudlike fogs.

He turned to see a woman.


Hello, Jack Frost,” she whispered. “I’ve been waiting for you.”


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Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is a ghost, which reportedly haunts Raynham Hall in Norfolk. It became one of the most famous hauntings in Great Britain when photographers from Country Life magazine claimed to have captured its image. The “Brown Lady” is so named because of the brown brocade dress it is claimed she wears. 
According to legend, the “Brown Lady of Raynham Hall” is the ghost of Lady Dorothy Walpole (1686–1726), the sister of Robert Walpole, generally regarded as the first Prime Minister of Great Britain. The story says that when Townshend discovered that his wife had committed adultery with Lord Wharton he punished her by locking her in her rooms in the family home, Raynham Hall. According to Mary Wortley Montagu, Dorothy was in fact entrapped by the Countess of Wharton. She invited Dorothy over to stay for a few days knowing that her husband would never allow her to leave it, not even to see her children. She remained at Raynham Hall until her death in 1726 from smallpox. Read More | Edit

andrewsneil  asked:

post-trk bluesey stuff?

im so glad you asked assuming you meant hcs

as usual im sorry for how long it is but i have no filter when it comes to bluesey

  • let’s talk about kissing first because that’s important
  • after blue gets the green light from the psychics who tell her the curse is broken, it’s so on
  • kissing everywhere all the time (who can blame them they have a lot to make up for)
  • im serious, the disgustingly cute pda is definitely a thing with them and you literally cannot convince me otherwise 
  • good morning kisses, goodnight kisses, forehead kisses, ‘hey we haven’t seen each other in a few hours’ kisses, just all kinds of kisses
  • their second kiss, i imagine, goes a bit like their first pretend kiss
  • it’s late at night and they’re out under the stars and after blue tells him that the curse is gone, gansey smiles at her and says, “May I beg one off you, Jane?”
  • and blue, who cannot even contain her giddy smile, counters with “Under all this?” and they both laugh a little, pleased the other remembered, before they finally kiss
  • and it’s everything they ever wanted, everything they ever imagined it to be, and more
  • gansey tastes like mint and blue tastes like yogurt and they both think they could do this forever
  • blue!! standing!! on!! her!! tiptoes!! when she kisses gansey and then other times gansey will lift her off the ground a bit!! kill me!!
  • so after ronan moves to the barns and gansey is left with no roommates, blue all but unofficially lives at monmouth
  • at first it’s just their usual late night phone calls but after blue has a bad nightmare about gansey’s death she ends up biking over to monmouth in the middle of the night just to see him and make sure he’s okay
  • gansey is peacefully asleep and blue doesn’t have the heart to wake him, especially since just hearing him breathe calmed her down, but she doesn’t want to go back home either so she hops into bed with him and cuddles to him
  • gansey hardly notices, just breathes a quiet “jane” and wraps his arms around her 
  • when he wakes up in the morning blue is already up, quietly typing away on his phone, and gansey blinks sleepily, more than a little confused, murmuring “jane” and she smiles down at him and greets him with a soft kiss
  • after that there’s a lot of sleeping over and lots of cuddling and spooning and lazy mornings in bed
  • blue has a few clothes over and a toothbrush and tons of yogurt in the fridge
  • she also convinces him to do something about the kitchen/bathroom situation because “no gansey i won’t eat food coming out of a fridge that’s literally next to the toilet” and since ronan’s room is now free, they move it there
  • gansey is usually up before blue so 90% of the time she either wakes up to breakfast delivered in bed or soft kisses all across her face and she doesn’t mind either
  • gansey’s new nightly project is sleep, especially with blue around most of the time, but on nights he or blue can’t sleep they work on the mini henrietta together
  • other times gansey will read aloud to her until she falls asleep to his voice
  • also blue wears his stupid polo shirts to bed (she hates them but they all smell like him, it’s a dilemma)
  • they’re huge on her so she looks really cute and sexy, gansey thinks, but doesn’t dare say aloud
  • sometimes when he wakes up and sees blue sleeping next to him wearing his clothes, hair mussed, mouth open as she snores, he can’t believe he got so lucky and he gets to wake up next to his true love every day for the rest of his life
  • after his death blue’s probably a little overprotective of him for a few months, always watching him closely, casually but not so casually resting her hand right over his heart to hear it beating under her palm, hugging him a little tighter than necessary 
  • gansey notices, of course, but doesn’t say a thing and just makes sure she knows he’s not going to leave her again
  • one time when they’re on one of their night drives aimlessly roaming around they come across the place where gansey died, where they first kissed, where she killed him, and blue asks him to pull over and they just sit in silence for several minutes, maybe hours, holding each other’s hands tightly, grateful that they can be here together now and they can put this chapter behind them and move forward
  • in a way it’s sort of closure to them and after that it’s easier for gansey to sleep through the whole night and blue to go longer periods of time without talking to him to know he’s okay
  • okay so the ganseys invite the sargents over for like a parents meeting parents thing and orla ends up tagging along just because which results in a lot of flirting between her and helen. blue and gansey are horrified. maura does a reading for mr and mrs gansey who are completely delighted and don’t even notice a thing. halfway through dinner orla sneaks off with helen and blue vows never to bring her cousin with her again
  • other cute things: on their first official date gansey takes her to an aquarium which is honestly perfect tbh because gansey likes fish and sea creatures and blue just likes animals in general
  • blue of course teases him about his “fish kink” as she puts it but she’s just as fascinated the whole time as he is and they take a lot of pictures together and of the sea creatures 
  • they capture a kiss on camera just as a shark swims by behind them and it’s their favorite photo
  • also gansey has a habit of buying blue yogurt every time he goes to the store, like literally every time, even if there’s still some left in the fridge, and blue acts annoyed but she still eats it and she still gives him the fruit bits (which is half the reason he does it lbr)
  • one time when ronan and adam are out on a date they agree to babysit opal for them and it’s sort of a disaster
  • gansey desperately wants to be “the cool uncle” but he knows nothing about kids and opal isn’t your typical kid anyway
  • he thinks about spoiling her with candy and ice-cream but she only eats rocks and tree barks
  • he tries the “what do you know about welsh kings?” line on her but blue is shaking her head at him in the background so he quickly backtracks
  • they play some board games but opal quickly grows bored when she doesn’t win so they decide to take her to the park 
  • where the moment they take their eyes off her she disappears off to somewhere
  • there’s a lot of panic and “oh my god we lost ronan’s kid he’ll never forgive us oh my god blue what do we do” from gansey while blue calmly and logically tries to figure out where she could have gone
  • gansey is on the brink of a heart attack when they find her across the street petting a cute stray cat
  • gansey spends half the way home making sure she knows never to do that again and the other half making sure she won’t tell ronan they temporarily lost her
  • blue jokingly says that after all that she knows for sure that she doesn’t want kids for many many years and gansey chokes on his water because that does imply they will have kids sometime down the road (and they do, a girl and a boy)
  • so about the roadtrip, they definitely have pictures of the two of them next to every damn famous locations they visit and blue makes a handmade photo album out of them and gives it to him for christmas
  • gansey also takes a lot of not-so-secret photos of her with his phone and i say not-so-secret because blue knows, she just pretends she doesn’t, and anyway his phone is basically hers too so she sees all of them
  • her idea of “revenge” is taking photos of him while he’s sleeping and she has to admit, they’re all pretty darn cute
  • she does also doodle some stuff on his forehead while he sleeps and takes a selfie posing next to him with her tongue stuck out
  • then she posts it on his instagram because yeah
  • the amount of times henry almost walks in on them oh boy
  • so one time blue complains about her neck hurting because she slept in the car the previous night while gansey was driving so gansey offers to give her a massage and it gives henry the wrong idea about what they’re doing because it pretty much goes like this:
  • blue: “oh, yes. right there.”
    gansey: “good?”
    blue: “yes.”
    henry in the next room: “guys, the walls are thin, please stop having sex.”
  • so i assume they go to college after their gap year, and probably different ones, so gansey gets her one of those lockets with pictures inside, and on one side there’s a picture of the two of them at nino’s, blue hanging on his back like a monkey, both of them grinning wildly, and on the other side there’s a selfie with the gang in cabeswater during the early days, blue, gansey and noah also grinning wildly while adam smiles softly and ronan glares
  • blue never takes it off
  • after they’re out of college they automatically move in together
  • it’s not something they ever agree on, it’s just something they both know without talking about it, so after graduation gansey’s like “i found this really cool house, wanna check it out?” and blue’s like “hell yeah” and suddenly they have a house
  • but even after settling down they still do travel a lot and visit all kinds of countries and places
  • they definitely have one of those maps on the wall with pins signaling all the places they’ve been to and they’re always planning to expend that map
  • and lastly i didn’t know where to put this but okay listen, gansey and blue doing haunted house vlogs
  • it’s my dream
  • i just really love the idea, listen it’s totally their thing
  • breaking into old abandoned houses or places that are rumored to be haunted and taping their experience
  • gansey does all kinds of research beforehand that he excitedly rambles off to the camera the second it’s on
  • he’s here for the mystery of what happened and the hopes of solving it
  • blue’s here mostly for the thrill but they make a pretty good team
  • over time their channel gets popular and some famous and less famous haunted hotels contact them to see if they could do a coverage on their hotel and bring in more customers
  • gansey is excited right until he realizes that most of these hotels aren’t actually haunted
  • but the bottom line, they never stop having adventures :’)
burnttoastmaster replied to your post: u know like i would be real embarrassed if people…

This search history just makes it look like you’re looking for a haunted super sonica doll

ok honestly a haunted anime figurine would be hilarious… i would totally want 2 own a haunted super sonico. especially interesting bc licensed character dolls are absolutely not exempt from hauntings (annabell, perhaps the most famous haunted doll to date, is a large raggedy ann doll!). so it would be funny to be like “oh yeah that’s sonico-chan she’s possessed by a demon from the outer layers of hell. sometimes she makes things fly around the room so be careful in here.”

Real Talk: Amityville

The True Story Behind The Amityville Horror

The DeFeo family moved to Amityville, Long Island, New York in 1965.  Ronald and Louise DeFeo were second generation Italian Americans looking to make a life for themselves.  Altogether they had five children: Ronald Jr. (Butch), Dawn, Allison, Marc, and John Matthew (oldest to youngest).  

At about 3:00am November 13, 1974 the DeFeo family was brutally murdered.  The exact details of the murders remain a mystery today since all family members were found shot dead lying face down in their beds.  The parents were shot twice each, while the children were shot only once.  Basically people are unsure how a whole family could be murdered by rifle without any sign of struggle.  Some theories involve multiple murderers or some sort of conspiracy between family members, but again it remains a mystery.

Initially Ronald “Butch” Jr. was taken into custody for his own safety, but soon after he confessed to murdering his whole family.  His motives also remain unclear to this day, particularly because he continues to change his story.  The peaceful town of Amityville was shaken to the core and a once quiet town became a name infamously known across the United States.

A year after the DeFeo murder the Lutz family, George and Kathy and their three children, moved into that same home in Amityville.  The house having been the scene of a tragic crime was being sold for a bargain price.  The Lutz family shortly began experiencing strange things in the home that led to them literally fleeing in the middle of the night only 28 days after they moved in.

There are a lot of theories behind what went down during those 28 days.  The Lutz’ continued to their deaths insisting that the home in Amityville was haunted.  The famous paranormal investigator couple (we saw them in The Conjuring) Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated the Amityville home and sensed a great evil presence.  Another medium believed the home had been built on a Native American burial ground, although nearly everyone finds that theory total bunk.  

Other theories are that the Lutz’ made the whole thing up for money, although problems with that theory are that a) they really didn’t get that much out of the whole deal, and b) they left literally all of their belongings in that home when they fled.  It’s a totally reasonable theory, but it does have flaws.

Personally, I like to believe the “homes aren’t haunted, people are haunted” theory.  The Lutz’ were Catholic.  This isn’t to bash on their religion, but Catholics have a strong belief in demons and possessions and exorcisms.  It’s a lot easier to see/feel something when you believe in it.  I think a handful of weird things probably did happen, which led the Lutz family to believe that their home really was haunted in some way.

Even the Lutz’ admitted that both the books and the movies way over-exaggerated their story, even including facts and details that were completely new to the Lutz’.  But George and Kathy took to their graves that that home in Amityville was haunted.


Love Edgar Allan Poe? Looking for some creepy paranormal, horror, or mystery books? This is the list for you! 

  • The Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

A steampunk retelling of The Masque of the Red Death.

  • The Fall by Bethany Griffin

A new novel is that reimagines The Fall of the House of Usher.

  • Ashes on the Waves by Mary Lindsay

A paranormal gothic novel based on the poem Annabel Lee.

  • Of Monsters and Madness by Jessica Verday

A romantic retelling of Annabel Lee with a touch of horror.

  • Nevermore by Kelly Creagh

A paranormal romance that reimagines the fates Poe’s characters in a modern day high school setting.

  • Far Far Away by Tom McNeal

This story of a boy who hears the voices of ghosts is a little bit spooky and a little bit funny.

  • Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher

A girl has a dark secret she can only confess to a man on death row, so she writes him letters.

  • Criminal by Terra Elan McVoy

A troubled girl who will do anything for love realizes her actions have consequences.

  • All the Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry

After being missing for two years, a girl returns to her Puritanical village and struggles to reveal the sinister truth in this mystery about finding your voice.

  • How to Lead a Life of Crime by Kirsten Miller

Students at this school for criminal struggle for power as they discover their true selves.

  • Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson

A girl’s best friend dies in a hurricane that sweeps through their town…or does she? A psychological thriller sure to creep readers out.

  • Of Metal and Wishes by Sarah Fine

This retelling of The Phantom of the Opera with ghosts and slaughterhouses is a tense, atmospheric read.

  • Creed by Trisha Leaver and Lindsay Currie

When these teenagers are caught in a storm after their car breaks down, they seek shelter in a nearby town and get more than they bargained for in another creepy mystery.

  • Mary: The Summoning by Hilary Monahan

Horror fans will delight in this creepy read. Anyone who was scared by the Bloody Mary legend should read with the lights on!

  • Sweet Unrest by Lisa Maxwell

This murder mystery about dark dreams features a New Orleans setting and a hint of romance.

  • Amity by Micol Ostow

This horror novel is inspired by the legend of a famous haunted house.

  • Fiendish by Brenna Yovanoff

Creepy hexes compliment Yovanoff’s trademark atmospheric prose.

  • The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters

A hypnotist opens a headstrong girl’s eyes to the world in historical novel.

  • Beware the Wild by Natalie Parker

When the swamp at the edge of town swallows her brother, a girl fights to save him. The vivid setting will entice readers looking for a different kind of paranormal with a hint of romance and a lot of mystery.

  • Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke

This novel blends contemporary romance and traditional gothic horror in a seaside setting.

What books would you recommend to fans of Edgar Allan Poe? 


Dead Residents: 5 Famous Haunted Houses from Colin Dickey’s Ghostland

In his book Ghostland, Colin Dickey explores the nature of haunted places and what makes the American ones unique—what ghost stories in the United States tell us about how we process history, guilt, and atrocity. What better nation to spin ghost stories than one built on stolen ground? Or, as Dickey puts it, “Americans live on haunted land because we have no other choice.”