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Most Spooky Cemetery: Highgate Cemetery, England

Winner of this years Most Spooky Cemetery Award is Highgate Cemetery in England.  Other than some of the amazing architecture seen in the cemetery, and being the final resting place for famous people such as Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, and Charles Dickens’s parents, this cemetery is known for its ghosts and strange occurrences.

Several incidents have been documented in the cemetery. One account is that of a man whose car broke down near the cemetery gates.  To his horror, peering out at him from the graveyards iron gates was the face of a ghoul with glowing red eyes.  

Another man was horrified when he saw a strange phantom with pointed ears, glowing eyes, and a large nose jump over the graveyard fence and land in front of him.  Many believe this sighting to be that of the infamous Spring-Heeled Jack.

Other than these two specific incidents, others have reported seeing the spirit of a nun floating over the graves.  A dark figure in a shroud has also been seen standing still and staring into space.  If it is approached, it will immediately disappear.  Once it vanishes it will reappear a short distance away, still staring at nothing.  The ghost of a crazy old woman with long gray hair can also be seen running among the gravestones.  Legend states that she is searching for her children, which she supposedly murdered.  

Finally, the most famous haunting in this cemetery is that of The Highgate Vampire.  Unlike classic vampires, The Highgate Vampire is described as a 7ft tall, shadowy man.  He has piercing eyes, a long black coat, and a top hat.  When seen he vanishes into thin air. Supposedly, one man was killed by this vampire in the cemetery, while several others were visited by him in their bedrooms at night.  

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You had always hated him. Kim Taehyung - the boy who had everything he would ever need. He was always one to break the rules to get what he wanted. So what happens when he wants you at the point where you’re just about to leave.

➳  Yours Truly : first love!au

Reader x Seokjin

He needed to debut and you were in his way… you had to leave. You wrote to him everyday for a year until you gave up. Why didn’t he write back? It was because all the letters were kept hidden and forgotten about, and years later those letters still never reached him… until today.

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not afraid to keep on living

you okay freddie?”
me too.”

famous last words.

and haunting george weasley since that very day until today. the last thing he said to his brother before the battle, and therefore, the last words he said to him before he died, were “me too”.

bloody hell, there was a million things he could have said instead, if only he had known.

much more  hilarious things. memories of pranks, and jokes and the hogwarts corridors echoing with their laughter after yet another mischief managed. or embarrassing ones, he could have teased freddie about that time he caught him snogging with lee jordan after a quidditch match, when both of their faces were as dark red as the colours of fred’s sweater.

and fred could have teased back, you know? he so would have. fred would have mentioned that time at the yule ball when angelina appeared wearing that long and sheer blue dress, that made george speechless (‘that only time you ran out of something to say, georgie, it was brilliant!’) and then he would fake a stupid besotted face expression and george would have punched him in the arm, the both of them doubling with laughter.

he could have said a million things but 'me too’, but that’s all what he said.
such a simple, stupid, casual and trivial conversation, unaware of the fact it was going to be the last words they were going to say to each other, ever.

and it just left him with a lot of silence instead.
of all the things left unsaid, the pranks unfold, the jokes untold, the gadgets undeveloped.
losing freddie was worse than losing a limb, for george had lived all his life with words and laughter, with a companion, a mirror, a supporter, a friend, a brother.

time helped, but the wounds ran too deep, and just a simple glance of himself in the mirror was enough for george to be assaulted with unwelcoming memories and heart breaking flashbacks.

but he knew he wasn’t the only one in pain, either, that his looks and his physical appearance weren’t only saddening to him, when he saw the mist in his mother’s eyes after a kiss on his cheek, and the solemnity of his father’s expression when his voice faltered to call his name. when lee was so tense, so awfully nervous when angelina and him met to catch up with him.

and he wasn’t the only one struggling with mourning, either. with percy overworking, same with bill. when charlie travelled more than he used to. when ron tried to come with bright and useful ideas, when ginny practiced harder, and longer than ever. when he felt angelina’s warm hands running down his spine after a nightmare, her lips mouthing soothing words on his freckled shoulder, her lashes damp with unshed tears.

because he knew better than everyone, that there was so much of fred in him, in the same way there was a lot of him in freddie.

dying his hair was a whim, maybe, a palliative, a placebo. but when he stood in front of the mirror with darker hair and looked at himself, it was the first time in years he wasn’t automatically attacked with reminders of what was lost, and a grin made it to george weasley’s mouth.

i am okay, freddie.”
“and i hope you’re okay too.”


Featured in the 2013 movie The Conjuring, Annabelle is a possessed doll that was at the center of one of the most widely known cases investigated by demonologists Ed & Lorraine Warren.

Annabelle currently resides in a special case at the Warren’s Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut and is said to be extremely dangerous.

alyseb630  asked:

For the inheritance ask! 7. “you died and left me a small country” Kisame and Zabuza and Kirigakure.

This took longer than planned, but it was so much fun and honestly, I could have just gone writing this forever but I needed to cut myself off. :D

In matters of inheritance in the land of Kirigkure, they were old and small enough to cultivate their practices leftover from the old days when they had to fight tooth and nail to protect what was once only a small fishing inlet. Their monarchy equivalent is selected from the previous ruler and approved by a majority vote from the three departments.

Sakura’s fist made a cracking sound as it tore the sandbag off the hook again and sent it rolling across the gym floor.

“I know how their government works, I’m not stupid,” Sakura muttered, walking over to retrieve the bag and inspect it for cracks. “Tsunade would have fried me alive if I didn’t know that much after the first year. She was close with Mei, one of the three seats.”

“The other two seats belong to Yagura and the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, a group. Funny story, Mei voted for you, Yagura voted against you, and the swordsmen were split so they voted ‘present’ but did not take a side. In this situation the tie breaker depends on the language of the will and the language of the will picked you.”

Sakura dragged the punching bag back over and reached up to hook it to the dangling chain. “Yeah,” she grunted. “I still don’t see how that is supposed to explain how I got tangled up in this. I’ve messed around in Kiri only a few times and I know my old folks are originally from there, but I’m like an outsider, aren’t I?”

Her hair was damp from the sweat and she could feel where it stuck to her as she paused to watch her old teacher flip through the pages of his paperback.

“Legally, no. Culturally, yes.” He looked up from his book and met her eyes. “Regardless, you’ve been requested to go to the country and fulfill the terms of the last will and testament by accepting leadership.”

Sakura didn’t have the energy to keep up with what Kakashi was saying, but she did have enough frustration for another few swings at her punching bag. Kakashi opened his book again and waited until she punched the bag off the chain, this time splitting the front open so that some of the sang seeped out.

Cursing under her breath, she ran to recover it and keep the sand inside as best as possible. Kakashi followed her over and used the spine of his book to bop her on the head. She looked up with a pout.

“Just go and check them out. Get in a few fights, drink a little and show them how terrible of a leader you would really be. They’ll kick you out soon enough and you’ll be back home before you know it.”

Sakura felt one of her eyebrows raise up. “Oh really, that your plan?”

“Better than breaking Guy’s studio gym again. He’ll not be happy you split another punching bag.”

Sakura felt the color drain from her face. “Maybe I’ll just take a quick vacation to check it out and see what it’s like. I’ll be back once he’s forgotten about this.”

Kakshi wasn’t paying attention to her anymore, but was walking away and giggling to himself about something that happened in his novel.

Sakura reached for the duck-tape and repaired the sandbag as best she could before closing down for the night and heading home. There were tickets on the counter she had been ignoring that would need her attention.

Sakura thought it would be incredibly rude to carry a beer with her wherever she went, so that’s what she did. It was only after she was in Kirigakure’s common market place that she remembered one of the reasons why her parents didn’t bring her to the public places when she was a child. Kiri was wet in more ways that one, and Sakura was by far the only person nursing a drink as she toured the stalls in the market place.

She stopped in front  of a colorful stall that sold replica swords and other collector weapons. Kiri was famous for her swordsmen, and the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist had been legends from eons ago. Now in the modern age the name was a title reserved for a handful of swordsmen. If Sakura was correct, there were actually only five swordsmen left, as two of the swords were lost to the ages.

There were shadows trailing her, no no one’s surprise as she stepped into the little shop and smiled to the old woman behind the counter. She looked over the weapons, watching the blades for a reflection that would show her what she needed to know.

Two swords had been lost in the ages of history, but there were replicas on all seven inside the shop, as well as several other notable swords that gained names during the warring states period in history. She cringed when she noticed a few with imperfections, but tried to hide her distaste behind the neck of her beer.

“Brat, where you from to be making a face like that?” the younger shop hand snapped at her, sitting up from behind the counter. He was a little older than her and had a few scars across his face. Something felt off about him and with a curse she realized what it was. He was a plant.

“You treat all your customers like this?” Sakura sneered, not willing to be kind to one of the Kiri guard. He was too well shaped and had the signs of training were all over him. “No wonder it’s dead.”

“You wanna say that again you brat. What do you know?” He bared his teeth and Sakura saw the points where they had been filed. Yup, ANBU, just like Kakashi warned her of.

Ugh, wasn’t Kiri trying to blend in to the modern era? If they were still stuck in the past using chakra so forwardly how would they ever improve?  It irked sakura, especially since she knew the technology was crap in the land of water. There were still pay phones on the street corners. It was like stepping back in time and it made her feel…less herself.

“Wow, wow, wow,” Sakura mocked, feeling even less inclined to entertain the undercover plant. “You like to bark, don’t you. That’s all you ever do here, you bark and bark and never use those teeth of yours for anything else.”

“You’re a twig. I’ll break you in half.”

Sakura tilted up her beer and finished it all in a long pull before pulling away. She marched over to where he stood behind his counter and held up a hand. “Just try it. You look like a misshaped ballon. I’ll pop you like a toy.”

He growled and then barked behind him towards the old woman in Mizu, the old language. “Mom, I’m beating up a customer. Watch the shop.”

“Have fun!” the old woman chortled. “Keep the damage minimal.”

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The True Story of the Enfield Poltergeist

The rasping male voice sent a chill through the room. Hauntingly, it delivered a message from beyond the grave, describing in graphic detail the moment of death.

‘Just before I died, I went blind, and then I had an ’aemorrhage and I fell asleep and I died in the chair in the corner downstairs.’

The eerie voice — which can still be heard on audio tapes today — is purportedly that of Bill Wilkins. The recording was made in Enfield, North London, in the Seventies, several years after his death.

Most horrifying of all, however, was that the voice was coming from the body of an 11-year-old girl, Janet Hodgson. She appeared to be possessed. It could have been a scene from the film The Exorcist — but it was real.

What was going on? This was the case of the Enfield Poltergeist, which held the nation spellbound 30 years ago, puzzling policemen, psychics, experts in the occult and hardened reporters alike.

It involved levitation, furniture being moved through the air, and flying objects swirling towards witnesses. There were cold breezes, physical assaults, graffiti, water appearing on the floor, and even claims of matches spontaneously bursting into flame.

A policewoman even signed an affidavit that she had seen a chair move. There were more than 30 witnesses to the strange incidents.

Most inexplicably, the young girl at the centre of the events seemingly acted as the mouthpiece for Bill Wilkins, a foul-mouthed, grumpy old man who had died in the house many years before. His son contacted investigators to confirm the details of his story.

The events unfolded for more than a year behind the door of an ordinary-looking semi-detached council house, on a suburban street filled with similar houses, and left those they touched permanently scarred.

Naturally, many questioned whether it was all a hoax — but no explanation other than the paranormal has ever been convincingly put forward.

Now, the episode is to be revisited in a film, planned for release at Halloween next year.

Just what happened in Enfield, then, all those years ago? Where are the Hodgsons now, and have they escaped their ghosts? Could they have made the whole episode up? And who lives at 284 Green Street now?

The story, as the Hodgson family told it, begins in 1977. Peggy Hodgson was unusual, at the time, in that she was a single mother to four children — Margaret, 12, Janet, 11, Johnny, ten, and Billy, seven — having split from their father.

It was the evening of August 30, 1977, and Mrs Hodgson was keen to get her children into bed. She heard Janet complaining from upstairs that her and her brothers’ beds were wobbling.

Mrs Hodgson told her daughter to stop mucking around. The following evening, however, there was an altogether more bizarre disturbance. Mrs Hodgson heard a crash from upstairs. Cross, she went to tell her children to settle down.

Entering their bedroom, with Janet’s Starsky & Hutch posters on the wall, Mrs Hodgson saw the chest of drawers move. She pushed it back, but found that it was being propelled towards the door by an invisible force. It seemed as if some supernatural presence was trying to trap the family in the room with the heavy oak chest.

Many years later, Janet would tell a Channel 4 documentary: ‘It started in a back bedroom, the chest of drawers moved, and you could hear shuffling. Mum said: “I want you to pack it in.”

‘We told her what was going on, and she came to see it for herself. She saw the chest of drawers moving. When she tried to push it back, she couldn’t.’

Janet’s sister Margaret explained how the activity increased.

‘There were strange little noises in the house, you couldn’t make out what was going on. None of us got slept.

‘We put on our dressing gowns and slippers and went next door.’

The family appealed for help from their neighbours, Vic and Peggy Nottingham. Vic, a burly builder, went to investigate.

He says: ‘I went in there and I couldn’t make out these noises — there was a knocking on the wall, in the bedroom, on the ceiling. I was beginning to get a bit frightened.’

Margaret adds: ‘He said: “I don’t know what to do.” I’d never seen a big man like that looking scared.’

The Hodgsons called the police, who proved to be similarly mystified. WPC  Carolyn Heeps saw a chair move.

She said at the time: ‘A large armchair moved, unassisted, 4 ft across the floor.’

She inspected the chair for hidden wires, but could find no explanation for what she had seen.

Eventually, the officers left, telling the family that the incidents were not a police matter, as they couldn’t find anyone breaking the law.

Next, the Hodgsons contacted the Press. Daily Mirror photographer Graham Morris, who visited the house, says: ‘It was chaos, things started flying around, people were screaming.’

Some of the events were captured on camera, and the images are disturbing. One shows Janet’s elfin form apparently being thrown across the room.

In others, her face is distorted in pain.

The BBC went to the house, but the crew found the metal components in their tape equipment had been twisted, and recordings erased.

Next, the family sought help from the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). It sent investigators Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair, a poltergeist expert who subsequently wrote a book, This House Is Haunted, about the affair.

The author Will Storr spoke to Grosse, who has since died, when researching his own book Will Storr vs The Supernatural, which also features the case. Grosse told him: ‘As soon as I got there, I realised that the case was real because the family was in a bad state. Everybody was in chaos.

‘When I first got there, nothing happened for a while. Then I experienced Lego pieces flying across the room, and marbles, and the extraordinary thing was, when you picked them up they were hot.

‘I was standing in the kitchen and a T-shirt leapt off the table and flew into the other side of the room while I was standing by it.’

The investigators found themselves caught in a maelstrom of apparently psychic activity, with every poltergeist trick thrown at them. Sofas levitated, furniture spun round and was flung across the room, and the family would be hurled out of their beds at night.

One day, Maurice and a visiting neighbour found one of the children shouting: ‘I can’t move! It’s holding my leg!’ They had to wrestle the child from what all involved insisted was the grip of invisible hands.

The ongoing knocking was one of the most chilling aspects of the case. It would run down the wall, fading in and out as it apparently played an unnerving game with the family — who became so scared that they slept in the same room, with the light on.

Most of the activity centred on 11-year-old Janet. She went into violent trances, which were awful to behold. On one occasion, the iron fireplace in her bedroom was wrenched from the wall by unseen forces.

Family members also claim to have seen her levitating — floating clean across the room.

She told Channel 4: ‘I felt used by a force that nobody understands. I really don’t like to think about it too much. I’m not sure the poltergeist was truly “evil”. It was almost as if it wanted to be part of our family.

‘It didn’t want to hurt us. It had died there and wanted to be at rest. The only way it could communicate was through me and my sister.’

Some cast doubt on the events, however. Two SPR experts caught the children bending spoons themselves, and questioned why no one was allowed in the same room as Janet when she was using her gruff voice, apparently that of Bill Wilkins.

Indeed, Janet admitted that they fabricated some of the occurrences.

She told ITV News in 1980: ‘Oh yeah, once or twice (we faked phenomena), just to see if Mr Grosse and Mr Playfair would catch us. They always did.’

Now aged 45, Janet lives in Essex with her husband, a retired milkman.

She told me: ‘I wasn’t very happy to hear about the film, I didn’t know anything about it. My dad has just died, and it really upset me to think of all this being raked over again.’

She describes the poltergeist activity as traumatic.

‘It was an extraordinary case. It’s one of the most recognised cases of paranormal activity in the world. But, for me, it was quite daunting. I think it really left its mark, the activities, the newspaper attention, the different people in and out of the house. It wasn’t a normal childhood.’

Asked how much of the phenomena at Green Street was faked, she says: ‘I’d say 2 per cent.’

She also admitted playing with an Ouija board with her sister, just before the activity flared up at the house.

She says she was unaware that she went into trances, until she was shown pictures.

‘I recall being very distressed by the photos when I was a child, I was very upset.

‘I knew when the voices were happening, of course, it felt like something was behind me all of the time. They did all sorts of tests, filling my mouth with water and so on, but the voices still came out.’

She says: ‘It was hard, I had a short spell in the Maudsley Psychiatric Hospital in London, where they stuck electrodes on my head, but the tests proved normal.

‘The levitation was scary, because you didn’t know where you were going to land. I remember a curtain being wound around my neck, I was screaming, I thought I was going to die.

‘My mum had to use all her strength to rip it away. The man who spoke through me, Bill, seemed angry, because we were in his house.’

The situation had a huge effect on the family.

Janet says: ‘I was bullied at school. They called me Ghost Girl and put crane flies down my back.

‘I’d dread going home. The front door would be open, there’d be people in and out, you didn’t know what to expect and I used to worry a lot about Mum. She had a nervous breakdown, in the end.

‘I’m not one for living in the past. I want to move on. But it does come to me now and again. I dream about it, and then it affects me. I think why did it happen to us?’

Her brother was called ‘freak boy from the Ghost House’ and people would spit at him in the street.

Janet herself was on the front page of the Daily Star with a headline: ‘Possessed by the Devil.’

She left home at 16, and married young.

‘I lost touch with everything, all the coverage of the case in paranormal books. My mum felt people walked over her at that time. She felt exploited.’

Shortly after the Press attention drifted away, Janet’s younger brother Johnny died of cancer, aged just 14. Janet’s mother then developed breast cancer, dying in 2003, and Janet suffered the loss of her own son, in his sleep, when he was 18.

She rejects any suggestion that the whole story was faked in pursuit of fame or money.

‘I didn’t want to bring it up again while my mum was alive, but now I want to tell my story. I don’t care whether people believe me or not, I went through this, and it was true.’

Asked whether she believes the house is still haunted, she says: ‘Years later, when Mum was alive, there was always a presence there — something watching over you.

'As long as people don’t meddle the way we did with Ouija boards, it is quite settled. It is a lot calmer than when I was a child. It is at rest, but will always be there.’

Janet reports that it was a priest’s visit to Green Street that resulted in the incidents ‘quietening down’ in autumn 1978, although the occurrences did not stop entirely, she says, with her mother continuing to hear noises in the house.

Janet says: ‘Even my brother, until the day he left that place after Mum died, would say: “There’s still something there.” You’d feel like you were being watched.’

Janet said she continues to believe in the poltergeist, saying: ‘It lived off me, off my energy. Call me mad if you like. Those events did happen. The poltergeist was with me and I feel that in a sense he always will be.’ Who lives at 284 Green Street now?

After Peggy Hodgson died, Clare Bennett and her four sons moved into the house.

Last week, she said: ‘I didn’t see anything, but I felt uncomfortable. There was definitely some kind of presence in the house, I always felt like someone was looking at me.’

Her sons would wake in the night, hearing people talking downstairs. Clare then found out about the house’s history. ‘Suddenly, it all made sense,’ she says. They moved out after just two months.

One of her sons, Shaka, 15, says: ‘The night before we moved out, I woke up and saw a man come into the room. I ran into Mum’s room and said: “We’ve got to move,” and we did the next day.’

The house is currently occupied by another family, who do not wish to be identified. The mother says simply: ‘I’ve got children, they don’t know about it. I don’t want to scare them.’

Though cynics may scoff, the story of the Enfield Poltergeist has clearly lost none of its frightening power.


Via Didier Ghez and Heritage Auctions:

THE HAUNTED MANSION GENESIS: This auction contains the HOLY GRAIL Haunted Mansion piece ever offered (LOT #95314); in fact Heritage Auctions wrote about the item, “Here is one of the single most important lots we have ever offered in relation to Disneyland.” Strong words.

We all know the history of Walt’s Haunted Mansion and how he approached Ken Anderson in 1957 to work up a story and an attraction for Disneyland’s Haunted House. After working on it for the first portion of 1957, Ken had an idea, but Walt sent him back to the drawing board. Ken returned with this piece, “The Haunted House, 2nd Revision, Sept. 17, 1957 by: Ken Anderson.” It included a story and a flow through of the attraction, a fold-out architectural rendering of the walk-through attraction, a fold-out brownline of the front of the Mansion (with the Jungle Cruise boat peaking in at the very far left), and history was begun. Also included are two-pages of Ken’s hand-written notes taken at the Winchester Mystery House, where Ken tried to track the habits of people walking through the famous Northern California haunted house.

This “report” was placed in Walt’s hands and the rest was history. (Ken also included for Walt’s pleasure, a drawing of a ghost done in ink at the end of the report. There are less than a half dozen of these reports (all different revisions) in existence, but they are all owned by the Walt Disney Archives … except for this one, Ken’s personal copy was given back to him and this piece of rare Haunted Mansion history is now being offered in Heritage Auctions July 2, 2017 sale. An amazing, one-of-a-kind Disneyland historical like nothing else ever offered.


Union Cemetery is a cemetery located near in Easton, Connecticut. The site dates back to the 1700s and is reputed to be one of the most haunted cemeteries not only in Connecticut, but also in the entire United States.

The most famous character said to haunt the cemetery is the mysterious White Lady who has been sighted by several witnesses, including police and firemen. Many people have taken photographs of her. 

She is described as having long, dark hair, wearing what looks like a white nightgown and a white bonnet. The White Lady is usually sighted in the roadway along Route 59 or sometimes 25, and there are many reports of vehicles passing through her.

Another character considered to haunt the cemetery is Red Eyes. A person walking by the cemetery at night claims to have seen a pair of red eyes peering at him from the brush. 

As he turned and ran, he heard footsteps following him. Cosmic Society’s Donna Kent speculates that it was the ghost of Earle Kellog, a man who was set afire across the street and burned to death in 1935. (Source) 

Because I Wanted To

Summary: Sam takes the Reader to a famous haunted spot to investigate.

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1100

Warnings: Smut; oral( female receiving); orgasm delay. It contains spoilers for The Amityville Horror.

A/N: This was written for @roxy-davenport
for her birthday writing challenge.

The house was notorious. Everyone in the community was afraid of it. Stories and rumors of what had happened there had been circulating for forty years. People talked about hearing voices, seeing ghosts, and visions of demons. An entire family had been murdered there by one of their own and another family had barely escaped the same fate leaving all their possessions behind. The house had remained boarded up for decades just as the last family had left it.

Sam had decided it was something you should check out. He had told you recently that he was a better hunter than he had ever been because he wasn’t scared of anything anymore. That didn’t sound like Sam. He never backed down from what needed to be done, but he did get scared. This one made you nervous. There had been movies made about this place, and Sam was approaching it without any concern almost like it was going to be fun.

While Sam ripped boards off the back door, you looked over your shoulder jumping at every rustle of winds through the trees. He picked the lock without much trouble. He opened the door and stepped in looking around. You were still standing outside. He turned and walked back to you. He put his arm around your waist and pulled you up against him. “Come on, Baby.” He kissed you hard putting his tongue into your mouth. When he let go of you he said, “You’re not scared of ghosts. What is it?”

“These aren’t just ghosts, Sam. This is Amityville. People were possessed here and killed people they loved. It was bad enough to make this place famous.”

He slid his hand down to cup your ass. “I’m here to protect you. Let’s go see what’s here.” It was like time had stood still in the house. The furnishings were from the seventies. Family pictures still sat framed on the tables where they were left. You picked one up and looked at it. There was a smiling couple and three kids. Problem was the smiling had stopped. You put the picture down and went to look for Sam.

He was standing by the staircase. He held his hand out to you. “Let’s go upstairs, Y/N.”

“Isn’t that where everybody died?”

“It’s where we’ll find out the most. Don’t be scared. I’m here.”

You took his hand and followed him up the stairs all the way to the top of the house. He opened the door to a bedroom. “They found the little girl dead in that closet.” You shivered. Sam took you in his arms. “Are you okay, Y/N.”

“I don’t like this,Sam.”

“How about I show you something you like better?” He started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Sam, what are you doing?”

“Showing you something you like better.” He pulled the shirt back off his shoulders revealing his perfectly muscled body. Your breath caught in your throat. He moved toward you putting his hands on the front of your jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped them sliding them down over your hips and off. He stroked you through your silky panties. “You like this better, don’t you?” His touch was making you wet.

He pushed the fabric aside. His fingers found your opening and thrust inside. Your put your arms around his neck and wrapped your legs around his waist. He moved his fingers in and out. The sweet feeling was already building. You tossed your head back. “That’s it. That’s my girl.” He put his thumb over your clit and started making circles. You felt your nipples tighten and your walls tightened around his fingers. “Uh, uh. Not yet, Y/N.”.

He walked you to the bed and put you down on it. His fingers continued to move. You squeezed your eyes shut tight. “Hold it, Y/N. Be a good girl and hold it.” You let out gasping breaths. He pulled off your panties and sank down on his knees placing his head between your legs. His hands were on your thighs, and he spread your legs wide. His tongue found your clit flicking fast. You grasped his hair in your hands. His licked down your folds then pushed his tongue inside you fucking you with it.

You were so close. He was varying the speed of his tongue driving you insane. He reached up with his hands under your shirt pushing your bra out of the way and started pinching and rubbing your nipples. You happened to look over at the closet where the little girl had died and snapped your head back quickly. His hands. His mouth. “Sam, SAY SOMETHING.”

“Don’t come until I tell you that you can.” Your hips were thrusting into his face now silently begging him. When your thighs started to shake, he stopped. He stood and took off his pants. He lay back down on top of you. “Do you want it, Y/N? Do you want me?” You nodded frantically. “Let me hear it. Tell me what you want.”

Your nails were clawing into his back. “I want you, Sam. Deep. Deep inside me. Please.” With one quick thrust, he was buried all the way inside you. “Yes. Move. Please move. Give me more.” Each thrust went all the way into you. You could feel his balls against you. His thrusts were brushing against your g-spot. “Please, Sam. I need to come. Please!”

Your breaths were coming fast and shallow. You opened your eyes, and there was a dark haired little girl covered in blood on the ceiling looking down at you. You closed your eyes again holding Sam tighter. He was still thrusting. When you looked again, she was gone. “Sam, Sam!”

“Soon, Baby. Are you ready? Are you ready to come all over me?”

“Yes, yes! Now. Please now!”

“Let go, Y/N. Give it to me. Give your orgasm to me.” You came screaming and crying. Sam spurted and spurted inside you. He kept coming. When he was spent, he pulled out. He got up and started putting his clothes on. He picked yours up and handed them to you. “Get dressed. Let’s go.”

You reached under your shirt and put your bra back into place then pulled your panties and jeans on. “Sam, this place is haunted. It’s haunted and dangerous. What about salting and burning, exorcising?

"I didn’t bring any of that stuff.”

“You didn’t bring it? Then why are we here?”

He smirked at you more than smiled. “Because, I wanted to fuck you in this house.”

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“Arendal Castle,” Aster said as he and Jack wandered through the halls of the old castle. “Famous for being haunted by the ghost of the Ice Queen Elsa.”

“Ghost, did you say?” Jack asked. 

“Don’t get any ideas –”

“Wait, did you see that?” Jack snapped.

“Ha. I am not falling for that, mate.”

“No,” Jack insisted, following a retreating figure into the throne room. “I’m not kidding you – ”

Then the doors slammed behind him.

His breath suddenly came in cloudlike fogs.

He turned to see a woman.


Hello, Jack Frost,” she whispered. “I’ve been waiting for you.”


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Can you do one where the Horsemen and the reader goes into a famous haunted hotels or place because I have been watching too much Ghost Adventures :)

oh my god you don’t understand. I F*CKING LOVE GHOST ADVENTURES.

Death: Has no problem with your fascination with the dead and follows you along to anywhere you want to go. Spends the whole time secretly warning the ghosts that are there not to frighten you or else he’ll be really cross with them. Uses his necromancy to have allow you to converse with the spirits. But if there’s a particularly nasty demonic entity or poltergeist who’s trying to hurt you, Death quite literally kicks it back to hell. Nobody, not even the supernatural are safe from Death. 

War: Takes a little convincing, mostly because he’s heard how dangerous these places can be. Eventually agrees to come with you, if only to protect you from malignant spirits. Every little noise makes him grab Chaoseater and shove you swiftly through the next door. He hates it when you take him to a haunted hotel because you’d once made him watch the Shining and he wasn’t a fan of the Stanley hotel…. 

Fury: She’s completely hype for it until you actually arrive at Perryville Field Hospital. She spends the whole time clinging to you from behind and holding her whip in a free hand. Her senses are on high alert so every tiny creak of a door or tree branch against a window have her squeezing you tightly and hissing between her teeth. But when you leave, she just says how much she loved it and can’t wait to go again.. 

Strife: Screams. A lot. Which in turn scares you more than any actual paranormal activity, because when he screams, Strife likes to grab you. He tries to put on the tough guy act, jumping up and down and muttering ‘fight me’ to any potential ghosts. But the moment something gets thrown across the room, he tips the f*ck out the door. He’s left you alone in several rooms before remembering that he’s supposed to be keeping you safe, so he runs back in, throws you over his shoulder and barges out. When you’re safely back home, he brags about how it wasn’t that scary. 

In other news my dad is trying to get me to start a video series where I travel around America to strange towns and places and explore/ look for spooky shit. For instance we own a famous haunted house in key west and right now I am literally sleeping in the house George Washington stayed in on purgatory hill where half his army died lmao shit like that or centralia, lilydale, sleepy hollow, etc. just like interesting things creepy museums and haunted houses or famous cryptic towns

a(nother) nancy drew themed ask meme
  • secrets can kill: has anything scandalous ever happened at your school?
  • stay tuned for danger: have you ever met anyone famous?
  • message in a haunted mansion: what's the creepiest thing you've experienced firsthand?
  • treasure in the royal tower: who's your favorite historical figure?
  • the final scene: have you ever been in a theatrical production?
  • secret of the scarlet hand: do you have a favorite museum? a favorite exhibit?
  • ghost dogs of moon lake: would you find a solitary hike in the woods peaceful or unsettling?
  • the haunted carousel: what's your favorite amusement park ride?
  • danger on deception island: is there a cause you're particularly passionate about?
  • secret of shadow ranch: do you have any experience with horseback riding?
  • curse of blackmoor manor: do you have any noteworthy ancestors?
  • secret of the old clock: if you could visit any era in history, which would it be?
  • last train to bluemoon canyon: what's your birthstone?
  • danger by design: would you visit the parisian catacombs?
  • creature of kapu cave: are you superstitious?
  • white wolf of icicle creek: what's your favorite thing to do when it snows?
  • legend of the crystal skull: what's your favorite comfort food?
  • phantom of venice: what would you dress up as for carnevale?
  • haunting of castle malloy: what's your heritage?
  • ransom of the seven ships: what's your dream vacation?
  • warnings at waverly academy: would you prefer/have preferred attending an all-girls (or -boys) school?
  • trail of the twister: what's the most dangerous type of weather your area is affected by?
  • shadow at the water's edge: what's your favorite scary movie?
  • the captive curse: what's your favorite fairy tale?
  • alibi in ashes: what's the craziest thing you've ever done for a friend?
  • tomb of the lost queen: what lost historical artifact would you like to discover?
  • the deadly device: do you have any ideas for an invention?
  • ghost of thornton hall: if ghosts do exist, would you like to see one?
  • the silent spy: would you rather work for cathedral or revenant?
  • the shattered medallion: if given the opportunity, would you participate in a competition-based reality show?
  • labyrinth of lies: if you were a greek god(dess), which one would you be?