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Peter Parker x Shy Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: Peter and the Reader go to school together, however once Peter shows up at Stark tower, the Reader is curious as to why he is there.

Word Count: 1,930

Warnings: language, fluff, adorableness, talk of powers, annoying Tony, shy reader (bc I’m trash). (Err, that’s it?)

A/N: To the anon that requested this, I hope you like it! I sort of changed it up a little bit, so I hope you don’t mind. The length of this, I apologize, holy shit. I could not find a way to end this. *Also, the Reader’s powers are based on the character Catiana (in case you are wondering!) Please let me know what you guys think of it, I’d love some feedback. Enjoy reading!

Walking into school, you held tightly to your backpack and moved swiftly through the crowd, avoiding an “accidental” bump in with anyone that came unexpectedly.

Since you had a few minutes before your first class, you went to your locker and replaced the books in your backpack with the ones you needed today for classes.

Rolling your eyes and groaning as you picked up your heavy Algebra book, you stuffed it roughly into your backpack.

It’s not that you hated math, it’s just you weren’t that great at it, which definitely bothered you since you were in a class full of legit geniuses.

Not only did that class give you anxiety with being called on or not understanding anything, but it was also because there was one nerd who always caught your attention. The one that should probably be in college level math rather than Algebra in some high school. The one who looked so soft and cuddly. The one with the never ending collection of sweaters.

The one named, Peter Parker.

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BTS Reactions To Another Member Accidentally Hitting You

Namjoon: As you arrived the boy’s practice room you heard a lot of yelling. The boys were playing dodgeball for their new BangTan Bomb. “I shouldn’t go in,”you thought. As you were about to leave Namjoon saw you waving you to come in.

You opened the door and then,“Jimin don’t throw the ball!”Namjoon yelled. You looked up just when the ball crashed to your face making you drop the cupcakes you brought in for the boys.

“That’s a waist of food!”Jin cried out.

“Way to go Jimin,”Namjoon said angrily.

“I’m fine by the way if anyones wondering,”you said rubbing your forehead.

“Not only did you ruin a good batch of cupcakes but you also hurt my jagi you’re really asking for it Jimin,”he said starting to make his way towards him.

“Hey we were playing I didn’t even she was coming,”he said backing away from Namjoon.

“Namjoon stop I have a few left in the car I’ll just go get it. Also the pain is going away it’s ok,”you said feeling worried for Jimin.

“Next time she isn’t going to save you,”he said giving him a look.

Taehyung: You were going to surprise the boys with food because they’ve been working nonstop for their comeback. “I really hope they like it,”you thought as you walked to their practice room. “I can do it blindfolded too,”you heard Jungkook say.

“Yea right,”Taehyung said as you entered the practice room not even noticing you.

“Just watch me,”he said tying his bandana on his eyes. He had a hola hop on his left leg as he started to jump around with it somehow managing not to trip over it.

“Hi guys I brought you guys food,”you spoke up.

“Ah jagiya have you been standing there the whole time? You shouldn’t have bothered bringing us food,”Taehyung said smiling at you.

“I’m hungry I don’t know about you,”Jin said grabbing the bag from you,”Thank you (Y/N).”

“I want food too,”Jungkook said he was still blindfolded as he walked towards your direction trying to take of the bandana. It got tangled in his hair and you went over to help but just then he unstuck himself but backhanded you on accident. “(Y/N) I’m so sorry I didn’t mean too,”he said wider not knowing wether to go near you or not. V watched the whole thing and just stared at him (gif).

“It’s ok Jungkook it was an accident,”you said laughing hiding your really red face.

“Kookie be careful next time you could’ve poked her eyed,”he said going over to you to see if you’re ok. “I’m fine Tae don’t worry,”you said smiling at him. “Ok let’s go eat!”he said dragging you with the set of the boys.

Hoseok: You went to practice with Hoseok because you wanted to learn the dance moves to Dope. The rest of the boys were practicing their own choreography not really paying attention to you and your boyfriend. “Ok I think I have the hang of it,”you said half believing yourself.

“Let’s see it then. After this we should get food I’m starving,”he said patting his stomach. You nodded as you started to dance but once it came to the chorus you tripped. “Let’s just go get food,”you said annoyed. “You’ll get it trust me,”he said giving you an encouraging smile.

You smiled back and remembered,”I made my famous seaweed soup!” All the boys turn to look at you once those words escaped your lips. “Thank you. Thank you,”they all said hugging you.

“I just need to heat it up a little so it won’t be so cold,”you said getting out of their grasp.

“I’ll help you,”Hoseok said opening the door. You both went to the kitchen were you started to heat up the pot of soup. “Thank you so much jagi for making us food,”he said hugging you.

“You’ve guys have been working hard on this comeback it’s the least I could do,”you said. You both waited for the soup to warm up and then called the boys in to eat. They all squeezed in the small dining room making a circle. You were sitting next to Hoseok and Jin who was excited to try your cooking.

“Can you pass me a bowl,”Hoseok asked you. Both you and Jin reached for the bowl at the same time causing him to accidentally hit you on the left side of your face with his elbow.

“(Y/N)! I’m sorry. Are you ok? Does it hurt?”Jin asked worried wide eyed.

You held your cheek,”Ah I hope I don’t have a bruise.”

Jin looked at Hoseok and he just stared at him with disgust,”My jagi makes food for us and you elbow her beautiful face how dare you?”

Jin: “Are you purposely bad?”you asked your boyfriend. He looked at you with a fake hurt expression,”Hey! I was actually trying!” You laughed,”I wonder how you dance when you don’t try.”

He pushed you playfully,”Ok that’s enough of criticizing Jin’s awful dance moves for today.”

“Jin stop flirting with (Y/N) we have to get this dance down,”Namjoon said.

“Good luck!”you said smiling brightly at him. You left practice room and went to your car where you had batch of cookies. “I hope they like it,”you thought as you headed back to the practice room. The boys were doing a lot of kicks in this choreography and you watched as Jin was struggling to keep up.

“Jin you have to do it like this,”Hoseok said. He lifted his leg and his shoe flew off hitting your face. “Hoseok!”you and Jin said at the same time. “Sorry! Sorry!”he apologized horrified.

“You are so lucky I didn’t drop these cookies. It took me a lot of time and pressure not to burn them,”you said.

Jungkook: “Namjoon-hyung can (Y/N) come watch us practice?”Jungkook asked nervously biting his lips.

“Yes she can only if she makes her famous red velvet cupcakes,”he said.

“Ok!”your boyfriend said happily as he hung up. “Jagiya you can come,”he said happily.

“He asked for cupcakes didn’t he?”you asked as you came out of the kitchen.

“Yes but you made it right?”he asked.

“Yes I did. I could be cleaning this house up for you boys but you want me to go see you guys practice. You better not get distracted Kookie,”you warned.

“I won’t I promise,”he said,”Now let’s go.” You went into the kitchen as you got the box of cupcakes as you both got into the car that was waiting. “I’m just really excited for you to see this performance because I helped with it,”he said happily.

“Is there anything you can’t do?”you asked amazed.

“I can’t bake for now I’ll probably be better than you,”he said raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t get too cocky,”you said lightly pushing him. You arrived at the studio and walked to the practice room. “Hello,”you said to the boys who replied back enthusiastically as they saw the box of cupcakes.

“If Kookie misses up I get to eat his cupcakes,”Namjoon said.

“If you miss up, which you probably will, I get to eat hyung’s cupcakes,”your determined boyfriend said. “I’ll give you one of my cupcakes Namjoon,”Jimin said laughing.

“I won’t lose I’ve been practicing,”Namjoon said confidently.

Everyone started laughing and you cut them off,”Ok I just want to see the choreo that Kookie won’t stop talking about. Plus the cupcakes are getting colder by the second.” They nodded and hurried to their places as the music started playing. Everything was going fine for about a minute until the sweater throwing part. Namjoon threw his sweater directly at you but also his keys were in it. The keys hit your forehead making a small wound.

“Well there goes your cupcakes hyung,”Jungkook said cringing as he sees the small amount of blood coming from the wound.

Yoongi: “You don’t even do anything Yoongi,”you said frustrated as you got off the car. “Yes I do last week I took out the trash,”he said in a matter of fact tone.

“Wow so hopefully,”you said rolling your eyes. You walked in with your boyfriend to the practice room. Hoseok and Jin were the only one’s in the room. “Where are the other guys?”you asked.

“They said they’re going to be running late because they’re recording,”Jin said looking up from his phone. “I still don’t get why he has a flip phone,”you whispered. “I heard that,”Jin said smiling. “Sorry,”you said smiling shyly.

“Ah you bought us something didn’t you (Y/N)-ah?”Hoseok asked noticing the bag. 

“Sandwiches because Yoongi was suppose to help me make the rest of the meal,”you said looking angrily at your boyfriend. “(Y/N) are you seriously so upset with me?”he asked laughing. “Yes I am,”you said crossing your arms.

“Stop fighting because then Yoongi is going to take it out on us,”Hoseok said frightened.

“It’s because you won’t leave me alone when I’m trying to sleep,”he said.

Taehyung came in happily,”Good morning! (Y/N)-ah you came.” 

“Hi Taehyung,”you said smiling.

“Do we bother Yoongi when he’s sleeping?”Hoseok asked.

“You wake him up the most and without even trying,”Taehyung said laughing,”Like that one time you were shooing off a fly and you accidentally slapped hyung.”

“I wasn’t trying to slap you ok it was the fly and your mouth was open what if it had gotten in your mouth,”Hoseok said.

“But your hand was so close to his face. What did you expect?”Taehyung asked. “It wasn’t even that close. (Y/N) come here so I can show them how far away I was,”Hoseok said. You went over to where Hoseok as he demonstrated the whole scene.

“No that’s not how it happened,”Taehyung said,”This is how it went.” He slapped you lightly as Yoongi laughed at your surprised face.

“Taehyung! That hurt so much!”you said wincing, pretending that it actually hurt.

He looked at Yoongi terrified,”I didn’t mean to. Please don’t hit me.” 

“I’m just kidding Tae,”you said laughing.

Jimin: All the boys were acting like fools in the practice room trying to kill time until their choreographer arrives. “Why doesn’t he come already? I want to eat (Y/N)’s vanilla cake,”Jungkook whined.

“Can’t we just eat it now jagiya?”Jimin asked you.

“No you’ll be full and then won’t work as hard,”you said.

“Just one thin slice,”he said pouting. “Stop it’s not going to work,”you said looking away.

“Stop looking away from your handsome boyfriend,”he said trying to turn your head.

“Ah Jimin leave (Y/N) alone. You’ll get to eat the cake later,”Yoongi said pulling him away.

“Suga-hyung but I can’t wait until later I want the cake now,”your boyfriend whined making you giggle.

“You’re cake is really good (Y/N)-ah,”Jin praised you eating his slice of cake.

“Jin!”you and Jimin said at the same time.

“What?”he asked taking a bite.

“You were supposed to wait after practice,”you said.

“Now I get to eat cake too,”Jimin said running over to it.

“No I get a slice first,”Jungkook said already ahead of Jimin.

“Let your hyung get his slice first,”Jimin said pushing Kookie to the side.

“Kids stop or else you’ll knock off the cake,”Yoongi said.

“I’ll go cut the cake now since Jin already got his slice even if he wasn’t supposed to!”you said looking over at guilty Jin.

“Since I’m the second oldest get out the way,”Yoongi said pushing the two away. You rolled your eyes as you gave him his slice.

“The cake is as white as you Suga,”Jimin teased him.

Yoongi took a piece of cake with his fork and tried to flick at Jimin’s face but it landed on the back of your head. “What was that?”you asked touching the back of your head. Yoongi sat down quickly next to Jin and Jimin was left distraught not knowing what to do. “Who throw the cake?”you asked angrily.

“I don’t have any cake Jagi so it wasn’t me,”he said panicking. He turned to look at Yoongi, who was ignoring him.

“Yoongi-ah!”you said going towards him.

“I’m sorry I was trying to hit Jimin,”he said hurrying to the door.


Hi! long time no fic from me, like in a year eek! lol  So this was inspired a little bit by a really good fic i read by @finn-nelson-for-the-win , also check out her fic she’s writing its very good. I was shooting for a nice cutie little fluffy Rinn fic to slowly get back into writing but instead it became a full on smutty Rinn fic I blame it on the horny dickheads and not the fact that my mind is just permanently in the gutter lol so anyway enjoy. :) tagging for smut. wc is 2,833

I’m tagging some lovely emus that have asked to be on my forever tag list. Please let me know if you want on or off (you won’t hurt my feelings if you do) the list or if you want me to tag you for one particular story, thanks!

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Under the Mistletoe (Underfell Poth)

Because I love Underfell Poth

So here’s this short story for Christmas haha cringe material 

Also I saw this writing prompt: “Person A hanging 3 pieces of mistletoe in literally every room of their house because they need excuses to kiss Person B.” And I thought it was cute and because Fell!Palette is a sly bastard 

The originals won’t appear here so me and my lazy butt decided to call Fell!Goth Goth and Fell!Palette Palette because adding in the ‘Fell!’ part takes too much time

You’re welcome

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Truffles bounced on her hooves, watching eagerly as her mentor sampled the first of the fresh batch of muffins she’d baked that morning. Granny Smith’s home-style muffins were tricky to pull off, but Truffles had always had relative success with the delicate, finicky recipe.

“Do you love it?” The little filly beamed up at Cupcake, eyes practically glittering with anticipation.

“Hmm.” Cupcake paused, thinking.


Truffles blinked, taken aback. “But…But Miss Cupcake,” She tried, fumbling, “I’ve never met anypony who doesn’t like Granny’s famous recipe-”

“Dry.” Cupcake interrupted, turning stern eyes on Truffles. “Bland. Burned on the bottom, yet undercooked in the center. The texture is too rough, because you sifted your ingredients poorly and baked at too high a temperature. The apple pieces aren’t fresh, there are pieces of eggshell left in, and there is an overall lingering taste of liquid dish soap.” Cupcake let the muffin fall to the ground. “Unacceptable, Truffles.”

Truffles’ ears pinned back, and a childish waver entered her voice. “I-I…I’m sorry, I tried my best-”

“You failed.” Cupcake took a step forward, looming over her apprentice. “In baking, each bite is a conversation between the baker and the pony eating. An infinite amount of silent sentences can be expressed through taste alone. In your work, all I taste are insults.” Cupcake clopped her hoof against the linoleum floor, making Truffles jump. “And I will not be insulted in my own kitchen.”

“I…I…” Truffles cowered under her mentor’s glare. When her lower lip began to wobble, Cupcake’s stern expression finally fell away, and she sighed.
“Don’t cry.” She ordered, lifting Truffle’s chin with her hoof. When she spoke next, her voice was soft, gentle. “Making mistakes is necessary to learn how to avoid making them again, Truffles. Since you’ve failed so spectacularly, there’s obviously a lot we can learn here today.” She sent Truffles a rare half-smile, and Truffles shakily returned it, sniffling.

“Now, you can sit there and be content with mediocrity-” Cupcake gestured at the fallen, splattered muffin, “Or you can let me teach you how to be great.”

A blazing fire had roared to life in her mentor’s eyes, and Truffle’s felt an answering passion burst into her heart. “Yes, ma'am! I’ll do my very best, ma'am!” She snapped her hoof in a salute, only stumbling a little over her own hooves.

“Excellent.” Cupcake smiled serenely at her tiny apprentice, before weary chastisement entered her voice again. “We’ll start with learning how to properly wash out all the dish soap from our muffin tins before we bake…”

Baking is serious business to cupcake you guys
sometimes the fact that cupcake is ex-military trickles into her personality and she is very, very stern
she loves her doofy little apprentice tho, truffles just needed to stop sucking at baking first

funfact, this is the first time i’ve reduced paint tool sai’s line stabilizer to median level to do lineart. It feels a lot more natural and organic, but I obviously still need practice. I was concerned with how stiff and lifeless my lineart’s been looking lately
i should rlly be sleeping wow

always remember to clean all the soap out of your bakeware or you’ll fuck up your muffins and miss cupcake will be mad

Magisterium Headcanons

If you haven’t read this series, go do that now it’s one of my favorites. These are basically if the Magisterium squad moved into an apartment together when school was over.

• Aaron is the one who sings to cheesy pop music while doing chores despite the fact that he’s a terrible singer (Call complains but secretly thinks it’s adorable)

•Havoc likes to howl along and it drives Tamara crazy when she’s trying to study new magic techniques. Jasper complains and gets hit with pillow.

•They have a chore chart, which Call complains about on a regular basis (“Even the Enemy of Death has to clean the bathrooms Call stop complaining” -Tamara)

•However, they do make sure that anything that could hurt Call because of his leg skips his section of the chore chart (“I CAN LEVITATE I’M FINE” “No Call we are not taking any risks. Remember the log incident? “ONE TIME! ONE TIME I TELL YOU!”)

•The neighbors across the hall have to be assured regularly that all of the noise is just from moving furniture. (and eventually they just figure out how to soundproof the apartment because modifying the memories of the neighbors is exhausting)

•Tamara and Jasper definitely have a prank war

•Celia finds this hilarious and helps both sides w/o the other knowing

•It turns out that Aaron and Celia are really good cooks? And Call and Tamara are once again amazed at their partner’s abilities, and definitely try to get more home cooked meals with kisses

•They totally have cooking competitions with Jasper as a judge (bc Tam and Call cannot be trusted to be fair)

•In the end Jasper is the real winner bc he got some of Celia’s famous lemon cupcakes AND Aaron’s heavenly gingersnap cookies

anonymous asked:

How would they react if their crush's boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with them and they're really depressed

(Sorry it’s late I did it inbetween lessons and learning German, hope it’s okay! 🌸)


Allen would feel anger surge through his body, how dare they break up with you? What could you of possibly done? You were the sweetest person he’d ever met. Allen was angry seeing as though your now ex partner got a chance he may never get, yeah he was thankful that the chances of dating you increased because you’d broke up but the way it left you torn his heart in two. “Doll, don’t be so upset over that fucking dickbag, you’re too lovely for him.” Allen would watch as you fell into him, wrapping your arms around Allen’s neck, and rubbing your head into his neck, sniffling lightly whilst Allen on the other hand felt his heart break, this bad boy knew he had fell, and oh did he fall hard. Allen would promise to be your shoulder to cry on, he promised to be at your mere beck in call, because oh lord did he love you.

Oliver would feel anger course through his veins, his poppet should never look so…sad. Your once life filled eyes so glum and down, he wanted to track down your ex and feed them one of his famous ‘cupcakes’. You shouldn’t of been made so sad, all’s Oliver wanted to do was pick you up and wrap you up in a blanket and lay you on his lap and cuddle you forever. “Poppet don’t look so blue, he was a nobody and you’re so much better than that. Don’t cry over him lovely.” Oliver would see your tired and puffy eyes, he would scoop you up into a hug, making you instantly burst out sobbing, he would kiss your forehead lightly over and over again, rubbing your head and murmuring “shush.” Trying his best to calm you down.

(You can tell I’m British can’t you? 😂)

Vincent on the outside would look no different, but on the inside it would be a whole different story. Just like Allen and Oliver he would be filled with rage, it was hard for him to express any emotion or even feel it so when he felt like he was in actual love with you it was totally new and weird to him, and for someone who had your love, who got to kiss you everyday and lay beside you at night, oh Vincent only ever dreamed of that and for them to take it and throw it away made Vincent want to kill your ex partner. And even though he had a better chance of dating you now, it didn’t mean he was happy about it because he had to watch your sad face pass him daily. “You shouldn’t be wasting your time on him. Come on don’t cry over him/her, he’s/she’s pathetic.” Vincent wouldn’t be able to hug you properly so the best you got was an awkward hug, but as soon as you felt his arms wrap around you, you quickly held onto him tight never wanting to let go of him, and Vincent felt and saw all your sadness and loneliness through your actions, you really did need someone to hold you for a while and he didn’t mind being that person.

Xiao would seem so straight faced as he tried his best to console you, who did they think they were breaking up with you? You was the light in Xiao’s darkened life and he loved to see you smile as it lit up the whole room, but now you were reduced to tears sobbing over an idiot who played you. Xiao wanted to so badly rip your now ex partners throat out and make them regret ever breaking your heart, but for you he resisted. Because even though you were so heartbroken he was willing to pick up the pieces and help you back to your feet. “Come on, I’ll take you out for something to eat. W-What? I’m not being weird or nice at all…”

Unlike Viktor, he would be outraged. Viktor would see you come in crying one day and would ask you what was wrong solemnly, and as soon as he heard his eyes for the first time in forever held emotion, and that emotion was anger. Viktor was angry at the fact his sunflower was crying, he was angry at the fact you thought you had to go through this on your own. Then it happened, Viktor wrapped his arms around you and held you tightly, trying his best to console you. “Don’t cry over that idiot. You’re too good for him anyway.”

Mathieu would come in college to listen to you once again go on about how great your boyfriend/girlfriend was, to then see you sat in your seat looking as solemn as can be. Mathieu would hear the word usher from your mouth, “he/she left me…” Now unlike everyone else, Mathieu wouldn’t stand to see his maple cry, he hated the fact you wasn’t his sure, but he wasn’t going to sit back and watch you break down in front of him. His usual sweet and adoring maple was now in shambles and he just wanted to tightly hug you and squish the pieces of you back together. Mathieu before punching a wall, made his way out to the corridor just to quickly calm down. As he did he kept seeing the image of you, your eyes puffy from crying and your make up smudged, it made his heart wrench at the fact he could just kiss it all better, but he knew what he could do. Mathieu made his way back into the classroom, and gathered you in his arms as you sobbed into his chest, Mathieu proceeded to kiss the top of your head relentlessly and gently as he whispered “everything will be fine I promise…I’m here now.” Mathieu didn’t care that his manly reputation was on the line, he wanted to help you all he could. And that he did.


Lutz would see you walking down the college corridor, looking down at your feet with tears streaming down your face, and he knew. He instantly knew what had happened, so he would just silently scoop you up in his arms and gently stroke your hair. Lutz was infuriated, the fact that someone like you could be broken up with baffled him, how he would give anything to of been in their shoes for a day, heck even an hour or half would be good enough for him. Lutz wanted to treat you like a princess/prince, like you deserved. “Mein Frau/Männer, I hate to see you cry like zhis. I’ll look after you I promise, always know I’ll be your shoulder to cry on.

(Frau: Woman/Männer: Man)

Luciano, like Oliver would become his usual sadist self, imagining the ways he could torture you ex mercilessly, but as soon as he glimpsed at the crumpled up girl/boy on the table beside him he wanted nothing more than to take you somewhere comfortable and hug you for hours, and it sickened him how much of an impact you made on him, he hated acting like his player one, it made him feel things he didn’t usually feel. But this feeling he had when he was around you made him feel as though he was on top of the world, he finally felt as though he had someone to protect. Luciano would walk over to you and hug you tightly, “you know bella, I’m always here for you okay? Don’t forget that.” Luciano was willing to risk everything just to see your beautiful smile light up his life.

Kuro at first wouldn’t understand what had happened and would probably shrug it off, but when he finally caught grasp of the fact they’d left you, kuro felt as though he wanted to kill someone. Kuro wasn’t one to fall in love, he messed around sure but this feeling he had for you made him hate sleeping with another woman, it would make him feel sick afterwards. Kuro would walk slowly up to your saddened form and like the others, he would cradle you in his arms and rub your head lightly, soothing you and helping you breathe properly. “Don’t waste your tears on him/her. You’re much too beautiful to act like this.”

Witch Cake
  • My mom, who is a witchy type like me, had a potluck at work today, and they nagged her into making and bringing her famous creme brulee cupcakes.
  • My mom's coworkers, as the potluck is winding down, were chatting about movies, which brought up Brave and Merida and witches.
  • Random dude: Honestly, though, if you get cake from a witch and eat it, you deserve whatever you get.
  • My mom: ...you know you had cake from a witch today, right?
  • Dude: Hahaha what?
  • My mom: *smiles*
  • Coworkers: ...
  • Mom: :)
  • Coworkers: ..... *scatter back to their desks as if they'd never been involved in that conversation*
  • Mom: That's what I thought.