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French Covers of English Songs

I’ve seen posts about French songs and French Disney songs, but there are also lots of French covers of famous songs that are originally sung in English, and I don’t think they’ve been mentioned on tumblr before (within the langblr community at least), so here’s a not-so-comprehensive list I compiled:

All these songs are in French; of course the lyrics aren’t exactly the same but they’re pretty close the originals (well, the ones I’ve heard at least; I’ve yet to check out the entire list… I did hear at least a snippet of each song though).

I wrote the English titles instead of the French ones so that you can easily recognize the songs. Each of these artists has many more French covers so be sure to check out their channels.

Also, I made a PLAYLIST right here where I put all the covers I found (the ones that sounded reasonable at least) and I’ll keep adding to it. Or you could just search Youtube for “french cover songs” or “cover français” and you’ll get a whole bunch of songs and playlists as well. Enjoy ;)


Famous Last Words! I had to learn some parts by my ear and my timing is offin some parts but i dont give a flying fuck.

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⇛ ⇛ Agatha Christie covers


“It is the brain, the little grey cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within – not without.” - Hercule Poirot

Cool, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Reader is a famous singer who covers a Hamilton song at one of her concerts.

Words: 1203

Author’s Note: What? Another fic? Amazing. BTW I wrote literally all of this at work. Somebody stop me.

Warnings: Cursing. I just can’t stop myself.

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For you, the impromptu little concerts were always your favorite to perform in. While the thrill of singing to a gigantic, sold out crowd was irreplaceable, there was just something special about an intimate little venue.

You always made this well aware to your publicist, and she did her best to squeeze in these little performances whenever she could. That’s how you found yourself at Joe’s Pub at the Public.

Halfway through your set, to a crowded bar of no more than one hundred people, you took a seat on the provided stool.

“It’s very hard to be here in the room where it happens-” This was met with a thunderous applause.

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anonymous asked:

I don't think any people who ship Stalia and Marrish can say they're better than us stydia fans. Both of those relationships are wrong and disgusting! Stydia is so unique and genuine. Shelley and Ryan are both so...Ugh. I know Dylan made a mistake, but at least Holland hasn't! Btw You won't always have a come back!

I don’t get half the things that come out of the mouth’s of Strdia shippers! 

Unique and genuine - THEY’RE COUNTLESS SHIPS WHERE A BOY HAS A CRUSH ON A GIRL WHO IS TOO POPULAR FOR HIM AND THEY END UP TOGETHER!! IT IS OVERUSED!!! Why can’t girls and boys just STAY best friends? It used to be one of favourite BROTPS, not OTPS.

If Stalia is disgusting, I MUST BE TOO! Stalia was wonderful, they anchored each other when they were both vulnerable, they guided each other out of the dark they both were in, Malia being a coyote for years and Stiles’s experience with Void, they needed one another. 

If Marrish is disgusting, because he is 24 and she is 18!! Then you wouldn’t be a fan of my parents, my Dad was 22 and my Mum 25 when they met, same age gap!! They now happily married with three kids, no one ever judged them for their age! WHY? It’s not wrong!! THE AGE GAP IS FINE!!!!! NOT PERVERTED.

So Shelley Hennig is problematic??

The worst thing I can find that she has said and done was this: 

“I feel like people don’t get our love, because it can be kind of aggressive and that’s how Malia shows affection.” 

OKAY! This was shown in the show, she was a coyote for years, it is taking her time ad this is Malia’s view on STALIA, a ship she is in; this is addressed in the show, the most aggressive Malia has actually shown in the punch, which was her anger from Stiles ruining her home. Then with the spooning, she turns him over, she was still learning when and where she needed her powers, that’s what Shelley was addressing here.

And Ryan…the only thing I can find that antis hate about Ryan, is the fact he admitted he likes to be naked, which is natural and he is most likely being a funny puppy for behind the scenes .

Moving onto Dylan…yes, he has done something terrible. but it wasn’t just him, it was the whole cast of the film thinking they are funny, when they are actually being complete idiots! Making fun of a culture is freaking terrible, but 20th Century Fox is famous for covering shit up so they don’t get a bad image, most famously with Dylan’s accident last year, telling everyone he was fine and then having to reveal he nearly died. As a media studies studen, I have learnt about cover-ups and 20th Century FOX is one of the biggest, so it likely when people got angry about this, they told the cast to shut up and not say a thing, so that’s why he never said sorry or the rest of the cast.

And one to my favourite point from you…..Holland Roden is the most problematic member of this cast:

- Made a prison rape joke

- Made transphobic jokes 

- made horrible comments about West Africa

- She supported cultural appropriation

- When Daniel and Crystal split up, she said “don’t shit where you eat” and she’s dated Ian Bohen, Colton Haynes (before his coming out, of course) and Max Caver. 

- Made Islamophobic comments

- She did address this all, but only justified what she said, instead of apologising!

Have a good evening!!!

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Hello!!! Congratulations on reaching 1K followers on Twitter!! 🎉🎉 I was wondering of you have any more social media fics where they happen to meet each other online?? (Ex. YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and more) thank you!!!

thank you so much 💕💕💕 ;u; so here are the newest ones out that haven’t been rec’ed in our last req before:

  • Catfish - jongin’s a famous youtuber and they’re in a relationship but have never met before but one day jongin’s manager contacts him telling him he was catfished and the real jongin is trying to find out who kyungsoo has been texting with
  • #I’mSoInLove - fluffy and sweet, instafamous boyfriends post pics of each other (or them together) with cute captions :3
  • Mirrors - ongoing, kyungsoo is a famous Youtuber posting song cover videos every week. When his subscribers and those of a certain kim kai start a fanwar online, he decides to apologize to the guy on their behalf
  • Falling in Love - jongin saves kyungsoo from a horde of fangirls hiding in a public bathroom not knowing that kyungsoo is a famous singer on youtube 
  • You Have a Notification - jongin and jyungsoo had been dating for a few months on the internet but there had never been any disclosure about jongin’s gender, so he pretends to be a girl he considers it a safe option but then panics when kyungsoo wants to meet up
  • Baby, You’re Perfect (w8 hu u) - baekhyun sets them up but kyungsoo oesn’t know his sneaky bff has strong wingman games (…) and meets this cutie who is just perfect :)))
  • Jongin - soulmate au, the name of one’s soulmate appears on their skin, kyungsoo thus searches his soulmate’s name and he finds him on facebook where they begin to write to each other
  • Currently Vlogging - very very short drabble, Where Jongin and Kyungsoo have a YouTube channel called ‘thedancerandthesinger’ featuring Baekyeol as their hardcore fanboys
  • The Boyfriend Tag!! - jongin is a famous youtuber with over 5M subs, he made videos covering songs through dance, vlogs, occasionally vids with his boyfriend which gets high-demand C:
  • When You Are Away - fluffy non au, when they’re far away from each other, they’re in touch using snapchat
  • It’s a Match! - when his bestie sehun finds a boyfriend on tinder, jongin gives it a try too ;~)))

here’s social media au tag in case you haven’t read the older fics yet (in many of these they meet each other online too) c: happy reading ~ Admin J

updated: i fixed the first 3 links so they should be alright now! thank you for pointing out! @mschatterbox16 @sylmay06