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Mt fuji by Patrick Foto ;)
Via Flickr:
Mt fuji at lake kawaguchi after sunset, Japan

For SasuSaku Month 2017.

“Do you remember seeing this same sky, Sasuke-kun?”

When he glances at her, her gaze is bright and directed skywards, a soft smile curving her lips. Her posture is relaxed as she leans her elbows against the grass, comfortably adjusting herself into a position wherein she can see the stars in all their glory.

“Yeah,” he responds. “Back when we were twelve.”

She lets out a light chuckle. “Those were the days, huh?” Something nostalgic crosses her features, one that he doesn’t miss. “The night sky here looks exactly the same as it was years ago…”

He follows her gaze and finds himself immersed in the black expanse, sprayed with sparkling lights and hazy clouds. Both of them don’t speak nor do anything for a long while, finding contentment in being around each other’s presences. He has never really experienced anything like this before, and it’s actually a beautiful, surreal feeling. To have someone in your life who can give you the space you need, understands your reasons, and is never afraid to show how much they love you is still a concept that’s slightly foreign to him, especially since this case is not like his bonds with his family but something romantic.

She may not be the most perfect person in the world, but she is more than enough for him.

She… is the one.

No more hesitating, he thinks to himself.

Without any further ado on his part, he slowly turns towards her and gently cradles her face with his hand. She looks startled at this unexpected move, but she doesn’t say anything, only staring at him with her eyes wide.

She always does have the most expressive eyes he has ever seen.

Sasuke smiles softly, then leans towards her and presses his lips to her forehead.

Words aren’t the only way to tell someone how you feel.

Day 18 Prompt: Comfortable Silence.


As an amateur witch I like to draw inspiration from my surroundings for my craft, and since I’m an amateur cloud watcher too I decided to put the two together! Unfortunately there’s not a lot of info on cloud magic so I thought I’d have a go at creating a guide for myself and anyone looking for ways to integrate clouds into their craft.

In general clouds can represent:
fertility, blessings, foresight, imagination, dreams, fun, happiness, knowledge, heralds, messages, innocence, movement, communication, adaptability etc, and of course they are related to the air element, and water. Using nonspecific cloud magic can be enough, but if you want to call upon the magic of a particular cloud, here are some more precise meanings.

(each cloud also has an international cloud symbol which can be used for sigils etc!)

(Ci) Cirrus 🐴
AKA: “Mare’s tails”
Science: A high cirriform cloud made of ice. These are pushed by jet streams and are the fastest moving clouds. may signal worse weather to come, likely a warm front in 12-24 hours or if small and patchy, good weather.
Associations: Speed, accuracy and goal setting (due to arrow shape), certainty, confidence, ambition, whimsy, beauty.

(Cc) Cirrocumulus 🐟
AKA: “Mackerel clouds”
Science: High cumuliform ice clouds. Famous for heralding the approach of rain via the saying “Mackerel sky, rain near by”. Signifies an approaching front. Associations: Anticipation, anxiety, excitement, active energy, focusing and attention.

(Cs) Cirrostratus
Science: High layer ice cloud. the sun can often be seen through this cloud and may produce halos and other optical phenomena. Usually signifies a coming warm front.
Associations: beauty, glamour, illusion, trickery, prophecy, vision, creativity, clarity.

(As) Altostratus
Science: Mid level stratiform cloud. You might be able to see the sun through this cloud, but indistinctly. Usually appears ahead of heavy rain/a warm front.
Associations: altruism, knowledge, experience, practice, reason, expertise, understanding, judgement.

(Ac) Altocumulus
Science: Mid level cumuliform clouds. Beautiful but can signal an approaching thunderstorm/cold front.
Associations: A look don’t touch energy like a brightly coloured poisonous animal. Very good for warding and other defensive spells.

(Cu) Cumulous🌤
AKA: “Fair weather cloud”
Science: A low Cumuiliform cloud, this is the Archetypal cloud shape. Is commonly associated with good weather and tends to come in groups but these clouds also have the potential to become thunderstorms.
Associations: Due to active extroverted nature and potential for good and bad, this is the most “firey” cloud. Happiness, friendship, adventure, extroversion, strong positive energy, instability and activity, and duality (marks either the best or worst weather)

(St) Stratus 🌫
Science: Low stratiform cloud that may blanket the whole sky. Often found near coasts or mountains. this cloud becomes fog when it touches the ground. The sun can be seen clearly through this cloud, provided there are no clouds above it. It can also produce light drizzle.
Associations: Nebulous, mystery, hiding, protection, calm, stability, light blessings, illusion, kindness, gentleness, grounding.

(Sc) Stratocumulus
Science: A low cumuluiform cloud that appears quite flat . A very common cloud which is often found over open ocean and often in large groups. Can occur during any weather but usually indicates a coming weather change.
Associations: Community, family, relationships, teamwork, unity, adaptability, preparation, strength in numbers. Duality and harmony due to its stratus/cumulus nature. A good general use/substitution cloud.

(Cn) Cumulonimbus⛈
AKA: Thundercloud
Science: The tallest cloud often producing thunderstorms, lighting hail, heavy rain, and even tornados. These are found at cold fronts and are usually preceded by cirrocumulus and altocumulus.
Associations: Power, fear, danger, achievement, speed, ambition, strength, banishment, cleansing.

(Ns) Nimbostratus🌧
Science: Usually found at warm fronts and produces very heavy and persistent rain. Often preceded by cirrostratus and altostratus.
Associations: Fertility, endurance, persistance, blessings, strength, danger (flooding), generosity, cleansing.

Of course these are my own personal thoughts and are in no way set in stone. Just like seeing shapes in clouds, associations are subjective and what YOU see is more important to your craft. I hope this has helped give some ideas for how you can use cloud magic in your work!☁️


Itsukushima Floating Torii Gate by Cid Sabaou
Via Flickr:
Torii Gate (The Floating Gate) view from Itsukushima Shrine - Miyajima, Hiroshima prefecture, Japan