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Nct 127 visiting their s/o's country

Request: Can i reaction a nct reaction (especially 127) about them dating a foreigner and she asks them for the summer holidays to visit her country?? Thank youuu

A/N: since you didn’t give a specific unit i’ll just do the 127 unit! do request again if you want other members/units hehe



Would be more fascinated at your house rather than your country tbh. Would also probably stay at home with you for a few days rather than visiting places because he prefers spending time with you alone. But once you start whining and begging him to go visit other places though (your favourite restaurants, places etc.), he’d agree full heartedly and would also probably take many pictures so he can save them as memories.

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Was probably the one who suggested to go visit, because he’s excited and curious to see the environment you grew up in and he wants to visit new places so he suggested it. Is prepared to spend the whole day out with you just visitinh different places and famous places, and would probably also ask you to do cliche and cringy poses for pictures together with him.

“I heard this place is really wonderful and famous *points to your house*”

“And where did you hear that from?”

“I just knew, because it helped to bring up such a beautiful person *winks*”

“Stop omg-”

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Would probably jump around excitedly from the moment y'all landed at the airport, and would also ask you to bring him to somewhere with good food. Loves taking random selfies and photos of the both of you, and would also compliment everything about your country like 24/7.

Never fails to tidy up your house and room every morning ever since you brought him there to stay, because he claims that ‘it was too messy’ when everything was in place (at least for you).

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Like Taeil, but extremely lazy. Both of you probably spent half the vacation hugging and cuddling in your house rather than actually going out to visit places. Mainly because he wants to spend more time with you, and he also wants to use it as an excuse to come back again with you, “because we didn’t get to do much”

But when y'all go out to visit and go sightseeing though, he takes every moment to snao pictures and would also compliment on how beautiful everything is, just like you.

pretend you’re winwin

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Really excited over it but doesn’t show it, but would get shocked and amazed by how different everything was there as compared to Korea. Unlike Yuta, he’d be the one dragging you out to bring him around, asking you to show and explain things to him as he loves learning new things. Would probably also try to learn your language and interact with the people there, who’d laugh at his awkward accent every single time.

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A mix of Doyoung and Taeil tbh, some days he just wants to cuddle with you and spend time alone in your house, and the others, he’d be all excited and hyped up to go visiting your favourite places.

Has a small little to-do list with you and wants to complete every single one before y'all go back, some includes: meet her parents, visit her favourite cafe, go shopping and buy her clothes

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Is happy and excited over the fact that he’s visiting your country with you, and tries to spend every minute wisely with you. Doesn’t say much as he loves everything that you suggest y'all do, and he’s more than happy that he’s able to spend quality time back at your home country.

“I’m happy that you’re happy”

“Aw babe, love you. Next holidays we’ll go China together alrights?”

“ Of course, love you too”

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Really excited and happy too, and would also ask you to bring him to your favourites places-which then also becomes his favourites too. Would probably be fascinated and amazed by everything around him too, and takes pictures too, as a form of memory.

Is also very happy being with you and does whatever you call him to do. All he wants is for the both of you is to have a short break since it’s the holidays.

“Oh my goodness, even the chocolate tastes different here”

“Mark… We have that brand back in Canada & Korea too… What do you mean?”

“O-Oh, yeah sorry, my bad *starts giggling*”

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Small little excited bun!! Probably looked up on all the places he wanted to visit and already joted it down on a small notebook, including the things he wants to do with you. Once y'all landed, he’d just jump and run around excitedly while holding your hand, exclaiming loudly, “I’m in my girlfriend’s hometown!!! Yay!!!”

Would also try to learn your language, and would purposely make a funny accent so that he can make you laugh. Doesn’t show it but he’s really happy that you’re finally back home, and with him. Would randomly hug you and give you small pecks, “Thank you for bringing me here”

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Today my whole company crew and I spent the entire morning doing charity works at the orphanage(playing with the kids, cleaning the house, etc). During the activities with the kids, my boss suddenly talked to me and asked about what I have done for animation.

It’s because my boss is a ‘business’ sort of guy, I never thought he actually interested and asked me about animation (it’s rare to find people in my place to be interested in animation too honestly. Hence whenever someone asks me that, I get super EXCITED and can talk about it for hours)

So I told and showed him TOO LOUD!, @ygoreanimate​ and all the other fun collaborative stuff I’ve done. Before we knew, the whole kids gathered around us and watched TOO LOUD! on his phone. It was SUPER CUTE AND FUN.

And during the meeting at his house after the charity work, he just made a HUGE PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT at everyone’s face, saying that I’m a incredibly talented animator and he’s gonna work harder with me on animation-related stuff starting tomorrow.

Austin Carlile!!!

The unfaithful Wife ( Jimin * OC)

Chapter 10

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“The samples all taste absolutely perfect. You’ve outdone yourself.” Jung Kook smiled wide and I felt relief flood through me.

“I’m so glad to hear that. I can tell your fiancé isn’t very forthcoming with opinions. I was very worried about disappointing him.” I grimaced and Jung Kook chuckled.

“Yoongi tends to scare people with his grumpy face but he’s actually a pretty nice guy. I’m glad you didn’t make any of the cakes pink, that may have made him explode.” He grinned.

“You guys seem so different from each other. It’s amazing that you’ve made this work. “ i shook my head, genuinely puzzled. Jung Kook hesitated and then gave me a little smile.

"I won’t lie that it was easy. We both had to change a lot of things about ourselves to fit in with each other. But I don’t regret it. I mean, sure I could have taken the easy way out, dated someone similar but something tells me that just knowing how hard we’ve worked to make our relationship last, is going to keep us happy for a long time.” He smiled.

I didn’t say anything.I felt oddly inexperienced to comment on relationships, seeing as I’d somehow messed the only one I’d ever had.

“I heard about you and Jimin hyung.” Jung Kook beat me to it and I hesitated.

“Yeah, that was a long time ago. We’re… working things out now I guess.” I said softly, still thinking of how Jimin had left without saying goodbye the previous night.

“I’ve known Jimin hyung for a long time and well, honestly we’re a lot alike, him and I. We both think and fully believe that we don’t really deserve a perfect love.”

“Jung Kook…”

“Yoongi cheated on me. Once, early in the relationship.” Jung Kook said bluntly and I shut my mouth in shock.

“I’m so sorry…”

“No. It’s alright. We were very early in our relationship and I guess hyung never even considered it as cheating so it was totally not the same thing as you and Jimin but… I think I know where Jimin hyung is coming from. I mean, I used to think that only a couple who aren’t really in love would break up over cheating. I mean, if you really love someone you should be able to forgive them right? You should be able to look past your own hurt and try to work on the relationship. But when it happened to me, I realized it’s actually the other way round. The more you love someone, the harder it is to get over infidelity. I know that because, six years ago, I took Yoongi back even though he slept with someone else. Today, I wouldn’t be able to forgive him that easily… ”

“Why are you telling me this…"I said miserably.

"Because hyung loves you, very much. and you should know what it was like for him. I used to meet him sometimes, in those days. He didn’t enjoy himself after sending you away, Minnie. He crumbled in on himself and became a walking shell of his former self. But he sent you away only because he would have likely done something very stupid and irrevocable if you’d ben around. ”

“I never cheated on him…” I protested weakly.

“He didn’t know that, did he? The thing is, Jimin always believed that you were too good for him and when he found out you were cheating, he actually felt relieved. He had spent so much time, fully convinced that he was enjoying something he was never meant to have in the first place that , you cheating just proved it to him. That you didn’t love him. That you wanted someone better. In a way he thought he was setting you free, giving you what you wanted. What you deserved. ”

I sighed and looked away.

“I don’t think hyung will ever stop loving you.” Jung Kook said finally and I felt my throat close up.

“I won’t stop loving him either, Jung Kook. It’s just that, after five years, it isn’t so simple anymore. ”

“It could be.”

“Jung Kook…”

“If you want it to be, it could be just that simple. But you have to let go of the past. Stop letting it ruin your future.”

“When did this turn into a love consultation?” I teased, eager to change the subject. He laughed embarrassed.

“I guess when you find happiness, you sort of wish everyone else does , as well. ” He laughed.

But it didn’t work the other way, I thought thankfully. when you experienced heartbreak, you wouldn’t really wish it on anyone. Not even your worst enemy.

“Well, I look like crap….” i said firmly, staring at myself in the mirror and wrinkling my nose. It was Jung Kook and Yoongi’s wedding , in a few hours and I’d finished making all the arrangements. All i had to do was get dressed and show up. Mrs. Min had been kind enough to hire other people to take care of in-house complaints or issues at the time of the wedding. Jin Hee was watching Jin Soo for the night and i was looking forward to having a night out on my own.

Jimin had been out of the country for the past few weeks, finishing a deal in Japan and he’d called me everyday. But it had been a formal, stilted conversation at best. He was busy stressed out, clearly not sleeping or eating right, from the tired tone of his voice and I had been too concerned to be annoyed. In the end I’d just begged him to take care of himself but he’d been almost absentminded and not really listening.

But now, I had bigger things to worry about, like not looking like a clown at the wedding. I was now twenty two weeks pregnant and my stomach was big enough to be more than a little distracting. I was always wary of knocking against stuff and it didn’t help that it looked way too big on my slender frame. The dress I’d picked out for the wedding was a simple sheath dress but it looked ridiculously awkward with my belly sticking out. i groaned. I had never learnt to take pride in my pregnancy body the way some women did. I felt like an awkwardly waddling duck and nothing more.

But then, there was nothing else to be done.

Sighing , I finished putting the last touches to my makeup. I stumbled a little trying to get into the low heeled pumps and by the time i made it down, the car was already waiting. Jimin had sent his chauffeur to pick me up, although i didn’t know if he was back in Korea yet or not. I wondered if that was a good thing or a bad thing. We were both busy of course, him maybe a little more than me.

Sighing, I finished adding a nice chic jacket over my dress, the front opened to accommodate the curve of my belly. Sighing I picked up the small jeweled clutch and quickly smoothed some gloss over my lips as well.

The ride to the posh hotel took a little more than ten minutes and when i stepped out, i realized that I felt awkward and out of place. Most of the people were famous and rich, evident from the jewelry and expensive dresses. I quietly slipped through the back to the catering party. Once I went through the whole menu and the arrangements ( for the fiftieth time, really 0 I ran into Seokjin, busy bending over a tray of chocolate truffles, with white-cream frosting. He glanced up at me in genuine delight.

“Oh, there you are!! How are you, sweetheart?” H said fondly, talking through a mouthful of truffles. Io rolled my eyes.

“You shouldn’t be stealing that. Those are for the guests…” i scolded laughingly and he whipped out his invitation from inside his jacket.

“i promise I’m not a wedding crasher, babe. You’re looking real nice. Much better than the bimbo hanging off jimin’s arm. ”

I blinked.

“I’m sorry, what?”

Seokjin shrugged.

“I met her earlier. She apparently is here, all the way from Japan because she’s ’ curious ’ about how someone so ’ young ’ as Jimin could be so very ’ smart and successful’ in such a cutthroat industry. Poor jimin is stuck chauffeuring her all over town. Although i doubt he’s complaining. The woman is rather too pretty.” Seokjin wrinkled his nose.

I just stared at him, too many different feelings churning around inside me in a thick, tangled web of emotions and I realized that it would be impossible to sort through them right now. So I shook my head rapidly.

“I didn’t know he was back here…” I said calmly.

“He is… Anyway, I’m dateless for the night. Mind accompanying me in so I look less like a loser. I won’t mind if you leave me afterwards. ” Seokjin said brightly and I laughed at the awkward doctor. His old-school , awkward charm was rather adorably endearing. So i quickly linked my arm with his and let him lead me into the wedding hall through a side entrance. We met a few of Seokjin’s friends and ten minutes later, Kim Taehyung appeared, looking undeniably handsome in a perfectly tailored white suit.

“Hi there, Minnie ssi…” He grinned cheerfully, mouth stretched in his signature boxy smile. I smiled back, gaze snapping a little when i caught sight of a familiar figure, just over Taehyung’s shoulder.

Jimin saw me the exact moment i saw him and his gaze went very wide. I watched as he carefully removed the hand on his arm and i finally glimpsed the girl on his arm.

My mouth went dry .

The woman was breathtaking.

Feeling worse than a potato, i had a sudden huge urge to just run.

But it was too late, Jimin mumbled something into the woman’s ear and she frowned briefly before nodding and then the two of them were making their way over to us. i gripped Seokjin a little harder than necessary and Jimin gave Taehyung a nice long glare before coming to a stop in front of me.

“Sweetheart, should you be standing around right now?” He said worriedly and the woman looked very surprised and very curious as she stared back and forth between us.

“Uh.. Hello… I’m Min Hee…” i said awkwardly, holding a hand out.

She didn’t take it.

Instead she gave me a lofty stare and then turned to Jimin.

“Is she one of your employees , Jimin ssi?” She said icily and Jimin blinked a bit at the vehemence in her tone. I fought bacvk a smile. If the woman actually expected Jimin to understand her jealousy and reassure her, she was sorely mistaken. Jimin didn’t recognize petty jealousy for what it was, which was one of the reasons he displayed it so often himself.

“Oh, no.. She’s my wife. And those are my kids in there…” Jimin said with a grin, before reaching out and curving his palm around the curve of my waist.

“Park Jimin!!” I hissed in disbelief while Ms. Ice Princess looked downright mortified. But she stuttered an awkward congratulations and then moved away. I elbowed Jimin lightly.

“What are you doing?”

“Let’s go out into the garden.. Excuse us gentlemen… ” He said but both Seokjin  and Taehyung were too busy holding a passing waiter hostage to notice. I let Jimin lead me into the balcony and then to sit on one of the marble benches in the corner.

“I’m sorry. I… I wanted to apologize for the way I behaved that night when we last met. I didn’t have the right to be so jealous…. It wasn’t right… it just…” Jimin was leaning against the parapet wall and I felt a pang of affection shoot through me. He was very handsome and very familiar and still very much the man i’d always loved and cared for. I supposed we’d gone past the stage of holding grudges, because most of my resentment melted out of me at the sight of him in the moonlight.

“Why didn’t you tell me? That you’d suspected me of cheating.” I said bluntly, patting the bench and watching as he carefully made over to sit next to me. i snuggled up close to him and he opened his suit jacket, letting me rest against his chest.

“I… I don’t know. I guess i was afraid you’d break up with me so..”

“So you broke up with me instead?> That doesn’t make any sense.”

“ I know. But then, none of it made sense to me back then. I was just… i don’t know, relieved almost, that it was over. I was never meant to have you anyway and once you left I felt almost, at peace…” He said softly.

 I sighed in defeat.

“Do you still feel that way?” I said finally.

He looked up surprised.


“Do you still feel that you aren’t meant to have me…” I whispered.

“No. No, I… now i feel like… like if it isn’t you , it can’t be anyone else. It has to be you. only you…” His voice cracked a little on the last phrase and i felt my breath speed up.

“Why don’t you trust me?” I whispered, moving closer and lightly pressing my palm to his face. He shut his eyes at once and relaxed against my fingers, eyes fluttering a little as he bent down to capture my lips with his. I sighed, relaxing into the kiss deeply. 

I felt my joints come unloose, suddenly aware of how tense I’d been all these weeks. I sighed and let him kiss me some more, selfishly enjoying the way he used his mouth against mine, his tongue licking into my mouth and offering me a sweet taste of him. I’d forgotten how good it felt just to kiss jimin, the way his hands pressed against my waist, the way he lightly traced circles with his thumb. 

The way he framed my cheek with his palm, the way his fingers stroked my chin before moving up to tangle in my hair.

I gripped his shoulders a little harder and tried to steady myself, laughing a little when the added weight of the babies nearly made me tip over and jimin grinned, grabbing my waist softly and laughing against my ears, his breath warm ont he curve of my neck.

“I’ve got you…” He chuckled and i grinned back catching sight of the bright smile on his face, the soft curve of his smile and the way his eyes crinkled into half moons.

“I miss you.. All the time… ” I choked out, my throat suddenly closing up. “ Even when you’re here…. i miss you.. Does that make sense…” I sniffled.

“Shush.. It’s okay… i’m here.. for as long as you need me…” He said gently. I took a deep shuddering breath.

“I’m tired of running from this…” I whispered and Jimin sighed, kissing the top of my head.

“i’m sorry..” He said and I wondered when that had become the default status of our relationship. just constantly apologizing to each other . It didn’t feel good.

“And I forgive you.” I said loudly , firmly. “ For everything. ” I said softly . Jimin blinked.


“I’m serious… it’s so hard, and draining, trying to hate you all the time. I don’t want to do it anymore. Apparently my entire system is wired to love you no matter how much of a jerk you tend to be sometimes. So i’ve decided to just accept it now..” i sighed. “ We’re just stuck with each other for life. ”

Jimin started laughing suddenly and i grinned grudgingly till i felt something soak the top of my head. I pulled away surprised.

“Are you crying?’ ” I said laughing. He shook his head.

“I don’t know… Am I? God.. You have no idea how fucking happy i am right now” He was laughing really hard, but there were tears in his eyes and i sat looking at him, falling in love all over again . Suddenly, fireworks rang out and i jumped a bit, turning around to look at the sky. i wrinkled my nose and blinked.

“I can’t see any of them.. where are they setting off the fireworks?” I whispered .

He didn’t reply.

“But the timing is amazing… almost like every single cliche scene from every mov-” i stopped when i felt his weight on me. 

Jimin had slumped forward suddenly with a grunt and I flinched.

“Jimin you’re crushing me!! What… ” I grabbed his chest and tried to push him up when I felt it. Sticky wetness all over his chest and on my palm. Something dull and roaring went through my head and my entire body froze in morbid realization while my brain struggled to catch up.

 i stared at Jimin… 

His mouth was open in shock and his eyes wide in surprise.

 I pulled my hand out of his jacket, stunned , staring stupidly at the red, dark wetness that was clinging to my fingers.


“Oh my God.. jimin what…” I stared at his chest and with a sudden sickening understanding as I realized that I hadn’t heard fireworks.

I had heard gunshots.

Someone had just shot my husband in the chest.

As Long As I’m Alive

Anonymous asked: Hi there! I was wondering if I could request a GOT imagine? Where Robb Stark is in love with a lady of a Northern family even though he’s to be married to a Frey girl and the lady of the North (reader) leaves with her army when she thinks he’s in love with the Frey girl but comes back to save him from the Red Wedding? Hope that makes sense and it’s not too much to ask of you. Thank you! :)

I do not own Robb Stark. He belongs to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: mentions of death and a broken heart, fluff ,AU

Pairings: Robb Stark x fem!reader

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You felt your heart sinking in your chest as you mounted your horse. You had to get out of there. Away from him. From Robb Stark. It wasn’t that you had a problem with Robb or that you didn’t like him. Quite the opposite in fact. You loved him and, at one point, you thought he loved you. Then, came the Frey girl. Robb promised to marry her. You didn’t know the reason why, but you thought it was because he loved her. You couldn’t put your heart through that, so you decided to leave. To help Robb’s war efforts somewhere else. If only you had known.

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In-N-Out Burger

Coming to California for the first time in my life I finally get the opportunity to visit the famous In-N-Out Burger. I have heard for years how great this place was and for me being a burger connoisseur I was so excited about the visit.

So for me let’s say I was very underwhelmed. My double double was very good but the fries were the worst in my lifetime of fast food fry consumption!

I liked so much about California but you can keep your In-N-Out Burger!

Even the locals that I talked to said they preferred a place called Sooper Dooper Burger! For me, I’ll stick with 5 Guys!!!

Zia grew up in Egypt. It’s her home, even though she lives in Brooklyn now. So I’d say it’s logical that she goes back sometimes.

  • Every few years, she goes back to her village and spends a day or so there.
  • Just walking around and remembering what she can.
  • Sometimes she spends hours talking to her family, telling them what she’s been up to.
  • Sometimes she sits quietly for long stretches of time before saying, “I miss you.”

And that’s enough sad for me, let’s talk about happier things!

  • Sadie becomes a magician ambassador for Brooklyn House and Zia tags along occasionally when she has to travel to the first nome.
  • Zia probably still has friends there or at least people she’s friendly with, so she visits them.
  • There’s way more kids there now, so she spends a lot of time with them, because she didn’t have many kids to play with growing up.
  • Also the kids love hearing stories from her. She tells them about the Egyptian gods, what it was like fighting Apophis, and all sorts of strange American things.
  • They’re particularly interested in malls.
  • Zia also likes going back to Egypt because she can speak her native language again. She gets very tired of only speaking English while she’s in Brooklyn, so speaking Arabic is a nice change.
  • Well, okay, she likes speaking Arabic and being understood. She talks to herself in Arabic while she’s in Brooklyn, but she can’t have a conversation with anyone.
  • She probably misses the food too. American food is really processed and some of it is really gross. And there’s a severe lack of like completely homemade meals? She really misses that.
  • When Sadie has some free time, Zia drags her out to see the sights. The famous, touristy ones, and local places that Zia would visit when she was growing up.
  • She’s always happy to go back to Brooklyn House though. It really starts feeling like home.

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Short fic on Cal meeting Lightning for the first time? Knowing this was the car that helped his Uncle finish his last race. I think he'd be super happy to meet him! :)

Indeed, Anon! Time to unleash the cinnamon roll into the world so he can meet the tomato boy.

“Come on, Cal.” Tex encouraged the kid. “You need to get in there and socialize. No one’s gonna know who y’are if you don’t go meet ‘em”

“No, Tex.” Cal argued stubbornly. “Everyone already knows exactly who I am. And that’s what’s makin’ me nervous.”

Tex had rented out a huge private venue that night, three days before the first race of the season. He threw a massive party for all the racers, sponsors, and any other big names that wanted to come. It was tradition, an act that was done to reinforce the principle of friendly competition on the track.

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SL: Todoroki Route Chapter 14

IMPORTANT: You are currently reading Chapter 14 of my series Shared Light. If you have not read Chapters 1-6 of the General Route, please start at Chapter One! (Click here!) Those six chapters contain the build-up/back story to your quirk, your life, etc, etc.

If you’ve read Chapter 1-6 but haven’t read Chapter 7-13: here’s the master so you can catch up!

If you already have, by all means, continue your journey!

You plop down onto the futon and reach over to grab your phone. Punching in a message to Shinsou, you laugh to yourself after seeing the photo of you and Todoroki.

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Rita Hayworth photographed by Philippe Halsman at Harper’s Bazaar Studio, 1943

A model (Rita Hayworth) is very happy doing jobs for tony magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, whose pictures ooez elegance. In gown which costs $ 145 and leaves one shoulder expressively bare, Rita reclines on bearskin rug. Carmel Snow, editor of Harper’s Bazaar, and Anita Colby, famous model who also does publicity for Columbia Pictures, decorate her with genuine diamond baubles while George Moygningen-Huene, famous photographer, points out proper place for pinning. This work pays no more than regular job but being photograped by Huen and appearing in swark magazine means much to a model in prestige and jobs.  

LIFE Magazine, January 1943


* Thomas Jefferson × Reader
* 1-126: I never believed in soulmates until I met you.
* Hamiltime

A/N: yes I know science and psychology were in no way this advanced yet! I wanted Hamiltime and I had this idea in class a few days ago. Yes there will be a part two, don’t worry. It may take a day or two (or more) to write it though.

Word Count: 1,493


You turned your head toward the sound of a scoff. “This doesn’t make any sense.” A man exclaimed in a southern accent. You were uptown trying to get some shopping done when this man started talking loudly. You eyed him up and down. He was wearing a suit of frills in a loud magenta shade. He had tightly spiraled curls framing his face. You noticed he also had well trimmed facial hair. He was attractive but obviously a politician.

You wrinkled your nose in distaste. You family was barely well enough off to shop at uptown stores. Here this man was who could probably buy a new suit everyday of the year. Still, you were curious. “What doesn’t make sense?” You tried.

The man didn’t even look in your direction. He did answer you though. “They’re claiming that love has the same addictive qualities as alcohol.” He said. “That as human we crave love and we get addicted to the feelings it gives us. I mean, Alexander Hamilton may be victim to the clutches of that addiction, but I’ve never had that problem.”

You laughed at his comment about Alexander Hamilton. You had never met the former Secretary Treasury before but you had ill feelings toward him for the way he treated his poor wife. The man finally looked in your direction. You were sure you were quite the sight.

You were wearing a dress that was at least two years behind in style. You knew you hadn’t bothered to pin up your hair that morning nor did you put on any make up. Still, the man in front of you seemed to be staring at you in awe. “Uh my name is Thomas Jefferson.” He introduced and held out a hand.

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Can i pls request a bts imagine?? How would bts say goodbye to you when they are leaving for a long tour ( ; . ; ) Thanks soo much in advance

Here it is! Hope you like it!!

You guys are eating dinner that Jin specially made for both of you. He made his famous pasta that you loved.  While eating dinner, Jin was acting out of place. You knew your boyfriend well enough to know that he was not acting like his usual self.  Jin would usually ask you how dinner tasted and would stare at you lovingly while you were eating his food. He would usually feed your food to you but today he did not. He was not acting like himself and you felt worried. “Jagi what’s wrong? You are really quiet today” you asked your quiet boyfriend. “Just finish eating, I will tell you later” he coldly reply.  While eating your food, many thoughts clouded your mind. Was he going to break up with me?  You were unable to finish your favourite food and lost your appetite. Unknowingly, tears started to flow down your face. Your face started to feel warm and you did not know why you started crying. When Jin looked at your tear-filled eyes, Jin felt as flustered as you were. The only thing that was in Jin’s  mind was to stop you from crying. He stood up and went directly to embrace you in his arms. “Princess, please stop crying… you are hurting me” he whispered into your ears. “Jin… tell me what’s wrong” your voice trembling. “ Princess, I have to leave for 8 months for the tour with the guys…” he quietly said. “Babe. Why didn’t you tell me that you were leaving, I thought that you were going to break up with me. I was so scared…” you mumbled. “ I was scared that you would cry and you did exactly what I didn’t want you to do.” Jin quietly said . Not wanting to worry him any further, you reassuringly said “ I’m sorry that I made you worry Oppa..its just that I’m going to miss you so much” upon hearing this, Jin looked at you lovingly and said “ I am going to miss you more than you miss me princess. I will call you everyday.You have to eat healthily when I’m gone okay. Don’t skip meals understand?” You giggled at how fatherly your boyfriend was. Jin then carried you bridal style into his room and you guys spent the rest of the night in each other’s embrace unable to let each other go.


As usual, you were laying down on the floor reading a book while your boyfriend was on the couch working on the latest BANGTAN album. While you stared at him for afar, you wondered how lucky you were to get such a perfect and handsome boyfriend. You carefully observed at how his face would scrunch up whenever he was concentrating hard on something and you always thought it was cute. Upon watching his face, you started giggling at his adorable facial expressions. Suddenly, he looked straight into your eyes and it caused your heart to skip a beat. He gently asked you to come over and sit next to him. You obeyed and slowly walked over towards him. His face looked tired and restless. You touched his cheekbone and gently told him “babe, you need to rest. Go get some sleep.” He then gently took your hands away from his face and said “I can’t go to sleep before I tell you something that has been bothering me.” You suddenly felt worried and carefully asked “what is it yoongi?” He looked at you nervously and said “ I have to leave you because I’m going on a tour with the boys for 8 months…” Upon hearing this, your face started to darken and it was obvious that you were upset. 8 months was just too long for you to handle. He knew how you felt about long tours and it always hurt him to see your reactions whenever he said he was leaving. However, YOONGI knew that you were able to handle his absence because of your strong and independent personality, That’s part of the reason why he fell in love with you in the first place. He took your face in his hands and laid wet kisses on your cheeks, forehead, chin. Anywhere but your lips. You pouted your lips to signal him to kiss you on the lips. However he only replied, “ I’m not going to kiss you now honey; I’m going to devour your whole mouth when I get back from the tour. We don’t have to rush beautiful…” Upon hearing this, your heart started to pound rapidly and you were already excited about the idea of him coming back from the tour and putting his soft lips on yours and maybe leading to something more…

NamjoonYou were waiting outside of BigHit Ent. Leaning against the wall, absentmindedly picking at the black nail polish on your finger nails. You were nervous, Namjoon had been acting out of place ever since he had that meeting with the managers a couple of weeks ago. Being the leader of BTS Namjoon had responsibilities that went far over his head sometimes, and you considered that maybe he was given some sort of responsibility that was too much this time. You jumped up from your spot on the wall as soon as you heard the door creak open. His face was turned down, looking at the ground, as he walked towards you. “What’s the matter Namjoon?” He avoided all eye contact and had a look of complete and utter seriousness. “It’ll have to wait till we get home, babe.” You furrowed your brow in confusion as you thought to yourself ‘What could be so important that it has to wait till we get home?’ ‘He never does this.’ You walked a few feet behind him as you walked to his car. Your arm was by your side while you other arm gripped it tightly. During the entire ride home you sat in silence. He didn’t turn his head from the road once. You tilted your body ever so slightly away from his as you looked out the window. As you got to the apartment he didn’t guide you to his room, but to the top of the building. “Why are you taking me up here? We haven’t been up here since you first asked me out.” He turned around and gave you a slight smirk before completely changing his expression. You both climbed up to the roof and he walked to the edge. He avoided all eye contact with you and it was really starting to bug you. You leaned up against the railing and stared at his blank expression as he looked into the horizon. “Alright Namjoon, we’re here. Now, can you please tell me what’s going on.” He moved his body until he was facing you. He grabbed both of your hands and met your eyes with his. “I know this is completely irresponsible of me to dump this all on you so suddenly but….” He sighed and looked at the ground. “It’ll be okay” you said with a voice of utter insurance, “I can handle anything.” You let out a small smile which caused a mirror reaction from Namjoon. “I feel terrible for not telling you sooner, but me and the boys have to go on a fairly long tour……. tomorrow.” You decided not to say anything. You took your boyfriend’s waist in your hands and hugged him tightly. He then pushed you off and cupped your face in his hands as he leaned down to give you a kiss. He ran his hand through your hair as the kiss got more passionate. “I’m going to miss those lips of yours Jagiya.” 

HoseokYou were sitting on a bench in the park waiting for your boyfriend Hoseok to come by for your picnic date. You looked at the beautiful scenery and drew circles in the dirt with your shoe as you waited. After waiting about 30 minutes you could see Hoseok. His uplifting and optimistic smile could be seen from afar. You fixed your hair and straightened out your skirt as he made his way down. You stood up as he approached you, with a large basket of your favorite foods, and walked over to hug him tightly. “You ready to go y/n?” He said with a huge smile on his face. “Yes” you replied. You linked arms with him, placing one arm inside of his and the other wrapped around his waist. As you reached your destination Hoseok helped guide you up the steep hill. He chose this stop specially in order for you to have a magnificent view. It was absolutely stunning. You could see the entire city from up here. He laid down the blanket and placed the basket on top. He then proceeded to help you sit down. You both sat in silence as you ate. This was weird for him to be so quiet. He started off into the view as you two ate your delicious meal. You tried to break the silence with some lame jokes, but all you got was a smile and a soft chuckle. What happened to your chatterbox boyfriend? “Jagi” Hoseok said after finishing his last bite of dinner “there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you” he moved his body so that he was sitting directly in front of you. You saw the discomfort in his eyes and moved your hand towards his thigh, gently rubbing it. “It’s okay Hoseok, you can tell me anything, I won’t judge.” He put his hand over yours “Its taken me a while to find the words to say so that I won’t hurt you, but I just can’t seem to find a way. Your body began to get tense and your mind thought of every possible scenario ‘is he moving?’ ‘Is he going to break up with me?’ He took a deep breath “ I’m going to be away for a while…. I’m leaving for tour with the boys” you relaxed your body and let out a sigh of relief only to realize what he had just said. “What do you mean a while?” He licked his lips and stared into the blanket “ I mean longer than usual…. Around 8 months” you held onto both of his hands and gave him a huge smile. He was confused at first but that soon turned into his beautiful, bright smile. “ I have hope that we will get through the time we are apart.” He playfully pushed your shoulder and let out a small laugh  “You know that’s my thing jagi.” You leaned in close enough to wear you could feel his breath “I was hoping it could be our thing” you felt him smile as he moved in just enough to kiss you. He rolled your back onto the soft blanket and kissed you again. He whispered into your ear “I love you jagi….I’m going to miss you”

JiminIt had been a long work week for your boyfriend Jimin and you knew how stressed out he can get. You decided to show up at his practice that day and help him relax by bringing him his favorite snacks and possibly a kiss. You stood in the corner of the practice room and watched him dance. He was so beautiful and talented that it made your stomach feel as if it were doing flips. Every so often he would look in your direction and give you a soft smirk. This made your stomach complete turn inside out. You couldn’t help but smile every time you saw the passion in his face, even during practice the affection he had towards his work never faded. After a few hours the boys finally wrapped up. Jimin walked toward you with a questionable smile on his face. You quickly sat up and rushed towards him with a bag of goodies. “I thought you might enjoy some snacks. After all that work oppa, you’ve earned it” you smiled and handed him the bag.” He took it without saying a word. ‘What’s wrong with jimin?’ you thought to yourself. You both quietly walked out of the practice room and headed to his car. You both sat down in the car in complete silence (minus the soft sounds of the radio in the background). He was acting extremely strange tonight…. What’s going on? You turned the radio to mute and asked “ Is everything okay? You’ve been acting strange tonight. What’s wrong?” He kept his eyes on the road “It's…..” He sighed, shaking his head “it’ll have to wait till we get home.” “Ummm. Okay” you began to get worried. What could be so big that it had to wait till you got home. As you pulled into the driveway and parked you both walked out of the car in silence. Jimin ushered you to the living room couch to sit you down and talk. He looked down and took a deep breath before staring into your eyes. “I’ve put this off for far too long and I don’t think it’s fair for me to have to dump it all on you so quickly but….” He looked down again. “What is it Jiminie? You can tell me anything.” You grabbed his hand and scooted closer to him. “I leave for tour tomorrow Jagi.” You lifted his head up until your eyes met again. “It’s okay jimin, I understand how hectic your schedules can be, it’s nothing to worry about” you said. “Yes babe, but it’s going to be harder this time.” You furrowed your brows in confusion “why is that?” “I’m going to be gone longer this time…. 8 months.” Your expression changed almost instantaneously. You saw the sadness in his eyes and decided it would be best if you stayed optimistic, for his sake. “You’re here with me now, and that’s all that matters” you scooted closer to him until your head rested on his broad chest. He let out a small chuckle and revealed his actual smile. “I love how optimistic and bright you are” he kissed the top of your head and began to run circles around your arm. “ Make sure you text or call me whenever you have time, okay. And don’t forget about me while you’re gone.” He held you tightly in his strong arms and whispered softly into your ears “don’t worry Jagi…we’re together now.” 

TAEHYUNG: “Jagiyaaaa” TAE whined in his deep voice. “What now Tae?” You playfully replied. You knew that TAES voice only became whiny when he wanted something from you or when he didn’t want you to get mad at him. You became nervous because you never know what to expect from Taehyung. He was always random and never followed a plan. But that’s what made you fall in love with him. When you looked at him, his face darkened. “TAE…what’s wrong” you asked quietly. His face was stoic and he refused to answer you. You now became very nervous. “TAE… You are scaring me. Tell me what’s going on” you told him. He looked at you nervously and quietly said “y/n I’m going to have to leave you for another 8 months because I’m going to another tour with the boys.” Upon hearing this, you felt the whole world trembling beneath your feet. Your face started to become pale and your boyfriend started to notice. Your reaction caused TAE to flinch. He didn’t know what to do to make you feel better so he just leaned in to your lips and soft kissed you. He knew that by kissing you, he might be able to take some of your pain away. You leaned into his soft kiss and melted into him. After what felt like centuries, TAEHYUNG slowly pulled away from you and said “jagiyaa, don’t worry. During the tour, I will call you every time I am not practicing or performing.” He then flashed  his famous rectangular smile. “if you don’t answer my calls, you are going to end up receiving a severe punishment when I come back home y/n” he jokingly added. Even during sad times, Kim TAEHYUNG always knew how to make you smile and you loved it.

JungkookYou and Jungkook decided to stay home for your date. The only reason why you two decided to stay home instead of going out was because you two got a little too comfy when you guys decided to cuddle up on the couch and watch Netflix. Cuddling up next to your boyfriend, you laid your head on Jungkook’s broad shoulders, feeling his warmth radiating towards your body.  "Y/N" Jungkook lovingly whispered into your ear" “hmmm” you replied. “I thought I’d let you know that I have to leave for the tour with the guys” Upon hearing, your heart dropped. You have dated for quite a long time but still felt uneasy every single time he said it. You then asked queasily “for how long now?”. Jungkook answered quietly “for 8 months…”. When he looked at your heartbroken face, he felt heart shattering to million of pieces. He then pulled you into a tight embrace as he did not want you to see that he was actually on the verge of crying. He knew that this was the last time he was going to be able to see you before he left for the long tour. Embracing the small stature in his arms, it took strength for Jungkook to finally pull away and ask  "would you spend the night with me y/n?“ Without hesitation, you answered “of course Jeon Jungkook ”. Upon hearing your answer, Jungkook smiled and wiped your tears away with his soft and wet kisses. That night, you held onto him tightly thinking that this will be the last time you are in his embrace until he leaves for what will feel like forever…”

~ Admins Ginger jam and Paprika

thoughts on WGM and "scripted reality"

i’ve been seeing a lot of posts about people who once loved We Got Married turning on the show because of others insisting that the show is 100% scripted.

This makes me really sad because I think WGM is one of the best reality shows i’ve seen in a long time. 

As a WGM fan and person who has worked on similar reality programs before I want to try to explain what scripted reality really means so that people who love it can keep loving it.

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My Yuri!!! On Ice HCs

Okay, this show is just so beautiful. It takes two people and shows a developmental healthy relationship, between two men nonetheless, and it’s just groundbreaking~!

Anyways here are my lovely head canons for Yuuri and Viktor as they get their own place~.

(( Warning: Cute fluffy, domestic stuff coming your way! ))

Yuuri and Viktor cooking together:

- Viktor would be in the kitchen, and Yuuri comes in like, “Hey do you need any help?” Then the cute “wife and husband” acts ensue. (Yuuri wears a cute poodle apron when he cooks)

- Yuuri is trying to be serious when he’s helping, and all Viktor wants to do is mess around now that his “cute little piggy” is helping him. (slaps on Yuuri’s butt happen occasionally.)

- Be careful going there on Tuesdays. That’s Pasta Tuesday for them.

- If you wanna get caught in a pasta sauce fight between them, then that’s fine.

- It starts with Viktor putting the sauce on Yuuri’s nose and it escalates from there.

- The sauce gets E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. (“How did we get pasta sauce on the ceiling…?”)

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One Wild Ride

The much anticipated band au (seriously, you guys are the best) that I’m still not sure if I intended for it to be serious or a crackfic. Five chapters in total but that’s just the tentative layout for it that I’ve got working so it might be more or less but let’s just go with 5 for now. Special thanks to Rhiannon for reading it through and listening to me go on and on about this universe for the past few weeks (months? idek)

Also, I’m trying my hand at a new style of writing- sort of like an article/ journalism vibe- so I hope it’s not too bad

Chapter 1

Breaking News: Lily Evans and James Potter are not so secretly snogging. The internet is losing its shit.

Welcome ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary folk to what is the first of a five part exposé on the two biggest names in all of music right now: The Marauders and Lily Evans. One is boy band group that’s achieved One Direction like fame in the past few years, and the other is an immensely talented singer/songwriter who’s poised to take over the world one day. But now, on the eve of their respective world tours (the Marauders kick it off in Paris in one week, while Evans starts off in New York a few days later), we here at TIME feel it’s time to remind you all just how it all started and where they came from. From the nitty gritty beginnings- the broken friendships, nasty rumours and tears of all kinds- to the happy endings, I’m here to dig in deep. So buckle up kids, this is going to be one wild ride.

But first I guess I have to rewind a little to say, oh, about almost eight years ago.

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  • hmmm…the type to bring you to countries in Europe and its rlly big scale
  • oh and also it will either be backpacking style or 5 star hotel style.. there’s no in between
  • probably bring a selfie stick wherever you two go and maybe vlog??
  • or maybe a camera
  • he is that one boyfriend that takes witty and unexpected pictures of you that both of you laugh at after the trip
  • he loves recording you trying out new food, how your expression changes when u bite into something u love or absolutely disgusted at
  • he wants to capture all these beautiful memories
  • he’s eye literally pops out when enjoying the food and u just feel so happy cause HE IS TOO CUTE
  • randomly turns to stare at you esp if you are enjoying the scenery or what not cause you are the most beautiful view to him cheesy but
  • and when u guys are returning home on the airplane, he will plant a small kiss on your cheek
  • “i hope there are more trips like this to come, babe”


  • the type to definitely bring you to somewhere quiet and chill OH and it will be during autumn or winter
  • cause come on… wonwoo looks adorbs in turtleneck and wrapped up in thick scarfs
  • somehow manages to find unique tiny lil bookstores from his thousand of researches
  • u two will probably go to cute cafes and have your morning coffee before setting off to the rest of your events each day
  • you will snap a picture of him sipping on his coffee and yes that will be your phone lock screen from then on
  • wonwoo will not want to stress during traveling so he would prepare the places u guys would visit beforehand
  • he is so well prepared that you would be surprised
  • secretly takes a picture of you whenever he can cause he thinks you’re the prettiest when you’re being yourself
  • and yes hes lock screen is also you..sort of
  • well its actually a picture of your hand intertwined with his #aestheticswonwoo
  • will want to hold your hand whenever you guys are


  • the type to most likely to take you to places in korea..like jeju island??
  • the most detailed out of the 4 when packing so honestly you’re 100% safe with him
  • LOVES going to tourist-ish places esp famous landmarks
  • seeking out all the famous local delights and insists in eating em all
  • traveling with this boy might almost be like on a mukbang trip instead
  • will feed you during eating
  • enjoys taking selca with you before each meal or just pictures of both of you each holding up your spoon/fork preparing to devour the food
  • makes you do funny faces when taking pictures cause that is going up his insta feed for sure
  • if u ever get sick from eating too much NO WORRIES (maybe he have alr seen it coming)
  • he will bring u back to the hotel and make sure u eat the medicine he bought from the local pharmacy
  • “jagiya rest well so we can eat more!!”
  • “what?! no more gyu no more”
  • u guys would still have fun thou…and he would call for room service :)))


  • the type to go to places that literally screams city life
  • you guys will find yourselves just roaming around the street and experiencing it just like a local would
  • “i heard the locals go here often, lets go too”
  • he would sling his arms around your shoulder when u two are walking
  • enjoys having small conversations with locals or store owners
  • he just wants to experience and understand the culture of the country so much
  • he finds your presence extremely comforting and feels blessed to have you on the trip with him
  • hence beware of random “u know what? i love you” “aish i’m so glad you are mine”
  • probably take you to the top of the hotel at night to see the city lights
  • and both of you will just have a decent conversation while enjoying the night breeze
  •  traveling with this boy is just simple but very very very fulfilling
reasons why smrookies shows are important:

1) the fandom actually has new stuff to reblog

2) we learned that taeyong is a tsundere and sleeps in pink pjs

3) we now know that hansol and yuta cried together because of a drama

4) yuta was confirmed the gaurdian of takoyaki

5) taeil openly announced dojae’s love for each other

6) yuta revealed that hansol has pictures of cute animals on his phone (and if that ain’t cute idk what is)

7) johnny seo can play the piano. he can play the piano. seo youngho can play the piano. (what cant he do?)

8) we learned that yuta and hansol like naruto. yuta and hansol like naruto. yuta and hansol like naruto.

9) dojae is most likely getting married sometime soon because apparently doyoung likes to call jaehyun to go to out namsan and itaewon (apparently famous ‘date places’ in korea) on the weekends and that just adds to the moments

10) johnny has a thing for ten’s aegyo (or maybe ten himself)

11) we get to witness (even if its just videos or pictures) a bit of the boys’ amazing talents; their divine singing, rapping, dancing etc. also get to see their dorky characteristics, facts on how they usually interact with each other, brief self explanations, and of course some good ol aegyo.

and just learning about such little things makes the fandom shower in happiness. these boys are going to be big.

Kara’s Appetite Headcanon? Sort of?

I have this feeling that Kara is kind of sort of insecure about her appetite when she’s in public or around people that don’t know about her alien nature, at first anyway.

The first meal she has when she first arrived on Earth was with Clark. They both ate enough food that could’ve probably fed Metropolis and National City. 

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