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“The Get Down has no plotline”

I haven’t even watched part 2 yet but we’re talking about a show with :

- a smart and sensitive afro latinx boy trying to navigate between his feelings and the tough act he has to put on, and having to choose between doing what he loves most (making music with his friends) and what would allow him to leave the Bronx for a better life (internships in big societies and college). He is also torn between his best friend who pushes him toward the first option, and his girlfriend who pushes him toward the latter.

- an afro latina on a journey to become a famous singer despite her abusive father and crumbling family, she learns that the business is not as it seems but she is determined to achieve her dreams.

- a black boy who’s being abused by his boss and who built this amazing, almost mythical alter ego to navigate through life. Music is what makes him want to live and he’s trying to become an incredible DJ. He’s trying to navigate between making music with his friends and becoming famous for it, and doing his boss’ dangerous and illegal work because he has no choice.

- a black boy discovering he’s bisexual and falling in love with another boy.

- the Bronx as a character in itself, with white politicians trying to “win” it to further their career while never giving a shit about the population, the only influential person trying to better the lives of the neighbourhood is a latino businessman/gangster.

- a former secret love affair between adults with a love triangle involving a woman and two brothers.

- explosive gang wars.

- and all of this happening while the main characters discover and revolutionize music and even create a whole freaking new genre.

BUT TELL ME AGAIN HOW THE GET DOWN HAS NO PLOTLINE ??? Just say you’re racist and go smh

As a society, we have established a predatory pattern of our own. When powerful men are accused of hurting women, we tend to want to make the accusation go away as quickly as possible. So we ignore them. We accuse the women of lying, or we say that something happened too long ago for anyone to know or remember the details, or we say that the man appears to be genuinely remorseful so why bring up old unpleasantness?

We give the men awards. We buy the art they make. We give them plenty of opportunities to make new art. We do not send them to jail. We hold them up as powerful and important men worth admiring and respecting.

It’s what we did with Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, and Johnny Depp and Mel Gibson and Casey Affleck. It’s what we did with Bill Cosby just this June, when a jury was unable to convict him of rape, despite the fact that he said he gave women drugs and then had sex with them: Cosby’s pervasive image as America’s favorite dad seems to have outweighed all of the evidence arrayed against him, including his own testimony.

And it’s what we’ve done year after year with R. Kelly, since 1994.

the signs and criminal activity

Based on information from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. With reference to how many crimes have been committed by each sign there is a list from most dangerous to least dangerous on a 1-12 scale. 1 is the most dangerous.

Crime role: Assassin, Hired criminal, Anarchist (violent)
Common crime: Head of the riot
Famous criminal(s): Eric Harris, Dylann Roof, Guy Fawkes, Kazuo Taoka, Adolf Hitler (cusp)
Danger number: 4

Crime role: Money launderer
Common crime: Jewelry theft
Famous criminal(s): HH Holmes, Jim Jones, Karla Homolka, Adolf Hitler (cusp), Lewis Powell, Bernie Madoff
Danger number: 2

Crime role: Fraudulent con artist
Common crime: Treason
Famous criminal(s): Jeffery Dahmer, David Berkowitz, Peter Sutcliffe, Richard Chase, El Chino
Danger number: Surprisingly 12 (maybe enough of you haven’t been caught)

Crime role: Passion killer, Kidnapper
Common crime: Kidnapping
Famous criminal(s): Lizzy Borden, Jodi Arias, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Jordan Belfort, Brutus
Danger number: 1

Crime role: Manipulator (gets others to commit the crime for them), Famed based criminal
Common crime: Bank fraud and unpaid credit card charges
Famous criminal(s): Elizabeth Bathory, Amy Fisher, Mata Hari, Myra Hindley
Danger number: 9

Crime role: Organizer of a criminal network
Common crime: Hacking and high-tech robbery
Famous criminal(s): Dylan Klebold, Jesse James, Ed Gein, Paul Bernardo, Frank Lucas
Danger number: 6

Crime role: Mass corrupter (hiding behind an organization)
Common crime: Ponzi scheme and identity Theft
Famous criminal(s): Bonnie Parker, Lee Harvey Oswald, Fred West, Richard III, Gilles de Rais
Danger number: 7

Crime role: Sadist, Contract killer (pulling strings behind the scenes)
Common crime: Stalking
Famous criminal(s): Vlad the Impaler, Charles Manson, Omar Mateen, David Parker Ray
Danger number: 9

Crime role: Prison-breaker, Robber
Common crime: Grand car theft and scams
Famous criminal(s): Ted Bundy, Billy the kid, Jared Fogle, Ed Kemper, Nero
Danger number: 3

Crime role: Ring leader
Common crime: Organized crime and embezzlement
Famous criminal(s): Al Capone, Ched Evans, Ian Brady, Frank James
Danger number: 5

Crime role: Hustler, Hacker
Common crime: Civil Disobedience
Famous criminal(s): Gary Ridgeway, Frank Costello, Frank Nitti, Pretty Boy Floyd
Danger number: 11

Crime role: Serial killer
Common crime: Substance abuse
Famous criminal(s): Anne Bonny, Richard Ramirez, Aileen Wournos, John Wayne Gacy, Osama bin Laden
Danger number: 10

  • famous man: *abuses women*
  • normal person: hey he abused women and thats bad
  • freak: okay but he visited kids with cancer like one time so like?? hes awesome???

Consent can be revoked

- You can consent to a kiss and say no when they try to turn the kiss into something more. They have to respect your no  

- You can consent to sex and change your mind during foreplay. They have to respect your no

- You can consent to sex and change your mind during the sex. They have to respect your no

- You can consent to something and when you realize you feel in any way, for any reason uncomfortable during it, you revoke your consent. They have to respect your no

- If they didn’t respect your no, that was rape

- If that happened to you, it was not your fault. You had every right to revoke your consent. You had every right to change your mind. You are not to blame

- Rape is never the victim’s fault

If you felt arousal or had an orgasm while being raped, please know

- You’re not the only one

- You’re not gross or dirty

- It does NOT mean you “asked for it”

- Your body reacted to sexual stimulation, that’s what bodies do

- The sexual stimulating act was forced on you and therefore it was rape

- Arousal is not Consent

- It was not your fault

- Rape is never the victim’s fault

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Another ask with the famous abusive ex:SO and their bonefriend (ut-us-uf-sf bros) are dating like usual till the ex comes from nowhere, starting to say bullshit to SO,insulting them,trying to convince them to come back to him. SO say no, this will never gonna happen. Then the ex tries to hit SO, but SO get really mad and hit the ex in the face cause no means no! What’s happen?

This is becoming very famous indeed wowie. Long live the angst


++ Sans ++

You and Sans were outside hanging out in a much more quiet area. You two are the only two there, and all of a sudden, you hear a familiar voice call your name. You say, “oh god,” before getting up, and you watched your ex approach you. Right off the bat, they start yelling at you, telling you that you’re being a fucking idiot and you should date them again! You laugh and Classic watches as you shake your head and tell them it’s never going to happen… and then they throw a punch at you. Yeah, you get hit, but before Classic can do anything, he watches you rebound and smack them hard across the face, screaming at them to never touch you like that. He stares at you with wide eyes and then looks at the startled, teary-eyed ex, and gains a slight amused look. He watches as they flip you off and leave, and you roll your eyes. Man, you’re so cool. Of course everyone would want to date you.

++ Papyrus ++

You stand there with a little smile on your face as you see your ex coincidentally run into you, and totally go off on you. Pappy stands behind you because you seem to have it in control, but… what’s going on? He knew you had an ex, is this them? Why are they insulting you, don’t they know that’s not the right way to win someone over? He goes to interrupt the yelling when he’s halted by seeing your ex swing at you, and you dodge it and hit them hard. They fall down and you just walk the other direction, holding Pappy’s hand, telling him, “Come on baby, let’s go.” He follows you and asks you about it once you two walk onto the next street.


++ Sans ++

You and Blue were out late that night, at a cool restaurant. The place you go to is actually REALLY cool - strangers treat each other like best friends, and you can dance on the dance floor when there’s a DJ or a band, you can host competitions, even the staff gets into it. It’s a really loud night, and you and Blue are happily talking with each other until someone comes up to you, drunk. You both immediately recognize them and you stand up, telling them to go away. Your ex starts yelling at you with slurred speech and when you tell them to go away, they push you. You, not amused, push back a LOT harder, and they fall over. Blue is surprised to see you fight back like that, but at the same time, he finds it kind of funny how they even challenged you to begin with. He certainly wouldn’t mess with you! You let your ex’s friends pick them up off the floor as you and Blue leave to go dance.

++ Papyrus ++

Honey starts cracking up when he sees your ex drunk and loopy, trying to hit on you. Your ex was never mean, and you don’t want to be friends with them, but it’s not like you hate them. You two kind of fuck with them a little until your ex hits you; its not hard, but it’s still a hit. You squint at them and hit them back harder, and Honey grabs your arms, telling you not to do it because your ex obviously doesn’t know what they’re doing. You’re a little skeptical because Honey seems to be standing up for your ex, but then he turns their soul blue and starts messing around with them that way, and it’s the funniest thing ever. 


++ Sans ++

Red gets pissed when he sees your ex storm up to you and get in your face. You actually make the first move - you put your hand on their chest and you gently push them away because of how uncomfortably close they are to you, and they just start swinging at you. You get knocked a few times, and Red turns their soul blue at the exact same time you nail them hard in the face with your fist. They stumble to the side, their lip bleeding, and his eyes widen, now just letting you do your thing. Hell yeah he’ll encourage this, go you!! You grab your ex by the shirt and lift them up off the ground, warning them to leave you the fuck alone. They scurry away the second you let go of them and Red wraps his arms around you from behind, praising you, “You just became 5 times more awesome than you already were.”

++ Papyrus ++

Such scum like your ex doesn’t even deserve to be in your presence, so Fell stands up and tells them to go away before you can say anything. They tell Fell to go away and let you two talk it out, and you shrug, saying you never agreed. In the blink of an eye, your ex just reaches out and grabs your hair, and Fell gets them off of you and throws them to the floor. You put a hand on his shoulder, telling him not to really hurt them too much, and he sternly threatens your ex to never approach you or him like that ever again, and to maybe consider coming back when they’re more mature and civilized. You don’t even need to hit them back.


++ Sans ++

Berry raises an eyebrow and watches as your ex desperately begs you to get together again, and smirks a little as you completely shut them down. After a moment of just staring at you, your ex hits your chest hard, but they aren’t that physically strong - so i you definitely feel it, but it doesn’t knock you back and you stay put. You hold out a hand towards Berry, motioning for him not to do anything as your ex just slaps you a bunch, and looks at you super angrily. In a single hit, you nail them in the head and knock them out cold. Berry’s eyes widen and he becomes super excited, first asking if you’re okay, and when you say yes, then enthuses about how cool that was! You just knocked them out with a single hit! He’ll beg you to fight him, and won’t stop till you pat his head and call it a match.

++ Papyrus ++

When your ex approaches you, angry and fuming, Rus glances at you for approval to get them out of your face, but you don’t respond. You decide to not say anything at all, and then they slap you. So you slap them way harder and in two simple words, warn them, “Fuck off.” You shoo them off VERY quick, and Rus is surprised. He knows to DEFINITELY not mess with you now, if it only took that much to drive them away.

Casual reminder that Johnny Depp is a pile of rotting garbage.

Rotting garbage that I had been totally in love with since the 90’s and I am so fucking disgusted that I loved and idolized this asshole.

I grew up with posters of him in my room. I own like 15 of his movies. I. Loved. Him.

And when Amber Heard initially came out against him, I was skeptical. Then I saw the video and I dropped him like the pile of garbage he is. I’m still so mad about it, and mad he was cast in the new HP movies so I have to keep seeing his dumb ass, and mad that once again a woman accused a famous guy of abuse and no one believed her.

if i could turn back time (i'll go wherever you will go)

Harry stumbled forward. When he caught his footing he looked at Louis with a confused expression.

“Don’t think that we’re just going to ignore what happened,” Louis said.

Harry looked him dead in the eye then and it was with a shock that Louis realized he looked completely sober. No drugs or alcohol flowing through his veins.

“Lou, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“What?” Louis exclaimed. “Not that big of a deal? Harry, you pushed me. To the ground, might I add.”

Louis can’t handle drug-induced Harry anymore and breaks up with him and Harry wants to fix it, but there’s a surprise along the way.

Oneshot. 25,131 words.
By divinelouis

FEELS. fucking hell. seriously, this is incredibly well written! go get some of this, you need it in your life!

Thinking about Fan History

I was thinking about problems in fandom that people now don’t have to deal with anymore, and how much this one used to take up my time.

In the earlier days of online fandom (like around the late 90s, early 2000s) a lot of web hosting companies offered free web sites, but they were only free up to a point. If the site got too much traffic, you had to pay for bandwidth. (That’s the activity on the server caused by people hitting the pages of the site, viewing images and so on.) Fan sites tended to be image heavy because the owners scanned in photos, made graphics, and also had long HTML files with stories, episode guides, and so on.

If a free site got too much traffic and hit the maximum badnwidth allowance set by the hosting company, the site owner could end up getting charged for it, or having the site shut down with no notice, or both. (The assumption on the hosting company’s part is that a site with a lot of traffic is making money and needs to pay fees, though of course a fan site is not making any money and the owner may not be able to pay that sudden $200.00 bill to keep their popular site up.)

But there was a way to steal bandwidth. Instead of storing images on your own site, you could link to the image on another site in an img tag, so the image would appear on your page, but would be stored on the other site, and that site would take the bandwidth hit. So you had site owners who were basically having their site shut down or being handed bills for traffic on someone else’s site. You can’t really call it plagiarism, it was more like parasitism.

And web site parasites were really good at pretending they didn’t understand what they were doing was wrong and actually costing other people money. (Often with a smiley face!) (This was also the time when fannish entitlement was a big issue and running a fanfic archive meant you’d get demanding emails from people who wanted you to update every day and supply exactly the kind of stories they wanted, and they would get increasingly abusive, but that’s another post.)

And a lot of fan site owners had no access to tools to stop it happening and didn’t know what to do about it. And even if you did know how to block or redirect the links, it was still a pain in the ass.

This problem was really bad in the Hercules and Xena fandom, because the stupid awful marketing company selling the video tapes (which was also famous for scary and abusive phone sales tactics) would encourage people to set up a fan web site, and the easiest way to do it was to parasite someone else’s site, link to all their images and sometimes copy their original material (stories, episode guides, meta, etc) and just forget to put their name on it.

Anyway, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it anymore and I’m glad you guys don’t either.

The latest allegations against R. Kelly show how we forgive and forget famous abusers
One of the recurring themes in Buzzfeed’s disturbing report about R. Kelly’s alleged abusive sex “cult” is that the parents of Kelly’s alleged victims trusted Kelly with their daughters. Kelly is an icon who continues to perform and release music without controversy. “He is a lyrical genius — he is R. Kelly! And the fact is he went to court, he was never found guilty — he was acquitted — and we were led to believe there was no truth in it. Read more

Kim - put her next to a man who violated their private videos
Bill Crosby - accused rapist laying in a bed of unconscious women
Anna - highly respected lady who is laying next to the scum which is trump
Trump - he’s just disgusting anyway
George bush - man who fucked America
Amber - Kanyes ex who helped him and was there for him when his mother died yet has her laying naked in a bed of men
Ray j - the man who violated Kanyes wife’s privacy
Caitlyn - basically made to look a joke next to a rapist who is touching her in the video
Taylor - after repeatedly saying that she did not agree with the lyrics Kanye wrote she is laying naked next to a man who humiliated her Rihanna - put next to the man who violently abused her black and blue Chris brown - Rihanna’s abuser

C: Honestly I don’t feel compelled to jump to the defense of black people or just people in general anymore. As a queer black woman I already know most hate my ass; both within the heterosexual and LGBT community. After watching so many black people defend famous black rapists and abusers like Bill Cosby and Chris Brown. I gave up. Plus the way we put down black women who die or are sexually assaulted by cops disgusts me. I just don’t have it in my heart to risk my safety at protests or rallies. Sorry can’t do it.

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Johnny Depp was never charged with being abusive where as his ex wife is known to have been abusive to past partners. The rest of your post indicates that you don't like judgemental people and yet you are kind of being one yourself. No one knows what happened and I believe innocent until proven guilty should be used here.

lol theres a video https://youtu.be/4C1qUiHd6yc

also please point me to these sources that say amber heard is abusive bc i cant find any. if amber heard has abused others im not gonna support her either but that doesnt make johnny depp not abusive. and if u look thru her allegations, all the stories match up

and its rare abusive famous men will ever be charged