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Congratulations to our favourite couple on the birth of their second son, Hal Auden Cumberbatch born on March 3 (although we are still waiting for an official confirmation!).

  • HALOriginally a medieval short form of Henry (home ruler: from the germanic Heimirich) , Harry and Harold. It is now also used as a first name. Famously used by Shakespeare in King Henry IV as the name of the king’s son, the future Henry V. but also the name of Hal 9000 ,the sentient computer which controls the systems of the Discovery One spacecraft in 2001: A space odissey by S. Kubrick on which Benedict wrote his dissertation.
  • AUDEN:  [pronunciation: AW-dən]   Auden is an english surname [ Old English: eald “old” and wine “friend”]. which is derived from the Germanic given name Aldwin (its Old English equivalent is Ealdwine). It shares the same etymological origin with Alden, As a surname Auden was probably formed during the time of the Norman French occupation of England, from the germanic name Audun, the modern form of Auðun. which derives from Old Norse auðr “fate, fortune” and vinr “friend”. Germanic names containing -al- usually became -au- in Norman French. The use of Auden as a given name probably started in the 20th century, in honour of the famous English poet W. H. Auden (1907-1973).