famous & dead


After almost 8 years I quit my full time job to become a working artist. NO MORE NIGHT SHIFTS FROM 10pm-6:30am … or days .. tonight is my last night :D May13th 2017 .. Sunday morning I’m FREEEE!
I continuously told myself if I can wake up to go to a job that I don’t like .. I can wake up and put just as much time and effort into something I love doing . I should have listened to myself long ago but continued to listen to the people around me and stayed longer .. I have received both positive and negative comments because of my decision & unfortunately most negative comments have came from the people closest to me when I thought they would have been more supportive .. I’ve always hated that whole .. struggling artist bullshit or you’ll only be famous when your dead crap. I refuse to have that kind of mindset or let fear take over my life 😌 … only positives vibes over here. May the universe continue to be on my side…

But yooooo!
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Famous Last Words
My Chemical Romance
Famous Last Words

‘Cause I see you lying next to me
With words I thought I’d never speak
Awake and unafraid,
Asleep or dead

I am not afraid to keep on living
I am not afraid to walk this world alone

Honey, if you stay, you’ll be forgiven
Nothing you can say can stop me going home

do u ever wonder how long-dead famous artists would react if they somehow woke up and saw how much their work has impacted & inspired the world? like imagine shakespeare or van gogh or monet or sylvia plath or the bronte’s, etc realising they’ve created one of the most renowned works of all time

Wait, so now Santa’s dead? Man, 2017 is the worst year.

My heart is bleeding
all the poems
I never got to write
—  Bleeding ink/ breathing stings || Monica Lynn