back in 2012 when adam levine (ugh) tweeted “why does she want us to call her maybe? Carly is a lovely name” as a crappy joke and mac miller replied to it like “she wants us to call her maybe like maybe she wants us to call her” that was the best exchange between celebs on twitter and I don’t think it’ll ever get better than that



Earlier this week, actress and writer Sonia Manzano announced that she would be retiring from Sesame Street after 44 years portraying the character Maria Figueroa-Rodriguez. Within that time, she won a total of 15 Emmy Awards as a member of the show’s writing staff and was nominated twice for an Emmy Award as Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series.

Since 1971, Manzano has dedicated her life to education, the arts and the pure joy of reading. Additional accolades include her induction into the Bronx Hall of Fame, an honorary doctorate in fine arts from the University of Notre Dame and a 2005 “Groundbreaking Latina Lifetime Achievement” from the National Association of Latina Leaders.

In a world in which movie stars are all too quickly seduced by their own fame, and fall victim to their own success, River remains the embodiment of innocence, true to the values which run deep within him. At age 17, he is already passionately committed to a number of life-affirming movements, including the efforts to alleviate world hunger, end apartheid, protect migrant workers, save the dolphins (whom he calls “ the gods of the oceans” ), liberate laboratory animals, preserve tropical rain-forests, and promote vegan living. As a vegan, he eats and uses no animal products.
—  Phoenix Rising ( by Coke McFarland, The Animals’ Voice Magazine, Feb ‘89)

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Has anyone ever complimented you on your tagging? This might be weird but I LOVE how organized all your tags are. I wish I could be that committed to tagging, its impressive. Anyway, have a lovely day, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! :D

OMG, THANK YOU!!!!! I think I’ve only been complimented on this once or twice before. It’s one of those things that I put a lot of effort into and take a lot of pride in, but it’s sorta subtle so not very many people notice it. You absolutely made my day with this message! ^_^