movie night with the kids

nct mark lee 

extreme fluff/ 435 words

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  • dating nct dream’s mark is like a dream
  • you two met one day at a convenience store when mark was still a trainee
  • you found out that you both went to the same school but never met since he’s one year older
  • you two exchanged numbers and yall became a couple like a month after that
  • you always come over friday nights for movie night with the dream kids
  • jisung and chenle are secretly your favorites
  • mark gets mad when you always check on them during these nights
  • because you always feed them first and clean up after their messes
  • he gets really pouty and sulky after you compliment those two maknaes
  • ya know bc they’re chairman chen and maknae on top
  • the movies you eight watch are always different
  • this week is haechan’s pick
  • you already know what he has in plan
  • a comedy that no one likes but him
  • you guys all groan but deal with it because yall are family
  • mark leaves the room to get pillows and blankets for the kids and find you snuggled between jisung and chenle
  • he stares at you three for a good 10 seconds before planting himself next to jeno in a huff
  • jeno laughs and pats mark on the back reassuringly
  • halfway through the movie, you look around the room and spots mark trying really hard not to look at you 
  • you grin and pretend to be asleep when he does glance at you 
  • in your head, you thank the two maknaes 
  • they helped create a jealous mark 
  • by the end of the movie, you’ve really fallen asleep and so have the maknaes
  • it’s actually really cute so mark takes a couple of pictures before carrying you to his bed
  • you wake up as he’s lying you down onto his bed
  • you pull him in and he chuckles quietly before snuggling into you
  • “are the kids asleep?”
  • “probably, but who cares about them?”
  • yawning, you slap him on the back lightly before laughing
  • “yah, you’re the oldest. you should be taking care of them”
  • he pouts, “but they always bully me.”
  • “you know, someday all your bottled anger is going to explode and they’ll be scared of you”
  • “well they should be, seeing as you’re too nice to them too.”
  • gasp
  • “I am not!”
  • “yes you are”
  • “no im not”
  • “yesterday, you made me bring home 3 boxes of chicken for them”
  • you poke mark in the face
  • “are you jealous?”
  • “no- well… its just sometimes you treat them better than you treat me.”
  • you laugh and rub his back, “oppa, you know i like you so much more.”
  • mark doesn’t say anything and just continues to sulk
  • you hug him and leaves a short kiss on his cheek
  • mark chuckles and plays with a piece of your hair
  • “i know and i love you too” 
  • mark kills me 
  • i can't 
  • him on high school rapper 
  • oh god don’t even get me started 

Here’s The master list I promised I’m surprised I’ve written a lot of things in such a little time. Requests are open send in any egos or teamiplier peeps.

Teamiplier x Reader

Recording videos with Teamiplier would include

Teamiplier helping you after a rough day

Teamiplier x Sister!Reader

Being Mark’s little sister

Love Is Love

Protective Brothers

Not in my House

Need That Shot

Feelings Are Tough

Please Never Again

We’ve got an artist in the family

Mark x Sister!Reader

Beings Mark’s little sister

She’s a winner?

Lonely Weekends 

Mark x Reader

I’m sorry baby (smut)

I’m not okay 

Mine (Smut)

Ethan x Reader

Stormy Night

Blue Boy Comfort

Nothing Bad Is Going To Happen

Protective Goofballs

Exam Season

A Distraction (Smut)


A new addition to the family

Some nights aren’t so bad

Kathryn x Reader

Dating Kathryn would include

Tyler x Reader

Beautiful Gifts And Friendships

Amy x Reader

Dating Amy would include

Pretty Flowers

Darkiplier x Reader

A Nice Suprise (Smut)

Wilford x Reader

A Nice Suprise (Smut)

Dialogue prompts

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#56 #67 Ethan x Reader

#70 Ethan x Reader

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#146 #147 Tyler x Reader

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#6 #34 Ethan x Reader

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It’s sad when you realize that the Lightwoods probably have the most normal relationship with their parents out of the main characters not counting TLH

Will- Left his parents and couldn’t speak to them for years

Jem- parents were tortured and killed by a demon

Magnus- Mom was dead by a young age he has a selfish greater demon father whom he avoids and won’t talk about

Tessa- Raised by her aunt who died, her real mom died without her knowing much about her, and she has a demon father who she didn’t know existed

Clary- Father she doesn’t know about comes after her and uses her as a tool to world domination, her mom goes missing for half the series and they spend the other half figuring out their new trust issues

Jace- Thought he saw his father murdered, taken hostage by said ‘father’ used as a tool, real parents killed by fake parent and taken from his mother’s womb after her death, raised by another family who love him but don’t completely trust him

Simon- Father is dead and mother thinks he’s a monster for most of the series 

Emma- parents killed under mysterious circumstances and has to raise a whole family with Jules

Jules- Mother dead, had to kill his own father and live with his uncle but basically raise the family

Mark- Probably doesn’t know his father is dead and never knew who his real mother was. 

So, I mean, granted that Robert’s an ass they have it pretty normal?