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“So, um, …who exactly are those people now..?” the winged man asked in a hushed voice to the two others he was currently watching with. This was rewarded with a response he had not exactly hoped for. “Oi, you might wanna try speaking up there. Who do you expect to hear you? The wall? Lemme tell you right now, mutant, the wall ain’t gonna talk back no matter how desperate you are. That loud and clear enough for you or do I have to repeat that?” Kooper spoke loudly with a raised eyebrow and a smug grin on his face. To anyone nearby, they’d suspect something was up as the wings of the tall one opened suddenly and his eyebrows furrowed. A low growl was emitted and his arm thrust out.

“Stop,” the capped goomba commanded and as if he had waved a wand, the paratroopa’s fist stopped dead right in front of Kooper’s face. “Woah there, were you trying to punch me right above the nose? Man, I’m quest-”

“That counts you too, in case you thought you were excluded.” With defeated sigh, Parakarry dropped his arm and as the koopa’s mouth began to open, Goombario started speaking. “Now, for your question, I don’t have much of a clue either,” he stopped briefly to look back towards Kooper and narrowed his eyes, “-and no comments on that from the peanut gallery. Though I’d personally try communicating with them.” Motioning a hand over to the family of three a good distance away, Putting his hands on his hips, the blond replied, “Well, what are we waiting for? Why aren’t we just waltzing on over there?” Starting off to walk towards them, his arm was grabbed by the shortest and he halted. “What gives?”

“This isn’t the brightest way to go about this. Has it ever occurred to you that we might be better off with Mario- a good guy and ultimate hero to even have a conversation that doesn’t jump the gun on who we are.”

By that time though it was kind of late seeing as how Parakarry had made his way over to greet them already, trailing right behind the three and hovering slightly above them with a welcoming and gentle grin paired along with a small wave. “Hello!” he exclaimed as his two party members noticed and made an effort to dash after him.

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Chester laughed. “Heehee, Daddy is definitely a better cook than Mommy!” he exclaimed, but then looked thoughtful. “Mommy does say she’s a lot better at cooking than she used to be, though. I heard her cooking used to be scary.”

[Bad memories resurfaced.]

Yyyyeah… She wasn’t exactly one of the more culinarily artistic members of the team…

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Chester toddles over, a plate of cookies in hand. He looks up at Koops shyly and holds them out. "Me and daddy made these. Do you want some?"

[Koops looked down and couldn’t help but giggle.] Hi there, little guy… [He reached down and took a cookie.] These look good… [With a cheeky grin, he went on.] Your daddy must be a better cook than your mommy; I remember her being something a klutz trying to cook anything…