I went and played golf with the family today, there were so many kangaroos. I thought this little guy was pretty adorable, he was so clumsy and kept falling out of his mumma’s pouch 😍 #golf #kangaroo #joey #clumsy #funny #familyfunday #family #flora #fauna #wildlife #isuckatgolf #cute #perthisokay #sunnyday #prettysurethatsnothowyoudoit #fallingover

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anonymous asked:

Hi love, i wanted to ask you if you could write an imagine on how namjoon/all of them would react to someone asking if their kid is really theirs ( their s/m is a foreigner )


Jin: would be like “Aw hell naw!  I did not spend 13 hours giving birth for you to come in here and question whether this baby is mine or not ” 

You: “Jin Honey, I was the one in labor for 13 hours”… 

Jin:“My wife did not spend 13 hours in labor…..” 

Jimin: Chim Chim would have silent rage…but he would do what any good parent would and let it roll off of his back… “Don’t worry Jagiya I love you both and their opinions don’t matter… I mean look at her!!! How could she not be my daughter? She’s just as cute as I am” *selfie* 

V: Honestly You and Tae would be too busy raising all 12 of your kids to even worry about it..”Okay kids thank your uncles for coming over to save me I mean visit you” #Familyfunday #Adoptthemallplease

Jungkook: Would be like “We made this” 

You: “Fuck yeah we did” 

Rap Monster: would be pulling out the baby pictures  like” Oh yeah?” 

You: “Honey those are your baby pictures:

Rap monster: “Yeah but look how cute I was” 

J-Hope: Hobi would be so sassy! He would be like …..

Hobi: “Bish what?! You did not just say that Y/N Hold my chains “

Suga: Okay but Yoongi would be the most angry out of all of them

Yoongi: “Is it possible to stab someone with chop sticks?

A/N : I hope you liked this dear and please let me know if you would like more BTS Reactions <3