Family Vacation #familyfirst

I thank God for these four amazing beings and the love and special place the hold in my heart. They have been there for me in good times, bad times, darkness and light. Congratulations on your Anniversary!!! #LoveWins #TwoDadTwoKidsPutARingOnIt #HappyAnniversary #TheVillage #MyTribe #FamilyFirst #Grateful #WorldOfWilbekin #WOW (at Duane Park )

It was an amazing trip filled with good friends, great times, laughs, photos, food and more! Memories like these this week will last a lifetime. It’s always nice to get away, recharge and reflect on what really matters in life! Can’t wait to be back in SD again soon!!!!! || #SanDiego #pacificbeach #familyfirst #boardwalk #sunsetoverthepacific #openarms (at Pacific Beach - Tower 22)


So if you give us the water and a GOPRO we have no choice but to shut everything down!!! I had so much fun today with my family. #familyfirst #LETMEGO #renegades #X Ambassadors

12 years ago I wrecked my little brothers first car (top photo), I made a promise to myself that I would repay him. After hunting since then for the same 1989 K car that he had, I had finally found one in Tampa, FL on Monday morning, made the call and sealed the deal. Booked a flight, truck and trailer by Tuesday, in the air at 1am Friday morning. Got to ladies house that owned the car by 1pm. Finalized the deal and loaded it up by 5pm and was westbound. 2192 miles, 34 hours of driving [middle photo] (that doesn’t include the nice break in Houston with the Tarasiewicz family) I was finally able to deliver on my promise. (Bottom photo) To say he was stoked was an understatement, I’m glad I was able to give back to him what I once had taken from him and also keep the promise I made to myself. I want to thank everyone that helped me make this possible, from the support, to the place to sleep, the phone calls to keep me awake and the texts to check on me on this mission. I truly appreciate everyone in my life , most importantly my family. You only have one and if you lose them, you’ve lost everything. @beboutproxxl @pinemanor #FamilyFirst #FamilyStrong #PromiseKeeper #YouCanAlwaysReplaceACarButYouCantReplaceFamily #1989 #Dodge #Aries #Kcar