So… Good news.

I didn’t bring up running the last couple days with my wife and we all are kinda caught up on sleep after the 2nd year birthday party hoopla at the house. Or as much as possible.

So I found out a good friend, who is a stellar runner, will be running the Columbus Marathon for his first race and I figured that would break the ice to talk about the race again and have an honest conversation with my wife. Because I DO want to know her feedback.

So I tell her about my friend and she asks if I went ahead and registered. I said “No, because I was left with the impression you felt it was getting in the way of our family time.”

We hashed it out a while and I listened more than talked. Since I work 3rd and she works 1st we get limited time together. She is jealous of my “me time” when I go for a run because she feels like she doesn’t get much of that herself. Very valid and something I will work on. The only time we get “together” is 5-7PM during the week and eating or occasionally shopping eats that up. But I told her maybe take time for herself during those hours a day or two a week and do whatever she wants and I’ll have dinner ready when she gets back, unless she is out to dinner with her cousin or friends.

We also discussed tailoring my training so I can get more sleep and not be a zombie by the end of the week. Like, literally, adding “napping” to my late-week rest days.

So she said to go ahead and go for it and I let her know I will work on keeping family and happiness at home a priority before running. Which always was the case, but it’s always good to get a reminder.

So, Columbus Marathon, here I come… right after this family time.


😍 Love this vid!


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