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tell me more about the EXO!

YES OK So EXO consists of 12 members divided into two groups: EXO-K (who sing and perform in Korea) and EXO-M (who sing and perform in China). Both groups sing the same songs, only in Korean and Mandarin, respectively. They’re under the same label as SHINee, so we’re pretty much all friends. They debuted last year, and are pretty popular for a new group, I think. They haven’t made a “comeback” (which means another new release and set of promotions) yet, which breaks all of our hearts because it’s almost been a year (they probably will next month, after SHINee is done with theirs). Here’s a link to EXO-K’s and EXO-M’s title track, MAMA (you can skip to 1:25 if you want lol) Anything else to add on followers?
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This is so cool! Especially the part of EXO-K and EXO-M, I have never seen a group like this. Tomorrow I’ll listen to their songs and SHINee. Well, I do not know much Korean, but I really liked it!

God bless your soul baby ok i love you. Remember, there are always english subs (I don’t think any of us would understand without them)