Grace Family Center, St. Petersburg, Russia

Grace can be a name of a girl. Grace finds beauty in every face. Grace finds goodness in everyone. Grace is a thought that can change the world. Grace is also the name of a Russian Orthodox Family Center in St. Petersburg.

When I visited Grace Family Center in march 2011 on a assigment for a Swedish NGO it was like coming home to my own family. Taking photos at Grace was like taking photos of my own family and not of strangers. For orphans who have never had a family of their own a place like Grace Family Center must be worth one’s weight in gold.

The work at the Family Center is very successful and according to Valentina who is the volunteer director at Grace, the majority of the orphans and young mothers who has received help and support at the centre has been able to adapt to a normal life. The statistics for other orphans who didn´t get the same opportunities are very dark. Only 10% of them can adapt to a normal life and many of them end up as criminals, prostitutes or homeless.

Although the work at the Family Center is very sucessful, they are in a desperate need of money so that they can continue with their important job among all the orphans and young mothers that are in their care. For the volunteers at the Family Center. Grace is not just a thought that can change the world. Grace is something that they live, breathe and share.

Text and Photo: © Mikael Good, All Rights Reserved

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