christmas is around the corner which means winter!gangsey headcanons

  • you’d think gansey’s style would improve during the cold season but nOPE that boy has no sense of fashion and cannot be saved
  • blue isn’t really a fan of winter bc all her favorite clothes are for the summer and it’s freezing (but there’s always gansey’s hand to hold so it’s okay)
  • ronan lynch doesn’t mind the cold ronan lynch doesn’t feel the cold rONAN LY-
  • ‘ronan lynch should shut up and put his hat on it’s -17C it wouldn’t be necessary if yOU HAD HAIR NOW WEAR THE DAMN THING!!!!’ (he puts a hat on eventually but only because it’s adam’s and it’s soft)
  • beanies
  • snowball fights!!!!
  • which are mostly won by blue and ronan who are a lethal team if willing to cooperate 
  • gansey is terrible but at least he tries (they say his awful choice of shoes is the problem)
  • noah is always excited when they play bc it reminds him of the time when he was alive and with his family
  • being too cold at night for adam to sleep in his shitty apartment but he still refuses to go to monmouth so ronan dreams him up an always-warm blanket
  • adam notices the addition but all ronan says is ‘it was about time all those jobs made you go fucking insane, parrish’
  • ronan ends up sleeping next to him more often than not
  • sleepovers at monmouth!!!!
  • which include christmas movie marathons and hot cocoa 
  • ronan singing holiday songs and don’T YOU DARE TELL ANYBODY SARGENT OR YOU’RE DEAD
  • decorations shopping!!!
  • it’s blue and noah’s job (’gansey won’t mind if we take his card would he’) and evRYTHING they buy either glitters or is glitter
  • christmas dinner at 300 fox way!!!
  • gift exchange!!! (gansey uses it to supply adam with necessities bc now is the only time he accepts things) 
  • when adam gives ronan his gift, he is !!!! cause ‘parrish you can barely pay your rent what is this for’ but gets all warm inside 
  • noah walks around giving hugs and throwing glitter 
  • everyone is happy and enjoying themselves!!!!
just stpd things
  • not being able to be there for your friends when theyre sad cuz you dont give a shit
  • wanting to be alone cuz youre paranoid but youre constantly being shoved into social situations 
  • wanting to tell ppl about your beliefs but u know they wont react very well
  • not missing family
  • being in a social situation but just wanting to go home already cuz you know they’ll find you if youre out for too long
  • when fiction is the only thing that gives you some sense of emotion
  • not crying when someone dies
  • fake crying 
  • imagining murdering someone you dont like in the middle of a conversation
  • wearing a crop top in december
Which member of Duran Duran are you?

Which would best describe your personality?
a) A bit of a ladies man
b) Very intelligent and caring
c) Loud and humourous
d) Quiet
e) Feisty

Which is your favourite instrument?
a) Bass
b) Keyboards
c) Your Voice
d) Drums
e) Guitar

What are you most likely to wear around your head?
a) Your tie
b) Flowers
c) Scarves
d) Socks
e) Nothing, it will ruin my hair

What colour do you dye your hair?
a) Burgundy
b) Every colour of the rainbow
c) Brown
d) I don’t dye my hair, I am au natural
e) I just use a lot of gel really

What is your favourite item of make up?
a) Eyeliner
b) Lipstick
c) Mascara
d) Lip balm
e) I only wear make up on good days

A random child turns up on your doorstep, what do you name it?
a) Atlanta
b) Tatjana
c) Amber
d) James
e) Georgina

What is the first thing you do when you leave the band?
a) Go home to your family
b) Start another band
c) I never left, my band just has a different name
d) Join the other band
e) Sue everybody

Who is your favourite band/musician?
a) Chic
b) Japan
c) Fall Out Boy
d) Roxy Music
e) Robert Palmer

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
a) Wake up
b) Have a spot of breakfast
c) Work on some music
d) Play a bit of tennis
e) Have a bath and a wee wee

What is the highlight of your career?
a) Doing the theme for a James Bond film
b) Unveiling your various hairstyles at each concert
c) Meeting Princess Diana
d) I just love being here
e) Playing the best guitar riffs on every song

Which of these is most likely to happen to you?
a) A poster falls on you during an interview
b) You decide to wear leather on a six hour car journey in stifling heat
c) You successfully fool an interviewer into thinking that cows drink milk
d) You lose your drumsticks
e) You’re the first to leave the band

Which is your favourite Duran Duran song?
a) Rio
b) Planet Earth
c) Girls on Film
d) Wild Boys
e) Hungry Like the Wolf

Mostly A’s: John
Mostly B’s: Nick
Mostly C’s: Simon
Mostly D’s: Roger
Mostly E’s: Andy

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Also lets not shame Annalise for saying those things. Like no offense but if you’ve seen the episodes from before then you would know that she comes from a very BLACK and CHRISTIAN family

being gay or trans or bi or pan or ace in families like that are scary, and so tough to be in. Annalise had every right to be scared and vulnerable in that scene and if i see anyone shame her for not wanting to come out in that scene i swear i will fight you

The Big Brother house encompasses all my fears.

Moving in with a bunch of strangers

Being outside the loop without internet

Being without family

Being all the way across the damn country

Having fucking CAMERAS watching your every move

and living there for 3 months not knowing whether or not America fucking hates you or not.

And yet I’m still willing to give it a shot when I finally find myself worthy enough.