Just Isabelle lightwood things

  • is the smartest™
  • an actual genius
  • interested in science and is crazy good at it
  • not only qualified as a forensic patholigist at age 18 but also is the best in New York
  • passionate but level headed 
  • genuinely believes in equality and is willing to fight for it
  • not white
  • so very kind and caring
  • supports girls
  • so selfless
  • wise af
  • all round good egg

different types of i love you’s:

  • slides off the tongue, everyday i love you. over rushed early breakfast. said with a mouth half full of coffee. placed onto your cheek followed by a kiss.
  • astounding, ‘i still can’t believe it’ i love you. the only thing you can think to say when she walks down the stairs wearing a new dress. whispering to yourself every night before bed when she’s brushing her teeth and smiling at you through the mirror.
  • sleepy, foggy, i don’t know what loves feels like but i think this is it i love you. whispered at early hours of the morning, the room is still dark and swallows up the words before she hears them. when it’s 1am and you blurt it out but she’s already asleep in the passenger seat, and a little part of you wishes you said it earlier but another part of you is relieved.
  • strangers know, and our neighbors are jealous i love you. shouted from the top of a mountain, I LOVE YOU being swayed from tree to tree. saying it over and over and over. the most important thing that will ever leave your mouth.