So this beautiful woman whom i have the pleasure of calling family asked me to sketch a picture of her a very long time ago. Since it took me so long i made more special and added one of the loves of her life! I hope the both of you enjoy this i enjoyed keeping it a secret i love you guys #msofab #family4ever #love #mywork #myart #mysketch

恭喜姊姊結婚了!你昨天真的是太美麗了。希望你們幸福快樂❤️每次回台灣有機會見見我可愛的爺爺和梅家人,我的嘴巴都合不起來因為沒辦法止住笑容。我愛你們!#wedding #taiwan #taichungwedding #family4ever #mei Congratulations to Cherry and her husband on their wedding day! My cousin was super beautiful, I wish you two lots of happiness! I love my family, whenever I can come back to visit my Grandpa and family I can never hold in my smiles! (at 臻愛婚宴會館-烏日店)