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What are some ways that you can see the functions (either introverted or extroverted) in a conversation or through body language? Perhaps not accurate typing, but subtle hints will do, if there are any.

From personal experience (and in healthy types)…

Ne/Si: rambles all over the place, changes topics without warning, has trouble staying on track and not being hypothetical, generalizing, or vague (often accused of staring everywhere except into your eyes).

Si/Ne: wants to stay on topic, fond of “sharing personal experiences” (I’ve done that, we all got in the family van and…), focuses on the here and now, and who did what, expresses sentiment, sometimes complains about too much change all at once or longs for “the old days” (good eye contact, but “soft”).

Ni/Se: can become abstract easily (psychology, instinct, hunches, behind-the-scenes insights), often asserts opinions or premonitions as facts (they’re certain this will happen, or this person’s motive is that), is forever focused on pointing out the long-term consequences of decisions (often stares through you, or into your soul).

Se/Ni: has little patience for wholly abstract concepts for hours on end, tends to focus on the here and now, may encourage you to try new things, emphasis on personal appearance and, often, how other people look (since aesthetics matter to them); sometimes very self-contained and quiet (the introverts more than the extroverts), with occasional delving into the future (again, a steady stare, but much more aware of the environment).

Fe/Ti: tries to lure you into a sense of “us” by including you in the conversation, trying to elicit an emotional response, or find a consensus; if turned negative, may try to shame you into better behavior; often good at smoothing things over or knowing the right thing to say at the right time, but there’s always a sense of inclusion and a desire for you to merge with them or be involved (Fe’s often smile and look to you for your reaction, hoping you’ll mirror it).

Ti/Fe: will often point out the inconsistencies or flaws in your logic, and depending on the level of Fe involved, will do so obnoxiously without much regard for your feelings (low emotional intelligence) or in a way where you get the sense they cannot help it, but they’re hoping you’re not totally offended (high emotional intelligence). Often wants to clarify a point before moving forward (be more specific please; when you say, “Do you believe in God, which God are you talking about?” - true story, saw Terry Pratchett do it in a video once, where he then proceeded to go off on a side Ti tangent of clarifying the exact question before he ever started answering it). In unhealthy types, may push your buttons just to make you angry.

Fi/Te: often avoids any kind of overt emotionalism with people they don’t know, but displays a decent sense of self-awareness in terms of what their core beliefs are or what bothers them; depending on their health levels (is their Fi immature and selfish, or “others-aware” and considerate?), they may exert frankness on a frequent basis, and bristle when others attempt to “tell them who they are”; Fi’s in conversation are prone to sharp judgments, but also semi-disinterest in changing other people’s minds after a certain conversational point (less balanced Fi-doms may resort to, “Well, you’re an IDIOT,” and retreat into angry silence; higher unhealthy FiTe’s may want “control” - Te - over the situation and try to strong-arm or argue into their moral point of view). (Often “out of sync” with the people around them, body-wise, or four steps behind in mirroring people – and that’s only if they consciously decide to do it.)

Te/Fi: always, always, always brings the conversation around to facts, logic, evidence, or rationality, usually frowning on hyperbole or exaggeration in the process – may stop the conversation to (politely, if they are well-developed) correct misconceptions, rational errors, or misinformation (actually, the body weight of the average whale is _______, not “a ton”). Sometimes expresses frustration over others’ emotionally-driven decisions. Direct, straightforward, and oriented toward success; if asked, will give you a blunt answer. Often articulate, and able to condense opinions into short, coherent statements.

Please take with a grain of salt, and try not to choke on it.

- ENFP Mod

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okay climb real talk what breeds would be fitting/ideal for the four nation's in avatar,if they were clans .

Air Nomads - Egyptian Mau

swift, sleek, high energy, extremely fast, gentle, reserved, loyal and affectionate

Earth Kingdom - British Shorthair

stocky, muscular, mellow, easygoing, independent, laid-back, refined 

Water Tribe - Turkish Van 

strong family bond, athletic, intelligent, homebodies, swimmers, humorous 

Fire Nation - Somali 

intelligent, unpredictable, extremely energetic, persistent, adaptable, graceful

got7 as a family

jinyoung: the mother
- he protec
- but he also attac
- cooks everyday and works all night
- complains on how stupid the children are (yugyeom & bambam)
- drinks wine especially when stressed
- “BOY IF YOU DONT GET YO RETARDED ASS–” after yugyeom begs for money for school
- forces the entire family to attend church
- threatens that if any of them act up in public places, they’re getting their butts beat an home
- prays before going to bed
- is not here to be your friend, but your loving parent
- finds anything to whoop the kids with
- is actually very caring
- has the kids to read a book everyday for 20 minutes

jaebum: the dad
- stern & strict
- “Don’t you hop on that game without doing your homework first.”
- lights out at 9:00 sharp
- makes sure the kids get their proper education
- raises his boys through tough love
- has a soft heart when necessary
- teachers always flirt with him
- stressed
- forces the kids to care for his cats while he’s away at work
- “Please tell your classmates to stop calling me Daddy Jaebum.”
- goes right to sleep after he gets off work
- always eating
- drives in a family van

youngjae: the 2nd youngest and pure child
- literally always happy
- “Why did I hear the headboard hitting against the wall last night?”
- makes cute drawings and hangs them on the refrigerator
- is told inappropriate stuff from bambam
- doesn’t want a boyfriend or girlfriend
- volunteers with the chores
- a good child
- “I’m out!!”
- literally so adorable
- enjoys going to church
- looks up to his dad
- is loved by everyone
- “What’s up man?”

mark: the antisocial middle child
- doesn’t talk much
- hides whenever company comes over
- smokes weed when he’s at school secretly
- probably in a secret relationship
- laughs shyly whenever he’s compliment
- hates school with a passion
- is often forgotten at family gatherings
- can’t fit in
- looks up to Jackson
- probably sad inside
- tries to open up more
- close with mom
- works at In N Out
- invites his friends over for a pool party
- dresses like a f*ckboy

bambam: the strange youngest child
- dabs like the usual
- is out of control and gets slapped around by both his mom and dad
- bumps rap music that irritates the entire neighborhood
- “I’m so sexy.” he says flexing his skin and bones in the mirror
- will never cook because of 3 months ago when he almost burned the house down
- probably ‘in the closet’
- is the reason everyone is late for school since he can’t decide what to wear
- “Dang, everyone’s birthday is this year.”
- best friends with yugyeom
- insists on going on family vacations
- always yelling
- meme

jackson: the questioning oldest child
- drinks beers when no ones around
- a senior in high school
- literally has all the girls
- flirts with any cutie he sees but is scared on the inside
- “Stay healthy!”
- will die for his family
- very random and unpredictable
- matures along the way
- tries to insist on making the family eat organically
- swears when angry
- hypes up his siblings to do whatever they want to do
- fanboys over the hot boys in the summer
- probably bi
- caring to his parents but not to his siblings

yugyeom: the talented 3rd youngest child
- loves dancing
- a fanboy for Chris brown
- irritates jinyoung
- always getting in trouble
- forced to dance at family gatherings
- is taller than everyone in the house
- afraid of jaebum
- shares a room with bambam
- “I thought February had 31 days.”
- practices his sexy dancing on a stuffed bear
- strong
- has a soft heart
- cries if you hurt his feelings
- a big baby
- blushes a lot
- gets whooped by jinyoung a lot
- floor humping enthusiast

Valentines Day Dates with the crows

Kaz & Inej:
- Kaz leaves a note by Inej’s bed before she gets up with a note that says Come to the rooftop. It is not signed, but she could pick out his handwriting 
- He has a bundle of black roses for her. Inej does not know where they came from. Ketterdam flower shops did not sell black roses.
- She gives him a knife, not unlike her own. For some reason he still uses the knife he ever had as a child. He smiles at her
- He still calls her wraith, but there is something different in his voice, love perhaps
- They sit and talk quietly, watching the sun rise over the harbor, and they watch the couples wander around Ketterdam
- Kaz occasionally attempts to compliment her. The first few times sound…less like compliments but they get better as the day progresses. Nonetheless he is still an awkward teenage boy in the end
- After a few hours they get down and wander the shadows of Ketterdam
- They end up at the docks on the richer side of Ketterdam. Kaz tentatively puts his gloved hand in Inej’s as if to test it out. She smiles at him
- They eat mediocre noodles and drink hot chocolate at a small restaurant in the South end of town. It had been one of the first places he had shown her when she arrived in Ketterdam.
- The two continue to wander around, looking into the windows of random shops, and reminiscing about little moments they had together, such as Kaz showing Inej where the generous shopkeepers were, or Inej showing a grudging Kaz how to braid
- When they get back to Crow Club he stops her and pulls out a small object wrapped in a red handkerchief. It’s an obsidian crow necklace
- Kaz pulls down his shirt to reveal a matching necklace. Inej can’t help but smile. Tentatively, she hugs him. He hugs back, but immediately lets go. She doesn’t push it she respects his boundaries
- They end up on the roof, eating the Crow Club’s signature bread and end the day with a shot of expensive whiskey. Inej rarely drinks,  except when with Kaz. The flowers sit on Inej’s bedside table. 

Wylan & Jesper:
 -  So much food oh my god
- Both ended up getting one another chocolate
- Wylan got Jesper a box of the fancy chocolates he used to have as a child, because he wanted Jesper to know more of his life than just the trauma he went through
- Jesper had somehow managed to hand craft a flute out of dark chocolate for Wylan
- The walk downtown and hold hands the entire time and casually joke about buying each other stupid little trinkets
- They go to a nearby bakery and each other boxes of pastries they think the other will like
- The pastries turn into their lunch
- Wylan has a fancy dinner prepared for them at his manor, with a hearty selection of meats and liquor for both of them to choose from.
- In the middle of dinner, Jesper pulls out a box. He gives it to Wylan. Inside is a ring with the Van Eck family crest on it.
- “This is yours, it belongs to the firstborn Van Eck of each generation” he tells Wylan, “I nicked it back before you showed up, figured Van Eck would want it back but no, it’s my honor to give to you, my prince”
- Cue Wylan blushing and almost crying
- Jesper learns Wylan’s alcohol tolerance is incredibly low
- They slow dance in the main hall, which is decked out in  
- They cuddle together on the couch. Wylan eventually passes out in Jesper’s arms.
- When he wakes up, Jesper carries Wylan up to the balcony, stopping along the way to allow Wylan to throw up. He smiles sympathetically. He himself had been in that position many times
- They sit on the balcony and watch the stars. There is a shooting star. Wylan leans over and kisses Jesper as it passes.

Nina & Matthias:
- Matthias had never celebrated Valentines Day in Fjerdia so Nina insists on going all out
- She buys him pink and white roses and some “inexplicably” end up braided into his hair. There is also a yellow tulip in the mix. Matthias assumes it got there by accident
- Nina constantly flirts with Matthias
- He responds by grumbling, blushing, and “grudgingly” saying I love you
- They go out for waffles. Matthias is initially reluctant to indulge himself but eventually caved in and ate double the amount Nina did
- The two teasing one another about coffee orders(Matthias takes his black and Nina thinks it’s disgusting, but she takes it with plenty of hazelnut creamer and sugar and he thinks it’s the devil’s semen)
- Nina wants to take him out to dinner.
- While Nina is prepping to go out, Matthias finds a small bakery and buys Nina a giant box of moon cakes.
- Matthias is in a midnight blue suit and a black tie that Nina tailored for him as a gift. It compliments his hair well
- Nina is in a gorgeous red and white silk dress
- Dinner turned out to be a nice upscale bar with plenty of good food and mead
- Both get drunk
- Nina also manages to go through 7 margaritas
- Somehow Nina convinces Matthias to sing Karaoke with her
- It turns out he can sing, quite well. Everyone is surprised. Nina is absolutely in love. 
- They sit at a booth in the corner of the bar with plate of various appetizers sobering up a little
- After a few hours, the two begin to head back to Crow Club. Halfway there, Nina stops and stares at the moonlight glistening off the water. It is beautiful
- Matthias leans in and kisses her. They kiss under the moonlight before heading back, hand in hand.
- They immediately pass out in Matthias’ bed once they return. Everyone else, save for the few, lonely drunks, was long asleep.

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Can i request a Road trip hc with the RFA please☺

This idea is soooo cute! For a general scenario: In each respective RFA member- MC is dating them! I thought it would be cuter that way!( ´ ▽ ` )

You guys can imagine wherever they’re going to! I left it up to yall!


- At first, he isn’t happy at all. Sure, all of you are going to go somewhere fun! Explore a new place!

-…But in Jumin’s car.

- The jerk wouldn’t even let him drive at first! He had to get it through to him that it would defeat the whole purpose of a road trip if he didn’t get to drive!

- Seven also didn’t help with the ‘I welcome death’ jokes he was spouting when he was trying to ‘support’ Zen driving.

- But after a few arguments, MC and Jaehee even popping in once or twice, Jumin finally agreed to let Zen drive

- Seven tried hijacking the radio, but Zen already filled it with CD’s he burned himself, some sort of mixmash of cheesy songs for him to play for you (ignoring the rest of the people in the car), songs from musicals he had preformed in, and his taste in music

- It…Was a very weird set of CD’s. He tried making a good playlist…He tried.

- Otherwise, the road trip goes pretty well. There’s lots of pitstops thanks to Yoosung and Seven, but Zen just uses the chance to take selfies with you and update his insta.

- (There was an argument, however, when he realized Jumin had donned on a set of noise canceling headphones somewhere along the trip)


- He is so confused when you want to take a long road trip with the RFA, let alone with you driving. It takes a lot of convincing, because he doesn’t see why all of you can’t just get on a plane, but eventually with your pleading eyes you get him to agree to it.

- The car is way too fancy, but Seven and Yoosung love it. Zen complains a bit, talking about how he doesn’t want to ride in something so damn expensive, but the others finally get him to shush and enjoy it a bit.

- Jumin sits beside you, a bit anxious the whole time. He trusts your driving, he does! He just doesn’t trust the other drivers. He’s holding your knee for a while, until you get out of the city and on the highway

- And soon, he’s fallen asleep completely. He usually sleeps on the plane and such for business trips! He felt so relaxed, hearing you hum along with the CD’s you brought, he just slipped into sleep.

- It’s really cute, later on, when you wake him up for a pitstop and he’s wildly confused for a moment, before remembering the road trip. Zen’s the one that snaps him to reality pretty quickly about that

- But enjoy trying to get him to try fast food/diner foods. It’s going to take a group effort to get him to eat that.


- Jaehee is probably the most prepped. She tries to drive the whole time, but you often have to interfere so she can get some rest.

- She definitely took Jumin up on the offer of a van from him, because she didn’t want to risk her own car having issues after a long trip

- She actually packed some healthy snacks for everyone, but unfortunately no one but the two of you gets control over the radio. Which usually means mainly music from plays/musicals Zen has starred in (Who also belts out the songs much to Jaehee’s amusement)

- For Seven she forces a strict No Weird Pranks rule. No pranking the others, no goading the others to fight- He has to be on his best behavior or else he’s getting no soda or chips

-The only one who knows how to read maps if the GPS gets you guys lost

- If Jumin complains about Zen, or the places she chooses to eat at (or her lunches she packed), she gives him a very long glare and he slowly shuts up

- She tries to hold hands with you at times, but Seven coos at the both of you and she gets so embarrassed

-Actually enjoys the trip, but suggests next time it just try to be the both of you (and maybe Zen) instead of the rest.


-Next to Jaehee, he is the most prepped. He’s got lunches planned (Not a wide variety but he is trying), some sunscreen and sunglasses, bandaids, even a blanket and pillow incase anyone wants to nap!

- He doesn’t have a wide selection of music, so he just opted for everyone to bring in a CD of their own to listen to!

- Thankfully, he doesn’t have to borrow a car from Jumin- His parents were kind enough to let him borrow the family van, as long as he was careful and fulled it up when he was done! (And if he called his mom every day for a few weeks)

- He drives decently, but sometimes simple road rules get him a bit flustered, so you gently have to remind him that he desperately needs to turn his turn signal on when switching lanes and such

- He really likes driving, and going to rest stops and getting stuff from vending machines, but sometimes he wants to catch a small nap or just rest, so the two of you switch sometimes

- He really likes trying to hold your hand, but sometimes he gets too flustered, so its rare, but when he does he always gets such cute dorky smile on his face

- You do have to keep an eye on Seven. Sometimes he starts trying to get Zen and Jumin to fight, or trick Yoosung, so you may have to threaten no soda if he tries to do too much!


- Seven, wildly enough, is the only one prepared for the whole thing. Well, in the ‘right’ way.

- He’s got loads of snacks, drinks, tunes, and the all windows rolled down (until both Zen and Jumin complain)

- His CD’s are a mixture of popular, weird, and calm songs. Stuff that everyone can try to enjoy! Well, maybe not Jumin, but he’s a bit interested in what people are listening to nowadays

- He belts out the songs as he drives down in a car Jumin supplied to fit all of them, his hand tangled with yours, sometimes giving you a big cheesy smile when it’s a silly love song that comes on. 

- Only eats at places that serve Dr. Pepper, though. Him and Yoosung are so excited to eat out at fast food places, or good pizza places, and the rest of the group S u f f e r s.

- He does try to trick/prank the others sometimes: Pretending the car is messing up, that someone is tailing them- a lot of silly things until everyone starts complaining

-If Jumin and Zen argue, he jerks the car a bit to get them to hush (and for his own amusement)

-Sometimes, late at night when everyone but the two of you are asleep, he pulls over and wants to step outside and look at the stars with you

I’d like to think they’d all get along well, even Jumin and Zen a bit (only bickering about small things, like Zens constant selfies or Jumin’s complaints about the music), and overall they’d have small conversation and laugh a bit, and enjoy wherever they were driving to! More Rfa road trips in the future!!!

Vincent van Gogh
Almond Blossom
Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, February 1890 
oil on canvas, 73.3 cm x 92.4 cm

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)
Large blossom branches like this against a blue sky were one of Van Gogh’s favourite subjects. Almond trees flower early in the spring making them a symbol of new life. Van Gogh borrowed the subject, the bold outlines and the positioning of the tree in the picture plane from Japanese printmaking.

The painting was a gift for his brother Theo and sister-in-law Jo, who had just had a baby son, Vincent Willem. In the letter announcing the new arrival, Theo wrote: ‘As we told you, we’ll name him after you, and I’m making the wish that he may be as determined and as courageous as you.’ Unsurprisingly, it was this work that remained closest to the hearts of the Van Gogh family.

Vincent Willem went on to found the Van Gogh Museum.

No Way

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Pairing: Jensen x Daneel, Jensen x daughter!Reader, Daneel x step daughter!Reader, JJ
Word count: 936
Warnings: A swear

Part 3 of Letters From the Dead

Today our little girl is a year old, J. I can’t believe it was just a year ago that I gave birth to this tiny human that grew inside me…and now she’s walking! Some of the faces she makes remind me so much of you. I have a feeling she’ll be the class clown.

Your head was against the window as you were driven away from the city that you’d called home your entire life. Music played softly in your ears, blocking out everything else. Sighing, you wiped a tear from your cheek, watching semis, vans of families, and groups of teenagers singing along to whatever music they had playing.

When you’d heard that he lived just one hour from you, you were floored. So close, and you’d never laid eyes on him. You were already halfway there, and no one would tell you who he was. What did it matter? Your phone was shut off, and you’d only kept it for the numbers and pictures on it. Even so, your friends would find out soon enough.

Shaking it off, you’d stopped trying to get hints, simply rolling your eyes and trying not to picture anything too out there.

That morning at breakfast, Jensen told JJ about you, and showed her the most recent picture that was in with the letters. It was from the summer after middle school, you playing in the pool with a couple friends. You were sitting on a man’s shoulders (yet there was no indication who he was), and your best friend was on her father’s, each of you laughing and trying to knock the other off.

He knew that she could make some noise, but the excited noise she made caused him to wince. Getting her to sit still after that was impossible, her voice filling the house as she chattered away.

Now he was sitting out on the front steps, knowing that you’d be there soon. His elbows were on his knees, his fingers laced together as he watched his driveway. There was no telling how this would go, or how you’d be reacting to your mother’s death.

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Almost Avengers 2 | Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

part 1 / masterlist / request

It took a week for your papers to be finalized and you found yourself on the front steps of Midtown. You tugged your black backpack closer to you as you avoided curious stares from your new schoolmates. “Don’t draw attention to yourself, well your smarts probably will but keep the rest to a minimum,” you could almost hear Mr. Stark’s reminders as you found your locker.

“Y/N!” You looked up and saw Peter Parker only a few lockers down. You smiled and he made his way to you. “You do know that I’m a new student right,” you whispered while grabbing some books and putting away others. “Oh shoot yeah, uhm…we met at starbucks?” You nodded and closed your locker.

“What do you have first?” He asked, looking over your schedule. “Honors Chem, right this way,” and the rest of the day was the same. You were placed in all of the offered honor classes, along with Peter, but mostly kept to yourself the rest of the time. Peter tried to introduce you to his friends but you felt it was too suspicious to become all buddy-buddy on the first day.

Your plan to be discreet was ruined when a black sports car picked you up in front of school. Your classmates whispered as they wondered who’s car it was. The window rolled down and Happy’s face appeared. He waved to you and you rolled your eyes. So much for keeping it low-key.

You ignored the stares once again, minus sending Peter and Ned a small smile, and got in the car. “Tell Tony that a sports car totally blends in amongst the school buses and family vans.”

You arrived at Stark towers and changed into your suit. Homework could wait. You made your way to the training room and practiced your powers, you were trying to see how far your teleportation could go and if you could make other things teleport with you. So far, you could teleport with objects you were holding but you really wanted to test it out with a person.

“Peter Parker has arrived, would you like me to tell him that you are here?” FRIDAY announced. “Send him up here, I need him.” A few minutes later, Peter walks in, still with his backpack lazily hanging off his shoulder. “Hey, Friday says you need me?”

“Yeah, if you could drop your bag there and stand next to me.” He nodded and did as told. After a week of him being in and out of the tower, you had become good friends. His bashful and sweet personality perfectly complemented your fiery and sarcastic one. Plus, with both your brains at work, it was hard to find a problem you could not solve.

Peter would not say it but he rivalled your intelligence for you were the literal embodiment of Tony Stark but nicer, younger, and female. Not to mention the fact that you were already on a first name basis with Mr. Stark after a mere 2 weeks while he still called him Mr. Stark.

He took his place next to you as you focused your mind on teleporting with Peter. You closed your eyes and envisioned your power as a living thing inside of you, you opened your eyes and focused on the other side of the room. You took a deep breath before taking Peter by surprise and grabbing his waist. He blushed and looked at you confused but he was met with your concentration face.

“Hold onto me,” you said and he complied feeling the adrenaline rush through his body. Then, in the blink of an eye, you were both on the other side of the room. Peter’s eyes widened as he had just been teleported. That was way cooler than web-slinging. He looked at you to find your smug smile. “That was amazing!” He exclaimed.

You turned to him and nodded before feeling a headache come on. You reached for your head as Peter held onto your waist to steady you. “Whoa, easy there, are you alright?” You shook your head and sighed. Your head throbbed and you rubbed at it to try and calm it down. It only seemed to get worse.

The next thing you knew, you were laying on your bed, with Peter sitting next to you. Once he saw that you were awake he told FRIDAY to inform Tony. “Hey Parker,” you said and sat up before he pushed you back down gently. “Easy there, you passed out two hours ago-” “Y/N what did I tell you about exhausting your powers?” You heard Tony walk in with a parental tone in his voice. “You’re lucky Cap isn’t here to tell your father,” he added and you rolled your eyes.

“It wasn’t too bad. I got Peter to teleport with me, that’s gotta be something.” Tony sighed. He knew you were right, practicing and bettering your powers were the best thing you could do, he just hated seeing you hurt. You had become somewhat of a daughter to him, one that he saw just enough of himself in to understand the thirst for advancement.

“No more training today. You better be happy that tomorrow’s a weekend young lady.” “Yes, dad.” You joked before standing up completely. Peter was quick to be by your side but you shrugged off his hand around your waist. “I’m getting some food, you’re welcome to come with, I heard New York has some of the best street food.”

It was nights like these that you loved the most. The normalcy of walking around in loose hoodies with no care in the world made you forget about the problems that came with your powers. You missed your dad terribly. “Okay, first stop, the new york famous food stand!” Peter announced and ordered for you.

You smiled up at him and appreciated his adorable features, from the bright smile on his face to his warm eyes. Frequently moving due to both your father’s job and your powers almost being found out, left you mostly isolated. You never made any really close friends because you knew you would leave eventually so you were really happy to finally feel some sort of permanence with Peter.

“I could get used to this,” you sighed contently while continuing your walk through the busy city. Peter laughed beside you, “not this food though, your stomach will hate you later.” You laughed along with him and grabbed his hand. “Not what I meant but I can already feel the poor thing.”

Peter turned to you and smiled widely. You had quickly become one of his best friends and he was so happy to finally have someone understand being a kid with powers. He felt his cheeks blush as he looked down at your intertwined hands. He would be lying if he said he had not developed a tiny crush on you during your stay. How could he not? You were everything he wanted.

“Thanks for coming with me Parker,” you squeezed his hand. “My pleasure, Y/N. Anything you need.” You looked into his eyes and saw something there. Your heart started beating faster as you recognized the look as the same one in yourself. You were going to love it here.

Social support is a biological necessity, not an option, and this reality should be the backbone of all prevention and treatment. Recognizing the profound effects of trauma and deprivation on child development need not lead to blaming parents. We can assume that parents do the best they can, but all parents need help to nuture their kids. Nearly every industrialized nation, with the exception of the United States, recognizes this and provides some form of guaranteed support to families.
—  Bessel van der Kolk - The Body Keeps the Score

alison: have you seen emily?

the girls: no

alison: *sighs*

alison: I want to be a family

emily: *barges through the door with bags of baby clothes, 10 manuals on how to raise a child, a stroller strapped to her back, a cradle tied to her waist, cartons of milk powder loaded in the family van she just bought* HELLO