Brotherly Ties

While getting dressed into his Fed suit, Sam can’t seem to get the knot in his tie right “Dean? Help?” he pouts, showing Dean his crooked tie
“Dammit Sammy, you’re 33 years old” Dean pretends to be annoyed “how long are you going to need me to help you tie a tie?” Sam  raises his chin so Dean can adjust the knot. they both grin and  think “Forever I hope”

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Family Ties

“It is my soul that calls upon my name. How silver-sweet sound lovers’ tongues by night, Like softest music to attending ears!” (WS)

Act 14: A Drop in the Ocean

“A drop in the ocean
A change in the weather
I was praying that you and me might end up together
It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert
But I’m holding you closer than most ‘cause you are my heaven.” (Ron Pope)

Mystic Falls, April 3 2011

“What am I supposed to get him?” Caroline whined.

“Just wrap yourself in a red bow and nothing else, it’s bound to get a favourable reaction and it doesn’t require spending any money.”

“Not being helpful, Katherine,” Caroline growled. Although the thought was appealing she could do that any night of the week and this was his birthday. She wanted it to be special. “I’m just not sure how I’m gonna top that star i got him for Valentine’s Day.”

“That’s what you get for going too hard too soon,” she responded knowingly. Caroline fingered the locket around her neck thinking she wasn’t the only one. She’d barely taken it off since he gave it to her, preferring to have it close to heart especially when he wasn’t around.

“When I asked you to help me shop for Klaus’ birthday present, I was hoping for some realistic suggestions and less unwanted opinions.”

“I thought birthdays were supposed to be fun, why are you so stressed, Care?”

“Have you met Caroline, Bonnie? Crazy perfectionist is her default setting.”

“Sorry that I just want it to be perfect. Everything in our relationship has always been so difficult thanks to the stupid family feud, you know sneaking around and pretending we don’t know each other in public.”

“Hello,” Katherine drawled. “The sneaking around is why it’s so hot between you.” Caroline felt herself blush knowing that much was true but the main drawback was that she barely got to see him. They’d been lucky not to raise any suspicion yet and that was due to the fact they were so good at being discreet.

“Maybe, but it certainly doesn’t sit well that Kol is throwing him a birthday bash and I can’t even go. That’s why I wanted to get him the perfect gift because I won’t be able to be there.”

“Not sure you’ll be missing much at a Kol Mikaelson planned party,” Bonnie scoffed. “It will be all beer, chips and questionable girls.”

“Sounds like someone is a little upset they won’t be invited,” Katherine teased. “Are you missing little Mikaelson?”

“Little is right.”

“Woah, information I didn’t need to know,” Caroline groaned.

“I didn’t mean that, he’s actually very well endowed,” she blushed. “I meant little like maturity wise.”

“Something else I didn’t need to know.”

“Oh come on, this is more activity than I’ve had in a while. Where’s my mystery Mikaelson?” Katherine pouted. “If only hottie Elijah would come back and visit.”

“Not sure he could handle you, Kitty Kat,” Caroline joked. “This talk isn’t helping me find a present though.”

“Cologne?” Bonnie suggested weakly.


“Katherine,” she chided.

“What? I figured he could use something to pass the time while you'e apart.”

“Why did I invite you along again?” They were walking down the main street of Mystic Falls, the antique, book shop window now coming into view. One book on display in particular caught her eye, was that a first edition? She suddenly got excited hoping that it was. Maybe she had an idea for him after all.

“What’s going on?” Bonnie asked curiously.

“It’s Of Mice and Men.”

“What?” Katherine asked.

“It’s one of his favourite novels.”

“Well, as apparently exciting as that supposedly is, I’m going to rest my poor legs over on that bench. Are you coming Bonnie?” The girls made their way to the nearby seat as she walked inside in anticipation. The chance of a first edition was probably wishful thinking but Caroline figured it was worth a try.

It was as she’d hoped a first edition and she’d bought it hurriedly gushing to the sales assistant about how happy she was to have found it. It was only when she turned to leave that she ran straight into a hard body blocking her exit.

Caroline’s eyes flew to the person in question, the dread filling her immediately. It was Mikael Mikaelson. She’d know that ice cold stare anywhere. She felt a shiver run down her spine as he took in her appearance, his eyes flickering slowly over her body. She’d never been in such close contact to her father’s enemy and right now she wished she was anywhere but here.

“Uh, excuse me,” she murmured. He continued to stare almost like he was relishing in her obvious discomfort. It was only when she finally met his gaze and refused to look away that he moved aside. Caroline rushed out the door and took a huge gulp of fresh air trying to steady her nerves.

“What’s wrong, Care?” Bonnie asked, her concern obvious.

“I, uh, ran into Klaus’ father in the store.”

“Mikael? Oh my god, what happened?” Katherine asked curiously.

“Nothing, he was blocking my exit and I asked him to move.”

“If it was nothing why do you seem so shaken?” Bonnie observed.

“I guess it was a shock coming into such close contact with him, after all this time. That man has the coldest demeanour, I can see why Klaus and he don’t get along.”

“Maybe you should tell Klaus about it?”

“Tell him what, Katherine? That his father is a creepy weirdo? Nothing even happened so I think it’s best I just leave it. He has enough problems with his father as it is,” she explained. “The good news is that I got his gift.”

“So that means you’ve finished dragging us around then?” Katherine asked hopefully.

“It does and even though you were of no assistance whatsoever, I will buy you both a drink,” Caroline smiled, placing her arms around her best friends but not missing Mikael’s curious stare from the book shop window as they passed.

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