From Stafford County Animal Shelter:


Five 4 week old kittens in need of some extra T.L.C. This is just one of the 5. Bottle feeding needed for at least a week in a half till solids can be introduced. If interested please contact the shelter at 540-658-7387. We need to get this little ones out and into foster care ASAP.


Girl Who Was So Scared Of Dogs Overcomes Her Fear To Save A Life

By Caitlin Jill Anders  (The

Alfeiya the dog was lying injured in a schoolyard in Bulgaria when students began pelting her with rocks. That’s when 16-year-old Anita Valkova knew she had to step in.

“A group of kids were throwing stones at her and when I saw this little pooch all covered in blood, I knew I had to take action,” Valkova wrote in a post on Reddit.

Even though she was scared of dogs, Valkova knew she couldn’t leave Alfeiya to suffer, and so she swallowed her fear and stepped up to help.

Valkova’s family was skeptical and didn’t think she should get involved, but she knew she had to try. She waited in the cold by Alfeiya’s side for two hours before her dad arrived. Because of the dog’s condition, her dad didn’t want her getting in the car, and so with the help of a friend, Valkova carried Alfeiya to the vet to get the help she so desperately needed.

Once at the vet, Alfeiya was cleaned, fed and given antibiotics for her wounds. She was suffering from demodectic mange, but otherwise, she seemed OK.

The next day, Valkova’s mother came to see the dog, and with the help of the vets, Valkova was able to convince her to welcome Alfeiya into their family. Valkova was still a little unsure of Alfeiya at first, having always been scared of dogs, and wasn’t sure how the pup would react to her new home. 

“I gave her a bath, we were both very scared, she of the water and I of her biting me. After I dried her fur she got her claim on my bed,” Valkova wrote. Before long, everyone realized that Alfeiya was just a gigantic sweetheart, and only wanted to be loved.

She enjoyed every first she got with her new family, like her first toy …

… her first car ride …

… and her first time making a gigantic mess.

When she first met Alfeiya, Valkova wasn’t sure what to expect, but she soon learned that she had nothing to be afraid of. Now the pair are best friends, and Alfeiya will always love the girl who saved her life.

“She’s my little baby,” Valkova wrote. “I think I’m spoiling her a bit too much.”

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The Sheltered Path,” 1873, by Claude Monet

Black is Always in Style!

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Humane Society of Iredell is an independent, no-kill animal rescue in Mooresville, NC (north of Charlotte, exit 36 off I-77). 

We love ALL animals… and we really root for the black cats and dogs, both under-dogs, whose sensitivity, intelligence, loyalty, compassion and love is too often overlooked. 


Ladybug’s family is all grown up now - and who would’ve guessed way back then that they would turn out to be, for the most part, TOTAL FLUFFBALLS?

I can only imagine that the dad was a Lionhead, because they aren’t getting those long luxurious manes from momma Ladybug. And who knows where Woolly Bear came from but she is just beautifully, insanely fluffy!

The two boys, Grasshopper and Bumblebee, have been transferred to the Toronto Humane Society to go up for adoption there. The mom and the three girls are staying at TAS South until they can be spayed and put up for adoption.

Momma Ladybug is the sweetest, most outgoing rabbit in the shelter, and she just loves people. Her daughter Cricket takes after her mom, while Woolly Bear and Junebug are both gentle, sweet girls but a little on the shyer side.

If you’d like to adopt an incredibly adorable and loving young rabbit, now’s the time!

All animals on this blog are at Toronto Animal Services South, a public shelter where I volunteer. For more information, just send an ask!

Jail and Hospitals

Two weeks ago, me and my fellow Hunger Fighter, Bianca, went to an expo hosted by City Year. Make A Difference Day landed on the same day, so there were many volunteers coming to help out at the DC Family Shelter. Now, yes, we did promote Revolution Hunger, our booth had much information, was the most colorful, and if I may say so my self, had the best takeaways! And we checked out the many activities going on within the shelter and who was helping out.

We also noticed a few things around the shelter that were HIGHLYYYYYYYY disturbing. For one, the shelter was originally the public hospital. After switching to a shelter, it was never remodeled or made to even look like a home. Because that’s what it is, a home. There were still rooms that look like check up rooms and the hallways definitely look like hospital hallways. There was even a faded hospital sign. Trying to preserve history? Yea I bet. On the outside, there were abandoned buildings surrounding the shelter, and there were no signs of turning them into something better. To make matters worse, the DC Jail is directly across the street from the shelter. Yep, so that means that when children come from school, they are coming home to a shelter near the JAIL.
If I had to live like that, it would be obvious that the adults in charge of my circumstances did not care at all. Why they would place a family shelter next to jail, is over my head. Many of the families in these shelters in DC, depend on the shelter for meals and food. For adults without children, many of them are not eligible for food stamps so heavily depend on the shelters and food kitchens to eat.  At Revolution Hunger, we’re bringing awareness to issues like this and working to prevent them! We’re stoppin’ the struggle! Of course, you can too, just go to, sign up (you get a free t-shirt ;p), and start some of the activities to help end this issue; make your own rev hunger chapter, host a food drive at your school, or simply tell your friends about some of the facts you learned on the site! Either way, your still helping the fight!

Tekiah Jones is the Washington DC New Media Producer for the Revolution Hunger Campaign. Tekiah is a a senior at McKinley Technology High School is planning to study film production and broadcast at Syracuse University.

Listen up, gumshoes!

Snickerdoodle is working on a missing persons investigation. Her human is nowhere to be found. P.A.W.S. Of Dearborn County, Inc. in Indiana are taking good care of her, but she’s on the hunt for clues that will lead her to her new home.

Can you help Snickerdoodle crack the case? If you’re ready to start your adventure together you can call 812-577-0829 or use the contact page here:


Vele di Scampia, Naples, Italy
Franz Di Salvo (1962-1975)

“Originally, the complex consisted of seven massive apartment blocks, and housed from 40,000 to 70,000 people, although a real headcount was never conducted. Three of the seven blocks have been demolished, but some 40,000 people still live in the damaged structures.

The idea behind the project was to provide a huge public housing project, where hundreds of families could socialize and create a community. The design included a public transportation rail station, and a large park area between the two buildings. The planners wanted to create a small city model with large parks, playing fields, and other facilities.

However, various causes have led to what is now regarded as a ghetto. Right after the earthquake in 1980, many families in the area were left homeless. Many of these families without shelter started to occupy the apartments illegally. Tolerated and ignored by the government, more people started to occupy the buildings including criminals.

Things were made worse by the total lack of police presence, resulting in drug trafficking, illegal street racing, gangs, and fencing operations. The first police station for the area was established in 1987, exactly fifteen years after people began occupying the apartments.”

Source: Wikipedia