One time we saw an ad for K-Mart on Addison. They were having a sale on photo portraits. For like 20 bucks you get the large portrait and wallet sized photos. I think this was 1994 or 1995. So we decided to take the sloth to K-Mart and get our portrait done. We opened up our closet pulled out some random stuff and I was like “Here Jim, you wear this God awful green polyester shirt.” I had a Lurex blouse. We had wigs that we bought in Hollywood from a trip we took to LA in the late 1980s. I had my Peg Bundy wig and Jim had a pompadour wig. But the pompadour wig had fallen so it was kind of floppy and disheveled. Before leaving for the photo shoot, I blacked out a couple of teeth.

We boxed up the sloth and headed to K-Mart. The photographer had no reaction when we took the sloth out of the box. No “Oh my god that’s funny” nothing. No reaction whatsoever. He was just like, “Could you hold that thing up just a little bit higher — that, that thing.” So he took the pictures and then he goes, “Would you like some pictures of the thing on its own?” It’s like the the solo baby photos. So they put the sloth on the stand and put some little stuffed animals around it.

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A friend of mine was taking a picture of herself and her daughter kissing and in the background you can clearly see a figure that was not there. She had “ghost experts” come in and check around the house and found nothing. After some research they found one of the previous owners was a mortician or ran a funeral home or something. I have known this girl for years and it would completely shock me if this was fabricated as I saw how upset she was and how much money she dished out for experts. They no longer live there.